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  2. Uhhh.... Spike's a girl now..... yeah, that just happened.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. FlareGun45


      Will he be a serious character though, or a punching bag again? That's what I'm afraid of.

    3. Tacodidra


      Maybe the eyelashes were an error (they do look wrong, I agree). :dash: They released two pictures of him – in one, he has them, while in the other he doesn't. :mlp_blink:





    4. FlareGun45


      Alright that's good to know! 

      Looks like Spike and Rarity might interact alot, but hopefully it's more causal, cause it looks pretty causal there! 

  3. So we got six new shorts/specials coming soon - they're half-clipshows of previous episodes, half-new content. It's been a few weeks since the finale, so I thought they woulda been released by now. I dunno if they'll becoming Thanksgiving, Xmas, or even next year! Though I'd highly recommend doing it this year. I'd rather see these final DHX G4 stuff as soon as possible so we can finish up. They ARE finished! Jim said everything's done! So I'm not sure why they're taking so long. I know they're coming, and I got proof! 1. The leaks released the scripts. 2. The behind the scene special showed the VAs saying lines we never heard before that match these scripts 3. This picture:
  4. Why would Twilight, the Princess of Friendship, force Rainbow Dash at the SCHOOL of FRIENDSHIP to something clearly didn't wanna do? It wasn't even important! At least Twilight moving to Ponyville to make friends was something that had to be done for the fate of Equestria! Rainbow Dash coaching the cheer squad isn't training Rainbow for the safety of Equestria!
  5. That sounds like a douche move for Twilight to do. What if kids IRL start doing it? It creates a bad leader. That's bad leader move for Twilight.
  6. I really hope they get into Scorpan in the comics. He has SO MUCH story potential! I got an editorial on EQD tomorrow if you wanna see it!
  7. Yunno it's weird that Stygian keeps being compared to Starlight, when he's more similar to Spike. Why couldn't Spike be the one to reform him? On top of that, we didn't even get much on Spike's role within the Mane 7 other than Power Ponies which seems like a lame excuse.
  8. His addition could really develop alota characters tho! Like, the Staff of Sacanas was said to be made from the Tree of Harmony. That's actually interesting because Tirek and Scorpan were BEFORE the Pillars' disappearance and the Tree! So how could Scorpan have a part of the Tree? Did he return a second time, or did he never leave and the princesses only think he left? This would add to the Pillars' story arc! Also like I said, I got an editorial talking about him tomorrow!
  9. That's my biggest pet peeve with this show! A character filled with opportunities! I have an editorial coming tomorrow talking about it. Hopefully he plays a big role in season 10!
  10. Though if Starswirl didn't understand friendship, how did his friendship with Scorpan happen then? This show has great lore, but alot of it gets wasted!
  11. With the Pillars story in the second half of season 7, I thought it was an interesting story opportunity! However, I don't think this story arc was executed well, and it feels like their arc was a waste. I understand them being the reason why the Tree of Harmony exists and how the Elements are reflections of their own Pillar magic, but were they REALLY needed? The comics did a better job with the Pillars than the show did! Campfire Tales felt so rushed - we didn't get a good chance to learn enough about each Pillar! This shoulda been a full-season thing instead of just the second half. We woulda had more of a chance to get to know them. At least Daring Done and A Health of Info used their lore to reflect on the main story, and that was the best way to do it! Then of course the season 7 finale came around, Stygian got reformed, and then they stayed, but they never had a major role in a story arc again. All we got is Friendship University, Rockhoof in Hard Place, and then Starswirl had cameos here and there, and then they went out like weaklings in the series finale. WHY did they stay in the present time again? Feels like they didn't need to. Plus, even if Starswirl was around, he never even tried to find Scorpan, and bring him into the show. Scorpan at least had more reasons to show up than the Pillars. Sometimes legends need to stay legends. Even if they turned up temporarily, staying was a bad idea. They were easily replaced by the Student 6 anyhow. Maybe the legends shoulda been spirits helping to defeat the Pony of Shadows, and help their souls be at ease by restoring their friendship! Then they can rest in peace! THAT sounds like a better story for the season 7 finale!
  12. I'm surprised when Tirek drained Starswirl's magic, he didn't say, "This is for corrupting my brother!" Since Starswirl's friendship with Scorpan caused him to go against Tirek. At least it woulda given the chance for Scorpan to be alluded in the finale, and it would show that Tirek blames others for Scorpan's betrayal instead of him, showing he might care for him still!
  13. Even if you didn't like the epilogue, of course the show was worth it! Just look at this fandom!
  14. Or maybe she's excited for a potential new student? If that was her mom, Luster probably woulda ran over to hug her!