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  1. @, The fact Cilla was expected to be with him caused quite some worry for Elias. But, he best not dawn on the subject. She was probably just catching up, or something. "Needn't worry! I'm sure she's just catching up and we'll all be reunited soon." Elias said, sounding forcefully chipper. He was mostly trying to convince himself nothing bad had happened to Cilla. Abi didn't seem concerned at all. Elias' thoughts of worry were swept away by the mentioning of teaching her Krabby new techniques. Abi must be a rather good trainer if she could simply teach her pokemon new moves on a whim in such a manner. Now that he thought about it, Elias hadn't battled with another trainer in quite some time. He was decent at battling, but had a severe handicap, making him subpar. Perhaps he would get better if he simply practised. "Ah? You did? That's rather impressive." The boy chimed. "Perhaps you'd like to try them out against me? I have a new pokemon I'd quite like to use." With that, Elias began to reach for Deerling's pokeball. Deerling would be optimum for a fight with a water type like Krabby, but his motion was interrupted by a loud noise. "ELG!" Elgyem suddenly exclaimed, tapping the hand Elias was attempting to grab Deerling's pokeball with. The tap was probably meant to be a slap, or something similar. "Eh? Elgyem? What's the matter?" Elias asked his pokemon, then remained quite for a moment. After a short pause, Elias brought a hand through his hair, then brought his attention back to Abigail. "I suppose if we are to battle, I'll be using Elgyem. I'll give you the first move." Elgyem had different ideas, however. Though Elias could have not possibly known, the pokemon began to glow blue, using Cosmic Power.
  2. @@Umbreon, Since Stella now had a Helioptile with Surf, a Gyarados, and a Cubchoo, now would be as good a time as any to rechallenge Clair. There was no way she could lose, after all! Her team had grown very powerful very quickly, and she was honestly rather impressed with herself. Waving goodbye to the move tutor, the girl headed to Clair's gym, returning Helioptile to her pokeball. Upon arrival, a sudden wave of nervousness washed over her. Clair was a bit... intimidating. Plus her gym was an odd field to work with. Gyarados could deal with the hot water, as he probably was too big to fit in it anyway, but Cubchoo certainly couldn't. And if she intended to use those two, which she did, she'd have to rely somewhat heavily on Gyarados. But, best not let such things get the best of her. Taking a deep breath, the girl opened the doors to the gym and entered, hoping Clair was still there. @@Umbreon, @@Vaporeon, @, Thankfully, Cilla had actually told Elias where she intended on going. That was a nice change of pace. Such wouldn't be a problem if he had simply stated his blindness, but such a feat was not something he was particularly fond of. "Alright!" He called after her, momentarily taking his attention off of Deerling. Deerling was clearly one of two things. A, excited, or B, annoyed. The pokemon was jumping around quite a bit, it sounded, as it also bleated once. Suddenly, the hoof noises stopped, something seemed to tug on his bag, and a click could be heard. "Elg." Elgyem stated, picking up the pokeball now containing Deerling and placing it in on of Elias' hands. "Ah! Most excellent!" Elias said, realizing what was going on, then standing up. "Alright, let's head to Ecruteak, then, Elgyem." Upon arrival to the city of Ecruteak, Elias made his way to the pokemon centre, but not all the way. Elgyem instead directed his attention to somewhere further down the street. Elgyem had rather stellar vision, and the addition of the ability Telepathy gave the pokemon a firm grasp on it's surroundings. So, Elgyem led Elias further down the street, to where Abigail was. "Oh. Hello, Abigail." Elias said, upon meeting up with her. He wasn't exactly sure as to his location in regards to the pokemon centre, but Cilla must be around somewhere. They were probably just meeting up in front of the centre. "...Is Cilla around?"
  3. @@Windbreaker, @@Umbreon, "Ah... Alright." Aolani said as Beth wandered away. She seemed a bit... clingy. Aolani didn't mind, of course, but such a clinginess to her of all people was a poor idea. She gripped her halberd a bit tighter. Aolani would have to protect Beth. She'd need some luck with that. As these thoughts were passing through the altaria morph's head, she noted Lhee acting... oddly. He had made a loud noise, such a noise that caught her attention easily. He then looked to punch a tree, and walk off. His fist was obviously bleeding, which seemed to cause his rings to glow a bit brighter. Odd, but didn't that hurt? Having nothing better to do, Aolani cautiously walked up to him. "Uhm, you alright Lhee?" She asked him. Though her voice sounded concerned, the girl gave him a warm smile.
