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  1. I’m sorry I haven’t been on lately, but it’s going to be a while longer before I start posting again. My dog isn’t doing well, his kidneys are failing. We’re not sure how long he has left, though he does still have some energy in him. We’re going to try to make the most of whatever time we do have with him. @Denim&Venom I hope you’re still interested in continuing when I do come back.
  2. @Moonlit Yes. I’m still only able to post about once a week, so I would rather not slow everyone else down like that. I’ll hopefully be able to participate more once the holidays are well behind us.
  3. @Denim&Venom It looks like your last post may have been on page 185. Allure and Priestess had left the scene of the battle against my demon, The Forgotten One. Stargazer had a conversation with Reverie aboard the Revocation regarding the battle. @Mentis Soliloquy had a character taking care of the kitlings. Also, Queen Allure now has a telepathic link to my changeling Doctor Miles Xeno who is now recovering in a hospital from his injury from the Everfree Forest, and she’s linked to Charlie, my genderless dream spirit that used to be a tree that has just been given a changeling body, though that isn’t exactly working out.
  4. @Widdershins I’m not sure if your “Elements of Disharmony” story is still happening here, but I just wanted to let you know that the Element of Betrayal is still a part of one of my storylines. I won’t spoil who, because betrayal hurts more when it’s a surprise.
  5. @Blitz Boom I’ll post for the others another time. Today was my sixth day of work in a row, but somehow I wasn’t that tired when I got home, though now I’m exhausted. I was able to put a good amount of effort into my posts, but I have run out of energy, so I’ll continue when I think I’ll be able to write something good. @Denim&Venom I’ll try to track down your last post tomorrow, then we can work from there. Last I remember, our characters had parted ways after Priestess helped destroy my demon, though I’m not 100% sure. I’ll find it eventually.
  6. Seamore Sandwich

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom “I...” The smile that had just started to grow on Charlie’s new face quickly turned into an image of utter agony as “he” fell to the floor, writhing in pain. The screams that began to echo through the castle were two tortured voices coming from one mouth. Whatever magic Vivid had used to tether Charlie to this body was being violently torn apart. The Changeling body was rejecting Charlie’s Everwood soul. This was due to the nature of their magics conflicting with each other. There was a conflict here on many levels, wether it be how Changeling magic takes from others where Everwood Magic only gives, or how Everspirits use dreams to reveal the truth where Changelings use illusions to make others believe a lie. Charlie and this body were simply incompatible. The two were being forced apart by this conflict of magic, and Charlie’s soul was breaking away in such a way that there were two faces, the body and the soul, each trying to pull away from the other. The screams would also echo throughout Queen Allure’s hive (@Denim&Venom I thought you might like to know when your characters are mentioned), and to Dr. Xeno. @Blitz Boom Though the elders could barely be considered old by their actual age, their bodies had definitely been worn down over the years, so when Brute stomped, they were all startled. They all quickly (or as quickly as their bodies would let them) got up and proceeded towards the banquet hall. There, when Marcus saw them he spoke loudly at first, “Elders! What is the...” pausing mid-sentence. “Wait, your eyes...” he said, moving closer then pulling an elder’s eyelid up with his hoof to examine his eye. This particular elder seemed too tired to care, honestly. “How did I not see this before? It’s clear that none of you have undergone the Reawakening. Has the Sacred Spring been lost? What enemy has captured it? Tell me at once, and I shall reclaim it!” One of the elders, a faded brown stallion whose coat was so faded that there were even gray spots with his mane clearly dyed to an over saturated black by the name of Jagged Lithos (or Elder Lithos as others would call him), spoke up, “We know not of these ‘Sacred Springs’ you speak of. What are they? What is this all about?”
  7. @Blitz Boom My post will have to wait until Sunday. It was another long day, with one of yesterday’s large deliveries coming with today’s deliveries.
  8. @Blitz Boom I’m already planning out my next post with Charlie, but I have to wait until tomorrow to type it out. Let’s just hope that Vivid isn’t too tired, because her work is far from over.
  9. @Blitz Boom Well then, I’ll explain how the deal could be taken advantage of. If Scarcity sent someone to make purchases during the second month of sales, she could attempt to artificially increase the sales of the chocolates she invested in, increasing the amount she would receive as a return. However, Penny is under no obligation to keep the product stocked, nor at a profitable price point, though these are tactics she wouldn’t resort to. If she did notice a regular customer buying large quantities of the chocolates in question, she would start “rewarding” this regular customer with other products, lowering the profit margins for that customer, but at the same time encouraging sales of other products.
