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  1. I've been wondering for a while now, what if, just WHAT IF Hasbro decided to not only rehire Lauren Faust for generation 6 of MLP- given her role in making g4 such a massive success, on the back of previous generations that Faust had attachments to since her childhood, but also- what if, on top of that, Hasbro decided to allow Faust and the creator of SpindleHorse, an indie production studio that is being run by Vivienne Medrano and has two successful independently created series under its belt, with a passionate and dedicated fanbase constantly thirsty for content to work on the next generation of My Little Pony in a collaborative effort? While I am not 100% certain whether Lauren Faust would like to come back and make another pony series, with or without her previous ideals of being allowed much more free reign and vision than Hasbro had initially allowed her to put toward the series, it would be quite nice for her to have her hands in yet another generation of pony. And while I am also uncertain whether Vivienne (aka Vivziepop) would be willing to allow her SpindleHorse studio team to have Hasbro come to them to outsource pony content, I do know that there is a HUUUUUUGE pony enthusiast character within one of her shows. Also, some of the MLP g4 fandom's best brony musicians have made some epic music for Vivienne Medrano's shows as well.
  2. I have listened to the song "This is what it's like" by 4Everfeeebrony and also rewatched MLP:FiM many times over, yet each time, I just cannot help but wonder if Luna- or rather, Nightmare Moon, at the time- was truly deserving of the punishment received by the Element of Harmony through her own sister, Princess Celestia, at the time that she had chosen to banish best princess. While both Discord and Sombra received stone imprisonment and banishment beneath the arctic ice for a whole millenia through the punishment of the elements, so too did Nightmare Moon receive a punishment of 1,000 years of banishment on the moon. But was that really appropriate, given the fact that Celestia was banishing her own sister, rather than a real villain that she had never known on a personal or emotional level, as she did with Luna. The lines of 4everfreebrony's song: "Its been a couple of weeks an I'm starting to shake", and: "its been a thousand years, never felt so alone. I don't know what I learned, I just want to go home" indicate that Luna's banishment in total isolation could've easily destroyed her mentality very early on into her isolation. While it is impossibly to analyze any real cognitive function of a fictional equine, we do know from actual Was Princess Luna deserving of her punishment? of humans that have been put in social isolation that brain function can not only cause white matter to form in both regions of the brain that is critical for thinking and emotional control, but also increased occurrences of depression and anxiety, along with reduced sleep and increased mortality. There is no doubt that such prolonged isolation, even with a fictional horse such as Luna, could've drastically effected her mentality well into the long term, after she had been freed of her own Nightmare's influence. It hurt me to rewatch episode 2 of season 1 every time, and see Celestia just stroll up to Luna and diagnose her problem as "having been unable to let true friendship into her heart" for her sister going rogue. To have the audacity to ask "will you accept my friendship?" and not "will you accept my apologies (for not noticing you or what you were going through before going rogue, for only wanting deserved appreciation for your beautiful night that should have been given just as much admiration as my day?") Like, FISH, what? The lack of Friendship wasn't the issue here, CELESTIA!!!! No apologies? Really? How mentally damaged is your baby sister after 1,000 of social isolation? Yet, right after she is rainbow blasted back into a weaker form, SHE is the one apologizing to Celestia! Let's get this girl some therapy, please!
  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. In the MLP g5 holiday special, "Winter Wishday", Zipp pieces together that the tree in BridalWood, known as the Wishing Tree, has a star inside of it that activates when the unicorns traditionally recite their holiday greeting during Winter Wishday. Their greeting "Frosty Shivers", since magic has been restored back into the land of Equestria through the Unity crystals, has been allowing the unicorns to perform an ancient spell that activate dramatic changes in the weather- without even realizing it- specifically that of snowstorms that gradually worsen over the course of time. Now, interestingly enough, I do find this to connect with the magic of the dragon named Whimsy Whetherbe, first and only seen in the My Little Pony g3 special “Twinkle Wish Adventure”. This dragon has been shown to live on the location of Willy Nilly Mountain, which is said to reside just beyond g3’s Ponyville, and have weather that changes willy nilly, according to the ponies. The dragon herself has also been shown to be able to breathe a magical breath that can either make the temperatures really hot or really cold. And while in the special of g5, Izzy suggests to the unicorns that they change their greeting from “Frosty Shivers” to “Warm Wishihoof” to counteract the spell of the snowstorms that they have been unknowingly causing through the entirety of Equestria, I still have to wonder if they are continuous to harness dragon magic specifically that of the dragon, Whimsy Wetherbe, to make it warmer for themselves. Not only does this later coincide with the g5 villain, Opaline and her reveal of being a fire alicorn, but also her ability and desire to harness dragon magic. If, according to the g4 comics, namely the Friendship is Magic comics #61- 62 (Convocation of the Creatures), a dragon archivist named Blacktip speaks of the other races’ culture being considered as “newborns’ when compared to the long history of the dragon’s culture. This could easily be implied that the dragon race was one of the very first, if not THE first on the scene, long before other races, in the grand scale of things. Back to the harnessing of dragon magic, by the ponies through the power of the wishing tree of g5, though, this was also shown in g3 originally, when Whimsy herself stole the Wishing Star, Twinkle Wish, from the ponies, and wished upon it to acquire friends of her own. And ultimately at the end of the special, once the ponies reacquired the star, they wished upon it for it to snow. So while it may be a case of dragons using a form of pony magical artifacts, rather, to wish upon for their own means within g3, it could also be the case within g5 that ponies have learned to use that same wishing star to be able to harness dragon abilities like that of Whimsy and her weather changing effect spells that have long since been lost during the times of g4 into g5 when magic was nonexistent for many moons, thanks to Twilight putting it all into the unity crystals in order to keep it from Opaline. What do you guys think?