  4. @@Umbreon, In all honesty, Helioptile was a tad confused as to why her trainer was attempting to teach her surf. Helioptile was an Electric/Normal type. In no way was she related to water, save the dry skin ability. However, Surf didn't hit the user of the move or anything, so what was the point? Maybe taking out pesky fire and ground types? Whatever. Helioptile would have to trust in her trainer. Helioptile had rushed out to the clearing a bit faster than Stella. Despite the fact she was confused about learning such a move, it was still a powerful move that would allow Helioptile to defeat her enemies much faster. Like that troublesome Zoroark, perchance. Magikarp wasn't too affected by Surf, after all. Stella joined shortly, curiously watching to see how a move tutor would work. Once Kingdra had used the move, Helioptile tilted her head slightly. She wasn't really sure as to how to use a water type move, but would try what she normally did. As her frills unfolding and face began to glow, Helioptile fired a similar move towards the cliff. The only difference was that it appeared to be slightly weaker, which made sense. "Great work Helioptile!" Stella called after her. ((Helioptile has now forgotten Charge, making her new movepool Surf, Parabolic Charge, Thunder Wave, and Grass Knot.)) @@Umbreon, @, @@Vaporeon, Before Alery got any time to respond, Elgyem had started to broadcast where he was to Elias once again. "Ah. My apologies, but I believe I know where my pokemon is now. I appreciate the gesture, though." Elias then began to wander to where he believed Elgyem to be, thankfully not bumping into anything on the way there. Before Elias had managed to arrive at the scene, Elgyem had been tapped on the head by Deerling with one of it's hooves. Elgyem faltered, forgetting it could hover temporarily, then began to hover once again. Not an attack, but that was weird for a Deerling to do. Elgyem didn't do anything, merely looked a bit disapproving. Soon after, Elias had arrived. "Ah. There you are, Elgyem." He stated. Though not knowing Cilla was there too, he was soon informed of the Deerling who was bouncing about. "Hm? Another pokemon? Yes, that'd be good, I suppose. We could use a good battler." As he said this, Elias walked up to where the Deerling was, though he didn't look at it directly. "You wouldn't want to come with me, perchance?"
  5. @@Umbreon, @@Sylveon, Helioptile blatantly didn't care about the fact she had basically just kissed the Sneasel. In fact, if anything, that had been her goal. She didn't care so long as she got the heart piece. Landing gracefully behind the Sneasel, Helioptile let out a mocking cry, then raced off with the heart scale to find her trainer. This didn't take too long. Stella and Phanpy had wandered over to where Helioptile was. The electric type bounded up the back of her unsuspecting trainer. "Ah, Helioptile! There you are! You had me worried for a second..." Stella said happily, to which Phanpy nodded in response to. The girl then noticed the object in her pokemon's mouth, and gently grabbed it. "Hm... Is this the heart scale the move tutor was talking about? I mean, it's a heart, and a scale. Has to be, right?" Helioptile nodded, and grinned as she received a pat on the head. "Alrighty, then! Let's go back to Blackthorn then, hm?" Stella had completely forgotten about her company of Muna as she headed back to Blackthorn City. She had returned Phanpy to his pokeball, though left Helioptile out. It was the pokemon she was teaching the move to, after all. Quietly entering the house of the tutor, Stella cleared her throat before speaking. "Uh, hi again. Do you think I could teach something to my pokemon?" She asked, displaying the heart scale in her hand. "I believe Helioptile can learn Surf, right?" @@Umbreon, @@Vaporeon, As the Deerling Elgyem liked walked closer, Elgyem looked to portray some kind of positivety. Not too much, though. It was undetermined if Elgyem could even smile or not. Elgyem floated towards the brave Deerling and gently poked it's head with one of his censors. Elgyem was trying to radiate positive telepathy waves to the pokemon.
