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  1. I just realized this new forum banner is yours and I'm so glad it got chosen! :squee: I love it!

  2. Naruto + Naruto Shippuden. 720 episodes, not counting the Boruto series, which I am not fully caught up on. Though if you watch every episode in the Dragon Ball franchise, including GT and Kai, that's even longer than Naruto & Shippuden.
  3. I wasn't active in the fandom (apart from Equestria Daily and YouTube comment sections) for about 2 years until I created an account here. To this day, the show itself is still my number one reason for being a fan, even though I'm more into the fandom now. I do credit the fandom for calling attention to the show. I probably wouldn't have begun to watch it if other bronies hadn't started posting about it all over the internet.
  4. My best friend were roommates twice before he graduated from college (I'm currently in my fifth year and I'll be graduating in the spring). We're so laid back, we just talk about whatever is on our mind. Our conversations can range from nerdy banter to totally random crap to deeply personal stuff and philosophical musings about the nature of life on earth. We never offend each other, we just go with the flow and somehow it works. I had always wanted that kind of chemistry in a friendship. I'm usually not so informal around friends I'm not as close with. Except at work because I've had a ton of coworkers who share my sense of humor and aren't afraid to have fun with the job instead of just being completely formal with one another. Especially when I worked at a McDonald's... I'd like to think we kept each other sane precisely because we saved the formalities for the customers.
  5. Jeric is the reason why this thread exists. @Denim&Venöm would have never had to make this thread if it weren't for Jeric's endless shenanigans! For shame.
  6. A fork and a knife How tall is Mt. Everest?
  7. I still think it's more likely that there was life on Venus in the distant past that was wiped out by brutal climate change. But, nonetheless, this is an interesting development. Microscopic extremophiles do exist on earth in hostile conditions that have scientists baffled, so traces of life could still exist. The chance of finding them is miniscule, but it's not completely out of the question. These organisms would just be bizarre by Earth standards if they did manage to adapt and survive.
  8. And I, like a firework, explode Roman candle lightning lights up the sky
  9. I did enjoy The Rise of Skywalker more than the previous two sequel trilogy films. At least least they tried to wrap things up in a way that was fun to watch, even though this movie was still mediocre from a storytelling perspective. Oh well. That's what happens when they fail to adequately plan out a trilogy.
  10. It's clever and it's usually funny, but it isn't the greatest thing in the world. Still better than newer Family Guy and newer Simpsons.
  11. I suppose I shall tell you. My real (not really) name is Ringo Starr and drumming does a number on these fingers. Actual (not really) pic of me:
  12. Kiss With A Spell - Angels & Airwaves