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  1. Definitely a great, solid two-parter. One of the classics, for sure. The most memorable part for me was the heart-tearing, soul-destroying look on Twilight's face when Tia scolded her. Good songs. The changeling battle was one of the best action sequences of the entire show. The only thing I didn't care for was the fact that they had never mentioned Shining Armor before this episode. They pulled that old FIM hat trick of pulling a character out their ass and just going, "oh yeah, they were there all along, didn't you know, you silly filly?" You gotta at least plan characters' nuclear families ahead of time so you're not pulling siblings out of thin air. It was excusable in the S2 finale because it was still just barely early enough, but it was f*cking beyond the pale by Flutter Brutter. I'll never let that one go. Fluttershy has no brother. Anyway, Canterlot Wedding was a smash hit.
  2. Fun, solid episode. One of those simple, fun, cute, silly, fun episodes of little consequence. Nothing to analyze, no character or lore development, nothing to deconstruct. It's nice to have one of those once in awhile. Just some simple, olde tyme, classic, old school pony fun. Not of one my favorites, but good. Incidentally, it still kills me inside that Rarity wears false eyelashes. It's just... sad somehow....
  3. I usually didn't care for CMC episodes pre-Crusaders of the Lost Mark, but this one was alright. Nothing to say about it, really, it was just... alright. Enjoyed it.
  4. I absolutely loved the premise. Spike episodes often have a good premise, but tend to fall short on execution. This one was no exception. I've always liked the idea of Spike trying to discover more about his identity and his species, but I just felt like the the way it turned out was rather underwhelming. I mean, I guess the moral was good, but... idk... I think I would have personally liked it more if he met some wise, mature dragons that actually taught him something useful about himself and their culture. I guess I was hoping for some good dragon lore expansion, which we finally got with Ember and Smolder. So... kinda meh episode.
  5. For reasons I will never understand, this episode seems to be one of the most hated by the fans. Y'know, out-of-character complaints and all that. I very much liked the episode. There's a big difference between a character acting in a way that they never would, in any circumstance, for any reason, in a way that doesn't even have a good plot justification, such as Fluttershy in Fake It Til You Make It, or Rainbow in Newbie Dash, and a character acting differently than they normally would for an understandable or justifiable reason with a good explanation. Fluttershy's behavior in Putting Your Hoof Down was fine, because it stemmed from two things: 1) Receiving really bad advice from an authority figure, which she then felt compelled to follow, and 2) Finally getting a taste of authority herself, and enjoying not being a doormat for the first time in her life. These things made her behavior understandable. I can actually attest to this personally--I was always the kid who got picked on in school. Small(ish), weak(is), smart, nerdy--a natural bully target. I got bullied heavily throughout all of school. In elementary school, there was a kid who was even smaller and nerdier than me, and he seemed to make it his business to be annoying to others, myself in particular. Instead of ignoring him like I should have, I actually turned into a bit of bully myself. One day, in a dark moment that completely belied my kind, quiet, gentle nature, I lashed out and did some rather cruel things to him. Oh, don't worry, no real damage was done, but I'm not proud of myself today. I bullied the kid, and I liked it in the moment because it felt sweet to finally be the one on top, to get some revenge, to have some power, to not be under someone else's shoe for a change. It was petty, it was selfish, it was small, it was totally unlike me, and it was completely human. I felt bad about it pretty soon after, and I still do to this day. Remember: real people don't always behave according to some strict, unchanging character traits, never varying an inch from their set personality. Real people are complex and messy, and sometimes lash out or go nuts or do things that they would never normally do. Fluttershy's behavior was absolutely understandable and realistic. Remember: there is a big difference between a character acting "out of character" for a good reason, versus acting o-o-c due to bad writing. For instance, Rainbow's impersonations of her friends in Newbie Dash made me wonder if the writer had ever seen a single episode of the show, whereas Dashie's totally uncharacteristic self-doubt and lack of confidence in Daring Don't was brilliant because it had a proper reason. Fluttershy's bullying was also realistic and believable. The piece that made it most believable was the fact that in the last act, she became as horrified by her behavior as everyone else, including the audience. She couldn't freaking believe she had acted that way. That's how you know it was the good kind of uncharacteristic behavior, and not the lazy kind from bad writing. It was a good episode, and I don't want to see any more whining about Fluttershy acting "out of character". Understand, rubber band?
  6. Good episode. Not a whole lot to say about it. Just a classic, solid Pinkie episode. But of course, what makes this episode a memorable hit is Simile Smile Smile, one of the best and most catchy songs in the entire franchise! It's definitely been one of the most popular songs for remixes and orchestrals. It's a very fandom-defining sort of song. And of course it gave us one of the greatest single creations in the entire fan community: SMILE HD!!
  7. Sorta cute. Kinda dumb. All around, I guess it'd sum it up as... unobjectionable. It's one of the episodes I watched once, and will probably never watch again.
  8. Love em. I think games are a great way to face and explore some of the darkest and most twisted facets of humanity in a safe and harmless way. I eat up all the violence and adult content that video games can throw at me, and it didn't turn me into a psychopathic killer irl. In fact, real life suffering and violence makes me nauseated and terrified beyond words. Who'da thunk it?
  9. They're pretty darn cheap. This is the kinda thing I use.
  10. Moar. MOAR. MOAR!!!! We need more votes! We need everypony from far and wide to get in and here and vote! I wanna see enough votes to get some proper statistics going!
  11. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? Deckled book edges. I'm talkin' 'bout this sh*t: I won't buy a book with this bullsh*t. You can't thumb through it. It's garbage. Who thought this was a good idea? They do it to create the illusion of it being a fancy, ancient, old tome of great value, like something recovered from Da Vinci's workshop, but in reality it's just annoying and pointless. I hate deckled edges so much. Whoever had the bright idea to start doing this on modern novels should be put in a stockade and pelted with rotten fruit. F*ck deckled edges.
  12. Oh, that's funny, because apparently basically the entire human race seems to disagree with you! To answer your question, the human body can survive for approximately 11 days without sleep. Of course, long before that time, most people will just drop, face-plant, pass out where they stand no matter how hard they try to stay awake. However, there have been rare cases of someone developing some kind of super rare neurological condition that prevents sleep, and 11 days is about the maximum before the brain just goes kaput.
  13. If the past is any indication, garbage. I'm sure we'll continue squabbling over irrelevant, insignificant crap, like who said what racist thing on Twitter, while completely ignoring catastrophic, civilization-ending threats that our planet faces.
  14. If it's weird, then I don't want to be normal! I think it's attractive as well. I'm male, and I shave all of my body hair. Have you tried exfoliating? I used to get ingrown hairs, but then I started giving all shaved areas a quick sanding with a pumice stone. I do once immediately after shaving, then again two days later, and I almost never have any ingrown hairs. I was amazed that such a simple solution actually worked.
  15. Funny, because I wish I had been born female instead of male. Each side has pros and cons. The luckiest among us have personalities that align and sync very well with their biological sex, and the unlucky ones like me feel that they'd be happier if they were the opposite.