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  1. *sees there's a chance to sing* Oooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, pick me, pick me, pick me!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to sing! Vote For Batbrony: He'd Rather SINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! LA-LALALA-LA-LAAAAAAAAA! LALALAAA! LALALAAA! Also, if I win, I promise not just the best showtunes I can muster, BUTTTTTTTT as an added bonus I will also make the happiest of Bat-kirin noises! Really now, who could say no to that?
  2. Everypony, as one of the staff currently in the running to be an Apple for a day, let me take this moment to encourage as many of you as possible to vote for me!! It would be my personal Bat-privilege to be an Apple for a day for ya’ll! :mlp_yeehaa:

    1. Jeric


      Yeah I voted for yeh. Gotta have at least one person that can carry a tune in there. 

    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      Crap. You'll make the rest sound bad

  3. Oh me, oh my, this Tumblr content ban isn’t gonna go well at all... :sealed:

  4. So glad to see this happening again, and very happy that we'll be donating to BC Children's Hospital once again this year. The MCM events have always been some of my favorite on these forums and some of my favorite memories on MLP Forums stem from it. While money is tight on my end this year, I'll do my best to contribute to MCM however I can!
  5. R.I.P. Stan, and thank you. Excelsior.

  6. *gasp* Diabolical! The horror, THE HORROR!!!
  7. Batbrony

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Well, that ending was terrifying. But, at least Chancellor McRacist isn't a racist anymore. All around, hardly the best season finale ever, but it was still very entertaining and wrapped up Season 8 quite nicely.
  8. Batbrony

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    It's the faceoff of the century, Pint-Sized Turd vs. Chancellor McRacist.
  9. Batbrony

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    OK, what did that pint-sized little turd do to Glim-Glam??? And I swear she's probably trying to get the Mane 6 stuck in Tartarus too. More intriguingly, it would appear that Cozy and Neighsay do not, surprisingly, have the same agenda, which I kinda like. It would be easy, narratively speaking, to just have Cozy Glow be a lackey of his, but I get the distinct feeling that's not what's going on.
  10. Batbrony

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Very interesting conundrum presented here, and I can't wait to see what Tartarus looks like after all this time!
  11. Season finale time, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!!!!! :muffins: :-D :ticking:

    1. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne




    2. Woohoo


      I'm not so sure about watching the finale. This season has been really inconsistent. :yeahno:

  12. Batbrony

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Sooooooooooo... was this the MLP equivalent of this? Nah, I'm just kidding, this episode was nowhere near as powerful as that. Honestly, this episode kinda felt redundant. "Dragon Quest" all the way back in Season 2 pretty much covered everything this episode did minus the parent plot, and frankly I thought that Spike was more effective in that episode seeing as he had a bit more agency in making his own decisions (something that episode made a point of emphasizing). Here, while the Smoulder bits were great, she also had to be the one to knock sense into Spike, which made him look a little more stupid and gullible than he is. Like, I get the whole "parental manipulation" aspect of the plot and the lesson that a "parent/parent figure" whose "feelings" for you are that conditional isn't really someone who cares about you, BUT like I said, this lesson was covered years ago and done better, so while this episode was fine, it just felt redundant is all. Not bad, but not particularly great either. Just OK.
  13. Batbrony

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Gosh, this guy's a dick. He's like Bowser mixed with the bumness of Bob from King of the Hill. I really hope his comeuppance is worth the wait.
  14. Batbrony

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    OK, so, is the show canon now that, like, the only dragons who get REALLY big the ones with giant hoards? Because I can accept that since they did establish all the way back in Season 2 that in this universe, dragons do get bigger if they collect more and more stuff, BUT that said, it's kind of been an unanswered question ever since Ember first showed up (given how big her dad is). So... if we're going by that logic, I guess the "normal" adult size for dragons is more like what Ember, Sludge, and Garble, etc., are, that is, of course, assuming they never start a massive hoard. Otherwise, I suppose it's safe to assume they'd get larger than that, much larger.