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  1. Well, you aren’t really coming up with the names- just picking from ones that someone else came up with, it it’s any consolation. But if you feel like you can’t choose, that’s fine.
  2. I need help picking a pony name! What sounds better to you guys!? Bonanza Split (pun on “banana split”) or... Prettea Party (“Pretty tea party“, shortened) which name do you guys think best conveys a festive celebration? do you guys have your own party ponies you might have made?
  3. I never met you and I am already missing you! :o (how can that be?)

  4. Merry Birthiversary! 

  5. i squish youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu  nightmare muffin

  6. Lol! OmgI love this! Makes so much sense!
  7. i suppose, but I can't see Gusty and Clover ever having been on the same level, plot-wise with the villains. With Clover having chased his foe to the human world and effectively defeating her and burying the evidence of the memory stone (having lost his own memories in the process), Gusty, on the other hand, had only temporarily defeated Grogar in the past, and he lied low until resurfacing. Gusty seems very much like she would still be needed in the season 9 finale, to help permanently put a stop to him once and for all, as her work is very much unfinished..
  8. i refuse to believe that, and here's why- Pinkie has brought food on trips before. and More importantly, as storytellers, the writers don't have reason to add in elements that don't contribute to the story in some way. The rotting cupcakes were immediately brought up to be a magic problem, not a location problem. They were rotting because the preservative magic was gone- the preservative magic, obviously, of that of a unicorn- which was central to the plot, as all unicorn magic had been put out of order. The only fact is that Pinkie- a supposed Earth Pony- had access to unicorn magic, so that the magic in her hand-crafted confectioneries was no longer present- is one that raises obvious suspicion. Regarding the logic of the plot, she has to be a unicorn.
  9. then how do you explain the rotten cupcakes on the first day, when unicorns were supposed to have lost their magic?
  10. no, i'm talking about when the mane 6 first showed up at the castle to stop him. We see them run in- we don't see Spike at all until Twi says "we just needed to face them long enough to distract you". Sombra saw them all run in. Cadance pointed out their arrival. His first and only priority should've been Spike, as soon as he saw him come in.
  11. The THING that was destroyed by that character in season 9's premiere- do you guys find it to have been the same level of shock and emotional impact compared to the time when Tirek blew up Twilight's tree house? (R.I.P. Golden Oak Library)?
  12. Why didn't Sombra take Spike into consideration? He mind controlled/ enslaved literally everyone else, but not Spike? After being defeated by him the first time, and straight up seeing how helpful he had been to Twilight- enough to get the Crystal Heart away from the activated trap and get it to Cadence- WHY in the name of Luna does he not take care of Spike quickly, the second time around? Was the giant Spike statues in the empire not evidence enough that Spike should be dealt with, first and foremost? it should've been clear that Sombra shouldn't have underestimated this guy and gotten distracted by messing with the mane 6 for Spike to foil his plans again and free the hostages. But yet.....(sigh)
  13. honestly- the role of assistant had been taken away from him, not just by Starlight, but previously by Cozy Glow as well. There's literally nothing for him to do. I mean, even in "Spring Breakdown", Twilight was trying to adjust a picture on the wall with her magic, and Spike was just....there. he didn't even need to be holding it and taking directions of its placing by Twilight, because SHE ALREADY HAD IT IN HER MAGIC FIELD!!!!
  14. back in the finale of season 8, it was made quite clear that unicorns would lose their magic on the first day. Starlight, Twilight, and Rarity were seen effected by this immediately. Pegasi and Earth ponies would lose their powers on the second and third day, respectively- as Dash was still seen being able to fly and manipulate weather, and earth ponies like Apple Jack and Pinkie....... well, wait a cotton candy picking minute..... Pinkie fusses over her baked goods having turned moldy while it was still the first day, and her friends commented that it was the lack of magic keeping them fresh. so does this confirm that Pinkie is, in fact a unicorn, if she had lost her powers on the first day? Is there a horn behind all that super floofy hair? That very well could explain her uncanny ability to bend the fabric of reality, as we've seen her do on multiple occasions......