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  1. Okay, this one's kinda stupid, but I wanna get it off my chest anyway. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When you see people ice skating in a commercial (usually a pharmaceutical commercial where happy people are showing how happy they are to get their fibromyalgia and crohn's disease under control), and the woman is always wearing figure skates, and the man is always wearing hockey skates. Yup. That's how it's gotta be. No other choice, because as we all know, if figure skates so much as touch a man, he will instantly turn gay. That's how it works. Pffft. F*ckin' bullsh*t. I know, right? What a weird thing to get bent out of shape about. Well, see, the thing is, I'm a figure skater. And male, obviously. I also used to work in an ice rink, passing out rental skates, and we offered hockey and figure. I would always ask which type the customer wanted, and a lot of guys would act like idiots when I asked. They'd look at me like I was from outer space, laugh, or even get downright offended or insulted at being asked if they wanted figure. Some young guys even made extremely rude comments, like, "what the f*ck, dude? I'm not f*ckin' gay!" Seriously. I had people say that. And it wasn't just teenagers, either. I had adult men in their 30s and 40s look at me sideways, like I was asking them if they wanted high heels and a dress. Yeah, so news flash: men's figure skating exists, and not all of them are gay. Many are married to women and have kids. In fact, most are hetero. Sure, there's a higher density of homosexuality within the male figure skating community then in, say, football, but it's not the majority. And even if it was, so what? But that's not the end of it. There's the other side, too. I don't mean to suggest that there's anything wrong with hockey, and to that end, why can't the woman ever wear hockey skates? It so happens that hockey skates are generally more comfortable and functional for the casual skater who isn't doing tricks (jumps, spins, etc). Hockey skates would be ideal for many girls and women who just want to cruise around and have fun. In fact, I knew a female employee at the rink who did just that. She wasn't a hockey player at all. Just a recreational skater who liked to cruise around and have fun, and she had hockey skates. And she was actually pretty dainty and feminine, too, not that that should matter. My point is, why can't the commercials ever mix things up and do it the other way around? Both types of skates are suitable for both sexes and all people. I just get so sick of this kinda bullsh*t, y'know?
  2. Hey. Y'know what really, REALLY grinds my gears? Screaming children. Mostly in restaurants, but anywhere in public, really. I have extremely sensitive hearing. Extremely. Life is very difficult for me to navigate because of it. Things hurt my ears that don't bother normal people. Screaming children in restaurants is really upsetting for me. Happy toddlers are far worse than crying infants. (Though that probably isn't the case from the parent's perspective, I know.) With crying infants, you get a bit of warning. It's not so sudden that you don't know it's coming. If an infant starts crying, there's a bit of a windup, and you have a chance to cover your ears. And it's not as loud, either. Happy toddlers let out sudden, shrill shrieks with no warning. It's like a gun being fired. No chance for one to cover one's ears. I have had to get up and leave many-a-restaurant in the middle of a meal, leaving my poor and very understanding parents to pay the bill and package the rest of the food to go. I carry earplugs with me wherever I go, but I cannot eat with them, or any hearing protectors, because the echo of the chewing in my skull in also intolerable. (Yup, I'm a f*ckin' nutcase.) This issue causes me so much grief that it's often life-deranging. I wish so much that there was a wide variety of adult-only restaurants. Y'know, besides bars, that is. (I'm not at all comfortable in an atmosphere like that, and that sort of place is usually even louder.) Why can't I just have some reliably quiet places to dine with my parents where we can talk and have a relaxing time without having our hearing assaulted? I hate this world.
