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  1. What’s the relationship between these two? For the longest time I have been wondering? Queen Novo is apparently the first one Celestia thought to seek help from in the midst of a crisis, rather than the rest of Equestria’s allies- the dragons, yaks, griffons, ect. And during the credits, we see Celestia and Novo bowing formally before informally nuzzling necks. So what is the deal? What is their relationship?
  2. I suggest you don’t poke at Pandora’s box. There is a whole mess of crap that will come out. much of which I might get banned or censored for, posting here.
  3. What a deplorable abomination, to cater to little girls in a franchise MADE for that audience! The horror! Bronies aren’t the demographic and neither were they, originally, for FiM, so they shouldn’t even get to have commentary on a previous generation that was NOT intended for their consumption and critique
  4. I would- and did, after several years of bottling- to two people, yesterday- still felt like they couldn’t care less
  5. I feel like no no gives a crap about how I'm feeling, and I have been having numerous mental and emotional breakdowns today (and yesterday) for several reasons. And I'm exhausted.
  6. I have so many headcanons and AUs with her. I love her. Also, thanks!
  7. https://youtu.be/-X5OA-ZfP5c I poured four days worth of nonstop blood, sweat and tears into this animation that I was inspired by Vivziepop’s song from Helluva Boss to create, and wanted to combine two of my favorite franchises with it, as I did in my previous video (that can be found on my channel). I adore the relationship between dad birb Stolas and baby Octavia and wanted to portray that with Princess Luna and her (headcanon) daughter, Star Dreams.
  8. It’s here! 40 years, you guys! Hot Dang!!! Let’s party!
  9. It’s good to still want to give more! Kudos. yeahhh, it’s really easy to say that you won’t get too deep into throwing money at something like g5, but then all these interesting pieces of merch come out later, and make you look like a hypocrite. I have fallen into that trap many times over with g4.
  10. In the midst of the pandemic, there are a lot of countries that have stay at home orders as cases increase. What does this mean to you guys, personally? Never leaving your house at all? Leaving the house, only on occasion, but avoiding people as much as possible, when you do? Unless you’re a vegetable, I think it’s impossible to stay at home 24/7 for 9 and 10 months straight, under any circumstance. How do you “interpret stay at home” orders
  11. I hope that this isn't a sign to come with g5, but Hasbroken's track record with their pony line hasn't really looked great since the early 2011 releases. Potion Nova's brushable was the rare exception, but still....
  12. News was given a few week back about some new pony life toys being on their way. Recent news included g1 characters, Gusty and Fizzy in the lineup. While this is great news....their toy molds only vaguely resemble them. Even the previously seen ponies, like Cadence and Sunset Shimmer barely look like themselves- all because they are missing their mane highlights. Twilight, too. This show of low quality is nothing new from Hasbro. But it always saddens me that fans and collectors aren’t raising hell and calling for at least a bit more quality on these toys. (Even though I know that they are not
  13. quite admirable. Props. I wish more people were like that. I mean, there's a reason why there exists a proverb saying that giving is better than receiving, and those that do are happier. So that's respectable. I also don't plan on collecting much from g5, when it comes. I have so much stuff and it's pretty much all in storage bins now. I'm sure I could serve to go through some of my own hoard and give away the ones that don't bring me happiness anymore. But I know for sure I'll definitely buy the movie when it gets released, since I have the g1 and g4 pony movie.
  14. Nice. I’m sure you miss your stuff, at times, but Do you find yourself happier with the smaller collection, now? Will you also be collecting anything for g5?
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