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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 384) “You say ‘railroad’ as if it is one word. I believed it to have been misspelled on the maps, but now I believe it to have a different meaning than that which I had originally thought. Please, if you will, tell me its meaning. What is the significance of its name?” Silvermane replied curiously. He had no knowledge of this modern world, so it stood to reason that he might be missing something important here. He had no direct help in planning the route, which now to him seemed a mistake. Unknown to him, this railroad would take most of the time off their journey. There would be a long walk still, but it wasn’t going to be quite the long journey they were all expecting. (Gaea remains on page 384, Penny on 385, and Charlie on 363)
  3. @Blitz Boom I know I haven’t posted for a bit, but with everything going on I’ve been exhausted trying to keep up with all the extra people rushing to the store in their stupidity. I will be taking a couple weeks off starting Sunday, so I will likely be posting more during that time. I’m taking the time off because my father is at risk if he gets the virus, and working with the public makes it very likely that I will bring it home. The customers won’t stop going to the store to pick up ridiculous things, so I have to stop showing up to provide it for them.
  4. @Blitz Boom Sorry for the delayed post. Work has been hectic with everyone showing up to buy toilet paper before it can hit the shelves. It’s exhausting. They’re rushing to the store instead of staying home, and some people are even ordering party supplies. I’m worried the anti-vaxers are escalating from Measles parties to something far worse. Hopefully my state gets a shelter in place order, because people won’t stay home otherwise. I’ll probably be leaving work an hour early each day this week, so there is a chance I’ll be able to post more than usual, but I make no promises. Stay safe.
  5. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 381) “It seems my two left legs are on the right side,” Penny answered cheerfully, looking at the sign of her parents shop. The shop itself looked out of place with its vivid colors, and the structure was much shorter than the two neighboring buildings pressed against it. The width of the building wasn’t too small, but wasn’t exactly large either. It was made to look like a gingerbread house, though the wood grain pattern could be seen slightly on the walls. It wasn’t that the paint was thin, but rather that the wood itself wasn’t smooth. This almost seemed intentional, as if otherwise ponies might consider trying to eat the building. The windows were framed with pieces shaped to look like frosting with mint candies stuck into it to add color, and the door was round at the top and framed with what looked like a candy cane arch. The roof, which looked like it was made of chocolate shingles, was tilted toward the street, and reached all the way to the wall of the building behind it. There was a chimney made to look like brightly colored wafer candies stuck together. Through the window the selection of candies would look similar to that of Penny’s store, but there weren’t any of the magic chocolates on display. Instead there were a few extra shapes of chocolates, some candy bouquets and a selection of odd flavors of soda. “Should we stop in now to visit my parents, or should we come back after the delivery? If I’m right they’ll probably be busy prepping some of the candies for the day, so we might get caught up in that, and trust me, you’ll need some really good shampoo if any of what they’re making gets on you. I’ll leave it up to you if you’d rather not get a bit messy.” (Charlie is still on page 363, while Marcus and Gaea are on page 384)
  6. @Blitz Boom Please excuse the puns, but I’ll be railroading the Marcus story slightly to help move things forward at a higher speed. Just trying to pick up steam here. Hopefully this helps get us back on the right track.
