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  1. Justin_Case001

    Interspecies Shipping

    Love is like a rhino: short sighted and hasty. If it cannot find a way, it will make a way. In a world of diverse sentient species like the Equestria universe, there will surely be all kinds of interspecies relationships, which is fine and dandy, but if the species are too different, then conception probably wouldn't be possible, so don't expect to see any scaled, fire-breathing yaks.
  2. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E21 - A Rockhoof and a Hard Place

    Hmm. Maybe my favorite episode of the season. Really good. Finally. A really good one. Yay. I really liked the premise. It would be ridiculous to think that there wouldn't be at least one pillar that found it difficult to fit into the modern world. This was definitely a story that needed to happen, in my opinion. I especially liked the scene where Rockhoof was momentarily angry at Twilight for bringing him back. If these characters were real, then surely one of them would feel that way at one time or another, so that was very realistic. I liked the inclusion of the other pillars and how they've adapted. It was a good, mature story. My only complaint was that I wished that they had found something more for Rockhoof to do. Keeper of Tales really seemed like the flimsy sort of job you'd make up for a five-year-old so he can pretend he's helping. I find it sad that apparently all Rockhoof is now good for is telling ponies about the useful things he used to do. That might be okay if he was really old, but he's still in his prime. Is he never going to do anything truly useful again? Not that stories aren't useful, but I mean, y'know, in terms of seeing action. I thought Rainbow hit the nail on the head when she said he needed to be a hero. I wish they'd keep trying to find him something in that department. But even so, I still loved the episode because the emotions were so realistic, and the story much more mature than most we've gotten this season. What stood out the most for me was the stone sleep spell. I interpreted the spell as an allegory for suicide. I believe that this episode is the closest that Pony will ever get to dealing with suicide. I took it to mean that Rockhoof wanted to kill himself, which of course means that Twilight was willing to help him do it, which is some pretty dark and intense sh*t, but it's also a true blue friend. I believe that the greatest test of true love is if one would be willing to kill the one they love the most if their suffering becomes so great that they desperately need it to be over. I realize how controversial and frankly morbid this opinion sounds, but I've given it a lot of thought, and I believe it's true. It doesn't mean I would encourage suicide, but simply that I never judge one for it, because we can never know how much someone else may be suffering. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never been a life-at-all-costs person, but rather a life-if-it's-worth-it person. Quality over quantity. Moreover, I believe that forcing someone who is suffering to live against their will is highly unethical. Of course, our lives are our own, and no one can force anyone else to live, but if someone was suffering beyond imagining, and all other options had been exhausted, and they needed it to be over, and if a friend or loved one was willing to help them do that....well...I think that would be the greatest mark of true love, twisted though it sounds. It would be an absolute last resort, of course, but it would mean sacrificing the ultimate to do what's right for someone you care about, even though it means losing them. Of course, in real life, it's not that simple. Even if someone was suffering so greatly, with no hope of improvement, such that death would be the best thing for them, you can't just kill someone or assist in suicide without massive consequences. This kind of thing has bothered me for my whole life. There are so many grey areas in life where doing what's just, what's right, or what's in someone's best interest is against the law. That's the problem with absolutes. A wise man once said, "There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions." That is one of my favorite quotes of all time. That was by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Anyway, back the episode. In the context of the show, the stone spell was of course a temporary measure, as Twilight said. If she really thought he was going to die, she would have fought a lot harder for a lot longer. In fact, in her mind, she might have been protecting him. Perhaps she thought that if left to his own devices, Rockhoof might try something more rash, like actually trying to kill himself. Maybe she thought it best to keep him safe until she could figure out what best to do for him. I like the suicide allegory, though, and that's what it meant to me. On the lighter side, the meditating ponies were adorable. My Celestia, the level of articulation these ponies have is insane! The poses they can make....they must not have any bones. Twilight's shrug and "meh" sound in response to Spike asking if she had the authority to grant Rockhoof the title was hilarious. Part of me wondered if it's a little tongue-in-cheek jab at the fact that the Princess title in Equestria seems a little bogus at times. Like, even Celestia herself didn't seem to really have anything specific in mind when she promoted Twilight. And then later it was like, "Hey, Celestia, can I be the Princess of Friendship?" And Tia's like, "....yeah, yeah ....sure....what...whatever." So in this episode, it was like, "Hey, Twilight, does your job really include that authority?" And she's like, "Who cares? It's all made-up anyway!" That's what it made me think when she made that noise. I absolutely loved the fact that Stygian is an author now. Me and My Shadow. Omg, that sounds amazing. Someone in the fandom needs to get on the ball and write that book, now. And it needs to be a f*ckin' EPIC. Like a dark, rated R, 1200 page epic. I want to read that. I hope that Hasbro at least makes that a real book, like the Daring Do books. I'd buy it. Hmm.....what else....I guess that's it. Can't think of anything else. Great episode. Rock solid episode. Quite pleased. OHHHH!!!!! What a great idea! It's like The Simpsons' freezer geezer!!
  3. Justin_Case001

