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  1. Just to remind you, I am permanently leaving the forums in 2 days. You may want to write a farewell comment to my last status update before I go.


    1. FlareGun45


      That's too bad, FirePup. I hope we can keep in touch outside the forums. 

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      Well, at least there's still the MLP Wiki.

  2. I can admit, the show seemed too focused on her. When it's a show about friendship, you'd think that maybe the other five main characters would be more equal to her and maybe they'd be the ones to solve a problem instead of just Twilight figuring everything and leading. In friendship, there's no leaders. But her overall character is still excellent!
  3. You forgot Spike being ambassador! He too has been busy all the time! The episode seems to hint they don't see eachother alot.
  4. They can be with the Mane Six or Spike in their parts. Maybe Spike's.
  5. Pony Life might still be good. I have my doubts, but I'm willing to give it a try. I woulda preferred some Toon Boom 44-minute specials taking place between Ending of the End and The Last Problem. Like, maybe three. One focusing on the Mane Six, one for Starlight and the Student 6, and one for Spike! A last chance to finish some unfinished story arcs.
  6. Why the heck are YOU getting all the replies, when I made this exact same post before you did? JUST recently?
  7. Title: Memories and More Airdate: May 24, 2020 (Australia) Written by: Josh Haber Synopsis: Spike and Starlight Glimmer make some last minute additions to Twilight's gift for the coronation as they and the rest of her friends reminisce about their own magical past moments with her. Link: https://yadi.sk/i/oDxJE88ySbgLvg This is the final of the bunch! So what didja think of them?
  8. I'll be ok as long as next-gen Spike isn't the punching bag character again.
  9. So Twilight has taken Celestia's job pretty much of running Equestria and her School for Gifted Unicorns - but did Twilight take Luna's job too? It hasn't been implied, nor do I think is really the best thing for her, since Twilight is running pretty much everything else, she'd most likely be too tired to run dreamland - that's why Luna does it and not Tia. Spike pretty much taken Luna's position on the throne, but he doesn't have the magical capabilities to look after dreamland, so what's happening then? Three things cross my mind: 1. Luna never gave up her dream position in the first place - it was never really a job, it was more of a hobby. She mighta not given that power to Twilight or anypony else for that matter cause she loves doing it so much. 2. Nopony runs dreamland anymore - mayhaps it was thought to be an invasion of pony's privacy so it caused some complaints to the citizens of Equestria, so Luna has decided to stop looking after dreamland entirely and just shut down the program. 3. Twilight is finding somepony else for that position! Mayhaps.... Luster Dawn? We don't necessarily know her purpose other than being Twilight's most gifted student, just like she was to Celestia. It could be that Luster is next in line for the throne right after Twilight, and that she's not immortal after all, or Luster is gonna be the new Princess of Dreams? I guess that would explain why Twilight sent Luster to the School of Friendship, so she'd be the best candidate for the job. She could work, but I dunno, her coat and mane are too bright of colors to have in a dream - Luna's dark colors were at least more relaxing to the eye. So what do you think?
  10. Title: Harvesting Memories Airdate: May 18, 2020 (Australia) Written by: Josh Haber Synopsis: Applejack reminisces about her past moments of honesty without revealing her true intentions to Twilight Sparkle. Links: https://gofile.io/d/KMrxJP
  11. Race isn't real! It's just something ponies made up to make them feel more special than others! :3
  12. So judging by the Babscon panel we got online, we're gettin' a few comic arcs that has the Mane 5 and some others go to certain foreign lands for some reason. We already know the first few comics takes place in the zebra homeland, and it stars Zecora, Applejack, Rockhoof, and Tempest. Afterwards, it's the parrot lands with Rainbow Dash, Captain Celaeno, Spitfire, Lyra, and Bonnie. The cat-lands with Pinkie, Fluttershy, Capper, Discord, and Trixie. And lastly, for now, the land of the Diamond Dogs with Rarity, Maud, Big Mac, and Mage Meadowbrook. Not necessarily in this order. So what could the purpose of this arc be? Just to increase relations with Equestria and other lands, or could there be something bigger involved? And since Spike becomes ambassador during the last episode, what's his part in this? So far there's nothing involving him, Twilight, Starlight, Starswirl, the Student 6, or the Villain Trio. The devs said each main character has a part to play, so these first few comic arcs are just the beginning! So what do ya think of all this so far?
  13. Since there's comics taking place in foreign lands such as Zecora's, Diamond Dogs, and Capper's - I wanna see the land of the gargoyles and centaurs and finally see Scorpan! And since it is revealed in the Last Problem that Spike's in charge of Equestria's relations, I wanna see Spike be the big cheese this season!
  14. Title: Deep Tissue Memories Airdate: May 11, 2020 (Australia) Written by: Josh Haber Synopsis: Rainbow Dash reminisces about her past moments of loyalty with Twilight Sparkle at the Ponyville Day Spa. Link: https://vault.mle.party/vid
  15. Not anymore - he's her second-in-command now! That's different.