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  1. My family and I once went through Phoenix for a connecting flight and it was horribly disorganized. Whoever designed that airport seriously messed up when it comes to making it easy to get from one end of the airport to the other. Here in Denver it's so much better, you just use the underground tram to get from one terminal to another instead of walking in circles, and the terminals are linear instead of structures with a billion branching paths.
  2. 1 year later and I'm still in love with this remaster. I'd go as far as saying this is my favorite remake of all time. And that's not just nostalgia talking
  3. "Comme deux gouttes d’eau On se ressemble Comme provenant de la même mère Comme deux ruisseaux (You could be me) Qui se rassemblent (I could be you) Pour faire les grandes rivières And we share the same blood Yeah, we share the same blood"
  4. I'm not a big fan of the original series. John de Lancie's role as Discord and Patrick Stewart's role as Charles Xavier were what convinced me to finally watch The Next Generation a couple years ago and I really do enjoy that series. Im probably gonna watch Picard when it comes out and then I'll try and get on the other stuff the franchise has to offer.
  5. hello again dear :kindness: hope you've been well :rarity:

    1. Prospekt


      Hello! :coco: and likewise, my friend! I hope life has been treating you well, you seem like the kind of person who brings so much love to everyone you encounter in this world and you deserve nothing less than the same in return <3

    2. Valencia


      * hugs @Prospekt* I greatly appreciate that :kindness: to be any other way would be a betrayal of my nature and myself :BrightMacContent: The only thing I wish to have truly are close friends around me so I have those to share love with ^w^ 

      Life has had it's ups and downs these last few months. If I'm being quite honest, I could say that about the last two years :blink: but I wouldn't trade the learning experiences and the good times for anything, and that's whats important :bedeyes: 

      much necessary growth has happened, and things are only looking up! :coco:

  6. A little sad, confused, and anxious. Not sure what the future is gonna hold.
  7. "You're all good... you're all good... you're all good... you're all good... you're all good..."
  8. Well I finally went ahead and caught myself up on the last few episodes after life kinda made it hard to do so. I got a fair bit teary-eyed throughout this last one. Especially with that final song, the little montage showing so many of the characters we've grown to love, Twilight's moment at the end with Luster Dawn, the book closing... Also... is that a grown-up Flurry Heart on the stained glass inside the castle? Certainly looks like it.
  9. I like dubs because they allow me to play the anime in the background while doing other things and still get the gist of what's happening. I like subs because they force me to actually pay attention to what's being said. Just depends on the anime and what kind of mood I'm in.
  10. A lot of "people only use (insert low percentage here) of their brain" talk I've heard is New Age pseudoscience: Whether or not ESP even exists is a whole 'nother debate, but I think it's safe to say that from what we know about the brain, it's remarkably good at using every bit of space it possibly can.
  11. If you aren't using most or all of your brain, then either there's some significant brain damage or you're dead. No areas of the brain are ever left unused as long as there isn't any damage.