    Is Queen Chrysalis pretty?

    Oh sure. She's got a unique beauty and charm. Sexy voice, too. Someone should tell her that she'd be a lot prettier if she wasn't so pissed off all the time.
  4. Hmm. I'm not sure I like the sound of separate worlds with some "hub" world. But there's so much fake news about G5, I'm not believing anything until I see it. In any case, if G5 sucks, the brony fandom should create a medieval pony world called "Equesteros."
  5. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E20 - The Washouts

    Okay, not great. I saw Lightning Dust coming a mile away, but that's not a bad thing. I think it's great that they brought her back. That's a character I was hoping to see again. Um....it wasn't a bad episode, but there was something about it that left me feeling kinda....sour. I'm not quite sure what it is. One thing I can say for sure is that I just knew I was going to be annoyed by how full of herself Rainbow acted. The scene where she tore down the Washout memorabilia while going on about her own awesomeness made me facepalm. I don't want Rainbow to become the Princess of Humility or anything, but I think she should be a little more mature by now. I think that, as a 'bolt, she has a responsibility to be a better role model now. But there was something else I didn't like, and I can't quite put my hoof on it. Not really sure how to explain it. It was a good premise, but...I think.....I think it just felt a little rushed, a little...obvious, a little....cliché, perhaps. I feel like I'm being overly critical, but I also feel like the majority of the show has set a higher standard of intelligence, cleverness, and subtlety. It just sort of felt like everything was spoon-fed here. Like....I dunno....it was like.....instead of watching a story, it felt like I was just listening to a reading of a rough outline where the ponies just state what's happening. As I was listening to the dialogue, it was as if I was just hearing the characters say: "Here's the cold open!" "Here's act 1!" "Here's that pony from season 3!" "Here's what happens next!" "Dangerous stunts, bad influence, don't want to lose my number 1 fan!" "Here's the next act!" "Ohmygosh! I'm suddenly realizing that Lightning Dust isn't the pony I thought and she isn't concerned for my safety and I'm learning a lesson and I'm gonna go back to Rainbow Dash!" "RESOLUTION!" Yeah. That's kinda what it felt like. Just....like....so.....shoved together. More like a fan recap or something. Sometimes I find myself asking what it is I like so much about this show, when it seems like I do more complaining than anything else. I ask myself, do I really like this show? Do I really like it, for what it is? Or do I just like the art style and some vision of what the stories could be in my head? But then I remember The Perfect Pear, The Mane Attraction, and Amending Fences, and I remember why I love it. Those episodes are like Disney classics in that anyone, at any age, can watch them and love them. They are ageless. It's like The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. When I watch those movies as an adult, I don't think, "Lol, why did I ever like this when I was little? It's so silly." No, I love those movies just as much as I always did, and I still think they're masterpieces. That's how I feel about the best Pony episodes. The unfortunate truth about Pony is simply that it's wildly inconsistent. That's all. This season seems like it might be the worst, in my opinion, but the show still has a chance to be great, and I just hope they go out on top.
  6. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E19 - Road to Friendship

