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  1. @Blitz Boom @Moonlit I’m wondering why I wasn’t mentioned in either of your last posts. Also, @Moonlit you never seemed to have reacted to my last post at all. Charlie was talking about cutting off Ziggy’s broken limb and talking about having one fall off at some point. I thought that would at least warrant some kind of response. P.S. In case you forgot, Charlie’s a talking stick tied to Ziggy’s broken leg right now.
  2. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Moonlit “Aw, I was sure he’d be coming with us. Otherwise, why did he bother putting that rock into the pink one’s pocket? I thought it might be something like what’s happening with me, being tethered to this piece of myself. Although, it’s hard to imagine what a creature made of stone would be like, not that I’ve met a lot of creatures to compare that to.” Charlie was getting genders wrong again, but so far, they didn’t know enough other creatures to have learned to recognize genders in the first place. “I’m kind of curious, if the limb is broken, why not just break it off the rest of the way? Wouldn’t it be easier just to grow a new one? I had a limb break before, and it was quite a relief when it finally fell off.” @Blitz Boom “I’m always willing to try something new, especially if it’s hard to find. Have you ever tried any tea from Yakyakistan? It’s a flavor that’s impossible to duplicate, though many have tried. I heard they use such precise measurements that if they add too much of one ingredient by mistake, they throw out the entire batch, which is what makes it so hard to come by.” Penny was impressed by Tock’s knowledge of tea, but she stayed out of the conversation. She didn’t want to get in the way, it seemed like Tock was already falling for somepony else. He’d never really opened up to her like this before, so it was a side of him she never saw. He was always so focused on his work when she was around, not that he was impolite or anything, just busy. To be fair, this visit was a bit later in the day than she’d ever seen him. Her cheeks started to turn pink, so she looked away from Tock to try to make it stop. Could she really be falling for somepony who was already falling in love with somepony else? And somepony she had known for so long, too? She was standing slightly behind Scarcity, so hopefully she wouldn’t see, unless her peripheral vision was really good.
  3. @everyone If anyone wants to add in a hero character for an adventure, there is a banquet scene taking place to which many heroes will have been invited with the intention of putting together a team to fight evil. These are not meant to be super heroes, but that’s not entirely out of the question either as long as the abilities aren’t too extreme as they will be fighting alongside a hero from ancient times. One thing that I must mention first is that there will eventually be a bit of god modding against these characters. It will make more sense when the time comes, but for now I would prefer to keep the details a surprise. Of course, the characters would have to be approved by Blitz as usual.
  4. I have lots of math and geometry puns, but unless we change subjects from chemistry, that won’t really MATTER. Maybe I should approach the subject from a different ANGLE.
  5. It seems all the good chemistry jokes are off the Table.
  6. It feels good to take your socks off after a long day of work.

