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  1. But what about the peace between the centaurs and gargoyles? Scorpan and Tirek may be brothers, but they could be step-brothers, and their parents coulda had a political marriage. Scorpan might not be the biological son of Vorak. How could a gargoyle and a centaur make a gargoyle and a centaur respectably, and not as hybrids? It wouldn't make sense.
  2. I guess that's possible, but it sounds way too simple and boring. Feels like so much more can be added to that!
  3. I dunno, man, but she's not the only one outliving her friends! Discord's outliving Fluttershy, Spike's outliving everyone he cares about (other than Ember and Smolder), Flurry might outlive everyone she cares about and maybe even Cadance! Are we gonna get into any of that?
  4. You don't ship him with anyone cause he's a swingin' bachelor, gettin' some on a nightly bases? I feel ya, dude! With that bod and his position, I wouldn't be surprised!
  5. That's the problem, isn't it? He coulda lived his whole life full of neglect and abuse and not even realize it's bad - people are like that if they're desperate enough, and y'see how dependent he is for Twilight, which is just sad that there was never really a resolution for that! Which is why I'm being really hopeful for the comics. It's another chance!
  6. You REALLY think it would be THAT easy for Scorpan to just move on with his life after abandoning his brother? Y'think he could just waltz back home all alone without there being a problem? Who's to say he even returned home? The princesses mighta said that, but they're only offering their POV. Maybe Scorpan was too chicken to return home alone, and lived a life of shame. That's why I wanna see Scorpan's story happen! We know so very little about him. And with Starswirl back into the present, why didn't he go out looking for him, or at least find out what happened to him? He went out journeying through Equestria and beyond, you'd think maybe he'd try to at least find clues of what happened to his oldest friend.
  7. So maybe she told him about it, and he told the others? I mean where's that "Spike tells the ponies off" story we've been craving? We can say it happened off-screen, if it helps. If it hasn't happened yet, then it still could in a future comic! You can say he's "too nice" to do that, but his mind can easily change. We all saw how Spike viewed the world differently after meeting that fat slimeball who pretended to be his dad! It could very well happen again - maybe not someone who pretends to be his dad, but someone else he looks up to, like the one who found his egg, perhaps? These are all just "what if" scenarios though. Anything could happen!
  8. I didn't say Sparity was dead. Did I say that? No, I'm saying that Spike gets ALL the babes! :3
  9. "I know the Mane 6 mistreating Spike is very unintentional (unless you're Rarity), but it was still there, and the Mane 6 and other BG ponies just to let it blow over their heads cause they didn't see him or something." I already mentioned that, brah! Still, it would make his friendship with Starlight ever more valuable! They were pretty close friends! Even though they didn't spend THAT MUCH time together on-screen, you can tell by the way they support eachother! So I thought turning a harsh gag into an in-universe explanation would help us sympathize with the characters more, and see the bond between two friends that we don't see very often!
  10. In a TV show about friendship where things are more serious than shows like SpongeBob or Looney Tunes? I highly doubt that. Here, lemme find someone to push around and stomp on - oh, but that's not happening in-universe! I'll use that excuse with the jury!
  11. That's not true! Scorpan appearing does not hafta mean reformation for Tirek! Scorpan can fail, but only this time, he would volunteer to turn himself into stone next to Tirek, in hopes that it will make amends with him in the future, cause he wouldn't abandon him this time. Too each their own though! I'm sure there are ways for Scorpan to be involved without directly being in the present - like Spike finding out that he brought his egg to the ponies, or that he looked after the Tree for the Pillars after they disappeared. Still though, I'd prefer if he did come. But like I said, too each their own!
  12. It's mostly noticeable in season 4, and on the top of my head, I remember Newbie Dash, when Spike found her.... thingy.... then she picked him up and put him in the suitcase and closed it over his head - then when Spike tried to go out, Pinkie smashed the suitcase top over his head again, and nopony seemed to notice. The devs musta thought the slapstick humor was funny. Maybe if it was happening to EVERYONE then yeah maybe, but it was just targeted towards Spike, and he didn't deserve it - he did it for being helpful. Luckily this hasn't been a problem for a loooooooong time! But it WAS a thing, yes!