    Oh, dear sweet Celestia, let the Trimmer ships set sail! This whole episode was basically a Trimmer shipper's dream. They even stopped over at the Let's Get It On Inn... A predictable episode, but really good and enjoyable. Not a masterpiece, but not a bad thing to say about it. Really fun. Enjoyed it. Those two have a really adorable chemistry that is a joy to watch. I still think it's incredible that I actually like Trixie now. In the early seasons, I wanted to throw her into a pit of lava in the depths of Tartarus, and I couldn't imagine ever changing my mind. I guess it's a character flaw of mine, but I tend not to have a very forgiving nature when it comes to people/ponies that I think are evil, and I thought Trixie was such a b*tch. But it's a testament to the good writing of the show that they can actually follow a developmental path that makes me come around and see a character in a whole new light. Maybe it's taught me a thing or two as well. I'm glad that they threw in the line that Starlight had to find someone to fill in as guidance counselor. That's the kind of thing I'm always talking about--it doesn't take much (just one quick line) but it's important to throw that in so that they maintain the fact that these characters have responsibilities and can't just do whatever the hay they want, willy nilly, at the drop of hat. I mean, they still basically do whatever the hay they want, but at least they threw in that line. I'm really glad they did, and a little thing like that goes a long way for me. Incidentally, I'm betting Discord was the Guidance Counselor Pro-Temp. Imagine how entertaining that would be to see! The song was forgettable, but that's okay. It's rare for a song to be a really memorable keeper. One thing that I have always thought is kind of funny is the fact that a prestidigitation act is even a thing in Equestria. In a land where magic isn't mysterious nor supernatural (nor fictional), but simply a commonplace ability that literally a third of the world's population can do, a "magic" act makes no sense. A show in which powerful unicorns display awesome, creative, awe-inspiring spells the likes of which nopony has ever seen would make sense (that would just be like us watching amazing athletes), but Trixie's show is just a regular, real life-type magic show, which just seems like it wouldn't even be noteworthy in Equestria. In a land where unicorns can teleport themselves and others, why would the great trunk escape even be a trick? That would be like if, in real life, Criss Angel just said, "And for my next trick, I will walk across the stage! Here I go! I'm walking! ....And here I am! Ta-dah!"
  7. Y'know what really grinds me gears? When people jump on the forums to review new episodes in pieces before they've seen the whole thing. Y'know, they make a post reviewing the cold open, then they go back and watch the show, then they jump on here and review act 1 up to the commercial break, they complain about things that haven't even happened yet, and may or may not even happen, then go back to the show, then jump back on the forums and review act 2, and so on. And each piece is a completely separate post. Why can't you just watch the whole episode first?! THEY'RE ONLY TWENTY MINUTES LONG! It's not like you're reviewing Ken Burns's friggin' Vietnam War documentary. You can't make it through twenty minutes before jumping on here?? I don't mind the pre-episode posts, before it airs. Y'know, the hype train stuff. That's fine. But the piecemeal reviews of each section? Uuuugh. Just watch it first, then post.
  8. Justin_Case001

    Episode 19 - "Retro" Games

    I don't know. But it makes me feel like there must be gradations of retro. It seems to me that retro can't just mean the same things all the time. It can't just mean "older than X years", because then if you say you're making a game in a retro style, does it mean Halo CE, or Space Invaders, y'know? Both are retro by most standards today, but those games are light years apart. It just makes no sense to me to call them both retro in the same sentence and in the same way. If we do that, then the term retro starts to become foggy until it loses nearly all meaning. Maybe we need more terms, like "semi-retro" and "uber-retro", or maybe "not-so-retro" and "totally-retro", or "way-back-retro." I dunno.
  9. Justin_Case001

