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  1. Thank you for the follow, I love making new friends :catface:

  2. I love Hunter x Hunter. I'm just now catching up on the 2011 anime after having watched the 1999 adaptation and the OVAs. It manages to be a breath of fresh air unlike some of the other shonen series that have become very popular over the past two decades. There's a lot less "I wanna be the best and no one's gonna stop me" and a lot more humility, with great writing and characters who all have depth. Traditional shonen tropes are subverted in ways that keep things from ever getting boring or too predictable. Nen is an interesting take on the shonen trope of spiritual energy-based martial arts (such as hamon, ki, chakra, etc.) that's just unique enough to feel fresh. Inuyasha is still my favorite series from the genre (mostly for sentimental reasons), but Hunter x Hunter is right up there with the best in my opinion. Can't wait to see if the anime ever comes back, but even if it doesn't, Yoshihiro Togashi has created something special.
  3. Happy birthday, @Widdershins!!!

    I hope you have an amazing day :yay:

    1. Widdershins


      Thank you much, Prospie! 

       What have you been up to lately? We need to catch up again sometime!

  4. I've never seen the original show If I get around to it, I'll give an episode a shot. I just hope it's funnier than most of the newer adult cartoons.
  5. Isn't the manga supposed to be in its later stages by now? I swear I read something about that but I can't remember where. Regardless, it's popular enough that there's going to be demand to keep it going. I just hope it doesn't drag on for too long. Every story needs closure... even a shounen about a strong kid who wants to be the best *cough* One Piece *cough* Naruto *cough cough* The anime runs season by season rather than continously, so even if the manga were to end now, the anime would still have a couple more years to go.
  6. I once got an F on a high school chemistry test. The stuff about molar mass absolutely killed my score. I never bombed a test like that ever again.
  7. As soon as I read the thread title, I thought of this ad:
  8. Well this is certainly a blast from the past. Saberspark is my favorite of the bunch because of how much he has branched out to other animated series... not to mention his "Brony Chronicles" documentary played a role in how I discovered MLP: FiM. I've always liked LittleshyFiM, Silver Quill, Magpiepony, Nowacking, JaxBlade, EileMonty... pretty much everyone brought something fun to the the table. For a couple of years I watched the reacts religiously they did a good job of representing the fandom while having a lot of fun doing it and making some great memories along the way. I remember the Season 5 react in particular being one of my favorites. I should go back and rewatch some of them.
  9. My eyebrows aren't even close to being long enough for this. They keep their shape.
  10. Mello Yello The downside is that it's harder to find, at least in my area.
  11. Appearance-wise? The closest character that comes to mind is Oz from Pandora Hearts. Personality-wise, maybe Krillin from Dragon Ball.
  12. I've never been called "Mr." But something about it just rubs me the wrong way. "Sir" feels a little weird too but I never tell people that.
  13. He obviously wasn't running for president, but former RNC communications director and White House press secretary Sean Spicer once referenced Twilight Sparkle on national TV.