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  1. So who's gonna be who's Hearth's Warming Helper? Pinkie is getting a gift for Twilight, and Rainbow is most likely getting one for Flutters. That's all we know. Here's what I think: Twilight's gonna give to Rarity, Rarity's gonna give to Rainbow, Rainbow to Flutters, Flutters to Spike, Spike to AJ, and then AJ to Pinkie! That's my guess! Really randomize the Mane 7 interactions a bit so we don't overdo it on the same two characters who already interact alot to give gifts to eachother!
  2. There is nothing the Mane 8 could do that would make me harm them. Now Sludge on the other hand....
  3. I love Disney! I've been going to the parks ever since I was a baby, and I've always enjoyed being there! But yunno something? I just don't trust the Disney media that much in terms of touching products they didn't make. If it's stories they made, or fairytales like Mulan or Moana, or even their Pixar stuff, but look at Star Wars! Now I'm not saying Star Wars is bad, I actually enjoyed TLJ; however, it doesn't have the same feeling as it used to when Lucas was in charge. How about Club Penguin? It was a beloved online game before Disney took over, and constantly added more and more membership stuff until only the really fun stuff you can only pay monthly for. Then it shut down, and then came Club Penguin Island which had much less freedom and was less fun than the original game. Now after seeing Hasbro hasn't been doing well lately because of them laying off employees, it makes me afraid that Hasbro might have to sell, and if they do, please, oh please... NOT DISNEY! Disney's already a powerful company buying out a ton of media, recently FOX! There are a ton of other companies that Hasbro could buy off to that's NOT Disney! They're not gonna take good care of our beloved horse friends - I assure you!
  4. I'm sure we can all agree that Hasbro selling their company to Disney would be an AWFUL idea! Not only would it make Disney one step closer to taking over, they would NOT take care of our beloved horse friends!

  5. Hasbro, please DO NOT SELL TO DISNEY!
  6. Hello... hello... hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?

  7. Good luck getting me to agree to this! There is no way the Student 6 is gonna REPLACE the Mane 6! I love the Student 6, but not as main characters. They can play a major role in season 9 and be great support, but the probable final season belongs to the Mane 7! :3
  8. FlareGun45

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    That was a completely separate post until Jeric merged it with this one, my friend. The REAL entry to the game is a couple comments down from that one!
  9. Wow! It's cool outside! :D

  10. I very much perfer them going into the Seventh Element story, so Spike could finally get his well-needed reward for everything he's been through, but if they do the Student 6 elements as well, might be good for them!
  11. There are 2 possible story arcs people are theorizing for season 9: Student 6 as the new Element bearers and the Seventh Element! Can we fit both in one season?

  12. FlareGun45

    Season 9 discussion forum with 13 episodes

    It's either troll threads, or Jeric wants to take credit for making the episode threads. It was fun making some threads last season! @Dark Qiviut, me, and a couple others really had fun making those! We really gonna have get to do it anymore?
  13. Oh hey, the Haunted Mansion is on TV! Decent movie, but I like the ride better! :3

    1. A.V.


      The one with Eddie Murphy?

      P.S.: Never been on the ride -- or to Disney World, for that matter.

  14. This is the first time in a long time that I watched a new episode of SpongeBob live on Nickeloden! The Night Patty and The Grill is Gone, both pretty good episodes! The show's gotten so much better since Stephen (the creator) came back on it! Not as good as the first 3 seasons, but it's fun to watch again!

  15. Hey, I mighta forgotten, but is there an MLP episode about "hazing"? If there hasn't, there should totally be one! 

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    2. FlareGun45


      Hazing can be a kid-friendly story moral to go through! It just depends on how they do it!

    3. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      then Discord is definitely using hazing all the way...

    4. Kyoshi


      Newbie Dash, that comes the closest. Also one of the worst episodes ever, in my opinion.