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  1. Nice Dashie avatar. Happy birthday!

  2. badass electo-metal crossover stuff also this band they have some jazz thrown about on their debut LP, cool stuff, cool stuff indeed
  3. It's like post-hardcore, mathcore, and djent all mixed together and this was the result hnnng I love it so much vocalist's voice is so amazing too
  4. You should use FL Studio, dude! It's SO much better than other DAWs, either use FL Studio or Ableton I started off with a lower, less complex DAW called Mixcraft, after I used that for a bit I grew out of it and started to use FL Studio. You should continue to use your DAW right now, when you feel comfortable, make a switch to Ableton or FL, you will feel so much more control and tons of tutorials can help you to get started, you can learn how to mix and master like a pro and create unique music! Best of luck.
  5. Could be cleaned up a bit, drums could be thicker, some sounds are clashing with each other on some notes but it's very groovy! Just needs some mastering but it was pretty funky, so good job! I'd give this like a 6.5/10 Keep makin' music, you have potential!
  6. Looks like everyone wants me to die lmao. I also happen to think Sleeping With Sirens is shit. I think Panic! At The Disco is good. T.R.A.M. > Animals As Leaders (but I love AAL too)
  7. 10/10 fuck yes Mount Kimbie is delicious
  8. 1/10 speedcore's lame imo I much prefer turtlecore it is so slow you can't even comprehend the beats and it's totally more hardcore! (that's a joke) Protest never fails. Ever.
  9. 1. Fuck yeah Apparat and Four Tet and whatnot 2. Eh not too big of a fan of Black Metal but it's alright 3. Been meaning to get more into that genre, it looks cool 4. Hell yes, Circle Takes The Square and The Saddest Landscape are really good 5. James Blake and Purity Ring bring delicious tunes to the table, good genre 6. Not exactly sure why you'd exclude Melometalcore but ok 7. Ugh hell no I hate Grindcore Also I love Infected Mushroom! Just because I like one doesn't mean I can't like the other~
  10. There we go, I keep my genre acceptance list pretty broad, as it allows my library to never get stale. Care to share some genres you enjoy?
  11. I've always been a sucker for mixing non-electronic and electronic sounds together, I think they do it with great fidelity, but whatever. Surely we have at least one genre similarity. Ambient Trip-Hop Industrial Indie Rock Melodic Death Metal Dark Neurofunk Anything there strike your fancy?
  12. Skrillex is shit but deadmau5 and Pendulum are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than The Prodigy, Underworld and The Crystal Method combined. If you don't like deadmau5's newer stuff check out his older stuff on the deadmau5 circa 1998-2002 album atleast, I've always loved the mau5. Also his newer work is still amazing, this is just so minimal yet beautiful: Much better than the 90's stuff IMO. As for Pendulum, I find them so diverse and amazing that I love them even if they pretty much ditched their DnB roots in their latest album, and I still hope for a reunion, I have my fingers crossed for 2014 but I digress. Pendulum's older work did have DnB roots, Jungle Sound: Gold showed this immensely, and some of their hard to get vinyl stuff is just plain awesome: The Prodigy just doesn't deliver something like, to me anyway. Well that's just my 2 cents, haha.
  13. Hardcore > Speedcore and I hardly like Hardcore at all. Breakcore >>>>>>>>>>>>> all electronic "core" based genres Speedcore is more about "LETS GO SUPER FAST YEAH THE FASTER THE BETTER YEAH FUCK YEAH SPEED" and I personally think that's shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. I think weeb music is just plain awful. Any anime OST is shit. That goes for other misc. weeb stuff like Hatsune Miku that stupid vocaloid thing that has a slightly too obsessed fan base... The movie with the best OST is Friday Night Lights. Explosions in the Sky motherfuckers. Um yeah that's it.