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Mlp trees and the importance in the lore.


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MLP G4 introduces the tree of harmony, and in the comics, there are shown to be different trees of harmony in different lands inhabited by the cats, dragons, zebras, etc, and a root system that connects all of them. In g5, we are shown the seeds that were planted as the together trees, also by a conjoined root system. And going back to g4, the spirit of the tree of harmony says about the now defunct friendship treehouse that the school 6 created that “it will always have friendship through the generations” within its walls, or something. Now- even though this is again no longer the case in g5- as we see the treehouse no longer there in the tree in the movie, what if other friendship treehouses were built in the other trees of harmony beyond Equestria, and house the friendships of other races through the generations, and still exist in unison now with the g5 together trees, and the reason we have not yet heard about all the other races and species that were in g5, is because each race will be coming in to ultimately take their own friendship stores in this tree of harmony treehouses to share with the ponies and feed/fuel their together trees or the ponies themselves for a massive final battle? Is this the disdant pony war that future Twilight alluded to in “it’s about time”? Or the future that the time traveller, Star Dancer from the MLP The manga mentioned? 

What do you guys think?

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