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  1. JamesBobbyDReed

    Will brony culture end with gen 4?

    Its always important to tell everyone about love and tolerance, we don't need a fandom for that. While a fandom would make it easier, there are also a lot of groups such as diversity clubs which share similar ideas. Everyone as a whole should be making better choices which affect themselves and others in a positive way. Everything should be for for everyone, and that is a goal humans have been trying to achieve for a long time.
  2. JamesBobbyDReed

    Human Equivalent to Mane 6's roles?

    Are they PC bro? Are they? >
  3. JamesBobbyDReed

    Human Equivalent to Mane 6's roles?

    So Twilights a princess, and she's not complete as the princess of friendship without her friends. Their mission now is to solve all anti-friendship problems in Equestria and beyond, patrolling the streets stopping feuds, gangs, and dying traditions. What could we call them, exactly, that we have? Are they like the police? army? national guard? freedom fighters? girl scouts?
  4. JamesBobbyDReed

    Can G4 Lord Tirek die?

    Hey! Look what I found Derp
  5. JamesBobbyDReed

    Can G4 Lord Tirek die?

    In the season 4 finale I am led to believe that Twilight (with all alicorn magic) was FAR more powerful than Tirek was in the season 4 finale fight. When Tirek ate the magic he expanded more than 25x his previous size rather than x2 as I would have expected. This makes me think that they were not exactly on an impass, Tirek may have some form of invincibility. During the fight, Tirek took several hits from Twilight but showed not much signs of pain or being tired to top it all off, Being hit with the rainbow power didnt kill him, he was reduced to his first form. Could it be possible that Tirek can not die, but can only be contained?
  6. Is there one? If not have the admins considered one to be made?
  7. I know this has been posted several times before. But who confirmed it, what confirmed it? Im lost. First I heard that Lauren Faust said that her parents are dead. Then im told that the episode "Apple family reunion" IMPLIED it. Then im told that applejacks parents died due to timberwolves. Now im told that theyre note dead and thats what thye want me to think. What I want to know is, who said it first?
  8. JamesBobbyDReed

    Ever had a catchphrase?

    The crap we said as kids. lol
  9. JamesBobbyDReed

    Ever had a catchphrase?

    "Shaboom!" "Its so fluppy!" "Hey Nev, whats up?" "Ultimate blast!" "Duh huh huh huh!" "What with the intercourse?" "Bran flakes!" "Lets go groget!" "Yolo time."
  10. JamesBobbyDReed

    The Future of the Brony Fandom

    The YEAR, was 2015 After 10,000 have attended Bronycon, the members of the 13 million worldwide went to settle back to their normal, everyday lives. Bronies who were known by their OC and artist names went back to being addressed by their regular aliases. Spitfire was no longer Spitfire, she was now Janet Anderson. Hoity Toity was no longer Hoity Toity, he was now Joel Pearson. As they continued with their everyday routines, some finished high school, college, got married, had kids, and so forth. Many suffered hardships, losing friends, payment problems, business failures, being betrayed and ridiculed.... ...Until one day, everypony on the planet had their eyes facing in one direction. All began to walk in the path they stared into. It wasnt long before other people began to notice members of the fandom sporting their backpacks filled to the brim with necessities and pony merch. Some wore costumes, hiding their identities to the public, some wore fursuits, hiding their voices from the public. These groups went from singele individuals, to pairs, to dozens, to hundreds walking at once. Others wore casual clothing spioritng their favorite charatcers and accessories. Alone, they were ignored by the public,but when they joined, the attention of the locals was on them. When other fandoms, as well as the non fandoms approached to speak to them. Their only responce was "We must. Make it." Three weeks later, news of the travelers reached the media of several nations. Reports of ponyfolk walking in groups first came from the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Austrailia, Germany, Russia, Brazil, and then India, China, Israel, and South Africa. Thousands of the pastel people were trotting, at once. As more outisders approached them, they were immobilized, unable to stop their march towards their...ambition...the othersiders were not sure what the bronies goal was. As before, all they could say was "We must. Make it."... ...its been ten years now. Miners at the Siberian oil mines worked until they noticed something unusual. Far off in the distance, day by day, they noticed grass was growing. Grass, healthy green vegatation was laying next to the dunes of snow that surrounded it. As the locals went down, what they saw was magical... ..The Bronies, thought to have been lost five years ago made their own civilization. They had their own home Where they ate brony fruit on the brony trees planeted on the brony soil. These people, of different religions, races, languages, and orientations walked thousands of miles to form their own mark on the earth. Riddled with Brony Architecture, Brony Politics, Brony Councils, Brony Transportation, Brony Farms and Brony Art, "Ponyville" as they called it, was as functional as if it were a major city on earth... ...on a land that wasnt theirs. The Russian Government was alerted of the pastel people occampanying theirs, stakes were taken to take it back. At noon, where the weather was 20% cooler, they struck. But they were not prepared for this. The royal guard used their magic to counter the likes of the Armed forces and the KGB. After monitoring everything, the brony scientists fought back with a sonic rainboom eliminating a fraction of the military. When the Government gave in to the bronies demands, the leader of the fandom stated "We will love and tolerate, but we want the right to our friendship through the ages." During that day, the world let the rainbow remind them that together they will always shine. The people of the brony fandom had their land marked on the world map with a population of 13 million. And thats how Equestria was made.
  11. JamesBobbyDReed

    There should be a section for bronies in mlpforums

    "Ice Bear will move this somewhere else"
  12. This website is talks about everything about ponies. What about bronies? Who is best brony? Whats your favorite episode a brony had? WHY, is there no section for bronies? ALL is about the SHOW! D:
  13. JamesBobbyDReed


    Every Asexual person I meet is mean to me, WHY, WHY!?
  14. JamesBobbyDReed

    What if MLPFIM was public domain

    I WOULD see a "living the dream" movie, for the hipster "so bad its good" enjoyment Im not much of a furry, Its an interesting fandom but I dont know where to start
  15. JamesBobbyDReed


    Usopp vs Sogeking Liu Kang vs Chase Young Adolf Hitler vs Sephiroth Daffy vs Donald Arm vs Leg Galactus vs Unicorn Aang vs Edward Elric Spongebob vs Squidward Bobobo vs Popeye the sailor Dan vs Johnny Cage