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  1. watched the lego 501st battlepack review by Just2good
  2. The daughter of princess cadence,flurry heart,wants to date me? i say yes Sounds lovely
  3. hi everypony, i need someone to talk to on here about something....

    all summer my brother has treated me badly. i am 20,mildly autistic and i have aspergers.i took my college courses online and passed them both. during this summer i have also done chores at home in the morning,and relaxed in the 15 year old brother has been saying rude things to me and physically pushing me around.examples include the following...being told to move out to grandparents because he is tired of me living at home,he gets extremely angry when i dont  do as he says,calling me a piece of s-word,etc. 

    i hope somepony is able to help me with this,thank you for your time.


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    2. Princess_Bellalatanya


      agreed,fighting back is never a good option anyway:Tempest:

    3. Rebel Brony 42

      Rebel Brony 42

      Get a job and make him jealous. Get a car and don't drive him around. Tell him to never ask you for anything because you won't forget.

    4. Princess_Bellalatanya


      thank you for the working on getting a job at publix :) @Rebel Brony 42

  4. hi

    1. Kyoshi


      Yo yo. Have we talked before? I don't recall us ever doing so. :o 

    2. Princess_Bellalatanya


      I used to be shiningarmorcadence/princess fluery heart 

  5. hi,im back :)

    1. Rikifive


      Hello and welcome back! vZJiciE.png

  6. Hi everypony,just wanted to come out of my closet and admit that i am a sissy cross dresser in the art of bdsm 





    1. Blackfire Blaze

      Blackfire Blaze

      More power to you! B)

    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      As long as what you're doing is consensual, I won't stop you

    3. Princess_Bellalatanya


      Only consensual in my book,i dont do it with minors ever

  7. Thanks for following me! :D

  8. pony life needs ro be given a chance,even if it resembles teen Titans go ALOT
  9. all hail the princesses of the sun and moon!
  10. i have rewatched the mlp movie, planning to one day do a series rewatch,if anypony can message my inbox,leave a list of how to watch the episodes in order,and where to watch them online ,have a ponitastic day everyone! heres a pony,riding a pony
  11. just rewatched the Mlp movie,i hope they use animation like that in generation 5 :)

    1. EpicEnergy


      It was a very great movie in my opinion! :SassySaddles2:

  12. people don't change,they only reveal who they truly are-lord garmadon(ninjago hunted (season 9))