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  1. It didn't take me till season 8 to notice NightMARE Moon pun! XD It's not the pun that makes me laugh, it's more like, it took me this long to find it! But how bout chu? Didja notice it right away, did it take time, or didja just find out now?
  2. When it comes to Twilight and Spike, they both need eachother, right? Who needs who more, really? Does Spike need Twilight more, or does Twilight need Spike more? Or maybe they don't "need" eachother at all, and only say that cause they just don't wanna separate?
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  6. So let's say the events of Avengers: Infinity War affects Equestria as well - who would you say got affected by the snap?
  7. If we're comparing a fictional character with a good heart, with a real-life monster, even as a joke, then I guess our conversation is done here
  8. How bout this then: What bout all the other times he saved Equestria? There's that one time in season 6 - his friendship with Thorax paved the way for Starlight to complete her mission in the finale, then there's the Movie when he and the Mane 5 saved Twilight which led to all 7 of them stopping the Storm King, and he was part of the final climax in the series finale as a mysterious element of harmony of some sort - so if he didn't deserve the statue then, he sure does now!
  9. An average joe woulda told the ponies off and he woulda left a long time ago - he's too good for that!
  10. Spike's no struggler? You're kiddin', right? Overworked with little credit, being outshined by his friends most of the time, neglected by his friends even, dealing with not knowing where he came from, dealt with a one-sided crush? He struggled MORE than the Mane 6 did!
  11. Oh yeah, and further developing his relationship with the Sparkles. They don't talk about his family with the Sparkles until episode 200 - and it took Cathy Weseluck to do it! Which is just sad. There were lotsa opportunities for that, especially in Once Upon a Zeppelin.
  12. If there's one thing from Spike that I would hope for him to have in the future, it's for him to finally tell the Mane Six off about his position in the group and any negative energy he held inside for their well-being, and for him to work hard to be known more than just being Twilight's errand boy, which is how he'd eventually get that ambassador role and have some explained connection to the Elements because of the climax in the season 9 finale. Forget the origin story - THIS is what I wanna see for Spike's arc! There's a been a tonna episodes of him feeling left out or taken advantage of, and I'd like to see that part of his character finally put to bed, whether it's the comics or the 25th anniversary special executing that.
  13. We don't even know if this anniversary special is gonna be a thing! We'll see though. My career should be taken off by then, I'll talk to Hasbro around 2033.