  6. "What would I want?" Darin asked, grinning, and running a hand through his bangs. "Truth be told, nothing really. I often give those stones away for free. There is one little detail, though." As Darin said this, his Absol, who was now lying down with a Mienfoo on top of it, suddenly got up, and gently brushed Mienfoo off of it's back with it's left wing. "If you were able to beat my Absol in battle, I'd most certainly give it to you. Though, that wouldn't exactly be easy. But, since it seems both of the pokemon I've seen you own have the type advantage, I'd say we're about evenly matched. Meet me outside if you'll accept my challenge." As Darin finished his sentence, he walked past Lurele and out the door, his Absol following suit. @, @@Antismurf9001, The person Cecil put his hand on jumped slightly and spun around. "Oh! What do you want?" The woman asked him. Once the boy had asked his question, the lady tilted her head slightly. "You don't know? They sell the Casteliacone here! And they're not all out for once!" The Casteliacone is a famous sweet from Castelia City. It's known for often being sold out, as people will come from all over Unova to taste it. The woman selling them seemed surprisingly calm for the amount of people there, and was carefully making sure she gave out the cones in order of arrival.
  7. @@Umbreon, @, @@Vaporeon, Elias near completely ignored every word Alery had said in regards to his apologies. He did, however, pay attention when Al offered to help him locate his missing Elgyem. Of all the people in the group Elias was ok with knowing the fact he was blind, it was most definitely that of Alery. This was not for any sentimental reason, of course. The boy seemed trustworthy enough, good natured and the sort, but most importantly was not the kind of person Elias found a need to impress. So there was no worries in that regard. "Yes, that would prove rather useful." Meanwhile, Elgyem stopped flashing the lights on it's hands. Though Elgyem was not the kind of pokemon to emote, it did seem to have a much more pleasant aura. Now, there was two Deerling. One for Elias, and one for Cilla, presumably. Elias would most likely prefer the one who appeared braver. He needed a pokemon to battle with, after all. Cilla would probably prefer the timid, cute one. So, Elgyem extended one of his hands to the brave Deerling, doing not much else. @@Umbreon, @@Sylveon, Though Stella was still a bit anxious to find the location of her missing Helioptile, she couldn't not notice the interactions between Cubchoo and Audino. It was far too cute! Resisting the urge to make a variety of girl-ish sounds, she puffed up her chest and exhaled loudly. "Cubchoo, return." She said, returning the Cubchoo to her pokeball. Cubchoo put up no fuss what-so-ever, due to her lazy personality. "Phanpy, let's go." As Phanpy was summoned, the ground type trumpeted it's trunk happily. It then looked around for any possible enemy. Seeing none, Phanpy looked up to Stella for what the given task might be. "Well, we're gonna find Helioptile, since some people don't seem to want to help." She said, turning around, waiting for a response. Phanpy looked a tad upset that something bad had happened, as opposed to something good. ----- Helioptile grinned as the opposition began to charge at her. She lowered herself slightly, so the Sneasel may or may not hit parts of the rock underneath her. Not that it mattered. As Sneasel began to slash at Helioptile, Helioptile used Grass Knot in an attempt to tie the Sneasel's claws together. She then tried to pick up the Heart Scale with her own mouth, since the grass probably wouldn't hold.
  8. @@Windbreaker, @@Vaporeon, Hm? The girl didn't use spells? Why did she carry a wand, then? Aolani had never gotten the pokemon Beth was, but it also didn't particularly matter to her. Intriguing how one could carry a wand that has no purpose. The peculiar-ness of Beth's item caused Aolani to lose focus and not notice what the ghost morph was saying. Beth seemed rather upset about his proposal, though Aolani didn't really know why. It actually seemed rather light hearted, despite his previous words to her. "W-well, you wouldn't have to turn into a Murkrow!" Aolani began in a poor attempt to be comforting. "You could disguise yourself as a lot of things with magic, I'd imagine."
  9. @@Windbreaker, The question the fellow morph proposed perplexed Aolani slightly. Oh, it was adorable, yes, but still just a bit... odd. Aolani wasn't the kind of person to really ever consider people her friends. She either scared them away or couldn't hold up a conversation with them due to her timid personality. The only friend she really had wasn't exactly nice either, so she withheld her enthusiasm whenever the term was used. However, for the benefit of Beth, she would agree to the proposal. She wouldn't want to upset the girl, after all! "Why, of course!" She said in her normal sing-song voice. "Though, I believe we already are, right?"
