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  1. DND

    Where to find EG LOE?

    Hey, @Ardsman Your topic unfortunately has a high chance of sparking replies in direct violation to our pirated material GR policy. If you wish to ask a single question regarding where to watch EQG for free, posting it on our website is not the place to do so.
  2. DND

    Web Sergeant 16-Bit Twitch Stream Announcement Thread

    The subject of this topic has little potential to spark discussion between many members and, as such, would be better suited to a status update or a blog. When creating a thread, please remember that the goal is to start a conversation with room for many people to chime in and give their own viewpoints on, and that sharing events of an anecdotal nature would be better done elsewhere.
  3. DND

    General How's your spelling?

    English was something I rocked at in elementary through high I was led to believe! I'm pretty hypercritical of myself so sometimes I feel relatively down in the dumps over my grammar skills and writing abilities aside from the typical case of words that you just haven't retained the proper spelling for. I suppose I just need to put forth a little more effort.
  4. DND

    Visual Art Cool Psychedelic Art by Me

    Hey, @Astral Blitzen I spoilered your art because it may be rather uncomfortable for others to see with sensitivity to warpy, complex bright color changes. Applies to this topic as well.
  5. DND

    Staff Oh?

    Seeing you apply for staff got me really excited; you're most definitely fantastic sectional material Stardust & it really will be a joy work alongside you in RPWorld !
  6. DND

    Where are you from?

    Arizona... grew up and Oregon and moved back here a few years ago, hardly far away from the first house I lived in too. Pretty warm and toasty here is an understatement
  7. DND

    Fanfic OC Searching

    Hey, @Deviousnights 'Requestria' is a section we have for users who create topics that are directly requesting custom artwork from other MLPForums members without profit involved. If you're looking for tips and constructive advice regarding your story, it'd be better suited for our writing OH resource subforum, 'A.K. Yearling's Writing Resources'.
  8. DND

    Spacey's Vector Shop (OPEN)

    Hey, @Spacey And we now have an OH subforum for art trades! Reallocated your thread to 'Trade Ya'!
  9. DND

    Cutie Mark Help Needed

    Hey, @Miss Reaper Since your topic seeks art assistance without asking for a specific art request from other forum users, I have taken the liberty into moving your thread to 'Photo Finish's Magics' resource subforum where we locate topics regarding feedback/constructive input for original user-created artworks.
  10. Hey, As your thread doesn't seem to put much focus on original pony artworks made directly by the users who post it (OH is for that kind of showcasing) I've gone ahead and taken the liberty into moving it to our miscellaneous MLP:FiM discussion/fanon discussion subforum, 'Sugarcube Corner'.
  11. DND

    I can't stop!

    Hey, @Prophet Your thread's OP looked like the original artwork you featured was more intended to be showcased as opposed to being directly requested that it was in need of constructive input and thus I've taken the liberty into moving it to 'Visual Art' instead of the 'Photo Finish's Magics' subforum. We segregate art threads that warrant collaboration from art threads that are created solely for the sake of putting works out there for others to see. (omg tho I do love your art <3)
  12. DND

    EQG sticker sketch

    This style is fantastic oh my gosh look at Twi~!
  13. DND

    Pixel dash!

    Awwww! So cute I love them so much~~
  14. DND

    Destroyed Equestria (Daily Update)

    Super psyched for this game myself! Great perspective and overall rendering!