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  1. (Coverart by Midnight Scribbler) Good afternoon, everypony! These chapters have been up on FimFiction for about a month now, but I figured it's high time I finally shared my latest updates to my ongoing fanfic "Batmare Begins" with you all. Below you'll find the link to "Batmare Begins" Ch.'s 22 and 23, "The Princess and the Prodigy" Parts 1 and 2. It took me far longer than I wanted to get these chapters written, edited and posted, but I'm very pleased with how both chapters turned out. To any longtime readers, I'm excited to hear what you all think of the latest updates, and to any new readers, feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have on my story, either here or on the fic itself. Thank you all for your time, and have a great day, everypony! Batmare Begins - Click 'here' for the fic
  2. Batbrony! :o I haven't seen you in forever! How have you been? :) 

    1. Batbrony


      Pretty good, can't complain.  Life's been tough at times but hey, I fell in love and got married so it hasn't been all bad! :mlp_smug:

      How about you?  Everything going well on your end?

    2. Combine Slodier

      Combine Slodier

      Oh, I'm really well, it's nice to catch up with people :) I can't believe it's been so long!

  3. D'awwwwwwwwwwwww shucks, you're too kind! Thanks so much, glad to be back!
  4. Fillies and gentlecolts... Yes, I'm back! Well, never really left actually, but I can understand if anypony believed that I'd become but one of the thousands of bronies who've abandoned the fandom and fanfic authors who've abandoned their stories and left them to rot in an unfinished purgatory for the rest of time. I mean, my last chapter was added, let's see *counts his fingers* holy crap, 2017?! I haven't uploaded a chapter since 2017??? Man, I'm sorry guys, truly. In my defense, I have been pretty busy in that span of time. Since my last upload, I've (1) moved at least twice, (2) held about four or five different jobs, (3) gotten a dog, (4) gotten engaged, (5) gotten into the middle of a global pandemic (though I hear that's affecting more than a few people these days, who knew? Seriously though, stay safe out there y'all), and (6) gotten married to the love of my life in the middle of a global pandemic (not even joking, we got married on 7/11/2020 and if I'm being honest, it was a beautiful and perfect day. Even had a Batman/Catwoman cake topper, no joke!). So yeah, to say I've had some stuff going on in the meantime is not an exaggeration. Life to all of us right now... Still, with all that said, I always felt bad about not making the time to get back to "Batmare Begins." Writing is one of my favorite pasttimes (and something my now-wife was encouraging me to get back to as much as I could) and it's been touching to see how many readers still check in now and then to see when an update might be coming. Well, I'm pleased to say that your wait is finally coming to an end. This weekend, starting Friday, I'll be uploading two brand new chapters of "Batmare Begins," totaling over 21,000 words. It hasn't been easy getting back into the swing of things, but it sure has been gratifying. Hopefully this is a great chance to both reward my loyal followers and readers for their patience after all this time, as well as welcome some new readers to the party. But no matter how many read the new chapters, it just feels great to finally add something more to my creation. With how crazy and busy life's gotten for me, it's so rewarding to get to say I got to add to my own literary creation in that way. Lord willing, after all this time, I haven't lost my writing touch, though I get the feeling you'll all be thoroughly entertained by one new character in particular getting introduced in these two chapters. Furthermore, I will put in an effort to spend a little more time on the forums going forward. I miss my pony people, and I've never stopped cherishing the great memories and friends I've made here. You're some of the coolest folks I've ever had the pleasure to interact with and I've hated being away from this place so much. So, going forward, you have my pledge to do more to spend at least a decent amount of time on MLP Forums, even if life is a little hectic right now (then again, when ain't it?). Until Friday, everypony, I bid you adieu. Thank you again for being so patient and understanding. I promise you this, "Batmare Begins" is alive and kicking and so is Batbrony, and I'll continue doing everything in my power to keep it that way. I love you all, you wonderful bronies and pegasisters! Don't ever forget that!
  5. Merry Birthiversary!

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      Thanks so much, Denim!  Hopefully I'll be around more soon... definitely gotta write a blog soon about my wedding on 7/11.  There will be photos and POSSIBLY video!!! :D

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Batbrony



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      Thanks so much Sparkle!  I miss this place, need to start hanging out more again.  Love y'all, stay awesome folks!

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      @Batbrony You're Welcome, BFFFF! 



  7. Happy birthday, Batbrony! Hope you’re doing well! :D 

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      Thanks so much, DQ!  I'll try to start frequenting the forums a bit more soon... definitely gotta share some photos and possibly video from my wedding.  Been so busy lately, but that's no reason not to hang out with my pony friends! :muffins:

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      Dark Qiviut

      *gasp* OMG, CONGRATULATIONS! :pinkie:

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      Thank you!!! :pinkie:

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      "Costumed Freak Terrorizes"...wait til they get a load of me.

  10. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Sorry I don't write as many reviews these days but trust me I'm still around, just busier with more RL stuff nowadays. But still a brony at heart, through and through.
  11. Happy birthday!:pinkie:

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      Thank you so much!!! :mlp_yeehaa:

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      Thanks very much! :LunaMCM:

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