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  1. This just in! Episode 24 is actually episode 23, so a 3-parter finale COULD happen! https://twitter.com/TheBiggestJim/status/1164008804226228224
  2. Big Jim confirmed that this episode is actually episode 23! https://twitter.com/TheBiggestJim/status/1164008804226228224 So a 3-part finale could still happen!
  3. Trust me, I'm with ya on Silverstream having a Wonderbolt episode. It woulda been a really good idea!
  4. We should be getting the remaining synopsises and titles any day now! It's been a month since the episodes 19-22 released their info! If you had to guess, what do you think episode 23 is gonna be like? I bet half of you are gonna say it's a Student 6 episode, right?
  5. Well I got the feeling Chrysalis, Cozy, and Tirek are gonna reform, but the question is how, and who's gonna do it? Not Fluttershy again, please.
  6. The finale being a 2-parter? That's a possibility, but with Boulder Media now working on MLP specials, maybe they'll make another one, and THAT could actually be the true finale - like.... an encore! Could be pretty big, just without Equestria being at stake again! Maybe like a timejump or something, we see how the lives of the Mane 7 and others turn out! Y'think Boulder might make that? Who knows? Maybe they'll make it in the middle of G5!
  7. Twilight was happy where she was, as the Princess of Friendship, all she had to do was run a school, travel around to help ponies, she was happy! But then Celestia unexpectedly gave her a promotion to run Equestria, something Twilight never asked for. Something she never expected to do! Celestia never even ASKED Twilight if she wanted to run Equestria, she just GAVE it to her! She's just stuffing destinies down Twilight's throat basically! While Spike's the opposite, he has no destiny, Twilight has a ton that she never asked for - she never asked to be a Princess in general! At least being the Princess of Friendship makes sense to her story arc, a valuable asset to Equestria's cause, now she's gonna be LEADER? This whole story arc doesn't really make sense. Cadance was a princess much longer than Twilight, but she's running the Crystal Empire, so who's gonna run friendship duties if Twilight's running the country? What's the use of Twilight's castle and the map now?However, when ya think about it, perhaps Celestia and Luna never asked to be leaders either, and were just forced to become ones by Starswirl. Celestia had dreams of being a part of play, something she didn't get till much much later in her life. Basically, this is like Snowfall's story in Hearth's Warming Tale - with that Professor Snape pony forcing her to comply to her studies instead of going out and having fun, which made her bitter. Perhaps the princesses were bitter at first, apparently Twilight was in the beginning of the series.Seems like there's a drawed path laid out for Twilight by Celestia, and the only thing Twilight really asked for was to be part of her school, not all this. Sure Twilight may be alright with being leader now, but it's not like she had a choice in the matter. No wonder she never asks Spike what he wants, she was raised to be like that - nobody asks her! She hasn't said no cause she never speaks up against Celestia, which she shoulda, Celestia probably would understand knowing her.
  8. Early China releases will be discussed in this article, so this will be the place to talk about it! Note that this is NOT the actual episode discussion post, merely just the early release. That said, don't forget to censor your spoilers still! That includes titles, synopsises and writers if not publicly revealed! Episode 14: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/71d04b3b-5d3c-4191-97e8-c268de9d2315 Episode 15: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/e0465ce2-e9da-4cbe-b995-9324cb722b12 Episode 16: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/e654513b-1ed2-490b-9e70-2df46868342a Episode 17: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/9516a8ce-b62f-4ca4-b080-fc41ab3c5e46 Episode 18: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/321f4a56-099a-4815-bf71-58d8b380229e Episode 19: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/8707d3eb-0ed6-4023-a931-8a09bfe25bdd Episode 20: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/5dc11998-1f31-402d-95bc-cd7e25003245 Episode 21: https://vault.mle.party/videos/watch/3d85bac2-26d1-4100-a361-972bfc1508b2 Episode 22: Coming whenever Episode 23: Coming whenever Episode 24: Coming whenever Episode 25: Coming whenever Episode 26: Coming whenever Links to episodes will be right here just as soon as I find them, that way you don't have to look through the comments, risking to look at spoilers!