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  1. thanks Kenshiro i'm glad u like them i sincerely thought that no one would have actually enjoyed my little drawings
  2. we finished adding a crosshair and an ammo and reload function next step, health bar with better ammo bard, enemies and maybe something else GIF link (from blog at ---)
  3. it has been a quite productive time!, we created enemies that stay in place and shoot at the player, and medic kits and some ammo boxes, also moved the hud from below to the upper screen part! GIF link GIF link (from blog at ---)
  4. Side Portraits i started a gallery of portraits of all the oc's and random ponies i created in my head, so far i made my two main oc's Rick and Stealthy, i'm currently working on the third (careful, scanner quality is huge in some of them (they reached even 2500x1900 (because i rescaled the original 16400x11500 -.-))) Stealthy Rick Josh
  5. i see you played my game!, great and i see u even found the only bug i'm still working on fixing :b but yeah you can use Y in case of that, just sorry if maybe it's a little uneasy but i'm working more on this new project, thanks for playing anyways!
  6. thanks dude i'm really happy to know that someone liked my quite modest game and hope u'll enjoy my future ones
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ||NNSpace NNSpace or Neon Space is a game i developed in a week so far, it's a retro style arcade game that consists in surviving as long as possible in upcoming waves of always harder waves, since the game is currently in development so there is nothing much to see but it's going to get bigger (i am NOT an artist so please don't commentate on the art style and such) dowload at: upcoming features: -enemies with smart AI (chase player) -small motherships (float around with small turrets) -big motherships (small bosses with multiple turrets and rocket turrets) -huge motherships (bosses that spawn every 30 waves and get stronger with multiple turrets rockets and spawn smaller spacecrafts, give an extra life if u defeat em) -scoreboard (scoreboard of current top scores) -more kind of meteors -more stuff that you guys can suggest as of version 0.6.2 -rockets are now slightly slower and easier to hit as of version 0.6.1 -rockets now destroy also meteors as of version 0.6 -added rocket turrets as of version 0.5.1 -added a turret on the space station (with player aim) as of version 0.5 -space station as of version 0.4.1 -solved small respawn bug -time counter as of version 0.4 -small enemy spaceships with no smart AI (don't chase player) -wave counter as of version 0.3 -red big meteors as of version 0.2 -blue splitter meteorices -light blue splitted meteorites as of version 0.1 -green normal meteories -lives -score (original game maker forum page)
  8. my latest game has been released link and i've made a small group with my friend where we're now working on a new project without a real title right now because we still have to work on the full story and stuff like that (we have a trail to go and we know what we're doing just we need to fix lots of things to adapt it) we don't have a digital artist so all the sprites and tiles are just free to use tiles found on the internet, but we're not worrying too much on them for now so we've been working for two days now, we reached our first goal of a basic map and a simple shooting mechanic with walking. we also added some special effects like bullet trail, shoot smoke and when you hit something it makes a light effect thing. Gif here then we thought about something that some game deveoping teams forget Gif here the ability to pass under trees. now we're gonna work on grenades, basic enemies and blood particles
  9. i'm sorry guys but not even i have any idea of how busy i've been in the past months, between school, "work" and various stuff i never had time to be here, and sincerely i have no idea how much i ever will, so for now let's say that i won't be active any time soon, maybe i will find some time to log in ans snoop around but i won't be the most active around, the reason is, i'm currently working on a new game project after my last one (check it at https://xxenoca...

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    2. The Derpy Hooves

      The Derpy Hooves

      ayy johny, long time no see

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      Sounds like it's going to be a little longer though good luck my friend

    4. The Derpy Hooves

      The Derpy Hooves

      i'll see, for now i have some time and the work is usually in the afternoon buuut yeah i should focus more on working, thanks and good luck to you too on anything.


  10. thanks a lot guys glad to read that you like them
  11. yup already found that info but thanks a lot
  12. 382872 same for meh but school still give lots of stuff to do sometimes