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  1. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    School Bans Rainbow Dash Backpack for Bullied Kid

    Hello, It seems like another incident of bullying has come up again in the brony fandom, and this time it's a little boy who is forced not to wear his Rainbow Dash back pack after he was bullied because of it. Here is the artcile: Apparently the boy was bullied for a long time because of his pony back pack, his parents went to the school, and the school is now forcing the boy to stop wearing the back pack. I think this is just horirble, and isn't it illegal? The boy is just wearing what he wants, and if he likes ponies what's the big deal? I want to hear your opinion on the matter, do you think it's wrong they did this, and do you think they made the right choice?
  2. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Thoughts on Season 5 and Equestria Girls 2?

    Well I loved Equestria Girls (Flash Sentry ftw) so I'm excited for that one, plus the writing was good. And season 1-4 have been great, so I'm gonna stick with it. They haven't let us down yet, and I know that best is here to come.
  3. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Signatures by Sweet Delicious Pen

    You got it man! I love all the sigs but the doge is my favorite!
  4. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Signatures by Sweet Delicious Pen

    I...I love that Doge sig...that's just glorious! Mind if I use it sometime?
  5. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Holy Crap! One year already?

    (this is an actual gif of me typing right now) As you can see from the title, this blog will be about my one year here at MLPForums, a forum about MLP as you can see. In all honestly, I thought I wouldn't stay. I just googled MLP forums and found this place when my grandmother was sick this time last year. I made an account and just played with it when I was bored and thought I would get off it in a week. I'm happy I was wrong. This forum has been like a second family to me. The people on here are great, the armosphere is really awesome, and the threads are really cool as well. What more could you ask for? Friends, that's what. I've made so many friends here it's hard to count (you can try, and count on my 20 page friend list if you want.) The friends I have here are some of my best, and I want to thank a couple right now. People I want to thank: Eureka: You know you were gonna be on here! This girl is a great, special, and wonderful young lady and I'm so happy to call her my waifu. You're awesome! <3 Rocky: This guy is probably one of my best friends if not my best. He is hilarious, awesome, and sings the Tractor Bob song almost as well as Chev. You're awesome bro, thanks for being there for me. Vermillion: One top notch guy, funny and awesome. Thanks for the friendship bro. Stay awesome. Chev, Chrysler, and Quirky: I put these three together, because besides Rocky these are the guys who make me laugh the hardest. These dudes are just really cool, and really nice and I thank them for their friendship. DaReaper: This dude is probably another one of my best friends on here. He's a cool guy, who has helped me with my depression over these last months and I thank him for that. /) Flooter: Gah! Flooter, what can I say about you besides brb? She's just a really cool girl, who can do a mean Fluttershy moan. Stay awesome flooter. Artemis: Probably my favorite admin. This dude is kind, and can drink a mean cup(s) of joe in one skype call. Thanks for being there pal, stay awesome. Aquila: Another great person. He is a really awesome dude, and jokes back around. Thanks bro. Champion: My first friend on here. He and I have the same taste in women, movies, and sitcoms, and makes him one of my best friends. THanks for being there bro. Rae (Skipper): A really cool person to talk to on skype, and a really nice girl in general. DXSilver: Another guy who has helped me during my depression, and one of my best friends. Thanks for being there bro. Citrus: A great drawer! One of my favorites, and an awesome person to talk about Dr.Who with. Thanks for the freindship. Little Gamie: His parties are smashing! He is a friend, a ladies man, and a killer DJ, and I thank him for his friendship. Makusu: Shut up. (just kidding. You're the butt of all the jokes, and a team player. Stay golden and awesome.) Ghostie!!!: Biggest Rarity fan over here. You're awesome, and funny bro. Stay golden. Here are the others: Pink Mist, Dsanders, Brittany, Chaotic Discord, Feld0, Thunderchild, Daring, Sugar Cube, Flutter to the Shy, and many many more (if you don't see your name, I'm thanking you even more. You're too awesome for this list). Thank you all for being there for me. It's meant a lot, and I hope to stay on these forums for a while. You guys are awesome and I just wish you the best don't ya know. Stay awesome guys, and have a great day.
  6. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    S04:E17 - Somepony to Watch Over Me

    I raelly liked this episode! First off, seeing AJ being protective is a side we've never seen before. She's always been the cool sister, but seeing how she genuily cares for her little sister was really touching! Seeing how the characters getting older, the writers are giving the characters more chores. I love this! That part where they were about to sing the song, but said no time...that was hilarious!!! Now, that monster. The monster is called a Chimera. It was a really intense and super bad ass battle between AJ and the the Chimera. I loved how they threw that in, but the kept the story going. And I really liked the Pony New Orelans. I found it hilarious, and very cool. I liked it. Gave a lot of character developments, and a great AJ episode. 9.3/10
  7. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Get to know the Hooves man a little better.

    Of course I will. Tom, the answer is tom. Amen Brother.
  8. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Get to know the Hooves man a little better.

    Dammit Ghosite.
  9. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Get to know the Hooves man a little better.

    Sup? Been seeing blogs like this and though why the hell not ya know? Some things to know about me: Favorite colors are orange and black Love steak or any kind of meat. I'm a meat eater. I'm a pretty great singer and drumer. I'm actually in a band. Only ever been attrated to girls. Only girls. Love the band The Beatles and Brand New. Love the singers Mumford and sons and Ellie Goulding as well. I'm a pretty chill dude, love talking to people and will never judge ya. I love people, I'm a people's person. Love college football, and hockey. I love dogs so much more than cats. Love Spongebob. Mountain Due is pretty much my favorite drink. Is that it? Nope! Got anymore questions or want to know more? Feel free to ask in the comments, hope you enjoyed it, and have a good day.
  10. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Movies/TV Could Disney Be Reaching Another Golden Age?

    I personally believe so. With movies such as Frozen, Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, and even The Frog Prince coming out and bein reat not only for kids and adults and reaching the classic level I think so.
  11. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Your Opinions on Rainbow Dash

    I honestly don't like her. She's very up in your face and very obnoxious about her awards and such. She needs to be more noble and not brag as much.She's worst pony for me.
  12. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    S04:E15 - Twilight Time

    Now this is how you do a Princess Twilight episod, this was really good! Seeing Twilight teach fillies was great! Maybe some foreshawdoing that she's going to do it in the future? Never know, but that's my guess. See Sweetie Belle get better, and better at magic is what I love about this series. They continue but leave the people wanting more. See Twilight finally embrace her Princess Hood is pretty great. See how she's not running away from it but giving autographs and such? Really great and I love this episode. Pip was cute, glad to see him back. And sadly no key, but we still have 11 episodes left so. Now, did anyone else see that poster of the box with the six keys? That was pretty cool that they included that in there. Solid 9.4/10, would watch again.
  13. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    If they made a Equestria Girls TV show...

    Yes, this got me right there. I'm probably the minority but i love Equestria Girls. I really hope they do this and add new characters. Long live Flash Sentry Equestria Girls.
  14. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Get to know Eureka a bit better *hops on bandwagon*

    You use to be a boy?
  15. Sir.Flutter Hooves

    Getting to know Rockymoo a bit better

    Great Job Rocky, gret job indeed.