    On Cutie Marks & Pear Butter

    Today's blog entry will be about the show for a change. I have always loved the lore surrounding cutie marks, and I find it fascinating to discuss them. I was prompted to write this post when I stumbled across a Dr. Wolf video in which he posed the question of whether or not Pear Butter rejected her cutie marks when she married Bright Mac. Such an idea was instantly captivating to me. Before I respond to it, I would like to post a short piece I wrote some time ago in a thread asking about cutie marks, what they mean, and how they work. I feel that my piece sums it up quite well. [Well, first of all, I'd like to address a point that I feel many people tend to get a little confused on. I often see some chicken-or-egg like confusion over cutie marks, in which people seem to think that a mark appears when talent is shown, and thus reveals to the bearer what they're supposed to do. There's confusion on the actual show to this effect, with foals talking about how they "hope they get a good mark," or "the right mark," and so forth. This is completely backwards of how it works, and the wisest of ponies, such as Luna, know this. The mark is just a representation of one's belief about who they are. In fact, cutie marks have nothing to do with talent. (Yes, you read that right.) Cutie marks appear when a pony decides that this is who they are, and this is what they were meant to do. It doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it. Troubleshoes exhibited zero talent for the rodeo, yet he got a rodeo related mark. He misinterpreted its meaning, but the mark remained because he never stopped believing that he was meant for the rodeo. The mark did not mean that he had talent at clowning. This claim makes no sense, as he had never even tried clowning up to that point. The mark simply meant that he belonged in the rodeo, and he (thanks to the CMC) found a way to make that possible with the "gifts" he had available. Consider this: what if he had no liking for the rodeo whatsoever? He would still be a klutz, but would he have gotten the same mark? No. He got that mark at that specific time because it was when he decided that he was meant to be in the rodeo. Conversely, in the very same episode, the CMC exhibited a talent for helping others long before getting their marks. Even after helping Diamond Tiara, their marks did not immediately appear. Talent alone did nothing. It was only when they decided for themselves that that was their calling did the mark appear. Consider this: suppose that, after helping DT, the Crusaders had decided that they wished to continue their quest of trying every activity under the sun to find their talent. Would they have still received their cutie-mark-counseling marks at that time? Certainly not. The marks appeared when the decision was made--when the identity was realized. Every mark appears in this way. Marks don't appear as a response to exhibition of talent. They appear when an internal decision is made as to what the bearer is meant to be. To reiterate, this need not be something that the bearer is good at, though logically, in the vast majority of cases, it will be. If we extend this understanding of cutie marks to its logical conclusion, it seems to be an inescapable truth that cutie marks can change based on the currently held beliefs and self-perception of the bearer. That said, many viewers may be left wondering: "If I don't live as a pony in Equestria, then how will I know what I'm supposed to do without a mark to tell me?" When it is understood that marks do not tell the bearer what to do, but it is in fact the exact opposite, then this question simply disappears. We know what we're supposed to do in the exact same way as ponies: we feel something inside and we decide it for ourselves. The only difference between us and ponies (or ponies and any other race in FIM) is that we don't get a pretty emblem of our identity to wear for all to see. (Unless we get a tattoo.) Gabby helped show us, at least to an extent, that an outward sign isn't necessary for one to find their sense of identity. It would have been a bit better if she had come to the conclusion of who she wanted to be by herself, but it was still a great message. She had a limited and exterior understanding of cutie marks. She was under the impression that marks tell the bearer what to be. Thus, she was trying to obtain a mark to find out what her place in the world was. Trying different things is certainly a good way to find one's place in the world, but her expectation of how this would occur was obviously reversed. In the end, hopefully she learned that cutie marks have no power whatsoever, nor do they tell one what to be or shape one's destiny. They only tell others what the bearer already knows inside. Thus, cutie marks aren't necessary, and are purely cosmetic. What viewers should take away from The Fault in Our Cutie Marks is that we should never look to others, or to any external signs to tell us what to be. Look only inside. Only you can know what you're meant to be. Looking to others is a great way to broaden your experiences and wisdom, but in the end, it's up to you to decide who you're meant to be.] That's the end of the piece. Back to the present. Let's take a look at the Dr. Wolf video, shall we? Absolutely fascinating! What an intriguing idea! I had never considered this. But after taking the time to consider it, I definitely know what my response is. If you fully understand my theory of how cutie marks work, then you can probably guess why I would say that Pear Butter absolutely didn't reject her mark. Do you know the reason? I'll give you a few seconds to figure it out. 3... 2... 