  10. I was waiting for more people to post so it didn't feel like we were dominating the thread at all, but I'll post now. Sorry about that. x3
  11. @@Sylveon, @@Umbreon, This time, Helioptile was ready for the impending ice shards. About to jump out of the way, however, she was still hit by them, and thrown a whiles back, into an icy rock. "Heli...?!" Helioptile questioned, panting softly. That move was certainly quick. There was no way she could dodge it, and that meant being strategical. Jumping onto the rock she had bumped into, Helioptile glared down at the Sneasel. She refused to run away, but had quickly run out of ideas as to what to do. Spreading the frills in her ears, Helioptile taunted Sneasel to come closer. Hopefully it'd try to do that instead of using Ice Shard again, but Helioptile was ready to duck behind the rock she was ontop of at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, Stella brought a hand to her face and sighed. This trainer wasn't particularly smart, hm? This was an important manner! She didn't have time to look at adorable pokemon, now! Plus, she already had an ice type, and it was impossible to be cuter than Cubchoo. "Uhm, yea. No thanks. I need to find my-" Stella cut herself off as she noticed Cubchoo had suddenly disappeared. When had that happened? She looked around frantically, before noting where Cubchoo was. Cubchoo was trying to "help" the Smoochum and Snover with their snowy creation by lazily smoothing out the base. Her claws cut into the snow, however, causing the snow to have claw marks in it and be even less smooth. "Ah! Cubchoo! Stop that!" Stella commanded her pokemon, who didn't seem to acknowledge her. @@Umbreon, @, @, @@Vaporeon, Elias' expression, while not showing near any emotion before save a tinge of annoyance, suddenly shifted to exasperation. Though his face was not currently turned towards Alery, the expression was nonetheless rather obvious. A third wheel?! Perish the thought! He thought. What a conundrum this is! Am I really so imposing that someone would refer to me as such?! Hmmm... Perhaps I should try my luck elsewhere I suppose... As Elias regained his composure, he attempted to speak up, though his voice seemed a tad disjointed when compared to his normally fluid tongue. "I had never even considered it." He said, before extending a hand to where Elgyem had been before. Elgyem was clearly not there anymore, so such a motion looked rather odd. Ah. So he did leave. Darn. Wish he'd warn me sometimes... Elias thought, before returning his attention back to Al. "I don't believe you've seen my Elgyem, have you?" The confuse rays were easily dodged by Elgyem, who turned to Espeon to make sure she was alright as well. There wasn't much time for that, however. Elgyem began to communicate with all of the pokemon in the immediate area, consisting of Deerling and Stantler. Espeon as well, since Elgyem couldn't help that. Elgyem was trying to state the fact he meant no harm, and simply wished to see if the Deerling would have liked to meet his companion. Perhaps if they attacked again, Elgyem would simply give up and go away.
  12. Though there wasn't much happening in regards to battling, there were certainly quite a few people leaving the amusment park. According to the voices of them all, the gym leader had just put on a fashion show. A rather good one at that. She'd probably be up for a battle now that that was over. On the other hand, something looked to be going on in the Seekers building. A few people had stopped to peer into the stained windows. Darin swept his hand through his hair yet again, then brought it to his chin to appear somewhat pensive. "Oh... Let's see... I believe you would need Lucarionite to mega evolve a Lucario. Such a rock is rather hard to find, though it wouldn't be unusual if I possessed one." He said. "Furthermore, you need an activator of sorts. One that broadcasts the signals of both the mega stone and bond of the trainer and pokemon. Quite an extensive process I'm probably not explaining correctly. I have no idea where one would get such an object, however." As Darin talked, Absol allowed Mienfoo to tug on one of it's wings. It was rather fond of this pokemon, as it was rather cute. Absol would never let on to this like, however. Pumpkaboo sighed heavily, knowing that this trainer and his lovely Ghastly would never like it. It then floated towards Sawk, who was crossing his arms, clearly annoyed by the fact this trainer didn't seem to want one of the grass type pokemon as opposed to him or Throh. After Pumpkaboo had said a bunch of nonsense that roughly translated to "I'll fight in your place, if that's ok.", both Sawk and Throh nodded in unison. Pumpkaboo gave out an excited cry, before turning towards Revvy. It babbled yet more nonesense to the fellow ghost type. "I'm gonna fight in Sawk's place! If I lose, he or Throh will do whatever you want!" @, @@Antismurf9001, Comet tilted her head slightly. "Oh, well, the Truth Seekers usually give those out. I'm sure I could give you one if you head to the Castelia building. I'm gonna be taking care of it for a bit since the normal head there is sick right now. It's right near the gym, if you're interested." Comet said as Snivy continued to growl at Growlithe. It growled even louder as Growlithe licked Comet's face, causing the girl to giggle. As Comet got off the boat, she waved to Cecil and Jacques. "I'd love to come with you guys, but I really best be going. Tah-tah!" She yelled after them, before swiftly turning and ducking into an alley-way. She had basically disappeared before either of the boys could say another word to her. Castelia wasn't as busy as normal due to the early hour, but quite a few people walked around the main roads. ((I'd suggest checking the description for this one. I updated it a while ago.))
