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  1. A GIANT THANK YOU to Littleblackraencloud on this absolutely wonderful piece she made for me and my girlfriend of our OCs, Silver Lining and Topaz Blossom, for our anniversary! It was wonderful commissioning her, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! :wub:

    A Cute-iful Kiss [COMMISSION]


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    2. meme


      ascended from snoot boopin to snoot smoochin

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    4. Adamgreen


      Adorable level: Infinity!!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, that was a most satisfying meal. Anyway, now that we're back, what did I miss? Not much, just a whole city of ponies rioting. That... doesn't sound like not much. Why are you being so nonchalant about that? Oh my bad, that had nothing to do with the contest. It's Fillydelphia, knowing them they're rioting over some giant sporting event or something. A... dream-world/chaos-world Fillydelphia is rioting over a sporting event? Hey, I don't make the rules, and if we're being honest we've seen far stranger than that during our time here. Fair enough. So who won? Well we backed Sassy Saddles and Big Mac, and they did just fine, but goodness gracious does Nurse Redheart have some fans out there or what! We thought for sure Roseluck would be far more likely to get more than her. Pffffttttt, well of course she has fans, she's got that sexy nurse get-up after all. Hard to top the sexy nurse look. CLOUD! I'm just saying! So who do ya'll like today. Hmmmmmm... odd round... I know, Apple Bloom! OK I know this is hardly the first foal or colt who's been backed in this contest, but does anyone else find it kinda bucked up that we're supporting the notion of putting the fate of the world and all reality, in part, in the hooves of some kids? I don't know, seems to happen in movies and TV all the time. THAT'S NOT A VALID JUSTIFICATION!!! I'll have you know, Star, that us smaller ponies are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves, as well as doing things you smelly big ponies can't! Like what? And that smelly remark was totally uncalled for. Well, we can sneak around in tight spaces... hide in tight spaces... and... uh... Don't hurt yourself overthinking it, that's good enough. Next, I guess Cheerilee seems like a pretty good choice out of this lot. Especially if a foal gets voted in to, they could use a responsible adult to watch after her. Now that makes far more sense. OK, last spot, who we wanna give it to. FLUFFLEPUFF!!!!!! *squee* Who? You know, Flufflepuff. *squee* No, I don't. I don't think I've ever seen a pony as fluffy as her around town. Mom, c'mon, Mrs. Cake's in that group and you've known her for years! Oh I know, but c'mon, look at her! She may be new, but she's so so so cute and fluffy and... *squee* I just wanna huggle her all day long! Would you stop squeeing. And fine, we'll float for... Flufflepuff, I guess. Man this was a weird round.
  3. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... what the hay happened? I... don't honestly know. Why won't my head stop spinning? Are you idiots done? Done with what? You, Shining, and Daring have been beating the shit out of each other since your round started (and ended) over a week ago. It's been like watching a really bad shōnen anime, only a lot dumber. What exactly happened? Well first Shining insinuated that Derpy wasn't qualified to make the team on account of her eyes and that Daring shouldn't because an imaginary character shouldn't in principle be on the team and he didn't trust she'd be clutch when it mattered most. That led to Daring saying something REALLY rude about Shining's mom and Derpy slugging him while he was recovering from the shock of what Daring said. So that's why my face is numb. Then Daring made matters even worse when she suggested that Derpy shouldn't go on since she has two kids to worry about, which Derpy took as an insult as well and led her to challenging Daring to an Iron Pony competition. Huh? We didn't actually do that, did we? Oh yes you did. Horse feathers. So you guys did the usual Iron Pony events - and once Shining woke up he joined in - and that led to absolutely no solid conclusions and affected the voting in no way whatsoever. Hold on... Iron Pony competitions don't take that long. No... they do not. You guys didn't stop there. Crap. What did we do? What didn't you do? An essay-writing contest, a spelling bee, mixed martial arts, a muffin-baking contest, a muffin-eating contest, flamenco