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  1. When life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie.  There’s too many people making lemonade.

  2. If someone asks you for directions to a gas station, please start your directions with, “The first gas station in the next 150 miles is...”  I aim to confuse.

  3. @Blitz Boom @Dji @Moonlit I’m okay with putting the princesses on pause for now if everyone else is. I honestly haven’t been on here often lately, so it might do me some good to take a short break anyway. I may post here and there for the one on one RPs with @Blitz Boom, but for now it will be good to take some of the pressure off. I’ve been trying to straighten out some things in my own life lately, like I may have said before. In fact, I just paid off my only credit card and cut it up on Thursday, using money that was meant for something else which I’ll have to save for instead, but it’s still an improvement. Now I don’t have to pay all that interest, nor do I have to worry that I’ll just end up using the card again and perpetuating the problem. There’s still more to do, but I’m on the right track, so I don’t want to stop now. @Moonlit Remember that miracles are always possible. My father was in a coma for two months, and we were told that he likely wouldn’t wake from it, and even if he did, he most likely would never walk again. Now he’s on the treadmill almost every morning. My mother is also a cancer survivor. You can’t let yourself lose hope, nor can you let them lose hope. Even if it’s all for naught, at least you’ll both be smiling for whatever time you have left together.
  4. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Dji “We’re afraid We may not have taken your magic into account. The fault is Ours,” Luna said, putting a hoof on her chest to indicate she was referring to herself. Celestia then said to her, “You’re using the royal ‘We’ again,” and to the others she assured them, “The Traveller is not a threat, or at least he hasn’t proven himself to be. His methods may be a bit... unusual, but his actions are always for the greater good.” Luna was slightly nervous about altering the past, but the only sign of it was that she let herself slip and used the royal “We” again. Celestia, knowing her sister all too well, kept her composure, despite being woken from a sound sleep. She had to be strong for her sister. Princess Luna thought for a moment about the necklace. “Even with a powerful flow of magic, I’m surprised that the necklace only lasted two days.”
  5. @Dji “Rich text” is text with special formatting code that defines things such as font size, color, bold letters, and more. So basically the issue is that I’m copying text of a different size from my notepad, and it’s staying that size when I paste it.
  6. I’m occasionally going to have issues with font size because now everything wants to paste as “rich text” which really messes with the format.
  7. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Dji “For us it was Saturday night. This must be the Traveller, but why would he bring us here?” Celestia paced back and forth as she tried to figure it out. Meanwhile, Luna turned her attention toward the siren, “Surely you must still have the necklace I gave you. For you, that should have been two nights ago. Why then do you not wear it?” @Blitz Boom “It’s very bold of you to speak out in such a way. I like that. It shows me that you have a brave heart and will likely stand strong in the face of danger. Also, your skepticism is welcomed, as it tells me you won’t be easily fooled, another good trait for a hero. What tales have you? Surely your accomplishments must be many?” Marcus seemed genuine and sincere in his questions. He did however shift the attention of the room toward Brute Force. The question now would be how she would react under pressure. This was a test, and if she passed, she would definitely become a part of the team. @Blitz Boom “Wait, am I the only one here who’s not a doctor?” Charlie didn’t manifest a form while speaking, just simply glowed with each word. “Charlie? How can that be you? It’s not possible. Aagh,” Dr. Xeno said, grabbing his head in pain. This confusing situation wasn’t helping him recover at all. “I’ll be fine, it’ll pass.” @Blitz Boom Penny quickly pulled out another coin, unwrapped it, then reshaped it around a ball of frosting just like the others and rewrapped it. She put the chocolates into her saddlebag that was sitting on the floor, and put on the saddlebags. “Do you want anything specific for the trip?” she asked as she began to fill up a bag with various candies. @Blitz Boom “What we’re looking for is made to look like a stone, but it’s slightly darker and much more jagged than most of the stones you’ll see on this road. I’ll worry about the traps, you just focus on making sure we’re not discovered as I search,” Gaea said as she began to follow along the road, doing her best to keep herself hidden behind the bushes. She would poke her head out of the bushes every few yards to look at the road. Each time she poked her head out, she ran the risk of being seen, but it was necessary if she wanted to see the road well enough to find the traps, hence asking Zhu to keep a lookout.
  8. @Blitz Boom I’ll try to get the other responses done tomorrow.
  9. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Dji “This is very strange. It doesn’t seem to be night time anymore. What hour is it, Twilight?” Luna asked. “I believe the more important question here is, ‘What day is it?’ I believe I may know who was involved with this, though I have not seen him around for a very long time.” Celestia had her suspicions of the Traveller, as she had seen him before, but not since she had banished her sister to the moon. The two of them seemed not to care that there was a ghost and a siren in the room. They trusted Twilight, and believed that she would have a situation like this well under control. Besides, if either was a threat, why wouldn’t a guard such as Last be trying to fight them off? Clearly these two were friendly.
