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  1. Erza

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    >has one month and a half to immigrate to NZ not sure if my body is ready or not
  2. Erza

    Edgy people only thread

    i blem de illuminoti
  3. Erza

    Edgy people only thread

    u wot m8? ill fokin rek u >:l i swear on me mum
  4. Erza

    Edgy people only thread

    Aye m8, dis tread will nevur die. 'tis 100% shrek approved
  5. Erza

    Edgy people only thread

    u dun till me wat to do, ill fokin bash u >:L
  6. Erza

    Any pony have a tumblr?

    Yo guys, these are some cool-ass art you got there.
  7. Erza

    Edgy people only thread

    wowowowowowow, ur mad. get shrek't, ill fokin no sc0pe u, i swear on me mum >:l
  8. Erza

    Any pony have a tumblr?

    Well, I figured we can share our tumblr blogs here and follow each other. Therefore, I created this thread (I have created a thread like this a year ago, but I cannot find it because the search function is broken at the current moment :\) Brief summary about my blog: I just post random stuff, except NSFW posts of course However, here's my blog, you can take a look at it. And please, if your blog is NSFW, please don't share it.
  9. Erza

    Edgy people only thread

    *no sc0ps this thread #420blazeitGetShrekt*
  10. Erza

    Yay or Neigh?

    Never been there for a while, so... USSR?
  11. Erza

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    Well, I picked brown since it is the closest thing to my eyes colour. But yeah, my eyes are dark brown.
  12. - Equestria Forever (Most people from FiM hang out there) - FiM 2.0 (I dunno what happened to that site, lol) - Pony Fortress 2 (rarely) - Everypony (very rarely)
  13. Erza

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for spongebob reference.
  14. Erza

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    hey b0ss
  15. Update: My steam is "omar36098" and I play TF2 and Counter Strike: Source, usually. Feel free to add me please