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  1. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? How the cords and cables for electronic devices never want to go the right way. Don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, I'm sure you do. Let me just explain it. Every time I try to plug in a device cable that is unidirectional, meaning it has to be oriented the correct way, like a standard USB connector, or HDMI, the cord always "wants" to go the wrong way. The cables always have a "natural" position, an orientation that they naturally "want" to be in, based on how they were packaged and how they're coiled up, and the damn port they plug into is always 180 degrees the wrong way! The cable naturally wants to lay a certain way, where the coil sits neatly and effortlessly on the floor or on the back of your TV stand, but the damn connector always, always has to be flipped upside down to plug in, and then makes the coil stretch out and flip up in the air all awkwardly, and it pulls on the cable and puts stress on it because it wants to flip back the other way. WHY??!! WHY???!!!!! WHY IS IT ALWAYS, ALWAYS THE WRONG WAY????!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Justin_Case001

    The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook

    You have no idea how happy that makes me. You just made my day! And it's been a lousy day because the Warframe servers are experiencing problems and I can't download the update. (Aren't first world problems great?! Seriously, though, I'm grateful that that's my biggest problem today.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!
  3. Justin_Case001

    The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook

    Maybe it's overkill to make a whole thread on this, but I am so excited about this that I want it to get visibility. I recently bought the Wonderbolts Academy Handbook, and it is amazing. This book is, in my opinion, the single best piece of MLP merch that Hasbro ever created. It speaks volumes about the quality of this franchise that they would take so much time and effort to create such a detailed book about such a specific little bit of the pony universe. The book maintains in-universe context at all times, as if the academy is real. They are great about maintaining pony-speak by using terms such as "sportsponyship". There's so much fun and detailed information about the academy. It makes it feel very real and genuine. To make it more fun, it was written as though it was the actual copy owned by Rainbow Dash. It's full of hoof-written notes in the margins by Rainbow, which is such a nice touch, and makes it extra special. There are so many great surprises, such as Rainbow's personal academy journal, and many others that I won't spoil. The best part, and the reason I think it's the best merch Hasbro has ever made, is the fact that the information and lessons in this book go so much farther than just being a fun read. The book is broken up into lessons on how to succeed and excel at the academy, and it is abundantly clear that the writers wanted these lessons to be much more than just an entertaining bit of pony fun. The lessons are incredibly valuable, and kids can learn a lot from them. Hell, adults can learn a lot. There is so much value to take away from this book that can help anyone at any age in any aspect of their lives. I was impressed and inspired by the quality of the lessons and writing. I think that every child should read this book, whether they have any interest in Pony or not. I cannot recommend this book enough. Do yourself a favor and buy it right now. (Hasbro is not sponsoring this post. ) This is an absolute must-have for any fan. I only have one quibble. They made one little mistake--it should have been called "The Wonderbolts Academy Hoofbook."
  4. Justin_Case001

    Rainbow Dash styled clothing

    Oh, I'm sure they don't make it. You'll probably have to make it yourself if you want it badly enough. That's been my experience with unique fashion. Rainbow definitely has some awesome outfits, though. I made a cosplay of her original outfit from EG1. I wear it all the time for everyday use. (And I'm not even a chick, I'm a dude! )
  5. Justin_Case001

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I did not. That's a great point! Yeah, I figured that was everyone's headcanon. *Whispers* But between you and me, and I don't think the writers remembered either of these scenes with the hats!
  6. Justin_Case001