  7. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 381) Brooke sat down on one of the beds they had set up with silk sheets they had stolen. She picked up the egg, which had been rested against the pillows and covered partially by the sheets like you would tuck in a child. Cradling it in her big arms like it were a baby, she began stroking it gently. “I hear those things learn quicker than most,” Skye began to say, “which means we can train it to help us steal before long.” Brooke smiled at this and continued to stroke the egg, but she sniffed and for a moment she was alert, facing the doorway. “What is it?” Skye asked, worried for a moment until Brooke sniffed a couple more times then relaxed herself and waved her paw as if to say, “it’s nothing,” before going back to stroking the egg. Just then, outside, Gaea had finally caught up to Zhu. She made little noise as she moved, but she was sure to approach Zhu from an angle he should be able to see her from, so as not to startle him and cause unnecessary noise. Since she didn’t know where the thieves were, she signaled to Zhu by pointing at him then pointing to her eyes, then waving her hoof horizontally. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 383) “Thank you. Soon you will get the chance first hoof to see why I have the followers I have. I could tell you tales of great battles I’ve fought in, but ‘tis best to save those for the journey. We’ll be trotting Buckington’s Rile Road as it seems that is the optimal path. It’s a long path, but it’s more direct than any other route, and according to the maps, there is a tunnel that was carved through one of the mountains along the way, which will save us time going around it,” Marcus said to Brute while the others were still focused on the ongoing fireworks display (Keg really went the extra mile and set up a whole fireworks display like you might see on a national holiday or something). To those in the know, it would be obvious he was mispronouncing “rail” and was in fact referring to the Buckington Railroad, which did in fact cut through a mountain. (Penny is still on page 381, and Charlie on page 363)
  8. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 362) “As many of you already know, much of my strength comes the power that has been stored within the crystals you all provide for me. The power they grant help me to cast Greatspells, ones that could turn the tide of wars. Those spells are normally a last resort, but given the circumstances, they must not be used at all. I cannot risk expending the last of your magic, so I will limit the use of my own magic greatly on this mission. I shall even wear a crystal myself,” Marcus Silvermane says, pulling a crystal out from beneath his armor on a necklace around his neck, “to ensure that in a time of need I will not use too great an amount of the magic you have given.” He let the crystal rest outside his armor. “With my power limited, I will rely solely on my skill. I shall do justice to the tales of me that you have been told. Tomorrow we embark on a perilous mission, and if any of us shall fall, may the world hear tales of their heroism! Better yet, may we all succeed and live to tell the tales ourselves! The Sacred Springs shall be ours once more!” As if on queue, Keg set of a display of fireworks that he had been working on as a bit of a side project for the last few days. It was a brilliant display with many beautiful colors, which even distracted Marcus’s gaze. He knew of fireworks, but had never seen any like these before. The ones from his time were simple, unrefined explosives. Technology had come a long way in his absence. (Gaea and Penny are on page 381, and Charlie and Naut are on page 363)
  9. @Blitz Boom I just created an updated profile for Penny. I needed to take note of the names I came up with for her parents, so I went to update the page, but the old characters are locked, so I had to make a new one.
  10. @Blitz Boom I’ve decided to put a hold on Charlie and Naut for the time being, time being the issue (I know, weird sentence, but I just went with it). I need to give Gaea and Zhu some time to catch up their story. I also want to tie Marcus Silvermane into it eventually, so I’ll be posting for that one as often as possible. Some of my plans have changed slightly from what they were before, but they’re basically still following the same path I had planned. I’m just shortening some parts that are coming later so they don’t drag on too much. The upcoming story is now 25% off! I had four things planned which needed to be found, but three actually works better for tying together parts of the canon with it, and through that I’ve managed to add deeper meaning to some things that are coming. Getting myself back on track has been a bit of work, but I think I’ve got a good plan, which also may mean an awkward reunion for one of your characters. I’ll be taking better notes from here on out.
  11. @Blitz Boom Seeing as the image you have of Scarcity isn’t the same as the description you gave for her four years ago, I’m assuming she went through a bit of a design change? This is her description from page 189: ["Wings you say? Now that sounds fascinating." A unicorn mare with a base coat of green with yellow swirls in a pretty pattern, a long tail and elegantly styled mane that went down one side of her head - both a two-toned mixture of pink - and green eyes, went over towards Penny as she were yelling out about her magic chocolates. She were wearing a pure silver necklace with a large, tanzanite shaped like an eye dangling from it, an elegant saddlebag down her left, and shoes in pure silver with a star-shaped tanzanite embedded in front of them all, but not really anything else. She kept her need to follow any fashion at home, in case she needed to attend an important event, but otherwise she wandered around like most. Except the shoes. She liked to keep her hooves clean.  If Penny had seen Scarcity before were anypony's guess, as the owner of the antique store not all that far from here weren't exactly a hermit that stayed to herself, but not the sort to butt in on everypony either. That and her store were a rather high end thing, so not too many that didn't have a lot of bits to spare tended to go there unless they looked for her specifically.] To be honest, I believe over the years I’ve been picturing her as purple, possibly because I mixed up part of her description with Vivid in my head, but when Tock met her I had to go back over the description you gave and I realized I had been remembering wrong the whole time. Is the image above to be considered her current appearance? This may affect how I describe how Tock looks at her in the future.
