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  1. My first episode was from Season 4, so I knew the transformation would happen at some point. It didn't really disappoint me or take me by surprise when I reached the end of Season 3 after starting the series from the beginning.
  2. General

    My first job was in fast food. Since we had uniforms, I obviously couldn't wear anything else. It wasn't really fun, but it was with a nicer chain that expects a lot from you. I suppose I enjoyed representing the brand on the job. Not to mention it's one of my favorite fast food restaurants anyways, so I loved the employee discount. After starting college I worked a school library job, basically just restocking shelves, cleaning, and helping people find books. It was a nice, quiet change of pace. Didn't pay as well, but I didn't really mind that. I guess I could have worn something pony-related because there wasn't really a dress code. But I still haven't gotten any pony apparel, so I have yet to wear it anywhere. Right now I'm trying to get a job on campus in dining services. They require employees to be in uniform so unfortunately I won't be wearing any pony merch with them either.
  3. 23 years old?
  4. Filthy Rich: SpongeBob: "This guy's so rich, he has a swimming pool in a swimming pool." Patrick: "This guy's got shoes!"
  5. My favorite Christmas ornament. Got it when I was 5.:twilighthat:


  6. I feel like Pinkie Pie would say that. Maud Pie: "It's not just a boulder. It's a rock!"
  7. Mega Thread

    Not great. I have a headache right now. And I'm still homesick for college, as I said in my last post here lol.
  8. Twilight Sparkle: "The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma."
  9. Fluttershy: "It's too cute! It's... it's disgusting!"
  10. General

    I wouldn't say I purposefully hide it. I just only bring it up around certain people. My best friend is also a fan so she knows. Some people from a "nerd club" at my university know. A few friends who aren't fans know. A few people on social media know. My parents almost certainly know but they have never talked about it with me. They spied on my internet activity the whole time I was a teenager so of course they knew, but I was always too shy to actually bring it up with them. I wonder if they thought it was just some weird phase. My brother doesn't know because I once casually explained what a brony is and he said he was disgusted so I never bothered to even mention it again.
  11. Front right pocket: my phone Front left pocket: my wallet, keys, and student ID I usually don't keep anything in my back pockets, if I even have them.
  12. Web

    Don't you just love it?
  13. *throws the entire country of Luxembourg at you*
  14. I finished final exams last week, but if you are in college and you're taking them this week, then Sasuke and I feel your pain.



    1. Misscellanio


      XD that’s pretty funny 

    2. SoberStarlight


      Haha. I need to get an A on my final to pass the class... totally freaked...

  15. "Have fun." Boring, right?