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  1. She seems shy to me. Has become more open and confident than she was back in the first season but still is shy.
  2. Uncharted lands? Vast frozen wasteland? We can't be sure we can only speculate.
  3. Hey, who knows? Maybe one day when they finally decide to show Scootaloo's parents on-screen they'll say, just use one of the ponies from the backgrounds and they'll use this one.
  4. This is a show of magical talking ponies where there are many things that do not make sense at all but we still love this show.
  5. No this show doesn't have a single moment that could possibly make me tear up.
  6. Cadence was dumb for the whole episode. Could have easily stopped Spike from going overboard with his newly granted powers but instead she decided to do nothing.
  7. I suppose like the bat ponies, they could be introduced into the show as a special kind of Pegasi who have their own capital like the Crystal Ponies do.
  8. Forgetting that this is a show who's main target audience is very young and most probably doesn't care about how the episode ended?
  9. The summit was personally organized by Twilight so you'd expect all the delegates to come looking for her if they had any problems. While I would say that Cadence should have stepped in and stopped Spike who is known to get greedy, it still is Spike's fault in my opinion. However, I completely agree with you that these ponies act like young children who need to be guided every step of the way by the princesses but I guess that's just how it is in Equestria.
  10. I'm not a fan of tattoos at all but if I absolutely had to get one, mine would be subtle enough so that only other bronies could tell it is related to My Little Pony and it wouldn't stand-out either. I have RD decals on my PC's case and my cricket bat even but I'm not so sure about getting a tattoo.
  11. They hate us cause they ain't us. Obviously some people are going to find it weird that you watch a show for little girls and then some people actually waste their time promoting hatred against bronies and calling us pedophiles or retards.
  12. It has maybe slowed in growth a bit but I can assure you that we'll be around for a few years even after the series will end.
  13. It's been a long and hot day. Fasting was not easy today.
  14. While Twilight should have been sensible enough to not over-work herself like that just before such an important event, I think you're reading too much into this.
  15. I would be very curious to see Rainbow Dash or Rarity try to deal with pregnancy.