dancing, archery, skydiving, Greco-Roman wrestling, flaming-javelin tossing, go-cart racing, a very confusing beauty pageant, and for some reason a haiku contest. Oh, and let's not forget the four variations of drinking contests you threw in there. Oh, that explains the headache. Nah, that might also be from when Daring hit you across the face with a loaded book-bag. Oops. So uh... what happened? Oh you won. You and Vinyl, that is. Me, Photo Finish, Daring Do, and Shining Armor are in the Wild Card. YAY! I'm so proud of you, Star! You should really be proud that I didn't get into the idiocy you three got up to. That too... So... what else did we miss? Let's see... Mayor Mare and Rainbow Dash took the next round (Dinky was VERY upset that Pipsqueak didn't win). Lyra and Pinkie's sister, Maud, won after that, and the next day Minuette and that bipedal cat, Capper won their round. And Sunset Shimmer, Sweetie Belle, Bon Bon, and Somnambula won the last two. Oh wow, so many of our friends are getting in, that's awesome- ow, OK, don't talk so loud, head still hurts... so who're we going for today? Well... we got a bit of an awkward situation. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The buck? Of all the ponies we had to face, OF COURSE FATE WOULD POSE US AGAINST OUR EVIL PERSONA!!!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE??? A POX BE UPON YOU, OH WICKED REALM WE'VE BEEN CAST INTO! Princess Luna? What's wrong? Ah, Derpy, perfect, just the mare we were looking for. It's an outrage, I tell you, simply an outrage. What is? Also, indoor voice please, my head is killing me from... well, Celestia only knows what I drank. Whatever cruel being set these rounds up has set me up against my darkest incarnation, the fell creature known as Nightmare Moon. Oh... well that is a problem. Wow, that's bucking weird, that'd be like me competing against my Batmare persona. Yeah, or me competing against A.K. Yearling. Why would you competing against the author of your book be like that at all? Also, how the hell do you know you have an author who created you? Uh... MAGIC! Derpy, we call upon you for assistance! You have lent us much aid in the past and we would be honored and ever so grateful to get more from you now. Oh of course, princess, it'd be our pleasure. I don't know... Princess Luna may be hotter but I'm pretty sure Nightmare Moon's far kinkier. Cloud, NO! May I remind you that we are the Princess of the Night. There is no corner of the night and all that happens in it that we are not intimately familiar with. And I do mean NO corner. You make a valid point... everypony, vote for Princess Sexy-Times! I refuse to call her that, but fine. So who else should we be pulling for? Well pairing Princess Luna with Nightmare Moon is probably a really bad idea - I just get the feeling they wouldn't get along all that well - but Pinkie seems like the obvious choice. As for the Wild Card spot, I still really don't like the idea of Nightmare Moon getting on the same team as Luna, so let's see who else we got here. A whole lot of ponies I don't know, a stoner, a cherry farmer, Ponyville's vet, and, OOOO, hey princess, your pet's in here! *gasp* He is! LOYAL SUBJECTS, VOTE FOR OUR BELOVED POSSUM OF THE NIGHT, SIR TIBBLES!!!!!!!! You heard her, everypony! Vote Tiberius!!!!!!!! So we're just gonna pretend that you didn't just spend over a week doing some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen with an imaginary character and the prince of the Crystal Empire. Oh no no no no no, Star, we're not gonna pretend it didn't happen. We're just gonna repress that memory HARD. Bury it deep down, and forget it EVER HAPPENED. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get something to eat. Right behind ya, ya crazy mailmare.
  4. Sorry I've kinda dropped off the face of the world, guys.  This week was... pretty crummy.  Long story short, contract at my job didn't get renewed, so I'm BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD on looking for work.  The job itself wasn't anything special, but I was doing something and getting nice money for it.  Now, I've got nothing, and on top of that I feel pretty bad that I'm way behind on my own reading and writing in my down time.  Just feel like I haven't contributed much of anything lately for anyone.  So yeah... things aren't great.  I'm blessed to have a very supporting family and a super loving girlfriend, but it's still hard to keep my spirits up right now, especially since I'm all by myself in Ypsilanti just bunkered down in my apartment, wondering, "What now?"  Just really hope something comes along quickly...