    Holiday Special - Best Gift Ever

    I liked this, but I before I go any further, I'd just like to state for the record that this....thing....special....whatever you want to call it....shouldn't exist. At least, not like this. I'm irked by the fact that FIM has always just been the core season episodes (plus the actual movie), until today when we suddenly got this random 44 minute thing. It's just...not supposed to be this way. It's just supposed to be the regular season episodes. We already had the season finale. Season 8 was over. There wasn't supposed to be anything else until S9. Where did this thing come from? We've never had something like this before. It's just....weird. I don't get it. I guess the reason it bothers me is that I enjoy reviewing every episode, but I also like having a break so that I don't have to stay on top of it, y'know what I mean? I thought we were done, and I was looking forward to a little break before S9. I almost missed this special. In fact, it was by pure coincidence and dumb luck that I even realized it existed. So now I'm thinkin', "well crap, am I gonna have to start watching like a hawk to make sure I'm not missing any more random specials?" I just like knowing that the season is over, and that there will be a reliable break, y'know? Personally, I think this thing should have been an Equestria Girls special instead, because EG has always been random. Random length, random timing, and I kind of like that, actually. It's like a fun surprise, but I also don't care when I see/review EG stuff for that very reason. I like FIM being more structured. I hope this isn't a trend. I just don't like it. No sir. Not in a box, not with a fox. Not with green eggs 'n' ham, I don't like it, Sam I Am. But, keep in mind, this is coming from autistic nutcase whose resistance to change borders on the psychopathic. That said, Best Gift Ever was actually really, really good. Like, wow. It felt to me like a bit of a gift to the fans. Like, this was our present to thank us for our loyal viewing. It just had such great lines sprinkled throughout, and it felt like we got to see all these classic character moments that we haven't seen in ages. From Fluttershy getting so angry that she gently kicked a rock, to a classic, full-blown Twilight freakout, to me it was sort of like a throwback to everything that made these characters great, but without seeming like a character regression at all. It was perfect. It was interesting without being predictable, classic without being derivative. Very satisfying. A really enjoyable story all-around. They managed to include a lot of great little touches. I'm really glad that they remembered to include Grand Pear, even if he didn't get a line out. I loved that the Pie family visited and stayed at SAA. I was thrilled that the Pie sisters got a few lines. I can never get enough Limestone. I love her. Even Marble made a sound! That's rare. And we got a Derpy speaking scene! That was a fangasm. I liked that they included a brief shot of the Sisters, and seeing Ocellus at home with Steve and the other changelings was cool. Too bad we didn't Yona with the Yaks, or Gallus with the griffons, or Smolder with Ember and the dragons. Not enough time for everything, I guess. I'm also glad that they remembered Starlight. On the one hoof, it was nice to have a classic, mane 6 focused episode....er....special, but you can't just forget that Glimmy exists either, and I was wondering why she was suspiciously absent. My theory was that she and Sunburst were spending the holiday at Sire's Hollow with their folks, but apparently she took another road trip with Trixie instead? Okay...that's fine.... I guess. But didn't they decide never to try that again because it was kind of a disaster? Whatever. Maybe they changed their minds. Hey, maybe they were traveling to Sire's Hollow to meet Sunburst! I liked every sub-story. I think my favorite was Rarity's. Her little scene with ...Peanut or whatever....was very touching. That was so sweet. And it's so cool that somepony out there is a fashion buff who idolizes Rarity! And even better that it's a rural farmpony! And better still that it's a stallion! (I relate because I'm a male fashionista!) I swear, Flim & Flam need to be executed. Tartarus isn't sufficient for them. They need to die. I'd invite Chrysalis and Tirek to my dinner table before those two slime bags. Those guys have used up every chance at redemption for ten lifetimes. They've proven that they can't be trusted and will never learn. I think what makes them so much more hate-able than the ideological super-villain is that they're just sleazy, dishonest, and greedy, and therefore just like most big businesses in real life. It's not often that you encounter a super-villain bent on world domination in real life, but it's every friggin' day that you deal with horrible, greedy companies. F*ck, I hate those Flim Flam brothers. I'm glad that AJ & Fluttershy got the better of them, but an even better route would have been for AJ to march right into their tent and say, "Okay guys, here's the deal: you refund everypony's money, and I won't shove every last one of these dolls up your ass, including the boxes. Capiche?" Twilight was adorkable, especially when she was trying to argue that she wasn't going "Twilynanas". Omg, was a precious, cute phrase! She will always be the cutest pony by far. People think it's Fluttershy, but nope. They're wrong. Fluttershy is the sweetest pony, but Twilight is the cutest. Lol. Twilynanas. Discord's role was fun. I always love him. Oh, and Shiny and Candy were actually....like...into each other, there. ...That was kinda hot. Spike's gift song was wonderful. What a touching moment! I feel so bad for they guy, having to suffer this unrequited love. Oh, and incidentally, does he just not have any long term memory, or what? Why was he trying to act all nonchalant and cover for himself when he freaking told Rarity that he has a crush on her in Secret of My Excess? And he was doing that with everypony, as if they don't know. Doesn't he realize that it's not a secret? And then he spilled his guts with that song! Why try to hide it anymore? Ah, ye olde compression of time, where it takes all day to reach Canterlot by train, but Pinkie can go to Yakyakistan and back in an afternoon. I did enjoy the Yak scene, though. The only thing I didn't really care for was the pre-cogs. The gift deer. What the hell was their deal? Too many questions here. I've never really cared for prophetic abilities in any fiction, because it doesn't really make sense to me, even in the context of a magical world. Telekinesis and teleportation and stuff like that make sense, but abilities to see into the past, present, or future just don't make sense. In a universe where time flows linearly, the whole idea just doesn't hold water. But they've done that kind of thing loads of times in fiction. Powerful Jedi have foresight, and then there was the Oracle in the Matrix, and even the Tree of Harmony seems to have prophetic abilities. Pinkie's gift kinda felt like a Matrix Oracle thing to me. I guess it was okay, but the whole idea just sort of bugs me. And can they really only use their powers for gifts? Can they really only see through time as it relates to gifts?? You've gotta be sh*tting me. That would make absolutely zero sense. They can predict the future, but only as it pertains to gifts? So....they can tell who's going to give who a Hickory Farms gift box before it happens, but if Tirek escapes Tartarus and begins a path of destruction across the world, they're completely oblivious? Whaaaaat? Or do they just choose to focus on gift stuff? Shouldn't they be floating in a sensory deprivation chamber beneath Canterlot palace so they can predict the future and save Equestria from calamity? Frickin' weirdo pre-cogs. I don't like 'em. My only other quibble was that line about AJ's hat. Y'know, when she says that Papa said that sometimes the hat chooses you when he gave her the hat? Uuuuh...huuhh.... I see. Papa gave you that hat, AJ? Well, now, that sure is a cool origin story about your hat, AJ. That hat that Rarity bought for you at a hat stand in Manehattan when you and Rarity helped Coco Pommel build a set for a play during a map mission. Is that the hat to which you are referring? Or were you talking about the hat that Rarity tossed in a trash can in Manehattan because it got thrashed from the set building? Is uh....is that the hat you're talkin' about, there, AJ? Huh? Is it? I've always thought that it would be a great idea for franchises like this (basically any franchise that spawns a "fandom") to have a super-obsessed, possibly autistic fan with an eidetic memory on staff as a consultant whom they could call every time they write something like this to see if it's a continuity error. So much frustration and angst could be saved. Okay, that's all. We were supposed to be done a couple weeks ago. Now maybe we'll actually be done until S9?
  7. Justin_Case001

