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  1. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? Xbox updates. Now, it's not really the frequency of updates that annoys me, but how colossal they are, and how frigging long they take. Every time there's an update, it's 500 f*ckin MB, and it takes like two hours to install. Compare that to Steam on a PC, which takes just a few seconds to update (with the same internet connection, I might add). I just did a new Steam install recently, and it had to get all the updates, and it still only took a few minutes. With Xbox, it's like, if it has to update, then just leave the console on, turn the tv off, and go take a shower and have dinner and maybe it will be done by the time you get back. Why are the updates so agonizing?! Well, I guess I shouldn't be at all surprised, after all this is from the good folks who brought us Windows Updates!
  2. Not to burst anyone's bubble, but the evidence points towards intelligence being mostly genetic. Just about any trait we could conceivably care about is mostly genetic. The rest is what you do with it. Studying and learning things fills your brain with knowledge, but that's different from intelligence. One can be brilliant but ignorant, obviously. Intelligence is your capacity to think, reason, learn, problem solve, and understand, and that's just something you're born with, and it doesn't really change. Don't get me wrong--environment and learning play a big part in utilizing intelligence, but evidence points towards the fact that you can't really change the base potential. And then there's wisdom, which people often confuse with intelligence, but they're entirely different. Wisdom is the ability to use one's intelligence to make good decisions. One of the best definitions of wisdom I've heard is it's the ability to navigate life is such a way as to minimize needless suffering.
  3. Well, growing up my family had several random piece-of-crap computers that we shared, but the first computer that was solely mine was a Dell XPS Gen 4. In fact, I still have it. In fact, it's sitting right next to me. I'm currently using my laptop, which is my business and non-gaming machine, but the old XPS resides at this desk as well, and it's now purely a bastion for old games.
  4. No. I don't think that anyone should let their likes and dislikes be affected by other people this way. It's just a terrible game to be playing, and it hurts only yourself. If you used to like something but then grew to hate it because your enemy likes it, then your enemy has won without even fighting your or knowing it. Is that really how you want to be? You'd be robbing yourself of happiness for no good reason. Like what you like; it doesn't matter who else likes it or doesn't.
  5. I haven't looked at this blog entry for a long time. This was more of an impassioned rant than an well-thought out essay. If I was to write it today, I'd probably do a much better job. However, I still stand by what I said. I certainly want games with realism and equality, but I also want game devs to be free and unencumbered to make heavily sexualized games/characters if they wish. I love sexuality and sexual beauty. To admit that in most cultures seems to render you guilty of some horrible sin, but this is just how I am. I am a physically-oriented person, and I love sexual beauty and sexualized characters in games, and I think gaming should be free to include such content. I honestly think that the "it's just a fantasy; it doesn't have to be realistic" argument is a valid one. I think that unrealistic fantasies in fiction are perfectly acceptable. I believe that sane, rational, reasonably intelligent people can readily and easily differentiate and separate fantasy from reality. I don't think that enjoying a super sexy video game character equates in any way to objectifying or mistreating people in real life. I also still believe that sexualizing male characters more is a fair and valid solution to the problem. I'll also concede that some less well-adjusted people could potentially develop unhealthy, unrealistic mindsets and expectations as a result of playing sexualized games, but that doesn't give anyone the right to censorship, or to tell developers what they can and cannot make. Games have ratings for a reason, and more importantly, I have always been a free speech and free expression absolutist--I believe our right to be able to produce/consume the content we want should come before concerns about how it will affect people who are not mature enough to handle it. In other words, if some other person is negatively affected by playing a sexy game and starts objectfying people in real life, that doesn't give anyone the right to police the gaming world and tell me that I shouldn't be allowed to play the same sexy game, or that the game shouldn't exist at all. I felt it was warranted for me to say that, but I actually stopped in here today for a different reason. When I logged into Steam yesterday, I was greeted by an image so perfect for this discussion that I just had to post it: And voila, there you have it. A quintessential example. Celestia forbid the man could show any skin. I maintain that there's nothing wrong with the woman's attire, if that's the sort of game you're going for. But I for one would like to see an image like this with the male similarly dressed. Incidentally, this is also a perfect example of why I personally hate being male myself, which, if you're curious about, is detailed in the entries Can Men Be Beautiful, Are Men Funnier, and Breast Envy.
  6. Eh... not trying to sound dismissive of real mental disorders, but you can't frickin' call everything a disorder. Pretty soon, just being alive is going to be classified as a mental disorder.
  7. Celesita damn, man, that OP font is hard on the eyes! Can barely read it. So, um, the short answer is that if we were an asexual species, life would probably be easier, more peaceful, simpler, more equal, but also a helluva lot more boring.
  8. They're just a big, greedy, corporate monster. The world is full of 'em, but Disney is just a particularly bad one. Their habit of buying every company they can is pretty distasteful. They won't stop until they own the whole world, and that really sucks. There used to be a lot of media companies, which meant healthy competition and diversity of perspectives. Now, I think it's something like 5 companies control all the world's media. You don't want one frigging company controlling everything and deciding what you should see. I don't know about others, but that's the reason I dislike Disney as a company.
  9. Oh my, yes. Fashion is my passion, darling!
  10. Oh, sh*t, dawg! Have I got the video for you! I'm not afraid of mayo, but I don't care for it either.
  11. I have a sheep doing roofing over at my house come and drop in! We'll put on Zeppelin and eat cheddar cheese!
  12. I'll tell you what we should have had instead of Pony Life: nothing. Nothing at all. A true and final retirement of these characters. Why can't any story ever end? Why can't any franchise ever just have a good ending and then leave it alone? Just make a new thing with new characters.
  13. Lately, I keep dreaming that I go out to some busy, crowded place, and I completely forget about the pandemic. Once I'm there, I start panicking and I'm in utter disbelief that I could have forgotten about covid. Then I try to run away, but everyone closes in around me and starts coughing and sneezing on me. I've been having that dream in one form or another about twice a week for the last five weeks or so. I just don't understand why negativity has to dominate dreams. Is it like that for most people, or just me? Maybe it's unique to pessimistic people. Idk. It just really pisses me off. Life sucks, but my dreams present an opportunity for a delightful escape into a better place. I mean, f*ck, dude, I could dream about flying through the clouds with Rainbow Dash, or having superpowers, or I could dream about having way-out 'n' wild sex with the most beautiful women in the world, but NOOOOO! I have to dream about whatever the worst case scenario is, whatever is stressing me out, whatever horrible bullsh*t is going on. That's what I dream about. I KNOW COVID EXISTS, GOD DAMMIT. You don't have to remind me, f*ckin' subconscious. Why do I have to dream about being mobbed by the infected?! How does that help me? WHY CAN'T I DREAM ABOUT PLEASANT THINGS!!??
  14. Eh, sure, why not? It's not like I enjoy living, anyway...