  7. Open

    @Blitz Boom Tock blushed again when Scarcity called him “delightful.” Now he thought he might actually have a chance to win her over, but of course, he had to stay somewhat professional at the workplace. He came up with the perfect plan. “I restore anything from engines to end tables. I have next Tuesday free if you’d like to discuss a business arrangement in depth over coffee? Unless of course you prefer tea like I do.” He chose the date carefully, not so soon that he would seem desperate, but not so far away that it seemed like he didn’t care. If she said yes, he would keep that meeting strictly business, and if it went well enough, he might ask her out on a date afterward for another time. Meanwhile, Penny could see what was going on, but she kept quiet. It wasn’t her place to interfere when somepony was falling for somepony else. @Blitz Boom That night, at the banquet, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, especially the guests. Among them were several well known heroes, as well as some lesser known ones including a fox with a bow and a quiver on his back who definitely stood out against a group of mostly ponies. Hunter had heard that a great hero had returned, but he was a bit skeptical. He didn’t know the names of most of the others there, so he couldn’t be sure which one had returned, so he’d just wait and see where the night went. @Blitz Boom “I suspect they may be hiding in a cave somewhere in the rockier parts of the forest, but my friends haven’t been able to find them yet. Before sunset, I would like to check the road for traps. They have been setting a few from time to time to break cart wheels. It’s a trick they use to give themselves time to steal while a caravan waits for sunrise so they can replace the broken wheel. The traps are well designed and blend into the road. They look like rocks, but once enough pressure is applied, they quickly shoot up to break the wheel, then they retract before anypony can see them.” @Blitz Boom @Moonlit “I guess this will be my first real adventure! But where are we heading is the real question? Although, if you told me a place, I’d probably have no idea what you were talking about.”
  8. @Dji The most recent thing was that she was in a meeting planning the repairs of Ponyville after other characters fought a gigantic demon like creature in town while the Mane 6 were harvesting Zapapples at Sweet Apple Acres. @Blitz Boom more to come one when I find the time.
  9. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Moonlit Charlie’s magic would begin its work on the Zegasus, slowly healing the bone. The same magic would also ease the pain a bit more than healing the wound did. It was by far no instant cure, but given a few hours, the bone could be healed completely. Such magic was not typical of Everwood, but the excessive positive charge of the wood, plus having the actual spirit of the tree tethered to it and wanting her to heal made the stick more effective than what would normally be possible. “I think it’s working!” @Blitz Boom Tock blushed a bit when Scarcity said she liked him. When she brought the topic of their business back up, he levitated an antique watch case out from under the counter. It had a glass lid, and the watches were surrounded in red velvet. There were enough segments in it for fifteen watches, but hers were the only three in it. Everything seemed to be in great condition, almost new even, and the times on each matched the others exactly, down to the second. It should be clear at this point that the watch Tock was wearing wasn’t Scarcity’s, seeing as that one was in the case too. The glass, which had previously been cracked, seemed to have been replaced by the exact same curved glass it had before. He rifled through the receipt box again and pulled out another slip, then began typing things into the register. “Lets see, that’s four hundred and thirty five bits for the work, and forty five bits for the parts, minus ten percent brings you to four thirty two. I replaced them with only original parts to protect the value of your watches. I suspect you’ll be able to sell these to a collector for a good profit, assuming you didn’t pay more than twelve hundred for the lot.”
  10. @Dji If you want to take over as Twilight, I have no problem with it. I would however like to have the option to use her again if the need arises. The same goes for all the canon characters except Luna because I need to be able to bring her back when the time is right.
  11. It was a nice wedding. I’ll get back to posting when I’ve finally been able to get a good night’s sleep.
  12. Sorry I haven’t been on much lately. The schedules got changed again at work, so I’ve been the only one in my department for the last four days (and I wasn’t even at work Saturday, I had a wedding to go to). I’ll try to get my posts done Thursday or Friday.
  13. Open

    @Blitz Boom Morning came, and the breeze brought with it a scent of rotting wood. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was enough to break through the flowery smell of Gaea’s home. Gaea would wait for Zhu to wake up before presenting him a leaf bowl filled with oats, nuts, and berries in almond milk. She knew that a predator species such as Zhu’s would need a good amount of protein, so she did her best to fulfill his dietary needs. “Eat up. You’ll need your strength if we’re going to find their hideout by the end of the day. I’m afraid the forest won’t survive much longer without the heart.” @Blitz Boom @Moonlit “Oh, so that’s what that was. I’ve never heard my echo before. I’ve actually never had a voice before yesterday. Just another thing I’ll have to get used to.” Charlie giggled as the ghost picked up the stick. “Hehe, that tickles!” @Blitz Boom “We need to know where you got this,” Penny said, levitating another false coin out of her bag. “It’s the coin you spent at the apothecary, but it appears to be a fake. We’re trying to track down where they’re coming from. Do you by any chance remember who gave it to you?” “I try not to keep these around too long when I have them, so it must’ve been a customer from the same day I spent it. Do you happen to know when that was?” “It was four days ago.” “Let me check my records,” Tock said before pulling out a small box of receipts from below the register. While he was looking through the slips, he said to Scarcity, “As far as your watches are concerned, they’re all finished. I can get them for you and total everything up once we’re done here if you like.” After a brief search, he pulled out a slip with a business card for Battengerg’s Bakery stapled to it. “Here it is. It looks like it came from a bakery in Manehattan. I’m almost finished restoring their cake stand. It’ll be ready tomorrow. If you’re looking to speak to them face to face, I’ll let you deliver it for me, and I’ll even give you discount on the restoration of the watches as thanks for delivery. How does ten percent sound?” Ten percent wouldn’t be much, but it did give a little wiggle room in case they were the type to haggle for a better price, which is exactly what he would expect from somepony who could acquire such high value watches, even in the condition they were in. Tock liked to give a good deal, but he wasn’t too keen on being robbed blind.
  14. @Blitz Boom I believe you may have forgotten that in a previous post, Marcus spoke of inviting other heroes to the celebration for him to join forces with. He hardly ever fought alone. The followers are not expected to get involved in the fight. I actually plan on bringing Hunter back as one of the heroes invited to the party.
  15. @Blitz Boom I figured it was time to get back to the other storylines finally. I’ll try to get the rest of my posts done tomorrow.