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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  3. @Blitz Boom The post may be a bit short, but I did put a lot of thought into it. Charlie has potential for a lot of unusual interactions, and I feel I need to take advantage of that more often. Creating a name for the changeling was a bit difficult because the changeling brothers had a theme, but I wasn’t sure wether or not to try to break away from that. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to spell “Naut” because in a way it has multiple meanings depending on how you spell it. “Knot” can be a measure of speed in nautical miles, but then there is also the word “naught,” as in “all for naught,” which basically means “nothing.” There’s also the fact that his mind is basically in a knot, and that he’s specifically “not” Kilo. I settled for “Naut” as it is the best middle ground between options, and can be an abbreviation of Nautical for nautical miles.
  4. @Blitz Boom Continued from page 354 “What’s the point of a silly tradition like that? I came up with my own name, so why shouldn’t he?” Charlie seemed genuinely confused by this question, not realizing that children aren’t born with the ability to speak. Language was originally a foreign concept to Charlie, but the way Charlie learned to speak was instantaneous upon accidentally possessing Briar. The changeling spoke, “I... this body was once called Kilo. There are many memories here, but none of them are my own. Even the name sounds unfamiliar to me. I don’t think I’m Kilo, so for now, call me Naut.” Naut might not have known who he was, but that internal struggle could wait. Right now he needed a name to make things easier for the others. “I was told by Princess Luna that ‘what Charlie seeks can be achieved by finding the Heart of the Woods,” and that Zhu knows the way.” Gaea 357 Penny 361 Marcus 362
  5. @Blitz Boom It looks like I’ll be delaying my post again. Today was a long day, but I’ll be putting extra thought into the post.
  6. @Blitz Boom Continued from page 353 In the pockets of the robe were several gems that had been charged with magic over the years. The purpose of these was storing magic to directly power Marcus’s spells. “You may stand beside me,” Marcus said to Sugar Lime, gesturing to a space beside him where the elders had left him some room to stand. Once Sugar was in place, he would continue, “Tomorrow we set forth at dawn for First Island, a Mountain range so tall it was once believed to be the only land when the world was covered in water. It is in the shape of a crescent moon, surrounding a forest known as the Lake of Leaves, whose canopy is unbroken, letting little light onto the forest floor below. There once was a path that cut through the forest leading to the Caverns of Cob, but the maps show that the path is now covered. There are beasts that lurk in the darkness, and without the path there is no sunlight to protect us. The beasts there are repelled by the sun, but not by torch or glow of horn. We shall clear a path of our own making after the journey has been completed, as to do so before would delay us too long. Each journey to the Sacred Springs we will widen the path. Once we reach the Caverns of Cob, we will Ascend through them to find the opening that will lead us to the Sacred Spring. We must not travel downward within the Caverns, as the spirits of creatures that once roamed the depths of the great ocean now traverse the depths of the Caverns. The one thing that keeps them at bay is the power emanating from the Sacred Springs. They dare not ascend as long as the waters still flow. There are many dangers on this path, and now that you all know them, if there are any who wish not to take these risks you may back down now, but once we leave tomorrow if you should turn back you will make the journey back alone. Are there any adventurers that wish to stay behind?” Gaea 357 Penny 361 Charlie 354
  7. @Blitz Boom I couldn’t remember if Brick Wall was still with Penny and Scarcity or not. I’ll correct it later if he wasn’t. I’ve been getting a lot done lately, including getting a loan for a car because my other one kind of fell apart. I’m back on the road now so everything can get back on track.
  8. @Blitz Boom Continued from page 352 “That definitely sounds like a plan. I haven’t had any opportunity to work with Everwood yet, but I hear it’s useful for returning things to their natural state. I’m thinking that might come in handy with one of my current projects.” Penny did well not to describe anything further here. Her particular phrasing could have been much more precise to her intentions, but in describing the abilities of Everwood in its vaguest form there could be no guess as to what her project were except by Scarcity, who already knew of Penny’s latest project, as she had commissioned it. She fully intended to test it for stabilizing the retransformation process when the Griffin chocolate’s effects wear off. “We’ll worry about that later though, the clock is ticking. We need to get the ball rolling on our investigation, and this delivery.” Tock waited patiently for Penny to finish before responding to Scarcity, “I would prefer to try this on my own. As a certain famous inventor once said, ‘Each test that does not end in the desired result is not a failure, but a successful elimination of one possibility.’ I tend to learn better when I make mistakes on my own than by avoiding them with a skilled tutor, but I do appreciate the offer.” He turned his attention toward Penny, who was already strapping herself to the cart. “Anyway, the cake stand is tied down pretty good, but the straps can loosen. Keep them tight, but not too tight. Also, the address is on the tag on it.” “No problem at all. Scarcity, I’ll need you and Brick at the back two corners of the cart with these chocolates when you’re ready. We’ll count down to eat the chocolates at the same time.” She levitated an upgraded teleportation chocolate to each of them. Gaea 357 Marcus 353 Charlie 354
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      I’m doing okay.  I plan on catching up on an RP today since I had to call out of work.  My car is getting fixed, and I’m having a small medical issue I would rather not talk about (I’ll be fine, don’t worry).