    Your initial reaction when you first saw MLP in your life.

    I had noticed the show out of the corner of my eye for years before I decided to watch an episode. A few minutes in, I thought to myself, "WHY DIDN'T I START WATCHING THIS SOONER??!!"
  8. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  9. Merry Birthiversary dude ! 

  10. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E25+26 - School Raze

    Pretty good. Overall, I liked it. Some gripes. Some grievances that need airing. Let's start with the good. (Like anyone's actually gonna read this massive text wall.) Firstly, I'm really glad that Cozy actually did come back and be a villain, simply because I was afraid that the sinister ending shot of What Lies Beneath was just going to be another Fluttershy bat fang. That said, I find it odd that Cozy was able to do all that stuff. I mean, I know she had coaching from T. Wrecked over there, but that's not really what I mean. What I'm talking about is--how is a little filly so malicious, so intelligent, and so driven as to actually seek a terrifying, colossal f*ck like Tirek in the first place, and then execute this mastermind plot? Isn't she just a frickin' kid? Geezus, she's like, even younger than the CMC, isn't she? How was a kid able to do that stuff?! And that ending! Geeze. So creepy. I still think there's more to her than meets the eye. Actually, I was legitimately waiting the entire episode for her to transform into Chrysalis. Seriously, I was! I think it would have been an awesome, next-level move to reveal that there was never any such pony as Cozy, and every time she ever appeared, it was Chrissy. How cool would that have been? But man, was is her deal, really? I liked all the writing. The characters were good. The dialogue was good. No immature crap. That's nice. They managed to do a good job of including nearly every character, which is also nice. Woulda been kinda cool if Ember and Steve (Thorax) could have helped, but by the time the ponies knew there was a problem, there was no way to get word to them fast enough. I had a feeling Chancellor Racism was going to come around by the end. That was nice, but the transformations are always too fast. But that's okay. They always have a limited amount of time to work with. I actually thought that the best and most mature message of the episode was when the student six helped Neighsay by freeing him. It would have been so easy and so tempting for them to just say, "F*ck him. Let him rot." I mean, he was an a**hole; wouldn't most people kinda feel like just letting him get what he deserved? His just desserts? But the student six knew better. They learned better. Revenge doesn't solve anything. Rather than just letting Neighsay rot, thus reinforcing his prejudices of them, the students knew that the way you change someone's mind is to show them you're not what they think--you're better than that. You don't treat someone badly just because they treated you badly. The best way to get trust, help, and kindness is to give it. The students really showed amazing development, there. It was really cool that they included Tirek again. I kept speculating that Chrissy was going to be part of it somehow, but I didn't see Tirek coming. That was neat. Of course, we know that Chrissy is out there, spending every waking second plotting, but I guess they're saving that, probably for the series finale. (Please don't reform her, please don't reform her, please don't reform her, please don't reform her...) I was also cool that we got to see Tartarus more properly. It was never really 100% clear whether it was a physical place in the world, or some other dimension like Discord's home. Now we know: physical place. You can just walk there. Interesting. Seemed kind small. It looked like it was just a single cave with some cages. I was under the impression that it was a massive landscape, mostly underground. I was basically picturing the Pit of Tartarus from God of War III, and the cave where Tirek resides is just one little bit of it. But it didn't look like there was anything else. Kinda strange. I thought it was more of a land, a realm. Is it just a prison? Now for the gripes, starting right there with Tartarus. That whole situation seems kinda f*cked up to me. These critters just sit there in cages all the time? They're just piled up, cages stacked on top of each other, thrown in a pile to rot, and that's it? Does anyone take care of these creatures? I don't think Cerbs is fetching them dinner. Do these creatures get any food?! Even maximum security prisoners irl have rudimentary beds, yard time, and food. These creatures seriously just sit in metal cages so small they can barely move? Many of them (possibly most of them), aren't evil like Tirek is. They're just animals. Fluttershy even said that. I really don't think bugbears and cockatrices are evil. They're just animals. They're just too dangerous to be left to roam around near populated areas. But should they really be stuffed in cages in a cave to rot forever? There's gotta be a better solution than that. I'm not sure what, but Tartarus just seems messed up. I mean, Tirek should be executed; that much is certain. But the others don't deserve to rot there forever. And what about freakin' Cozy Glow? Now she's in a cage there?! Once again, isn't she just a frickin' kid? They put a kid in a cage in a cave to rot forever? Yeah, she's a sniveling little b*tch, but you don't just lock a kid in a cage forever, no matter how troubled they are. Doesn't she have parents?! Or legal guardians? I mean, if she doesn't, then how did she even get to the school? Won't somebody be pissed that she's in a cage in a cave? Is there gonna be a conversation a week from now where AJ says, "Hey, did we remember to tell Cozy's parents that we locked her in Tartarus?" and then