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  1. FlareGun45

    Spoiler The Student 6's elements

    They're not THE Elements, but they are enchanted like them! It's like the Pillars' artifacts - now the Student 6 got their own, and I hope those artifacts will be used to their full potential next season, like the yak one lowering weapons and the hippogrif one summoning tsunamis!
  2. There's gonna be spoilers to the season 8 finale in this post, so if you haven't watched it yet and you're reading this - too bad. you had plenty of time! So in the climax of the episode we noticed that the Tree of Harmony saved the Student 6 from the magic bubble, and then they were able to use the artifacts to save the day. But people are thinking they're the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony? I don't think they are though, but something DID happen and the Student 6 got SOMETHING! Yunno the Pillars have their enchanted artifacts that have the power of friendship within them and each represent a certain something that created the Elements of Harmony? Well now it seems the Tree of Harmony mighta enchanted the artifacts, like Clover the Clever's cloak, and they contain the same power the Elements and the Pillars' artifacts have! Not replacing the elements, but creating NEW artifacts of harmony! Ever since the finale, I think the artifacts weren't used to their full potential - only used to drain magic. What happened to the creating tsunamis thing or calling a dragon or enemies lowering their weapons? I got the feeling these artifacts are gonna come back and the Student 6 are gonna use them for something big, like a final battle in the series finale! Not as the MAIN heroes, but they'll be BIG help!
  3. Don't forget who's been at least trying to be a good friend to you! 

  4. What do ya think? Weird Al/Cheese Sandwich making a whole album filled with MLP parody songs he writes and sings, including a polka track? :3
  5. Anyone have GTA 5 for PC? Only asking cause I need a heist crew!

  6. There's a "Fillydelphia", so is there a pony liberty bell?

    1. Sparklefan1234


      If there is I bet Pinkie Pie has rung it. 



  7. Ever since the beginning of the series, Spike has been Twilight achieve all her goals and dreams from her studies with Celestia, to becoming a Princess, to helping her manage her role, to helping with Starlight, to helping her build and run her school successfully! But for all the time Twilight's been focusing on her future and goals, she never really thinks about the future of the one she raised and that's been focusing his attention on her goals instead of his own. I know his goals weren't really talked about in the series, but... does anyone really ask? He's always so busy helping his friends out achieve their destinies, that he never has time to really think about his, and that's an issue that shouldn't be ignored. As much as he enjoys helping his friends out, it wouldn't be so bad to see them help him out! Everybody has goals and dreams! Spike NEVER talked about his! He is a child, however, and children don't really think about those things, but since he's getting older now, he might wanna start at least thinking about what he wants to do than just being an assistant all the time. This was never talked about in the show, and it should at least be taken into consideration. He DOES have a destiny planned, it's confirmed via multiple sources! So maybe next season will be the time it happens! I'm positive he wouldn't wanna be an assistant for the rest of Twilight's life! He'd say he'd want to back in the earlier seasons, but there's a thing called "character development" and it's been, like, Iunno 5 years since the beginning of the series in-universe? At least! Twilight is STILL the main protagonist of the show, and her helping out the closest friend she has is still development to her! She IS interested in helping Spike out - but Spike never really talks about it, cause I guess he's too polite to those he cares about. I'm sure he has dreams! EVERYONE does! And it's only a matter of time before it gets touched upon! Spike might be the leading character next season, much like Starlight in season 6, especially if the rumor about the 7th element of harmony is true! For all he's been through, he deserves this; and Twilight would help him get there, just like the good mommy she is! It's her role as a mommy, as much as she wouldn't want her little boy growing up, it's gotta happen eventually, and she's gotta help him get there! His mommy, his five aunts, his weird sister, his dragon sister, and many others as well perhaps! So for next season, hopefully, Twilight would be Spike's #1 assistant! It'd be pretty sweet!
  8. FlareGun45

    What makes Trixie so relatable

    I remember in the past when I first started watching the show, I thought characters like Pinkie and Flutters were my most relatable characters, but looking at it now, the most relatable characters on the show are the most unexpecting ones! Spike, of course, and Starlight, and even Trixie! Looking at Trixie, we can all see she's full of herself, but why is that? Well it's either her mom kept telling her how great she was, or she had a bad past, and she's using the present to makeup for that! How was Trixie's past like though? We know next to nothing about her before Boast Busters, except for the comic when Trixie went to Celestia's school, but was that really canon? Trixie's personality far outweighs her magic, and that's why I love about her best! Sometimes when people consider themselves to be "the best", it usually doesn't mean they're showboating (even though sometimes it is the case, but not this time), Trixie is well aware of her boasting! So I guess if nopony else is around to call her "great and powerful", she can only do it to herself, and it sticks around so long that it became a permanent part of her personality! It takes us alota seasons to finally realize how great of a pony she can really be - not because of her magics, but for her heart! What is it that YOU like about Trixie?
  9. I'll answer this question once season 9 comes out! Need the full package to make a choice!
  10. I probably spoke too soon! I think a swarm of leaks are incoming! Brace yourselves!

  11. It's December! This month last year was when the season 8 leak came out! So far it's clear, thank the Wizards for that! It'd be nice if the final season was slowly known instead of all at once!

  12. FlareGun45

    Spoiler Which is the best Season Finale? (SPOILERS)

    The one with Spike as the hero!
  13. FlareGun45

    Is Spike the real main character and hero of FiM?

    Until the very end! I thinm he'll be playing a main role in season 9, through hints and theories! Seems fitting if his prime comes at the very last season of the series! It's always the least expecting character at the end of alota shows! Wouldn't be the first time that happened! Megan, a human character, was the hero of the series finale in G1, or so I heard!
  14. Even though I really haven't been thinking about that theory of Smolder being Spike's long-lost sister, the theory is still alive! Outta all the Student 6, why do we not have any backstory for Smolder?