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    2. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Prayers for you, pone. I'm so sorry. :c God bless.

    3. Valencia


      positive thoughts and hopes for a swift new employment opportunity to you my friend! :D  I know it'll come along for you! :P

    4. Adamgreen


      I hope things will be better for you soon. Stay strong, okay? :) 

  5. You wanna know what's wrong with Sony's Venom movie already?  Half of the MCU fandom seems to be under the impression that it's in the MCU, the other half is pretty sure it isn't.  Basically, NOBODY KNOWS WHAT CANON THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN AND SONY HASN'T EXPLAINED IT WELL AT ALL!!! :angry:

    1. A.V.


      For that matter, is Carnage finally going to make his live-action debut?

  6. Lol, that Venom trailer was meh as hell.  Even in a teaser that showed nothing, though, I still found things to complain about.  They used a really bad looking shaky-cam effect to show him going into a type of seizure at some point, and that scene with him on the motorcycle looks blatantly staged.  I keep telling everyone, if there's a superhero movie to worry about this next year, it's Venom.  Dark Phoenix might not work out either, but I have a little more hope for that; Venom, on the other hand, was strung together incredibly quickly, and the fact that Sony's putting it out gives me even less faith in it.

  7. @Jeric PHILLY PHILLY!!!!!!!! :muffins:

    1. Woohoo


      What a game! :o

  8. Ok, who reneged on their vote for Derpy? She had 15 and now she has 14. I am not amused. C’mon ya’ll, vote Derpy!!!! Who’s meant more to the fandom than her in this group??? Only one who even holds a candle is Vinyl, and even she’s not as beloved! This is the fandom’s greatest mascot we’re talking about here!!! Do not disappoint me, bronies, but more importantly, DON’T DISAPPOINT DERPY!!!!
  9. Can't do my full post now since I gotta get to my sister's bridal shower, but that said... VOTE DERPY, VOTE AMETHYST STAR, AND VOTE VINYL!!! GO BACKGROUND PONIES, GO BACKGROUND PONIES, GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Good evening everypony!  If you'd like to help @Jeric out with the awesomely fun MLP Forums World Cup - 2018, then head on over to this thread and check out some of the activities that you could lend a helping hoof with! :muffins:


    1. Johnny1226


      Good evening brony tis a good event

  11. You know what, I hate to say it but I'm kinda feeling bored this round. I know, let's mix things up and do things rapid fire! Anddddddddddd... go, CATEGORY!!! Um, singers! Let's vote for singers! Nice! OK, who first? Countess Coloratura! Obviously, next. Hmmmmmmmm, how about that Princess Skystar. Doesn't hurt that she's quite the cutie, but sweet Celestia does she have some pipes or what?! Nice, very nice. OK, last slot! GRANNY SMITH! ................ .......................... .................................... Gosh dang it ... OK, I'll bite... why Granny Smith? You said singers didn't you? Yeah? Well there's your answer! I... OK, works for me. Ya darn tootin' it does! Gah!!! Where'd you come from???? Wha'cha talkin' 'bout young'n? I been listenin' in on ya'll this whole time! How else was I supposed to keep mahself entertain'd while I was waitin' for mah round? This is a realm crafted from the realms of dreams and chaos where you could literally do anything and you've just been listening to us this whole time? None of us are even anywhere close to your group and aren't even related to you, why the hay have you been listening to us??? Yer questionin' me 'bout what I've been up to when all you've been doing is gabberin' this whole time? I... huh... Great seeing ya Granny Smith, thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure Derpy, thanks fer the vote! Glad to know SOMEPONY around here 'ppreciates mah musical talents. Is it cider season yet? Do they even have cider season here? They better...
  12. STAR!!! The hay... what? Why are young ponies stupid!!! Huh? Why are young ponies stupid?!?! What the hay did I do? Nothing, I just wanna know why are young ponies stupid??? I don't know, what the hay did we apparently do? Well not any of your guys, per se... it's the moo-hams. What about them? They voted in Tirek of all competitors! Huh? Mhm. Tirek as in "Lord Tirek who almost conquered and destroyed all of Equestria" Tirek? Mhm. What the hay, that guy's a- Hold on, Dinky, ears. OK! *covers ears* Atta girl. Now where we? Oh yeah, THAT GUY'S A DICK!!! Awwwwwww, I was gonna say that. Maybe the moo-hams just really liked his name? Do they even really know who any of us are? I would imagine they have to know something about us to even choose between us in the first place. But man, first Sombra and now this guy, what is wrong with them? I don't know, it's quite the mystery. Ah well, at least Queen Novo and Mistmane got through. Yeah, not bad choices at all, even if I would've taken Sugar Belle or that adorable robotic version of Sweetie Belle over Queen Novo. A robot Sweetie Belle really should be creepy in theory, but my goodness is she just the cutest little mechanical thing! I know!!! Hrmmmmmmmmmm... that Sweetie Bot's trying to move in my corner of the cute market, and I don't like it! You guy's are so weird, you know that? Oh Star, you know that's why we love 'em! Oh don't pretend like you're not weird either! You're just slightly more relatively sane in comparison to them. Pot calling kettle black over here. The town nymphomaniac did not just say that to me. Face it, kid, we're all weird here, why do you think we like each other? How am I weird? You're the weirdo of the group who's obsessed with pretending that you can maintain some semblance of normalcy when in reality you thrive in the weirdness around you, and would be more weirded out if you were surrounded by the normal you claim to crave. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Plus you have this weird thing for peanut butter. I DO NOT... it's just, really tasty is all. How about this weird matchup tonight? Angel bunny and Mage Meadowbrook in the tiebreaker. Who ya feeling girls- Mage. Mage. BUNNY! It's Angel. Oh... NOT THE BUNNY! Deffffffffffffffffffinitely the Bayou Beauty. I'm surprised, guys! Even with how much Fluttershy loves the little guy?! She can love him all she wants, that little bastard kicks me every time he walks by me. He once bit me when I tried to pet him WITH Fluttershy's permission to do so! The little sadist digs up my carrots every year and doesn't even eat them! He just leaves them lying there on the ground as a testament to his evilness... that or he throws them at my house. HE BROKE MY FAVORITE TOY!!! Guys, guys, guys, what if you're all looking at this the wrong way? What if the way to balance out an evil like Tirek is to throw him together with a different kind of force of evil? Somepony who's gonna make his life a living hell? Well??? ... ... ... Nah, buck that guy. VOTE MAGE!!! Well... guess the I's have it. Choose wisely my friends... Hahaha... NO!!! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  13. I'll get Amethyst waiting in the wings just in case.
  14. Man, these last two rounds were weird! What do ya mean, Star? Didn't think that any of our choices were weird. OUR choices weren't, it's the folks the voters went with I can't wrap my head around! Well to be fair, we did pick Tom and Rarity just like the voters did. Yesssssssssssssssssss... but they also picked a tyrant with a freaky thing for crystals and an owl, and as far as I can tell both of these guys say exactly one word each!!! Also, since when is picking a rock named Tom logical??? Oh, there's a certain charm to Tom that's hard to describe. A kind of je ne sais quoi if you will. ... ... When the hay did you learn Prench? That's not important... what's important is that we now need to make sure that either Trouble Shoes or Blossomforth and Vapor Trails get through to the next round in the wild card! Yeah, I still can't believe that a Wonderbolt trainee lost to an owl. Or that my sexy little Blossom lost to a dude with a fetish for crystals! CLOUD, WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT PET NAMES IN PUBLIC??? What's up with that anyway? Like, do we know anything about that guy other than he loves crystals? Not as far as I know... still can't believe Blossom lost to him. Seriously, have you guys SEEN how far she can bend??? CLOUD!!!!!!!!!! Love you too, Blossom McBendy! Alright, so who're we going for today anyways? Well Twilight's the obvious choice here. I figure Star Swirl's probably a pretty good call as well. After all, speaking from experience, it's always handy to have somepony on hoof who's traveled through time and space! Wasn't he technically suspended in a dimension outside of time and space? Um... actually I suppose he was. How did you know that? I pay really good attention in school! That's my girl, doing your old Time Lord proud! Who in the world is this Nyx filly? I don't know, but for some reason she's sticking REALLY close to Twilight. Any idea why? Nope... and I'm not sure Twilight's entirely certain why she is either. Huh... well, I'm stumped. Suppose we ought to just flip a coin for the third slot? How would that even work? There's eight other slots and only two sides to a coin! Uh... heads we vote for Bill Neigh, tails we vote for Dance Fever. Sounds good to me, go for it Star! OK, here it goes... *flips coin* ................ It... it landed on its side. Um... Huh... Well, never seen that before. Son of a... buck it, Gilda it is! I need some bucking peanut butter...
  15. When the Academy Awards screw up the Best Animated Feature nominations again... :dry:


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    2. Batbrony


      @Woohoo I couldn't care less about whether the ratings are good or bad, it's just infuriating that Oscar voters refuse to take certain categories seriously, much less for an entire medium of film!

    3. Mesmelicious Rize

      Mesmelicious Rize

      Sorry, it's been awhile since i took the oscars seriously. These days, it's mostly about politics and money and not who is actually the best.

    4. Woohoo


      If you ask me, the only nomination the MLP movie will probably get is at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.