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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom "Oh great, you're 'clairvoyant' and you have a God complex," Gaea said, exaggerating the word, "clairvoyant," to show she still didn't believe him. "You're not going to find them. We'll have to wait until tomorrow night. They strike caravans under the shroud of darkness to avoid confrontation. If you ask me, their just cowards. I've been trying to get something back that they stole, but they keep getting away." Skye and Brooke were both wearing their pendants now, so the tracking spell would be useless. @Blitz Boom "He kept his face well concealed from the descriptions we got. He had a brown handlebar moustache which I believe was fake, though not many others share that opinion. He wore large silver lensed sun glasses, and a baseball cap. His coat was a light blue, but nopony could tell us the color of his mane. The tail however was black, but a professional would have dyed it that way. He went by the name of Silvester Stallion, which was of course fabricated. Also, according to those he talked to, he sounded a lot younger than he looked." @Blitz Boom "It looks exactly how I had envisioned it! Your friend is really good at making bodies. Wait, doesn't this look a little familiar?" Charlie paused for a short moment, obviously trying to remember where they had seen the face before. Before there was even enough time to respond though, Charlie continued, "Oh well, I'll figure it out eventually. How much longer do you think? Will I have to eat? If I do, what do I eat? Do I eat leaves like the bugs? Or do I eat bugs like birds do? Or maybe I eat birds like the cats do? Do I eat cats? I wonder what cats taste like."
  2. For me, the forums went down just as I was about to start typing. I'll try to post tomorrow.
  3. Open

    @Blitz Boom Gaea would wait five seconds before responding, giving Zhu time enough to see her future, not knowing it was unseeable. "My name is Gaea, but if you were truly clairvoyant, you'd have already known that and you would have seen this sentence before I said it. Since you're not raising your left paw in the air, I can assume you're not. I don't like pretenders. Those like you are too common, trying to swindle others by telling them of a future they want to here. Are you so disconnected from reality that you can't tell when you're in a serious situation?! Drop the act for Pete's sake! It's not like I'm going to pay you to predict which way they went!" She clearly didn't believe Zhu was prescient. This was the kind of trickery she wanted to get away from, the reason she moved into the forest. Well, that and the wildlife. She loved nature and wanted to protect it, which is part of the reason she was chasing those thieves in the first place. @Blitz Boom "Our previous investigation focused on finding the source of all the tungsten that was being used. It's not a simple task moving all that tungsten, so somepony had to know something about who was ordering all that metal. Eventually we tracked down a source that was loosing shipments regularly, but before we could find out who it was that was stealin' all of it, they had fled and informed their buddies that we were poking around, and by the time we found the place it was being made, they had already abandoned it, equipment and all. Without that equipment, they must've not been able to continue because it's been years since I've seen these. The worker that was stealing the tungsten used an alias when they were hired, so we never ended up catching them." @Blitz Boom No matter how the Realm they were in looked, to Charlie it was beautiful. Anything real was for that matter. It was all so interesting. Charlie could barely contain their excitement. That is until Vivid mentioned the body. "Really?! We're going to go see my new body?! I can't wait to see it!"
  4. I've brought in my character for the Element of Betrayal, but I have no idea what direction he should be headed... who's involved in that story arch right now? Also, I'm starting a big story arch between separate groups in the roleplay, and was wondering if @Moonlit would be interested in a possible underwater adventure eventually (not anytime soon because other story elements need to fall into place first, such as Charlie getting a body)? It's going to be tied in part to the situation Zhu is in right now, so you might want to pay attention to my next few posts there.
  5. Open

    @Blitz Boom The detective took one of the coins for a closer inspection, "Let's see here... Hold on... Is this real? It can't be real..." He then proceeded to remove the diamond from the coin to inspect underneath it. After scratching at both the outside of the coin and the part covered by the diamond with his letter opener, he put the coin down without taking his hoof off of it. "No doubt about it. This is real. A real fake. One of the highest quality fakes I've seen in a long time. You see here where the letter opener scratched it?" he said using a magnifying glass to show Scarcity the groove he made. "That's what happens with real gold, but here..." he said, moving the magnifying glass to the center where the diamond was, showing that he had scratched away gold to reveal an entirely different metal underneath, " can see the coin has a different metal for the core. I'd be willing to bet that if we tested that metal, it would prove to be tungsten. It has a very similar weight to gold, but it's much stronger. The outside has a thick enough layer that it passes a scratch test. Basically, this is a coin designed to pass all the usual tests." He then pulled an evidence bag out of his desk and put the other coin into it, leaving the other on his desk for study. Detective Nickelbits got up, walked over to a filing cabinet, pulled out a form and passed it to Scarcity. "Currently we can only compensate you for half of the total amount of what you turned in. This form will help ensure that you receive the remainder of your compensation when the culprits are apprehended." "I thought the policy was full compensation?" Penny said, surprised. "There have been a few changes. Too many ponies were willing to turn in the fake coins, but not enough were willing to give us actionable intelligence. At least we're not like the Griffins, they don't compensate you at all." @Blitz Boom The Earth Pony took a moment to get to her feet, but a moment was all the thieves needed to get away. Skye was smart, she knew that her own decisions could be foreseen, so she decided that Brooke would lead the way. Eventually, when they knew they were far enough away, they would open another portal and go through. It wouldn't take them too far away, but it would mean their trail would come to an abrupt end for those that could track by smell (seeing as they left no other evidence of their presence). "They got away!" the Earth Pony said angrily. "Why did you distract me like that? Now I'll have to find them all over again!" @Blitz Boom "They seem friendly. Can't we just go talk to them? What's the worst that can happen?" Charlie asked, completely clueless about the concept of trickery. Charlie wasn't conscious the whole time The Forgotten One was in control, so they never saw him pretending to just be another pony in the dream. In the forest, there was nothing but truth. There were some creatures that disguised themselves to keep from being seen, but the stick bug never claimed to actually be a stick.
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    @@Blitz Boom The Earth Pony's future wasn't perfectly blank, but rather outshined by a single moment flooding all other moments in her life with pure white light. It the middle of all that light was a faint silhouette with wings and a horn. A powerful future lay before her... That, and a tree. Distracted by Zhu, she turned her head to look in his direction and ran headfirst into solid oak. The tree shook slightly, and the pony was out cold. @@Blitz Boom "If you would like to report a crime, you can fill out the forms at the front desk," the detective responded abruptly. He was a slightly overweight, brown Pegasus with a bushy mustache, a fedora, and a tie. His wings at least looked strong enough to carry his weight. On the wall next to his desk were all kinds of awards in his name including some for bravery and heroism, although there was one for being the 1,000th customer at Donut Joe's... and the 10,000th... and the 100,000th. "Is that any way to talk to a friend?" Penny asked playfully, waving the bag of candy in the air in front of him. His eyes followed the bag closely. He put the case file down and got up, offering a hoofshake to Scarcity, and introduced himself, "Detective Nickelbits, at your service. Sorry about the mess, it seems the janitor hasn't come by to empty the trash yet." "He already has Phil..." the mare at the front desk said, sounding annoyed. The detective opened his mouth as if to respond but the mare interrupted before he could start, "...three times." @@Blitz Boom "I've already waited over three hundred years, so what's another few hours? Although, why wouldn't you just take me with you to the void?" Charlie asked, their stick glowing every time they talked. Elsewhere in Equestria A cloaked traveler entered a old hidden temple where other ponies in robes were chanting prayers. There was a large stained glass window depicting a yellow unicorn with a dark grey mane in shining gold armor. The newcomer removed his cloak to reveal himself to be that very unicorn. "I have finally vanquished the demon," he proclaimed as he threw the demon's tail onto the floor. "Our savior has returned!" one of the robed ponies shouted, the rest mumbling amongst each other.
  7. @ everypony I'll try to make another post later introducing a new character, but first I need to work on his appearance.
  8. Open

    @Blitz Boom Miles hugged his brother. His tears stopped flowing. He was at peace. Charlie scurried into the elevator, within which the floor counter seemed to be going up, even though the doors were still open and the elevator didn't look like it was moving. They would however feel the elevator climbing back to where the dream should have been. A second set of doors opened on the opposite side of the elevator, showing the dream halls. "You did good here," Charlie said to Vivid. "You just saved his life. Without you, I'm afraid she would have been trapped there forever, locked within her own mind. I would have had no idea what to say to get her to open that door. We make a great team. Would you ever consider-" Charlie's sentence was cut short as Charlie faded out of view, waking up again where Zhu had left them. @Blitz Boom Penny led the way to the police station. When they arrived, Penny asked the Pony at the front desk, "Is Detective Nickelbits here?" The mare rolled her eyes. "He's at his desk," she answered, gesturing toward a desk with a tilt of her head. The desk was a mess with case files piled high with a half eaten donut resting on top of everything and a small trash barrel full of wrappers from various types of treats sitting next to it. The piles were so high that you couldn't see the pony behind them, but you could hear mumbling and the flipping of papers.
  9. @WiiGuy2014 If one of you wants to play Spike, that shouldn't be a problem. @Blitz Boom I'll post more tomorrow.
  10. Open

    @Blitz Boom "You dropped it?! It's a good thing we have a replacement back at the camp," Skye said furiously. "Listen, you'll have to lead the way from here on out. I don't think he would be able to see your future with your pendant still on." Brooke gave a silent nod as they made their way through the trees. What they didn't notice was that they were now being followed. An Earth Pony, the one from Zhu's vision, had been waiting for their return, ready to take back something that should never have been taken.
  11. @WiiGuy2014 I actually wrote that the Mane 6 are at Sweet Apple Acres helping with a Zapapple Harvest (maybe not all of them, in case others are using them). Spike would likely be at the castle though, so if someone wants to take over as Spike it shouldn't be a problem (I did control him for a scene, but he wasn't around long).
  12. @WiiGuy2014 That's exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. We haven't progressed enough time in the RP for Starlight to go from being her student to graduating, but it has happened while our characters weren't paying attention. I feel this kind of thinking makes it easier for new people to join without having to figure out where we are on the timeline.
  13. @ Everyone Sorry I haven't been on. Busy week. @WiiGuy2014 I like to imagine that this RP world takes place in a weird timeline where the circumstances surrounding what appears in the show changes with the show at the show's pace, while our characters continue about at the same slower pace, not noticing the changes surrounding them. I recommend defaulting to the show when handling canon characters, so yes, she has her castle.
  14. @Blitz Boom A couple minor things: Firstly, it was not my intention for the thieves to drop the trinkets, however I will roll with it, it does make sense that they would drop some of it seeing as they already had their paws full. Second, the candy buttons aren't chocolate ( ), and I'll be describing the flavors in my next post. P.S. Skye is no dumb kitty, she'll have a plan that will get around Zhu's future sight. He probably shouldn't have revealed that detail to them...