1... That's right: a pony cannot "reject" their mark because it's not even ontologically possible! As a pony's mark is a reflection of their own beliefs about their identity, it follows that "rejecting" the mark would simply mean that the pony doesn't feel that that is who they are and what they're meant to do anymore, and thus, that would no longer be their mark. In essence, a pony cannot "reject" a mark because the moment they did so, the mark would cease to be. This would mean that the mark would change, which goes back to that piece I wrote earlier. One of my very top wishlist items for FIM is an episode where the CMC help an adult who's cutie mark changes. We'll probably never get such a phenomenon...unless we actually have already?? Perhaps Pear Butter isn't the first example of a pony who rejected their mark, as the good doctor suggests, but instead, the first example of a pony who's mark changed. Maybe it did, and nopony noticed. How could this be? The answer lies with Goldie Delicious. She pointed out that the jars of apple and pear preserves look nearly identical, so that gave the kids no clues that their mom was in fact a pear. Could it be that shortly after the wedding, her mark changed to a jar of apple preserves? I submit that it's entirely possible. Another possibility is that her mark remained the same simply because she still felt that she would always be a pear at heart, regardless of if she was actually growing, harvesting, and bottling pears. I argue that one does not need to be actively practicing a given activity to have a mark related to it. As long as one feels that that's their true identity, then the mark would remain. Maybe Buttercup always felt that pears were her identity, but she was willing to give up that life for her love. Many a similar story have happened in real life. Cutie marks are as complex and nuanced as our own perceptions of who we are. Personally, my headcanon is that her mark changed to apple preserves, but no one noticed, possibly not even Pear Butter herself. My theory leads to an even more startling truth that I had not considered until now: not only can cutie marks change, they can disappear! That's correct: a marked adult can regress to a blank flank!! But doesn't that just make perfect sense? If ponies' marks are determined by their beliefs and self-perceptions (which I maintain they most definitely are), then what would happen when a pony decides that their current mark isn't who they are anymore, loses their way, and doesn't know what to do with the rest of their life? Why, they'd be a blank flank again, of course! And what could be more relatable and realistic? How many people have gone through a transition like that in real life? Marks must be able to change, or disappear entirely, because they are just an outward representation of what the pony knows inside, and they can't hold a pony prisoner. Cutie marks are just a way to add a little visual splash to the struggle of identity that we all face. At any rate, Pear Butter's story was a really interesting one to consider. Thanks for stopping by, everypony.
  10. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    I had predicted that this episode to be another childish shouting match where the ponies regress to the maturity of 7-year olds. I figured the first act would be the gang trying to come up with some deception to avoid telling Pinkie the truth, and then the rest of it would go something like this: Gang: "You're playing sucks ass, Pinkie." Pinkie: "I thought you guys were my friends!" Gang: "Yup, well, live and learn." Pinkie: "I hate you!" Gang: "Right back atcha, b*tch!" Pinkie: "I'm leaving!" Gang: "Good riddance!" And so on. I'm pleased that it wasn't so bad. It was an okay episode, but still, it left a bad aftertaste for me. Pros I love that it didn't take more than a slight nudge from AJ to convince Twilight to go for transparent honesty. Finally, a lesson learned and remembered. The ponies acted with relative maturity, and didn't engage in any childish fights. I was pleased to see that the gang was honest but not hurtful, and that Pinkie wasn't angry at her friends for their honesty. We actually got to see Rainbow fly with the 'bolts! It was only a fleeting throwaway scene, but at least it was something. I was beginning to think the writers forgot that she's supposed to be a 'bolt. *EDIT* [Adding this in a couple of days later.] Forgot to mention, but I also really liked the montage of the others trying to help Pinkie get her pink back. Very funny, especially Rarity putting make-up and stuff on her to make her look normal, and Pinkie subsequently looking like Heath Ledger's Joker when she sneezed it off. Probably the best part of the episode. Cons I hate extreme overreactions. Really, Pinkie? Really?? Your life has no meaning without the yavidaphone? NO meaning? I get that you love it, but you're really prepared to throw away your home, your job, your family, your friends, your throne at the castle, and your professorship at the school, just like that (*snaps fingers*), just because of this one instrument that you just started playing a few days ago??!! SERIOUSLY?! Come off it, you little pink piece a crap. The resolution wasn't a resolution at all. They saw how upset Pinkie was, so they just said, "we take it all back, play to your heart's content," and that's that? They just rewound time, and problem solved?! That's not a solution! Everyone in town was miserable due to the sucky playing, and now they're just gonna go back to that? No sir, I don't like it. Now, it would not be a good message to say that you shouldn't do something if you're not good at it, even if you enjoy it, but could we talk about compromise, perhaps? All they would have needed to do to fix this ending is add a couple line right at the end: Pinkie: "Thanks, guys. And I promise I won't play 24 hours a day anymore." Gang: "And maybe not while we're trying to sew? Or practicing with the Wonderbolts? Or doing farm chores? Or while we're trying to sleep?" Pinkie: *Chuckles* "Okay, okay. I get it. I'll be more considerate about when and where I play." All ponies giggle. The end. There--would that have been so hard? That would have satisfied me. At any rate, I'm sure the fandom was tickled pink by the long awaited return of Pinkamena. She's cool. I think I'd get along with her quite well. The gang needs lessons on how to converse with Maud. That was amusing. I wonder if we're ever gonna see her boyfriend, old Stick-in-the-Mud again? I thought it was only my on-screen guide with my cable company! It's like that everywhere?! What's up with that? How does something like that happen? *EDIT* Oh yeah, I wanted to add this, too. The best part of this episode for me was definitely this face: Because it's how I feel ALL THE TIME. Interesting thing: Pinkie is a great and complex character because she's actually ironically the most likely to become deeply depressed. Obviously, she's usually on top of the world and bouncing off the walls, but when she does become depressed, she crashes and falls the lowest and the hardest. I think that that's actually common among people with extreme personalities like hers. Higher highs and lower lows.
  11. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E17 - The End in Friend