  5. MLP G4 introduces the tree of harmony, and in the comics, there are shown to be different trees of harmony in different lands inhabited by the cats, dragons, zebras, etc, and a root system that connects all of them. In g5, we are shown the seeds that were planted as the together trees, also by a conjoined root system. And going back to g4, the spirit of the tree of harmony says about the now defunct friendship treehouse that the school 6 created that “it will always have friendship through the generations” within its walls, or something. Now- even though this is again no longer the case in g5- as we see the treehouse no longer there in the tree in the movie, what if other friendship treehouses were built in the other trees of harmony beyond Equestria, and house the friendships of other races through the generations, and still exist in unison now with the g5 together trees, and the reason we have not yet heard about all the other races and species that were in g5, is because each race will be coming in to ultimately take their own friendship stores in this tree of harmony treehouses to share with the ponies and feed/fuel their together trees or the ponies themselves for a massive final battle? Is this the disdant pony war that future Twilight alluded to in “it’s about time”? Or the future that the time traveller, Star Dancer from the MLP The manga mentioned? What do you guys think?
  6. Commission status: open! Commission info: DM me Drawn in MS Paint. Ok, so somehow I managed to draw this awesome print off a T-Shirt (That I refuse to throw $30 at. Sue me, I'm thrifty) from Vivienne Medrano (Vivziepop's) store with a swollen, light sensitive eye that's been practically out of commission since Tuesday. In spite of that- I am LOVING how this turned out!!! Octavia is so goshdurned adorable, and I am so in love with Vivzie's print of her, I just knew that I had to draw her, since I couldn't get the shirt. THIS ART IS NOT MINE, MERELY A RECREATION!!!!
  7. Commission status: open! Commission info: DM me (or click the links in my bio, especially if you want to follow me on other sites!) Do not inquire on the comments! I DO NOT take Amino Coins or Deviantart Points! Drawn in MS Paint. Story: Deep within the Star Nursery, amid the hot, swirling gasses churning within the vastness of space, a beautiful new star is given life! She emerges, glistening radiantly like the sun, out of her cosmic egg, which dissipates slowly into stardust. Together, the Fancy Swirl ponies- Aurora, Polaris, Nova, and Milky Way collectively breathe a sigh of awe and wonderment as they overlook the little star's birth. "There she is, at long last!" Polaris quietly murmurs. "Time to wake up, little one." Aurora urges, just as timidly. Nova's eyes light up with mirth, her muzzle stretching into a wide grin. "I do hate to wake her. Look how precious she is as she sleeps, the little darling." she chirps. A knowing glance is given to her sister by Milky Way. "But she must, sister dear." she contributes. "For she has a job awaiting her. Just as the hands of time progress, so do the wheels of destiny." she hummed. Aurora watched carefully as the newborn pony's tail became saturated with more color as her egg fully dissolved; no longer glowing with the radiant, white starlight that it did. "What did the Great Alicorn decree her name should be?" she pondered. Polaris inched closer to the slumbering child, tenderly kissing her head just above her unicorn horn. and taking note of how her eyelashes began to flutter. "Her name.....is Star Dreams." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - So these are the "Celestial Ponies"/ "Fancy Swirl Ponies" that were shown as a prototype by Hasbro all the way back in the 80's, Sadly, their toys never got made, but thanks to Basic Fun stepping up to the plate, they are finally getting toys released in Fall 2023! Being a fan of MLP and astronomy, I am stoked! Sadly, I don't see too much artwork for these ponies being done, so here's my own contribution. Star Dreams is actually not a part of the Fancy Swirl/ Celestial ponies, but is in fact, from g4's toyline. She's with them in this picture because i have long since headcannoned that she has some connection to them (as well as Princess Luna).
