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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom Penny led the way to Tock's shop. Once there, they would see a well painted blue building with an open, ground level porch. Over the porch was a sign made up of letters taken from different old antique signage including a carnival style "T" with lights, an "O" with a detailed wood carved design, a flat shiny copper "C", an old style painted sign piece for the "K", and a red "'s" followed by "SHOP" in a square frame with rounded corners. The sign was in excellent condition as were several pieces of furniture and antique machinery on the porch, as would be expected of an antique restorer of his caliber. "This is the place," Penny said as they arrived. The lights were on inside, but there wasn't much noise aside from an old record player that was still on even though the record had reached its end. @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Widdershins The stick would glow as Charlie spoke, saying, "Hi! Are you friends with that other one I was just talking to? I really hope not, cuz whoever it was was kind of a jerk. They kept repeating everything I said! Whatever or not you are, you should probably stay away from them because they don't seem to be very friendly today." Charlie didn't realize they said 'Whatever or not' instead of 'Wether or not,' which must have been a bad habit picked up from accidentally possessing Briar the day before.
  2. @Widdershins Prereleases are this weekend, the release is next Friday. I've already played two Merfolk decks each with a different third color.
  3. @Widdershins I actually got back from the shop an hour ago. I won one of the tournaments even though I lost a round. I won round one, lost round two, then got paired up (meaning my opponent had more wins than me having been undefeated) and won. Then I won round four, winning the tournament, though I didn't win the other tournament. Let's hope I do better tomorrow.
  4. I'll try to get my posts done tomorrow night if I can. I have a lot going on with four Prerelease events for Magic the Gathering to go to, and if I try to squeeze in time for a post, it'll end up rushed and I don't want to let the quality of my posts go downhill like it did before. I want to try to get back to the quality my posts had when I first joined this RP.
  5. I just noticed your profile pic is a Quicksilver Amulet.  Do you play Magic the Gathering?

    1. Widdershins


      Hah! Bingo! It's probably my favorite artifact in a Would-Totally-Want-To-Commission-A-Jeweller-to-make way! Four mana to summon whatever, I believe, can't think of much else does that other then Belbe's Portal and that Elvish Piper. But yeah, totally do play MtG! Been trying to get into Yugioh too!

    2. Seamore Sandwich

      Seamore Sandwich

      I borrowed a YuGiOh deck recently and almost won a tournament (the only reason I didn't win was because of a poorly worded response on the judge's part).  My favorite idea to use Quicksilver Amulet for is dropping an Elesh Norn with Kormus Bell in play, then playing Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.  Once Norn hits the board, your opponents never get priority again until their lands are already dead, which means they have to float mana before Quicksilver Amulet's ability resolves or they won't be able to remove anything.

  6. Open

    @Blitz Boom Silvermane smiled down upon his followers as they chanted. He pointed at the first one to speak and stated in front of everyone, "I like your spirit. You know what? I'll allow you the honor of helping to choose the next mission. If you'll present me with three beasts on which I may test my blades, you may also Bear Witness as I slay the beast of my choosing. But first I will need your name." It was known long ago that accompanying Marcus was not common. In fact, the few who had were remembered along with the story they told, and their scrolls were highly valued by the other followers. At least, that's how it was when he was still around. Who knows how much things have changed over the millennia? Would they even still have the Witness's Garb? It was much like the traditional robes, but there were small amounts of armor added to protect the Witness. There were also multiple pockets for things like healing potions or magic reserve crystals. Honestly the robe itself was probably eaten away by moths long ago, but surely the few pieces of armor plating would still be around. He was curious of this, but it wasn't important right now. He needed a plan, a way to bring himself into the public eye again. @Blitz Boom The shop was usually open late, but today Penny was closing up early. Being a young filly, Blossom couldn't be allowed to stay up too late, especially with school the next day. As Penny and Blossom finished their tasks, the sun began to set. Blossom trotted out the front door, followed not to long after by Penny who shut the lights off and turned the open sign over to closed. She locked the door behind her. "If I'm not here tomorrow, just open up the shop without me. You still have the spare key, right?" "I'll make sure I keep it with me. Bye, Penny," Blossom responded reassuringly. "Hi Scarcity. So I went to a friend at the apothecary and she had one of the fake bits. Now, she says she got the coin from an antique restorer we both know by the name of Tock. I thought we could start there, and maybe he'll be able to tell us where he got the coin. However, the fact that I didn't find much more of the fake coins leads me to believe they're not coming from anywhere around here. If they were, there would be a lot more. I'm guessing we may have to do a bit of traveling if we want to get to the bottom of this. What do you think? Should we go check out Tock's Shop? He's probably working on that clock of his like he usually does after work, which means he'll probably still be at his shop."
  7. It's just a McDonald's joke. It's a really big RP is all. I probably would've referenced Taco Bell, personally, but that might be influenced by the fact that I made vegetarian tacos yesterday.
  8. @Blitz Boom @Ninetales The only reason there isn't an offer to supersize your RP is because it's already supersized. It's the only size we have here.
  9. I'll post more another day, preferably one where I've had a good night sleep...
  10. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Widdershins @Moonlit Still, Charlie and the echo were arguing back and forth. "Leave me ALONE!" the echo rang out through the castle. "Fine!" "Fine!" "Finally something we can both agree on!" "Finally something we can agree on!" @Blitz Boom Gaea led the way up the path over the root and into the tree through the open doorway. Inside it looked like a lovely home, the furniture was made of gigantic flowers and other plants, and the lights were glowing fungus growing on the walls. There was even a bathroom and through the door a toilet could be seen that looked like a pitcher plant with water in it. "We should get some rest. You can sleep on the couch," she said, gesturing toward a flower with two petals stretched in one direction forming the seat, and the other petals just folded out so they were out of the way (see image below). "I'm sure I can trust you, we have a common goal. Also, I don't even have anything to steal."
  11. @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Widdershins Charlie is basically like a ghost possessing a stick. They are attached to the stick at all times, but can manifest themself in a non corporeal form of their choice. They can't move anything though, which is why they still need a body (there's no telling how long the stick will be able to contain Charlie before the soul returns to the Realm of Dreams).
  12. @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Widdershins I feel like Serenade is likely to be the first to notice the time shift if it's night and the sky is clear. Just saying.
  13. @Blitz Boom I was under the impression that the idea was that they already walked through the draconequus gate without realizing it, but it's all very confusing, which is the point of chaos magic, right?
  14. @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Widdershins Are any of you going to address Charlie's yelling in the castle?
  15. s'more sandwich

    1. Seamore Sandwich

      Seamore Sandwich

      Exactly, it's intentional.