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  1. Dead In The Water by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Best thing Noel has ever done outside of Oasis. I've also had How by The Neighbourhood on repeat a lot lately. So good.
  2. Well, that's a shame... I wish Disney would do a fourth season or movie on Disney Plus, but after all, it's a business. They're gonna do what they think is best in terms of ratings, cost effectiveness, and revenue. Oh well, maybe they'll pull a Phineas & Ferb and revisit Ducktales with a movie on Disney Plus in a few years. I'd love that.
  3. Kirara from Inuyasha She can be sweet and adorable but she can also transform into a loyal protector with the added bonus of being able to fly long distances while you ride on her back.
  4. Physically itchy, emotionally conflicted. But not really in a bad way. I'm just indecisive.
  5. Ehh. It's not the kind of cesspool that Yahoo Answers always was. There's some legitimately good discussion. Only issue is that I'm sick of the barrage of email notifications for stuff I don't care about.
  6. I dreamt that my fiancé bought a pet tarantula. That was... interesting, to say the least. Don't think I could deal with that in real life.
  7. I was a Minecraft fan for a while, then it finally got to the point where I felt alienated because 3/4 of the fans were suddenly kids 10-15 years younger than me so fan content didn't really resonate anymore and the game itself just... didn't keep my interest anymore. But it's alright, the content creator who probably played the biggest role in getting me interested--YouTuber Paulsoaresjr--left at the same time I did and has only sporadically released Minecraft content for several years now.
  8. Where The Streets Have No Name by U2... especially the live versions of the song. Feels like heaven on earth when I listen to it.
  9. My dad now has a mild case of but COVID-19, and my whole family must quarantine. Meanwhile, I'm up at my apartment. So I'm just gonna have to stay here... don't have anywhere else I can safely go because Colorado is getting hit hard by the pandemic again, so I'm probably just gonna relax with a meal for one :/
  10. A couple months ago, I kept seeing gnats in my apartment. Thought they might be fruit flies so I made a little trap out of apple cider vinegar and dish soap (which is, in theory, supposed to drown the little dudes), but it did nothing to help. They finally disappeared when the weather started getting colder. Every now and then I see a spider and the other day I caught a pillbug running around on the bathroom floor. My area had a ton of moths this summer, apparently due to some migration that was happening. So I would regularly find them in the apartment, alive or occasionally dead in a windowsill.
  11. I'm debating it. Covid-19 is running rampant where I am and it's running rampant back home with my parents & brother. It's a mess. Might just stay where I am :/
  12. It'd seem pretty chaotic at times. Weather can be predicted, and humanity can even "encourage" precipitation (look up cloud seeding), but we are mostly at the climate's mercy.
  13. Thank You For The Venom by My Chemical Romance
  14. Sure, "better" at keeping the neighborhood awake at night. *glares at the house next door with three loud chihuahuas that go outside to do their business at 2 AM every morning* I had fish tacos for dinner tonight.