    I actually had hope for this episode, because discovering that you and your longtime friend might not share the same interests you used to is a realistic and identifiable problem. It's actually a problem I'm sort of going through right now, to an extent. One of my best friends is big into paintball, and I used to be, a decade ago, and I'm finding it very difficult to break it to him that it's not something I'm interested in anymore for a variety of reasons. It happens. Interests change. But the difference between us and the ponies is that we're not going to start screaming at each other that we're not friends anymore. We'll just have to come up with other things to do. We'll always be friends because we love each other. I had hopes that they'd take the mature route in this episode, and that it might be really relatable, but I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. I just knew that it was going to be a Ricardos vs. Mertzes shouting match. I HATE immaturity. It's my biggest pet peeve. This show can and has created conflict beautifully without immaturity. This very episode could have done it without immaturity. You can have arguments or even difficult tests or strains on your friendship without immaturity. I hate the "WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!!" shouting matches. I'm so sick of crap like that. I realize people do grow apart in real life (although we certainly wouldn't want any of the mane six to stop being friends), but it's the childish yelling and the snap decisions that they suddenly hate each other that I can't stand. These ponies are adults, and yet often times the writers seem to forget that and make them sound like 7-years olds. Make up your damn minds. Are they adults, or are they 7-years olds? I liked it when they showed real maturity, like Wonderbolts Academy and Amending Fences. Now it's all Non-Compete Clause and End in Friend. Next week's also sounds like a promising premise, but I'm sure that's also just going to be another, "I hate you guys!! I'm leaving forever!!" routine. I'm not giving up on this show, but I wish they'd knock it off with the childish fights. I've never liked that stuff...in any show, really.
  12. Justin_Case001

    Episode 19 - "Retro" Games

    I don't know. We'll have to wait and see.
  13. Justin_Case001

    Health Anyone with mental health issues?

    Huh. I don't remember writing this.... and I could have sworn my name was Justin Case. Oh, I crack myself up. Okay, to be clear, the gag here is that everything you said, Kyoshi, applies to me, word for word, so perfectly that it sounds like I could written it. I'm autistic as well. Clinical depression. Anxiety. Crap self-esteem. Don't enjoy stuff very much. Don't drive. Constantly worrying. Um....I also have diagnosed obsessive compulsive personality disorder (different from strictly OCD). Maybe that part's a little different from you? Prolly not that much, though.
  14. Justin_Case001

    Do you believe in Mandela Effect?

    Well, of course I don't really believe in any sort of dimensional swapping, but it's a really fun thing to think about. There are some really strange examples, for sure. The truth is rather underwhelming, though. Memory is just a fickle thing.
  15. Justin_Case001

    Do you buy art to hang it on your wall?

    Yes indeedily-do. I recently bought a large canvas print of a fan painting of Ponyville from Redbubble. I love wall art.