  10. @Blitz Boom I just wanted to let you know, I reread the contract form that Penny gave to Scarcity, and I realize how Scarcity could possibly try to take advantage of the deal, but I have countermeasures in mind in case she tries. I suspect that she wouldn’t want to jeopardize a good business relationship with Penny, but there’s still a small chance she could try something using a third party to her advantage without Penny being aware of who it is. The countermeasures are seemingly non hostile, but can be quite effective. If you would like to have her try something eventually, I’m open to the idea, but if you don’t, I’d be happy to explain all of this fully. My scheming is keeping me up because my brain just refuses to shut off. I would like to repeat, I really missed this roleplay.
  11. @Blitz Boom Thanks, I corrected my post. At least it was the post I could still remember while I was writing a new response. I had to go back and reread some older posts for everything else, though I usually do that anyway. When I was trying to remember what magic Scarcity asked Penny for, I came across another post I had forgotten about regarding the Traveller, so now I need to take note of that so I don’t forget. He picked a flower that caught the tear from the ghost of Zhu’s mother. The Traveller obtained: Tears of the Fallen! Description: Tears of a ghost, said to have the power to break through to even the most shielded of hearts, whatever that means...
  12. @Blitz Boom I haven’t had much time or energy lately. At work, the two other associates in my department left at almost the same time, so I had to take on the responsibilities of the department manager and deal with training two new associates, one of which also left, so I’ve been promoted and left to run a shorthanded department without proper training going into the busiest time of year. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post again, but I hope it’s soon. I haven’t read through the story involving the princesses yet, but I hope I can catch up on that soon, too. If Serenade and Ziggy have met back up, then my post should take place before that, so it may put things out of order, but it shouldn’t mess up the overall timeline. I’ve missed this roleplay, but I haven’t had the energy to put proper thought into my posts until now. I ended up getting two days off in a row, which is happening again next week. I don’t want to rush any posts, so I won’t post unless I can actually put forth the effort to make the post worthwhile (although Dr.Xeno’s post might seem a little pointless, it’s purpose might be seen within the next few posts, since I do tend to plan ahead).
  13. Seamore Sandwich

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 278) After a while of searching, Gaea eventually found something. “There it is,” she said to Zhu, pointing at a particularly pointy protrusion in the path. The stone was more jagged than the others nearby, and the edge of a metal cylinder could just barely be seen by someone who knew to look. “If somepony springs the trap, I’ll ask to join their group for the night, ‘safety in numbers’ and all that, so we can keep a close eye on things,” she said, then mumbled to herself, “though I’d rather keep my distance.” She then added, “I can disguise myself in a cloak so the thieves won’t recognize me, and you can hide in the trees. We can take shifts keeping watch through the night, and I can have the raccoons wake us when it’s time to switch. Sound like a plan?” Gaea really didn’t want to be around other ponies, which is why she lived out here to begin with. She didn’t like the way they would cut down trees excessively without a care for what lived in them, and so she couldn’t stand even being near them. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 291) “Do you want to play a game of word chain to pass the time? Since we’re both doctors we can choose medical terms as the category,” Dr.Xeno asked Ziggy. He’d be at a disadvantage with his head injury, but at least it was better than laying quietly in bed all day. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 315) When Sugar Lime found the elders, they would be planning out routes for each mission that was mentioned earlier, two paths for each mission, one being the safest route, and one route that would bring them through areas known to have bandits. This was by Marcus’s instruction of course, as he had previously stated, “Even a foe as lowly as bandits must be dealt with, so if there are any such nuisances along the way, I should like to cross paths with them that they may taste my blade and learn the error of their ways.” @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 301) As they continued along their way toward Tock’s shop, Penny added, “I might be able to make the frosting more if I had an extra unicorn or two to help me pour some magic into it. I would be able to make the effects of some of the chocolates more powerful that way, and in some cases they could even last longer. Normally this frosting would be very expensive because it’s just me and Blossom, so we really can’t make that much, but with some extra help we could double up on production. Of course, if I use any of it in making the chocolates you asked for, it would make the final product more expensive, which could mean a higher return on your investment. So I must ask, when we’re done with this investigation, would you like to help me make some frosting? I also want you to know, I’ve already begun working on your chocolates. I’ve gotten as far as hardening the muzzle into a beaklike material within a couple hours of work, the next step being reshaping it and removing the fur. I’ve already made chocolates before that can make a pony grow wings, so I’ll just have to modify that to a different wing type if possible. Changing the structure of the hooves to claws and paws will probably be the hardest part and will take the most time.” It would be easy to tell that Penny loved her work, especially when it came to creating something new like this. It could easily distract her from what she was doing at the time, as evidenced by the fact that she just made a turn down the wrong street, leading in a direction opposite the direction they had taken to get to Tock’s shop before. @Blitz Boom (Continued from page 301) Charlie couldn’t be any more excited, literally since Vivid’s magic was keeping their excitement in check. “It’s not my last words that will matter, but rather my first. I’m ready whenever you are.” Little did they know how different things would be from what they expected.
  14. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  15. Merry Birthiversary dude!