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  1. FlareGun45

    An idea for the 200th episode...

    Then the story's gonna be the same as episode 100. C'mon, episode 200 should be unique and unexpecting!
  2. FlareGun45

    Why Spike might be the one to reform Cozy Glow

    It's MLP... whoever gets reformed gets forgiven easily! Odd logic, I know, but it's MLP logic!
  3. Odds are, Cozy's gonna get reformed next season! I know alota you didn't wanna hear that, but outta her, Tirek, Chrysalis, and pretty much any other remaining villain, Cozy's the more likely one to get reformed, since she's a child and all. And I know it seems my likenesses for Spike is making me wanna see him become a big success, but I have reasons to back this up, like I always do! Even if it doesn't always make sense! Now let's compare the two of them. Spike's an orphan that was adopted by the Sparkle family and given a good home! Cozy Glow COULD be an orphan but never had a family, and probably not very good friends too. They're both very smart children that are more than what they seem! Spike uses friendship mostly through selflessness and knowing what's best for his friends and assists them when they are in need, and Cozy uses friendship through selfishness and assists ponies to deceive them! And with all the characters Cozy interacts with, the Mane 6 couldn't teach her friendship, neither could Starlight, she hates the Student 6 since they ruined her plans, and even the CMCs weren't able to convert her either! Spike's the only one who's never attempted to reform her and since she's very similar to Spike, like an Anti-Spike, and if she is truly an orphan character, then Spike's the only one that could do this! Or Gallus, but like I said, he ruined her plans. Scoots could be an option too but we still need to know a bit about her parent story.
  4. FlareGun45

    What do you think about Manehattan?

    I'm waiting for a CMCs in Manehattan episode so we can see Babs again and her crusaders! Or a comic, that could work too!
  5. FlareGun45

    How long is the Equestria railroad ?

    The main cast keep having to sleep on train sometimes, so probably, at least 6 hours to get across country
  6. FlareGun45

    What Type OF Music Would Each Pony Listen To?

    Twilight - Techno Pinkie - Polka Rainbow - Rock Applejack - Country Rarity - Classical Fluttershy - Ambient/Downtempo Spike - Jazz/Blues Starlight - Metal
  7. FlareGun45

    End it in season 10 instead of 9?

    Oh that other one didn't say it was Xmas or not
  8. FlareGun45

    End it in season 10 instead of 9?

    Where did 2 Xmas specials come from?
  9. What do you think of that? Instead of season 9, how about season 10 being the final season? It's a nice round even number! A whole decade of ponies! And more of a chance for us to see the episodes we wanna see!
  10. FlareGun45

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    I really wanted this year to be my last pony year, but... I suppose ONE MORE couldn't hurt! More of a chance to see the episodes I wanna see! However, IF there's gonna be a season 10, I don't think Big Jim is coming back for that, cause he's interested in doing the Spiderverse TV series!
  11. FlareGun45

    Are the Mane 6 not allowed to save the day anymore?

    Who said the Mane 6 aren't allowed to save the day anymore? They've still been saving the day since the very beginning, and last time they did that was in the movie, and also Shadow Play! They just had a season off to let the Student 6 take over! Even though I really want Spike to be one of the main hero in season 9 finale, MAIN is the magic word. If it's final season then of course the Mane 6 will be there too and be the main heroes right along side him! He's not getting ALL the glory, and he's not outshining the Mane 6 cause they're right there too as the main answer, it's just Spike figures it out and is along side them! Like Shadow Play, but he's taking Starlight's place! I would consider that fair! And I would think the Student 6 and Starlight would be secondary heroes in their own ways! This a fair way of concluding the season!
  12. Spike and Starlight for sure! Maybe even Spike and Fluttershy if it's the Dragon Lands! Maybe even Twilight and Sunburst would be interesting!
  13. FlareGun45

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    February during Toy Fair! We'll have news then!
  14. FlareGun45

    Mane 6 turning evil

    Didn't we have alota these posts already?