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  11. @Blitz Boom Continued from 351 “I have the perfect thing in mind. Wait here and keep watch. When I get back, I’ll join them and ask to camp with them for the night. What I have back at my home will ensure that they won’t turn me down. Just stay hidden. If the thieves strike before I get back, try to follow them back to their hideout without being spotted. I’ll find a way to catch up with you if I can. I doubt they would strike this early though,” Gaea responded. She turned and walked away toward her home. After a while, she returned wearing a vibrant purple hooded robe with golden edges, and emblazoned with what Zhu might recognize as the family crest of the kind royal he once knew. Keeping her distance from where Zhu was hiding, she stumbled out of the forest, doing her best to look helpless and lost. “Who goes there?” one of the guards asked loudly. The royal pony pulled back the curtain with his scepter to see what the noise was about. At this point the last slivers of light were just about to fade from the horizon, but they still somehow managed to reflect brightly off the insignia on Gaea’s robe. “Who are you, and where did you get that robe?” the royal pony asked. “My name is Gaea, your highness, and I am but a weary traveler. This robe was given to me as a gift by her highness, Amrita, to keep me warm. I humbly ask that I may camp with your caravan for tonight, as it is not safe to be alone on these roads at night,” she said, bowing to the royal pony. “I don’t know why that girl is always so willing to give away what is rightfully hers. I would prefer not to allow a peasant such as yourself to remain in my company, however it seems my hooves are tied.” The last part was said through his teeth. He paused for a moment before speaking again, as if trying to think of a way out of this, but he could not find one. “Because Amrita has seen fit to aid you, I am obligated to grant you this small favor, but this will be your ONLY favor. Come tomorrow we shall part ways for you to finish your journey on your own. If anything is to happen to this caravan during the night, your protection will come second to the protection of me and my property.” As much as it pained her, she kept her bow and did not let her emotions show as the royal pony closed the curtain on his carriage again. She got back up, and asked the guard where she could rest for the night. He then directed her over to the others who would then set up some blankets for her to sleep on out in the open. She knew it was not likely to rain tonight, so she would not need to stay in a tent, but it would have been nice of them to offer. Since the royal pony had specifically stated that he would grant no other favors, she supposed that them even giving her blankets to sleep on might not go over well, so it wasn’t their fault. She would have had to turn down the offer anyway because she needed to be able to keep watch. She put on her hood and laid down on her “bed,” waiting for the thieves to strike. Hours later, after everything in the camp was settled, and most of the other ponies were in their tents asleep for the night, the thieves approached. Two guards stayed awake to keep watch, but Skye and Brooke were able to slip past them as they were making their rounds. Brooke climbed into one of the carts while Skye kept watch. Gaea saw everything, but continued to pretend to be asleep. The two made no noise, as if one of their trinkets was helping to maintain their silence. Once Brooke finished filling her sack, it was Skye’s turn to steal something. They both quickly made their way to the royal pony’s carriage, where this time Brooke stood guard as Skye quietly crept inside. It was a risky move, but that was the thrill. Skye liked the higher risk part of the heists, taking things that were closely guarded right from under the nose of those it was precious to. She made her way out of the carriage with a small chest that was so stuffed with gems and gold jewelry it wouldn’t close, the scepter, and what looked like a toupee. She closed the door carefully behind her and the two were off. They had to hide behind a cart for a moment while a guard passed by, but after that they quickly made their way into the forest. Gaea got up and walked at a normal pace to the edge of the camp where a guard asked, “Where are you going?” to which she replied, “If you really must know, I’m off to relieve myself.” The guard let her pass, but not before saying, “Try not to get lost out there.” The thieves would get a head start from this delay, but so too would Zhu. Penny an Tock: page 352 Marcus: page 353 Charlie: page 354
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      It’s good to see a lot of my friends are still on here.  I’ve gotten back into the RP I was in, so I’ll probably be on here at least once a week to post.  I don’t really check statuses very often anymore because I only get on once or twice a week, so there are too many to go through all of them.  I’ll come back to over 100 notifications sometimes.  If you send me a PM for anything important, I’ll at least see that.  I kind of miss the old system that let you turn off notifications coming from specific people because there’s only a couple people posting status updates excessively, and it’s drowning out the others (one who posted 5 during the time I took to write one post).  I don’t want to have to remove friends just to cut back the excessive notifications.

  13. @Blitz Boom I’m rereading some of my old posts to prevent inconsistencies. In my search, I came across the contract between Penny and Scarcity on page 219, and I updated it to make more sense and be more profitable for investors. I also realized serious ways Penny could rip her investors off if she were the type to do so. She could in theory charge cost for the chocolates for the second month and therefore have a 0% profit margin, thus not owing her investors anything. We can just say there are additional clauses in the contract to prevent this, but without spelling them all out.