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  1. Meh; you were young, my sister had a style like that at that age
  2. Fnaf; too much shit going on. MLP; I just don't like it anymore.
  3. From some planet called Earth, I think
  4. Sometimes there are interesting historical facts; I like reading those, otherwise it's trash
  5. This is what an absolute king looks like.


  6. Just a daily reminder that everything is happening because a WOMAN couldn't help but eat the forbidden fruit ; they always make it hard :Cozy:

    (this is a joke, for the most idiotic ones :oh_golly:)

  7. If one day I ever learn how to draw, I want to achieve something close to this perfection:



    mangaka is Tetsuya Saruwatari for the curious ones

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    2. Splashee


      What do you do with your kidnap talents then? I mean, if you can lock people up in your basement, why can't you draw? :orly:


      ... I have to be careful what I write.

    3. Xe__or


      Kidnapping actually gets me money; drawing on the other hand, not so much; I choose what gives me profit first, enjoyement after :orly:

    4. Xe__or


      It's a shame his mangas are not more known; the level of details there are sometimes (mostly in the muscles, he draws martial arts mangas) is astonishing.

  8. Damn, a legend is put to rest. Hasta luego, pibe
  9. You know, some days it's not always easy being me. Really not.

    I mean imagine being so awesome; every time I wake up in the morning, angels sing my awakening, the Sun becomes 10 times brighter, and truth is revealed to those who seek it.

    Nah it's not always easy :fiery:

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    2. Xe__or


      That's not Goku; that's bad drawn Goku, a whole new character! :orly:

    3. Splashee


      It is "Goku" drawn by Beerus, that also drew himself, while being drunk on beers :orly:

    4. Xe__or
  10. 717297949_Screenshot2020-11-22101417.jpg.ca6a9ad194e63ed17bd705fc7be80102.jpg



    Failing was fast. :orly:

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    2. Xe__or


      Warriors would choose death before trying to find an excuse to keep living :orly: Are you ready to face your destiny?

    3. Splashee


      I have had a few near death times here at the forum. Sadly, they never came to be :orly:

    4. Xe__or


      It won't be on the forums this time; we're gonna much more... intimate :oh_golly: