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  1. Happy late new year everypony B)

    1. Platinum Night

      Platinum Night

      Hello my friend 

  2. hi everypony,is anypony on here familiar with typography used in ads and articles,i need a bit of help with it for a college project 

  3. leaves u a box of donuts*

  4. Good late morning everypony

    Ive found the origins of tirek and the land of gargoyles and centaurs


    1. EpicEnergy


      Good morning! That's a neat comic! :grin:

    2. Princess_Bellalatanya


      ikr,it also  king vorak and the gargoyle and centaur homeland!

      scorpan is soo nice,although kidnapping a unicorn stallion wasn't a smart move,tirek was power hungry to impresss his dad from the start

  5. Good late morning,hpws everypony doing today?:kirin:

    Watched this film on Disney plus last night 

    Rating it 9.5/10 




    1. EpicEnergy


      Good morning! :fluttershy:

  6. Goodnight everypony:LunaMCM:

    may princess luna watch over us as we sleep:mlp_bedeyes:


  7. Would fly past all the planets,then search of a universe where equestria actually exists
  8. @EpicEnergyIts a bit Dark but thats what i feel mlp needs to mature,to help it grow a bit with the fans, while not going too dark,By poisoning the magic of friendship i meant it gets cursed and the new mane 6 have to find a way to make friendship magic again.With them reuniting the mane 8(The core six plus starlight and sunset)
  9. @Bakugou is my ManOk thank you!
  10. Hi everypony This is meant to be more of a tragic start to generation 5 Ive had an idea for generation 5 mlp: The first words we here "friendship....was magic" in a tragic tone,then the voice starts crying “Slowly each tribe broke into the separate corners of equestria”(In this generation its up to the new main 6 to reunite the tribes of equestria,and discover a hidden race of alicorns) Discovering that alicorns arent as rare as they seem, Rather they've been in hiding what do you think? feel free to add to it or suggest any changes!
  11. The equestria national anthems



    I like them both B)

  12. Stressed over college assignments
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