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  1. I got the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane. So I guess I might be alright playing magic tennis with Twilight. Gonna keep a few fairies on hand tho.
  2. The greatest mashup I think I've ever heard.
  3. When you tell your parents you feel like a constant disappointment, that you feel you won't ever live up to their expectations, and you can't say what you really think around them because of a profound fear of rejection, and your mom says, "I can empathize with that, but I'm the complete opposite! I just say what I want and don't worry about it!" Thanks, ma! You've cured my depression! I can't believe I never thought about just not feeling like a disappointment! I'm surprised it wasn't a complex issue with a great multitude of causes and solutions!

  4. Shaving my face always makes me look 16 again. With my beard, I look 47. I don't get it. But I'd say the first time I looked at myself and thought, "Damn, you look old and a little tired," was 25. I'm not quite 30 yet. I haven't slept right a day in my life, and my age is beginning to catch up with me. I starting to get some serious lines under my eyes.
  5. Coffee - but I hate the taste of it Dryer sheets Steaks on the grill Listerine Garlic sautéing Pencil sharpener shavings WD-40 - the smell of breaking that stubborn bolt free
  6. Warming my feet with my space heater. It's not even cold in here - about 25C - and my feet are FREEZING. My feet are always cold. I just don't get it.