  10. @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Dji Sorry for the delay. I was planning to post Thursday, but I never got around to it. I’ll be trying to get a post done tonight. I’ve been trying to take my room back from my Magic the Gathering collection.
  11. @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Dji BAM! PRINCESSES! Whatcha gonna do now?!
  12. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Blossom thanked her customer like a true professional and accepted the bits. Penny said, “Good Morning. I just have this one last thing to do, and we can get going,” as she shaped some frosting into two spheres, then molded the chocolate coins around each, creating two frosting filled chocolates, then rewrapped them. “This frosting is made from concentrated magic. It’ll make the teleportation chocolates more powerful, so we should be able to take more with us than usual. Will he be coming with us, too?” She was of course referring to Brick. @Blitz Boom “What are you doing? We still need to find the traps so we know what part of the road to watch. They could be anywhere.” Gaea was almost confused by Zhu’s actions. Did he plan on using the powers he claimed to have? @Blitz Boom The doctor was able to walk, but his steps were a little unsteady. Eventually they would make it to the hospital where he would receive a CT scan and be kept for observation for a few days. @Blitz Boom Dr. Xeno was in the bed next to Ziggy. “Consider yourself lucky. That piece of Everwood is most likely going to have you healed within a day, much less if your injuries aren’t severe. It actually looks like a stick that I removed from a Kitsune this past morning. If it’s the same stick, it should already be imbued with healing magic.” @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Dji The Traveller knew what had to be done. Luna had to be here for Serenade to realize she had traveled through time. Suddenly, and without warning, both Luna and Celestia appeared in the room with Twilight, Serenade, and Last. Luna was facing away from the others, and Celestia was asleep in her pajamas, that is until she fell two feet to the floor. She awoke startled. “What is the meaning of this?” she asked in a gentle, but flustered voice. “Is this some sort of prank? I thought you were above this kind of behavior Luna.” Luna turned around and replied to her sister, “Twas not I, nor do I know how we were brought here. Was it you Twilight?” Little did they know that it was in fact The Traveller, being a bit less subtle than usual.
  13. Due to the length of Marcus’s story, my other posts will have to wait until tomorrow.
  14. Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Hunter still had questions, but he didn’t think this pony would know all the answers such as what the mission would be and where, although there was at least one question he would likely know the answer to, “Where did he return from, if you don’t mind my asking.” Before Sugar Lime had any chance to answer, Marcus himself began his reply, “That is a tale I have yet to tell.” He raised a glass mug into the air and tapped it with a fork using his magic. “If I shall have your attention, I will tell you the tale of my only defeat. It is why I have been gone so long, but my eventual victory is the means by which I have returned. Many moons ago, a soothsayer sought me out with a premonition. I was told that a horrible beast would come that erased its victims from the memories of all who knew them. This being was known as The Forgotten One. Once a powerful unicorn ruler, he was overthrown by his people and replaced by another. Every statue of him and every record of his rule was destroyed. His tyranny was considered a stain on history that had to be removed. His hatred grew until it consumed him and warped him until he became a demon. He had been forgotten, so he decided that others would suffer the same fate. All that came before him would be sent to the Realm of the Forgotten where they would see the world continue on as though they never existed. The soothsayer told me that I would fall victim to this foul creature, but that it would eventually be defeated. I was told that I would be there, fighting from the Realm of the Forgotten, and that together we would be victorious, but millennia were to pass before I would return. When the beast finally came, I faced it, but I was not only fighting a demon, I was also battling fate itself. I did not wish to leave my followers unprotected. Though still, I fell. Time passed and I watched as The Forgotten One was sealed away inside a giant diamond by a being known as The Traveller. It was decided by the Beast Court that all tribes would be responsible for guarding the gem, and thus it was passed from one tribe to the other when it was their turn to protect it. Milkeniw later, when the Ananasi were given the gem, they imbedded it in the back of a Diamond Spider, a gigantic creature with chaos magic venom. They placed the spider in a labyrinth to keep it hidden, but the Traveller transported it to the Everfree Forest where it ran rampant, a band of heroes battled the creature and cracked the diamond, therefore breaking the seal, releasing The Forgotten One. After possessing a Dream Spirit, the creature found a way to regain its strength by collecting victims, but with its limited power, it had to disguise itself as a pony to get close to others in their dreams. Not long after, it escaped into the waking world, hidden by the form of the Dream Spirit. There, we fought. The others who had fought the spider earlier, along with a few newcomers, attacked the creature from the real world, as I attacked it from the Realm of the Forgotten. The beast was defeated, and its victims returned to the world. Thus, here I am before you, victorious. Soon we will begin planning a new mission, ridding this land of a threat that plagues it, but first, we shall celebrate the defeat of The Forgotten One!!!”
  15. Gnyt everypony.

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