Twilight goes, "Oh sh*t. Whoops." Is there gonna be a massive lawsuit and sh*tstorm for Celestia to clean up? The whole thing seems fishy. Then there's the matter of the whole basic premise. I don't really like the way magic works. I never have. Magic is apparently something that can not only be drained, but moved--taken out of the pony and relocated or redistributed. I've never liked that. This episode wasn't any sort of continuity error. They stuck to the lore they've established quite well. They established magic as functioning this way in Twilight's Kingdom. It's not something we think about much, but this episode brought it back. Magic functions like an independent entity, not necessarily even unique to the individual, but something that can be removed. The other alicorns transferred their magic to Twilight, and now we saw that other magical creatures can transfer their magic to others voluntarily. Apparently, one can just go, "Here you go," and give magic like handing someone a pencil. Can all creatures do this? Could any unicorn transfer magic to others? Can they remove their magic from themselves and store somewhere? Could Rarity remove her magic and put it in a box? Ship it to Coco Pommel? "Here, darling: thought you could use this." It's just weird, and I've never liked it because I don't feel like we've ever gotten a decent explanation of how it works. I think it makes much more sense for magic to actually be a permanent part of the individual's anatomy, literally part of their cellular physiology. Like mutants in X-Men. You could still have magic eaters like Tirek, (similar to Rogue) but you wouldn't be able to just pick up and move an individual's magic. Magic should just work like normal, cellular energy--like muscles. You use it too much, you get fatigued, you rest, you eat, it comes back. But this magic-can-be-removed-and-now-it's-gone-forever flim flam just doesn't make any sense to me. Furthermore, I don't like this thing where the creatures in Tartarus apparently become regular-ass, ordinary, everyday animals, or whatever the sh*t, without their magic. I'd have to rewatch and pause to see exactly, but I guess they can just transfer their magic away and suddenly the chimera is just a tiger, and the bugbear is just a panda, or whatever? No f*ckin' sense, dude. That makes NO SENSE. They're just animals. The chimera is a multi-headed beast. That's its anatomy, its physiological DNA. How could it just become some normal creature by sucking magic out of it? *SIGH*, I guess that's how it works, but I don't like it. To that end, I've seen some comments on here debating why the vortex didn't affect "pegasi flight magic". To that, I would be inclined to say: THEY'RE NOT MAGIC. They just have wings. That's not magic. They don't fly by magic. They fly by muscles. They flap their wings up and down. Having wings does not a magical creature make. News flash: some real animals have wings. Horses might have, too, but they just don't. Didn't evolve that way. But they could have, on some other world, maybe. There's nothing magical about an animal having wings. Now, I know all MLP ponies have some amount of magic, because they have magically appearing cutie marks, and I know that there would seem to be some kind of latent magic involved with pegasi being able to walk on clouds, but even if that was all drained, THEIR MUSCLES WOULD STILL WORK. They could still flap their wings. But I can hear the counter arguments, now: "But...but...but...the Tartarus creatures! That's proof that if you suck out the magic, everything becomes normal animals, so pegasi would lose their wings!" Well, I dunno. Maybe you're right, I guess. I can't offer a good explanation as to the Tartarus creatures, but if I were to attempt to explain them, I'd say that it was a lame, inconsistent, poorly thought-out decision. It makes no sense, and I'm not prepared to accept that as proof that all creatures will turn into normal animals by having magic sucked out of them. The unicorns didn't lose their horns, after all! "But...but...but...the vortex thingy didn't finish!! They still had some magic!!" *Sarcastic tone* But...but...but.... the alicorns transferred ALL of their magic to Twi in Twilight's Kingdom, right down to whatever makes their cutie marks. They had nothing left, to make sure Tirek couldn't find any of it, but they still had horns and wings, because that was part of their frickin' body. I don't know what the deal is with the Tartarus creatures, but I don't think Pegasi need magic to fly, and I don't think every creature would start losing body parts without magic. Pegasi are not magical creatures (besides the latent bits I mentioned). They're mythical irl, because they don't really exist, but they could. They're just a normal species in the pony world. And how about the magic sucking vortex? One thing that bothered me is this central theme of "Equestrian" magic being drained. The writers do realize that Equestria isn't a dimension or a magical bubble that differs from the rest of the world, right? It's just a country. It's just a piece of land that was settled by the three pony tribes approximately 1100 years ago. Its borders are just as arbitrary as borders in real life. They're just lines on a map. If you cross out of Equestria, you haven't left some magical bubble and crossed into normal space or something. There was magic long before Equestria (for starters, the Sisters and Starswirl predate Equestria), and there's magic outside of Equestria. But they made it sound like the vortex somehow specifically targeted Equestrian magic, as if that's a thing. There's no such thing as "Equestrian" magic, per se. That would be like saying that there's a difference between American mathematics and Asian mathematics. 2+2 = 4 wherever you go. Likewise, magic is just magic. There's naturally occurring magic all over the world (such as the mirror pool), and there's magic-using individuals all over the world (such as the Kirin). You cannot just flip the Equestrian magic switch to the off position and suddenly there's no magic in Equestria, ever, ever. So, what I want to know is...what the hell was the deal with the vortex, really? Does it just have a fixed radius that happens to be approximately that of Equestria? If so, then would all the other creatures of the world still have magic? It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's because the whole removable magic thing doesn't make a whole lot of sense to begin with. It's like pony magic is an Xbox Live gamertag. You can delete it, you can move it, but you can't copy it. But, it is what it is, and the story was still enjoyable. I care more about the characterization than I do the lore details, anyway. By far my biggest disappointment, however, was the fact they didn't end up destroying the school. I think they absolutely should have. No, no, hang on, hear me out on this. One of them (forget who), said that pulling the artifacts out could cause a feedback loop that could destroy the school. And given the title, School RAZE, I totally thought that's where they were going with it. When the students made the decision to remove the artifacts and told the others to get clear, I was so sure that it was going to blow up. (And....like, maybe Starlight would have somehow saved the student six or something.) But I thought that the whole point was going to be that the students were prepared to sacrifice their school to save the world, thus being this really noble decision. I wanted the whole school to be reduced to rubble. And then here would be the ending: Twilight walks through the smoldering rubble with the mane 6 and the Sisters. The student 6 then approach and apologize for what happened. Twilight would say, "It's okay. This school is...just a school. A building. It's just four walls, a floor and a ceiling. It's not that important. You knew what was more important. You were ready to sacrifice the school, and maybe even yourselves, to save magic in all of Equestria. That's real friendship, and it's more than I could have ever hoped to teach you in a classroom. I'm so glad you learned that, and I'm so proud of you." Then Celestia would ask Twilight, "What will you do now?" Twilight would think for a moment, and then with a determined little glimmer of hope in her eye, she'd say, "We'll rebuild it. Just the way it was. Brick for brick." The mane 6 would gather around her and say, "And we'll all be here to help." And then the student 6 would say, "You can count on us, too." Pretty soon all the other students would gather 'round and chime in, all eager to help. It would be at this moment that Neighsay would come forward and surprise everyone by saying, "And I will help, too. I was wrong, and I'm sorry. I see now that there is no better pony for this job than you, Princess Twilight. The EEA would be proud to help you rebuild your school, just as it was." Twilight would thank eveycreature, then we'd pan out on the wreckage with all of the hopeful students and faculty gathering, then tilt up to see the setting sun, and fade out. THERE'S your ending, bi-atch! That would have been sooo much better. That would have rocked. Man, I'm so bummed they didn't do it that way. Another possible, much darker but still awesome ending, would be that the vortex finished, and magic was permanently removed from the land, or so it would seem. Everypony is devastated, and they all go home in defeat. Then for the last shot, Celestia is sitting in a park in Manehatten at a little table with a cup of tea, wearing a coat and hat on because she's now ashamed to recognized. She looks sort of sullen, then closes her eyes and concentrates hard, and we see the faintest flicker of a soft yellow glow on her horn, so small and brief you could miss it if you blink, and then her teacup would wobble just the tiniest hair, and BAM, cut to the credits. So, yeah, I just love that X-Men: The Last Stand ending so much. Even though the movie on the whole was crap, that ending was so awesome, and I've always wanted that scene with a unicorn or alicorn on Pony. That'd be so cool. Anyway, pay me no mind. I'm just a goof. All in all, I'm pleased. I mean, at least the finale was up to normal Pony standards, unlike Non-Compete or Fake It, or some of the other crap this season. Well, that's it for the reviews for now. Before I go, it's time for one last important thing: my season 9 wishlist!! Sisters spotlight with backstory (Royal Problem was okay, not great, and I want Sisters backstory) Zecora spotlight (I know--hell will freeze over first. I can still dream...) Limestone and Marble Pie co-star spotlight (I know, right?! How AMAZING would that be??!!) Spike finds his real parents. Preferably an epic two-part season premiere in the dragonlands. (Probably never gonna happen. They kinda shut the door on this. ) Ponytones reunion Futtershy's bat fang resolution Learn how Bright Mac and Pear Butter died CMC open the Cutie Mark Counselor's office in Ponyville. Rainbow spotlight where we actually get to see her fly with the 'bolts for more than 2 seconds. Flurry Heart is eaten by a hydra. ( What? Yeah, so sue me...) Confirm my headcanon that Starlight is the descendant of Starswirl. (Her cutie mark is a star with a swirl around it...) The mane 6, the Sisters, and Starswirl learn of the Tree's sentience and commune with it. (This is a serious one. Gonna be super pissed if this doesn't happen.) I know--I'll be lucky if I get just one of these. (Please be the Flurry Heart one, please be the Flurry Heart one...) Good freakin' Celestia, that was a long one. Alright. Till next time.
  11. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E24 - Father Knows Beast

    Oh, thank Celestia. I've never been so relieved. Thank friggin' Celestia that that moron wasn't Spike's dad. I had a feeling, even before watching the episode. The description says "...a dragon 'claiming' to be Spike's father..." Why use the word "claiming" if it wasn't meant to cast doubt? Sludge became extremely suspicious when he specifically asked the ponies if they had heard of that....whatever place he mentioned....before telling them the story of Spike's egg. And of course, the clencher was the maniacal grin at the end of the song. I would have been so f*cking pissed if that sack of garbage was the real deal. That said, it was a fairly mediocre episode with an award for worst song in the series. But...y'know....I figure the song wasn't really supposed to be good....y'know....since Sludge was a piece a crap....so it's kinda fitting....y'know? Anyway, the great thing about the episode was the further development of Smolder and Spike's relationship. I've said before that it's so wonderful that Spike has a dragon friend to help him out now, and this episode developed that much more. And I have to say, for a friendship novice who is not at all suited or accustomed to this kind of friend and mentor role, Smolder is doing a heck of good job. I'm just a little bummed that they seemed to kinda close the door to Spike finding his real parents. Twilight made that comment, and Spike was like, "Nah, I know who my family is." And that's great and all, but I still want to see his parents and get the backstory. I take it that the writers wanted to address the issue but leave it they way it is, with Spike never knowing his parents so he will remain a relatable character for kids who don't know their parents. And that's fine. I get that. It's a great message for kids that families come in all forms, and that you don't have to have the traditional family with your biological parents in order to have bonds that are just and strong and meaningful. But....well....y'know....I just really want the Spike story! Meeting his parents has been one of my top wishlist items from day 1. I want an epic two-parter that takes place in the dragonlands where he finds his parents and they have to defeat some villain, and I want his parents to be really cool and majestic. Like, I want his dad to be Smaug....but, y'know, not evil. I just meant in terms of appearance. PAARTHURNAX! There ya go. I want his dad to be f*ckin' Paarthurnax. Anyway, I guess we're not gonna get it. Oh well. I'd rather that they leave it be than screw it up. The x-ray heartbreak was a little strange. It just feel off to me. I dunno why. And was it really necessary? We could tell she was really hurt.
  12. Justin_Case001

    Spoiler S08:E23 - Sounds of Silence

    *Sigh* You know the bad thing about great episodes? Now I have to write a lot! Although not as important in the lore or development departments as Molt Down or What Lies Beneath, I think that Sounds of Silence is probably the best episode of the season so far. In fact, it's the only episode this season that I've given a 5/5 rating. I'm pretty stingy when it comes to giving out five stars. I have to save it for the times when I was truly blown away, or the rating doesn't mean much, and this was one of those time. What an episode! Finally, after dragging ourselves through a pretty frustrating season, we finally got the outta-the-park home run. Oh, it was just so good! Where do I begin?! Just about everything in this episode worked perfectly for me. I'd like to dive straight into the moral, and circle back to the more superficial things later. This is one of the best, most original, and most important lessons we've gotten in a long time. Not being afraid to voice your opinions, and being willing to have civil disagreements is a vital message for all people. Simply staying silent and not talking things out is never the answer. I sometimes read more into Pony than is really there, but I wonder if this episode, at least in part, a commentary on the fractured state of the American public discourse and the fact that so many people are afraid to speak up lest they be ostracized and fired for saying something as innocuous as "men and women are biologically different." (Oh yeah, I'm looking straight at you, Google.) The great thing about morals and underlying messages is that even if a particular message wasn't intended, if even one person gleaned that message, then all the better, and it really doesn't matter whether it was intended or not. There is a massive problem in my society today in which free speech is under attack. Sure, we still have the First Amendment, but it doesn't mean much if it isn't exercised. Many people are downright terrified to voice their opinions because of the inevitable fallout and sh*tstorm. People are often castigated for merely speaking to someone from an opposing side who has a different opinion. We need to speak up, we need to able to speak up, we need to hear others' opinions (especially those we disagree with), we shouldn't be afraid of sharing our honest opinions, we shouldn't be terrified of offending others or being offended, and we need to be able to debate ideas and have civil disagreements without it tearing us apart. That's what this episode was all about, and that's a vital message for all people in all times, not just America at this time. There's also the important message of not rejecting or being afraid to experience the negative emotions, but accepting them as part of a whole and balanced life. One could even say that if we learn to actually embrace the negative emotions and not fight them, we will be better people and our lives will be richer because we will see that the negative emotions needn't control or define us, and will pass. I think that, for me, the one thing that took this from a good episode to a spectacular one was the unexpected disagreement between AJ and Fluttershy on how to solve the problem. I did not see that coming. I expected them to just be on the same page (that would be AJ's page), immediately, and simply proceed to convince them all to take the cure. Honestly, they easily could have gone that route, and it still would have been a very good episode. It kind of blew my mind when Fluttershy said, "Oh no, we can't let that happen! They have to stay silent!" I was like, whoa, did she really say that? For a split second, I felt a little angry at Fluttershy. Like....how could you possibly think that would be the right solution?! But that was the genius of it. This was a brilliant way to add so much more to the moral. Hearing a story from a completely different perspective can radically alter your own point of view and conclusions, and even the best of friends can arrive at vastly different conclusions. But that doesn't mean that either side has malicious intentions, and it certainly doesn't mean that you need to get angry at each other, or, Celestia forbid, stop being friends. This is another message that Americans really need to take to heart at the moment. Sometimes, someone you know and love, maybe even a family member, can shock you with an opinion you never expected, perhaps something you vehemently disagree with. If that happens, don't get angry with them, don't hate them, but instead, talk to them, try to understand why they feel this way. Don't be afraid to disagree, but look for common ground, talk all the ideas out, and hopefully the good ideas will win out. And that's exactly what happened here, and AJ's ideas won out. Absolutely brilliant twist. There were so many other little things that made the episode so great. Mature characterization all-around. Nopony acted like a 7-year old. Autumn Blaze was charming. The pony trying to sign was precious for some reason. The Kirin tilting their heads in curiosity at AJ and Fluttershy was freaking adorable. That head tilting--omg--my heart a-splode! The journey to the village was surprisingly a pleasure to watch. Fluttershy's little burst of assertiveness to AJ was wonderful. She's still shy, but it's about time she makes her voice heard when she needs to, especially when it's one of her closest friends. The Kirin were gorgeous. Their leader, Rain Shine, might well be the most beautiful creature in the entire Pony universe. I'm gonna call her Celestia Mk. II. Oh wait, Twilight is Celestia Mk. II. Okay, Rain Shine is Celestia Mk. III. Man, I always thought Celestia was pretty, but Celestia just got her perfectly shaped, oversized, voluptuous ass handed to her. I'm about ready to throw Tia in the giveaway bag. She's obsolete. Yesterday's news. Rain Shine is hot, Celestia's not. I'm kidding, I still love Sunbutt, but that Rain Shine, HOLY MACARONI. The song was even pretty good. Best song we've had since....um....probably Rainbow from the movie (the only good thing about the movie. Don't worry, I'm not going there again. ) I would like some more backstory into the Kirins and their flame forms. Lotta questions, there. Questions that I'm sure will go unanswered. *Sigh*. I'm usually annoyed by Ye Olde Plot Map, but even that doesn't bother me so much now, since we finally have a proper explanation for its intelligence. There's only two complaints I have, and they're minor. First--it still annoys me to no end that the ponies act as if not receiving a direct summons from the Map means they are absolutely banned from going. Can't the others go and just hang out?! They don't have to actively help! They could just tag along, be there for moral support, go sight-seeing, whatever! Does Twilight think that lightning is going to arc out of the Map and kill her if she goes? One of these days, I swear to Celestia, one of these days, I want Twilight to say, "Oh, I so wish I could go, but the map said I can't!", and then the Tree of Harmony manifests a hologram and says, "What the f*ck'r ya talkin' about, Twilight? I never said that!" The other complaint, which I have literally made every single time there's a good episode, is that it wasn't long enough. ME WANT MOAR!! Yeah, a lot of the story was rushed, especially the tail end. The climax and resolution really got compressed and accelerated, there, but I'd rather have that be the case than leave vital things out. I just wish they had more time. I keep saying that this show should be an hour (~40 min of actual program). It could easily fill that time slot. Quite frankly, I don't understand why there exists this seemingly hard and fast rule that kids shows can only be in a half-hour block. And don't you dare gimmie that poppycock about kids' attention spans. Oh, so kids won't sit through something more than 30 minutes? So kids don't watch The Little Mermaid, or Beauty and the Beast, or Tangled, or Frozen? Huh? HUH?! When I was 7 years old, I loved Disney movies, and I was also obsessed with Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman, the original TMNJ ,and Star Wars. I watched at least one of those movies every week! In fact, I watched those movies so much it drove my parents crazy! I started watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman when it premiered (I was 8), and then Star Trek Voyager (I was 10). I was f*ckin GLUED to the tv for those. Yeah, kids sure won't sit through a 40 minute Pony. Pfffftt. I think that the rule of 30-minutes for a kids show needs to be broken. Literally every show for adults is an hour aside from sitcoms. They need to be to tell the stories! Kids shows can and should be good enough to fill those shoes. Pony is easily good enough. We just need one show to break that glass ceiling and prove it's possible so others can follow. But, as always, I'm sure it's just some marketing bullsh*t about ads. Not enough profit for companies to advertise in an hour slot, or some garbage like that. PFFFFFFTTTT. That's it. Those were my gripes, and the time one isn't their fault. Awesome episode. Superb. Fantastic. Celestia and Luna give it two hooves up!
  13. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When people use the word "itch" when they mean "scratch". I hear this all the time. Y'know, like when people say "I itched my mosquito bite." "My leg itches so I itched it." No, no, no, NO, NO. You had an itch, so you scratched it. You don't itch something that itches. You scratch it. Scratching is what you do to an itch. Look it up. Learn the difference.
  14. Justin_Case001

    Episode 21 - Spit Takes

    Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When characters on tv spit out liquid in surprise. Y'know, spit takes. Okay, it was kinda funny here, just because it's Pinkie and they had a self-aware sort of sense of humor about it. But in general, spit takes annoy me. Nobody actually does that in real life! It never happens! At least, I've never seen it happen. I knew a guy who would spit out liquid from laughing (boy did we have some fun with that in high school), but I've never seen anyone do it from surprise. Just seems like one of those phony, made-up tv things.
  15. Justin_Case001

    Which pony has the most beautiful eyes?

    Okay, some good entries so far, but I hate to break it to you--you're all wrong. Best eyes are....drumroll.... There isn't even a close second, man.