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  1. Let's hope she's a Meghan McCarthy and an M.A. Larson combined!
  2. Yeah, pretty misleading title, huh? No, he's not taking the lead Equestria spot, but I got the feeling he's representing her for the Mane 6, since she's busy leading Equestria, Spike's gotta take over as Head-Mane Six since he has more time on his claws (before his Ambassador job comes of course)! Check out this interview with Jeremy Whitley: "It is a stand alone story in its own right. It's about Twilight's first morning raising the sun all by herself, now that Celestia and Luna have left. It's about all of Twilight's friends working together to make sure everything is perfect. And, a bit of a mystery, because no one can find Twilight and the sun is supposed to be rising any moment. It mostly focuses on her old pal Spike who is trying to make sure everything goes off without a hitch." "The big difference for me wasn't so much a difference in the character herself, but the level of responsibility. Twilight often got the tasks she got in the show because Celestia, as the ruler of the kingdom, needed to stay in Canterlot and run Equestria. That's no longer the case. That's Twilight's job now and, friends or not, Twilight can't constantly be running off into unknown danger. There's a line from another comic book that I can't seem to remember completely...but it's something like "increased aptitude in turn demands a proportionate increase in dependability" or something like that. Essentially, Twilight has to start depending on others to have the big adventures while she takes on the task of ruling Equestria." So.... it takes the comics to finally give Spike his well-deserved spotlight, huh? Makes me pretty hyped for the comics!
  3. The leaks showed the scripts of the clipshow specials. But if you don't trust leaks, we do have official sources. A screenshot, this one: And the Behind the Scenes special showed actual footage of the voice actresses saying lines FROM the specials. Not to mention, Jim did answer that these specials are indeed done and sent to Hasbro. It's just the matter of when Hasbro decides to release them. Not sure when that'll be though, but it's gotta be this year sometime. They're done, so what does Hasbro have planned then?
  4. We got the Pony Life shorts - it's own thing but new animation nethertheless, and still the same Mane 6 and Spike! We got the Season 10 comics - not animation, but will continue where season 9 left off, and hopefully exceed our expectations! The Clipshow specials - it's not JUST clipshows, it's new content too! It's about Spike and Starlight collecting memories from the Mane 5 to add to the book they give to Twilight at the end of The Last Problem! Basic slice of life, but still BONUS FIM CONTENT, made by DHX, yep!
  5. I'm gonna take the middle-ground and say, "Let's watch some of it first before we judge!"
  6. Sometimes that best path is knowing what's best for the show, rather than just fanpandering. This show definitely relied too much on fanpanderin' in the later seasons.
  7. I don't like it. Mainly because they made the tomboy with the rainbow hair a lesbian. That's such a stereotype! Plus there was NO setup on any hints of AppleDash before the finale! Shoulda been Rarijack instead, cause that actually seems to make sense! No I don't consider it canon.
  8. What if someone don't like Twilight? She's starring almost every season - and the rest of the Mane 6 would just have one!
  9. MLP - but each season focuses on one specific member of the Mane 6 leading. Like, instead of just every season focusing on mostly Twilight, how about the rest of the friends get leading focuses within the MAIN story arcs too? For example, we get one season for Pinkie, one for Rarity, one for AJ, etc. instead of having EACH season focus on Twilight. Twilight may be the protagonist, but it might work better each of the Mane 6 (plus Spike) had their seasons where they're the main focus, and Twilight (and the others) just heavily influences them to reach their victories. Instead of it always having Twilight be the one to solve every problem. It makes the group seem more like they all revolve around Twilight, and that's not how a REAL friendship group works. They're supposed to all revolve around eachother. EDIT: People seem to misunderstand the meaning of this post. I'm NOT talking about ALL 26 episodes having a Mane 6 lead! I'm saying the MAIN STORY ARC of the season would have one of the Mane 6 leading the arc, instead of it just being Twilight all the time!
  10. (There's no G5 section yet, so I'm posting it here) So I was talking to someone on a Equestria Daily Nightly Discussion about how the G5 episode structure would work, and I said it would be nice if we had a structure like Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series (the newer one). By that I mean, we could have 1-parter episodes with one particular story, but other bigger stories could consist of 2-parters, 3-parters, even 4-parters, right in the middle of the season, and not just the beginning and end! Each of those parters could have a specific story arc, or just a section of a larger story arc, with all the episodes being direct continuations of eachother - with each having it's own moral and specific smaller story to the larger story. I know in FIM we somewhat had continuing stories that were ongoing as the seasons progress, but never had we had parters right in the middle of the season one after the other! I'm really hoping G5 is much more adventure-based instead of simple slice of life stories, cause perhaps G5 could do better than G4 this way, if of course the audience is more into adventure-based stories. And having ongoing stories in multiple episodes is probably the best way to fulfill story arcs without feeling rushed! Like, think of the MLP comic series that released multiple issues at once. Of course there'll be pacing problems still if the writers aren't careful, but the pacings might not be so much of an issue as long as they have each episode within the story arc planned very well - and whatever they can't cover, they could always come back to this arc next season with a moderate time-lapse in between for breathing room! I'm not sure if you understood this completely, I'll do my best to explain in the comments if you're confused. So what do you think of a structure like this?
  11. So a few weeks ago, we got the sneak peek of the next holiday special. Here it is: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/11/itunes-3-page-preview-for-2019-idw-pony.html Alright, now I'm gonna complain.....

  13. Uhhh.... Spike's a girl now..... yeah, that just happened.

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    2. FlareGun45


      Will he be a serious character though, or a punching bag again? That's what I'm afraid of.

    3. Tacodidra


      Maybe the eyelashes were an error (they do look wrong, I agree). :dash: They released two pictures of him – in one, he has them, while in the other he doesn't. :mlp_blink:





    4. FlareGun45


      Alright that's good to know! 

      Looks like Spike and Rarity might interact alot, but hopefully it's more causal, cause it looks pretty causal there!