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  1. What I brought for the costume party at work today.
  2. I'm getting back into it... Practise sketch form tonight. http://i.imgur.com/Hqjs8bW.png

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    2. AmarisNsane


      WOW. That's darned epic! Absolutely love it, gosh.

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Very nice, you should be a concept artist for Dark Souls.

    4. Iudex


      Thank you for the kind words, you lot. <3

      Concept art is something I would absolutely LOVE to get into.

  3. "Calm and prudent, strong and resolute." Commandments of the German Fallschirmjäger?

  4. Thank you. I thought of that whenever I came up with him those years ago. In a fanbase awash with neon coloured OCs, I wanted mine to look simple, common, and thus unique in some backwards way. The clothes are just the things I wear myself. The first picture is him in my M42 jacket, and the second is him wearing USN coveralls with the sleeves tied around his waist.
  5. Here's mine. Old, but still not too bad. His name is Windhover. And for the colours.
  6. Happy birthday.

  7. I'm gonna getchuuuuuu

    1. galaxysquid
    2. DND


      ;o; oh nooo its too cute

  8. Your profile is, like, broken, man.

    1. galaxysquid


      i sweah to gahd

  9. *breathe in* boi

  10. Yes I do. I have three. I keep a USP chambered in .40 S&W under our car seat and a P99 in my bug out bag. I have an AR-15 at home that I use to go out to the range every now and then. I've gone out boar hunting with some friends with it before, though. When I get my next house, I'll be getting a Mossberg 590A1 loaded with birdshot to keep inside for home defence.
  11. Has this place changed in the past two years, or have I? Everything is so different here.

  12. Just here to say nice thread number. Quints have been checked.