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    "A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.'" - St. Anthony the Great
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  1. Prospekt

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    First Andrew W.K. song I ever heard... and still his best.
  2. Prospekt

    cute Try to post a cuter image than the one above

    My cat > both dogs combined
  3. Prospekt

    cute Try to post a cuter image than the one above

  4. Prospekt

    Music Songs Other People Wouldn't Guess You'd Like

    I mostly listen to alternative rock from the past few decades, albeit a wide range from more pop-oriented rock to somewhat heavier stuff. So naturally, people would be shocked to know that I love songs like this: And this: And this:
  5. Prospekt

    Movies/TV Bond...James Bond

    I'm a part of the (likely) small minority that thinks You Only Live Twice is the best James Bond movie. To me, it's the definitive Sean Connery performance. And Connery is best Bond actor, hands down.
  6. Thank you for following me Prospekt! :)

    1. Prospekt


      No problem! :twi: And likewise!

  7. Has anybody here participated in NaNoWriMo before?

    I've been considering it for years but I let time constraints from school get in the way. This year, I want to force myself to make time for this because I have a really cool story in mind and I'm not gonna let this one go to waste.

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    2. Jeric


      Yep, did it a while ago. The trick is to plan ahead, don't stop to edit, espresso, and eliminate showers, sex, and bathroom breaks. Well ... Eliminating the first and third automatically eliminates the middle one. 

      All kidding aside, it'd like to see a short form version of this be adopted. 

    3. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      Yeah, that would be a great idea. ~10,000 would be a much more entry-level number for people to take on before climbing Mt. NaNoWriMo.

    4. Tacodidra


      No, I haven't. I feel the idea is really interesting and I've thought of writing something, but such a tight schedule wouldn't work for me.

      But if you feel you want to write one, good luck! :) I'm sure it will be quite an interesting experience!

  8. Prospekt

    What age were you when you started watching MLP?

    I began watching when I was 16. That was 4 years ago.
  9. Loved your Moondancer and Granny Smith post. Very funny and well-written! :) 

  10. An official statement from Team Vanhoover's captain Moondancer concerning Team Moon's draft choice: "Team Moon just made the biggest mistake of the tournament and the competition hasn't even started yet. It says in Advanced Buckball Strategy, Vol. 3 that sticking to a themed roster doesn't make a team play any better. Sorry, not sorry." Additionally, Granny Smith had this to say: "WELLLLLLLL even I still have enough marbles left in muh old head to know that Pinkie Pie is a valuable player! That Pony of Shadows is one of the worst ponies of all! Back in the day, every single night I used to have to tell itty-bitty Bright Mac that the Pony of Shadows wasn't hidin' under his bed. Kept me up late at night during applebuckin' season. I still have a score to settle with that punk, even if he wasn't really there!"
  11. Prospekt

    Derpy burns down your house. How do you punish her?

    I'd request that she pay for the damages that aren't covered by insurance. Derpy has a good heart; I feel like if she wanted to make it up to me, she would honestly try if it meant I didn't have to take her to court.
  12. Prospekt

    How tall are you?

    I swear I did too O_o I'm 5'6, just like @King of Canterlot, @Olly, and @PiratePony. Most of my real life friends are taller.
  13. Prospekt

    Worst person you've dealt with at work

    My current boss gets on my nerves quite a bit. She tells me something should be done a certain way, but then a week later she berates me for doing what she originally told me. She doesn't know how to allocate labor in her department, which leaves me doing a two- or even three-person job alone more often than not. And then she places all the blame on me when I can't get everything done before closing. Thank goodness this is only a summer job, because I think I'd snap if I had to deal with this for any longer than a few months.