  12. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 357) As Zhu’s keen eyes may have noticed, he wasn’t the only predator following another. An owl began to follow him as soon as he gave chase, one that Gaea had asked for assistance, anticipating that she might not be able to leave camp quickly enough. The owl would keep enough distance behind Zhu that though he might be able to see the owl, it was far enough that Brooke and Skye wouldn’t notice. Along the way, the owl would leave markings for Gaea to follow such as scratches on trees and the occasional dropped feathers. Eventually, the two would lead the way to an outcropping of rocks that had a cave that went into the ground. The entrance they went through was well camouflaged with a sheet of moss covering the entrance. Inside the cave was a glow from an unnatural and most likely magical source. When the moss curtain closed behind Brooke and Skye, the moss was thick enough to block all the light from getting through. They set down their haul with a pile of gold items, and took off their enchanted rings, setting them on a small wooden table on which Zhu’s magical items lay. Skye put the toupee on her bald head and raised the scepter into the air and proclaimed, “None could have done this but Skye and Brooke, for no other thief would be so bold as to steal the hair from my sleeping head! Find them at once, and you may be shown mercy! If you allow my dignity to be tarnished so for much longer, you shall be punished in their stead!” Clearly she was mocking the noble. For not having actually met him that night, her assumptions of his personality weren’t too far from the truth. If he didn’t get his things back, especially his toupee and cane, his guards would suffer for it, though it wouldn’t go as far as any formal punishments, he would probably just work them much harder than normal, making ridiculous requests to make their jobs even harder than they had to be. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 361) “Let us hope that meeting comes soon,” Tock replied, looking forward to the next time they would meet. He could gaze into her eyes all day. He found her mysterious in a way. It was as if she couldn’t possibly exist. The world itself to him seemed out of place when she was in it. Somehow, she belonged there but everything else did not. It was a paradox within his mind, but it could not distract him from the reality that was her beauty. He would eventually ask to learn everything about her, but now was not the time. They were about to leave, so for now, all he could do was take in all of her beauty. He would keep her image in his mind until the next time they met. Penny began her countdown with instructions, “On ‘Go,’ put the chocolate in your mouth and let it melt. 3. 2. 1. Go!” If the others followed instructions properly, the chocolates would begin to melt in their mouths rather quickly, with the magic cream adding a light sweetness with a little bit of tingling. As the chocolate melted, the world would seem to melt around them in stages. First the sky would melt away, then the buildings, then the ponies around them, and then the ground beneath their hooves, until all that remained were the three of them and the cart. Where everything else once was, it was replaced with nothingness. It wasn’t just a black space, but it was truly nothing, a concept that couldn’t really be put into words. At the same time, it would feel as if gravity itself melted away, but it wasn’t like they were floating, it was just a feeling of weightlessness. Then in the same way the world had melted away, it came back as if it was melted, but reformed as it fell into place. However, the world that formed around them was a big city. The chocolates worked and they were now at the side of a road in Manehattan. “Did everyone make the trip in one piece?” Penny was slightly concerned since these long distance teleportations could affect those prone to motion sickness. (Marcus is on page 362, and Charlie is on page 363)
  13. @Blitz Boom I know I haven’t been on here in months. For that I apologize again. I keep disappearing for months at a time. When bad things happen in my life, I retract into my shell, and then I keep finding reasons not to come out of it. When that happens I really need to push myself to get back to doing things that I love. Hopefully I’ll get back to posting soon. This post is an important part of my way of pushing myself: telling people I’ll do something. I don’t want to discuss the reasons I stopped posting yet, because there’s a lot of things that happened around the same time (a lot of which happened in the same week as my birthday). There’s also some changes happening with the schedules at work again, so hopefully I can have a regular day off early in the week and I’ll try to get more posts done at once, possibly on Tuesdays. I’ll reread some of the posts throughout the next couple weeks to catch myself back up, and I’ll most likely type up some posts the Tuesday after next, sooner if I get any good (or possibly even bad) ideas.
  14. Merry Birthiversary!