  13. @@Umbreon, @@Sylveon, Stella, being so interested in her adorable Cubchoo's movements, didn't notice the man sliding towards her. She didn't notice until she had been knocked over and sent sliding on the ice as well. Before she could react, she was stopped by a rock sticking out from the ground. Thankfully, she hadn't been going very fast, lest she would have seriously injured herself. "Ow..." She muttered, standing back up slowly. "Are you alright, Cubchoo?" She asked her pokemon, who nodded, looking confused. Cubchoo didn't even really know what had just happened. "Ah, and Helioptile. Are you al-" Stella cut herself off noting that her electric type was nowhere to be found. She looked around nervously, seeing if she had been knocked down after the whole commotion. Of course, this was not the case, and Helioptile was no where to be found. She brought her attention to Muna when he began to talk. Oh joy. It was him. Clair had said he wasn't the best of people, right? She simply ignored his statements. "Sorry, but my Helioptile's missing. No time to chat." Meanwhile, Helioptile had now just recieved some Ice Shards to the face. She growled, then noted Sneasel's taunting gesture, and growled louder. She began to run towards the foe as fast as she could, stepping carefully onto bits of coarse ice. Helioptile then attempted to jump over Sneasel. While in the air, she used Parabolic Charge on it, creating a bright flash of light. @@Umbreon, @, @@Vaporeon, @, Elias regained his normal stature, though remained looking away slightly. "I'm from Kalos, myself. Despite the lack of as prominent an accent as the likes of Abigail." He said. Elias had spent most of his time growing up indoors, and watching television, most of which was from other regions (usually Unova). Because of this, his accent was a mixture of basically all of the regions, instead of sounding very Kalosian. As Cilla left, Elias rubbed the back of his head. He was now left alone with someone who didn't particularly interest him in the slightest. Furthermore, he wasn't quite sure if Elgyem had also run off, or if he had just simply stopped broadcasting his location. "Ah... Yes. I suppose that just leaves us then, hm?" Elias asked Al, giving a nervous laugh. Meanwhile, Elgyem looked up at the Stantler. He didn't like these pokemon. Not very pleasant. Elias would like a Deerling much more. Two of them looked to be using attacks of some kind, while Espeon had her eyes clothes. Was she stupid? That simply wouldn't help manners! Elgyem used Protect, protecting both himself and Espeon from the incoming attacks "Elg." Elgyem said bluntly, extending a hand to the Stantler who had not attacked. The multicolored censors on its hand began to flash a variety of colors. A warning. Elgyem was attempting to be peaceful by the display, but he'd squeeze each of the Stantler's brains if they became too mean!
  14. @@Windbreaker, ((My apologies for the slow reply. I didn't get the notif.)) Aolani sighed, knowing there was no point in getting so worked up. She'd have to get out of here, or something. There was no way in Arceus' name she could hold her own on the battle field with people like these all about! This determination to get away from all these odd people was basically diminished as she heard Beth's voice from behind her. She hadn't felt the pool on the sleeve, as the feathers on Aolani's arms dulled most sense of touch there, but she certainly noticed the voice. "Oh, no thank you, but I appreciate the offer!" She said, cheerily, finishing her sentence with a soft hum. This 'Bethany' character was far too adorable for her to just abandon. Such an act would simply be a disgrace! @@Umbreon, As Lhee began to walk off, Aolani hesitated for a second, before nodding. She gently grasped one of Beth's hands and smiled at her, resting her halberd in her free hand. "Let's go, okay?"
  15. @, You already recieved a warning, so I'm afraid I must now kick you from this particular roleplay. Like I said, you had your warning and ignored it, so don't bother trying to argue. That is all.