  8. I’ve been really into making MLPx Helluva Boss art for a while now. Especially with Octavia and Luna. Drawn in MS Paint. Princess Luna (My Little Pony), Octavia (Helluva Boss), and Celeste (Animal Crossing). I 100% headcanon that Celeste and Octavia are Luna's adopted daughters that she is able to meet up with in her dream realm, because unbeknownst to probably a lot of pony fans, Luna actually owns two owls in the chapter books (Castor and Pollux) so why not MORE owls for her?! And ones that have astronomical backgrounds as well! Additionally I ran with the idea that Luna is an adoptive mother to Octavia because the poor girl has an awful mother in the waking world ans naturally, aside from her dad, would need someone to turn to, and often finds solace in her dreams while she is asleep and in Luna's dream realm. And furthermore, their kimono's are a slight nod to a certain anime (cookies if you guys can guess the anime and who wears them)
  9. What are some things that you kinda wish had a crossover (episode, movie, toyline, or comic) with MLP- even though it’s very likely to never happen? I think it’d be interesting to see a MLP x Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss crossover in any form. It could be an “Always Chasing Rainbows” line (titled after Charlie’s song), and there DOES exist a Tartarus in MLP, so it’s quite possible to venture into mixed territories. Also- just imagine a music Collab between Verosika Mayday and the Sirens! Or some much needed AJ appreciation with Striker, from Helluva Boss. (A FUNKO vinyl or Kotobukiya figure if them together would be sick!) Vaggie (from Hazbin) together with Limestone Pie (seeing as how they share similar personalities) would be cool in an episode, or comic perhaps. And just imagine all the chaos that Discord could do together with Alastor!
  10. Drawn in MS Paint. Honestly, this was only supposed to be a quick doodle, but it turned into a full blown piece, somehow.....Anyway, Been wanting to draw Striker and AppleJack together for a while now, not only because cowboy themes and the fact that they're on two completely different ends of the wholesome vs not so wholesome spectrum, given their respective source material (My Little Pony vs Helluva Boss), but also as a nod to the "MordeTwi" meme and ship
  11. For those of you who don’t know, Hasbro created these two ponies- one named Star Dreams, who had been released on 3 separate occasions- the first being in a slumber party set with Applejack, the second in a set with the CMC and their classmates (silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, and Twist), and her third release being in a spa set with Rarity and Rainbow Dash. The second pony goes by the name Lulluby Moon, and she was released only once, as as “so soft” brushable/plush pony, along with twi other ponies sold separately in the same line, Apple Sprout and Sweetie Belle. For the longest time, I have wondered about and fawned (created theories, headcanons , art, and fanfics) over these two adorable little ponies (Star Dreams primarily), though have often entertained the idea that she and Lullaby Moon are (headcanon) or might have been (if given the opportunity to be written into comic or show canon) sisters, due to their similar names that would allude to being born of Luna. Given her affinity to children throughout the series, as seen through her being especially close to the CMC in some episodes, it wouldn’t really be that far fetched, to assume that the writers might have played with the idea of Luna having daughters at some point, but just decided to have her be more of a close mentor for the CMC instead, due to possibly potential avoidance of fandom backlash or already established characters within the show. But I’m interested in you guys opinions. How could Hasbro have incorporated Star Dreams and Lullaby Moon into the show or comics? Do you feel like the three releases of Star Dreams’ toy was building her up for some involvement in the show? Will we see these characters in g5? Share your thoughts!
  12. What has caused you guys a little agitation recently? How did you react, and did you think it was a healthy reaction?
  13. For a long time, I’ve been seeing internet memes of pastel colored pony rear ends with the tagline being “I watch it for the plot”, and that’s all well and good, but it makes me wonder…what the heck is a pony plot?! The emphasis is on butts here, but the butt of a horse is called a croup , not a “plot”, so I feel like the croup, I mean, crap needs to be cut, since there is no “plot “ on the anatomy of an equine. what say you folks about this?!
  14. I don’t really take the time to offer myself proper care, whether mentally, physically, or emotionally, but today I went all out and treated myself to a day of relaxation and went to a hot springs spa where I got a hot stone massage, hung out in a few pools, ate, got a skin rejuvenation session, and just lobbied around until closing time, then dropped in to another place to get a quick Chinese foot massage (because my feet take so much abuse and wear and tear)…and they also provided a neck, shoulder and scalp massage for some reason… Honestly, it felt good to take all day to pamper myself like this (although it wreaked havoc on my wallet- especially shopping at their gift store!!!) Had to finish the day with Vhopotle because I think that’s standard after a spa day When was the last time you guys did any kind of self care- and what was it!? Would you do it again?
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