  3. This is a topic I've wrestled with and put a lot of thought into. I dislike the entire custom of gift giving. I just don't care for the entire enterprise. Call me Sheldon Cooper. I understand why people do it, and why it purportedly warms the heart, but I believe the custom to be fraught with so many problems and stresses than the cons outweigh the pros. There's so much stressful and annoying flim flam associated with trying to figure out what to buy people, and then navigating the awkward social situations of pretending we like gifts we don't, and using gifts we don't want to use in order to make the gift giver feel appreciated. As a child, I liked receiving presents, but that was wholly different. As a kid, you just give your parents a birthday or Christmas list, and they buy you some toys you want, and that's it. There's no pretending to like gifts you don't in those cases. Different story with extended family, but nuclear family was usually fine. As an adult, however, I started to dislike both giving and receiving gifts. The older I got, the less inclined I was to the enterprise. My brother's mother-in-law gives Christmas gifts to the entire family every year, and she knows very little about me, so she asked my brother for some gift ideas. He said, "Uh, well, he's an artist." So, what does his mother-in-law do? She buys me a book on various forms of physical media art. A beginner's guide to sculpting, charcoal, water colors, paints, etc. Great. I'm a GRAPHIC ARTIST. Y'know, DIGITAL. I make digital art with Blender and Photoshop to post to my online portfolio. I hate making physical art. I'm not gonna paint and sculpt. Most useless gift I've ever received. This kind of stuff happens all the time to so many people. Someone might ask for gift ideas about Bob, and Bob's friend will say, "he likes sports," so someone buys Bob a f*ckin' badminton racket or something, when in fact he just likes WATCHING sports on TV! And badminton isn't one of 'em! We so often receive gifts that we don't want or have no use for. We put on a face and a show and try to use the gift when the person is around. We navigate what often seems like a tightrope walk of social conventions, and then we turn around and give gifts to others, knowing full-well that we are forcing at least some of them onto the same tightrope. And for what? Why should we subject ourselves to this rigamarole if we don't want to? I can't stand the whole thing. I don't want to deal with it, and I don't think I should have to. I reject the entire notion that we are obligated to participate in this endeavor with a smile, taking our true feelings about undesired gifts to the grave. I'm a proponent of total and complete honesty, and this section of life is no exception. I think we can and should be honest with people about gifts, and that means being frank when we don't want or can't use a gift. That doesn't mean being hurtful, of course. We should always use tact and take great care to make sure that the thought is appreciated. But I believe we needn't lie, even the white variety, and that we are entitled to honesty. I am deeply uncomfortable giving and receiving gifts. I don't like trying to figure out someone else's needs and desires any more than I like receiving things I don't want. I don't like the reciprocity obligation of the custom. I don't like having people spend money on me without asking. That is why, years ago, I told my friends and family that I'm opting out for good I said that I would not be buying gifts henceforth, and I don't want anyone buying gifts for me. It took a bit of persistence to get them to finally take me seriously, but eventually they did, and it has worked out well. I live a gift free existence. Instead of buying things for someone else and giving them hints (or even telling them explicitly) what to buy for me, I just buy what i want for myself. Many people (my therapist included) urge me to rejoin the world of gift giving, maintaining the belief that gift giving is one of the most wonderful things humanity has ever created, and that any life without it is a cold tragedy. Many people would feel sorry for me, or call me Scrooge, or say that I'm a jerk, or cold-hearted, etc. Poppycock. I'm a warm and caring person if you get to know me, and furthermore, my life is so much better without gift giving. I'm far happier this way. But that's not quite the end of it. I do have a proposal on how one can fill the void if they wish to opt out of gifts as I have done. I have always believed that the greatest gift one can ever give or receive is quite simply the most precious and limited resource in this universe: time. Give the gift of your time. Don't feel obligated to show your affection with monetary compensation. Instead, show your love and appreciation for those you care about by spending time with them. Set aside time out of your busy schedule to be with them. Really be with them. Put the phone down. Spend a day with them. Do an activity together that they enjoy. Give them your undivided attention. Give someone you care about a few of your precious minutes on this Earth that you will never get back. We all have a very limited time in this life, and we can never get any more of it. Your expiration date is what it is, and the clock is ticking. Choosing to give some of your irreplaceable time to someone else is perhaps the most caring and genuine thing you can do. That's how you show someone you care. Time is the only gift I ever care to give or receive. Incidentally, if I ever managed to find a romantic partner, that is how I would approach our relationship. The only compatible woman for me would be one that understands that there will never be any birthday or Christmas gifts, nor flowers or chocolates on Valentines Day. Instead, I would give her as much quality time and attention as I could spare. I would speak with my time, not my wallet. I would be with her. I doubt there are many women on this ball of rock who would be amenable to this arrangement. A man can dream, though... a man can dream...
  4. I need to make a correction. I've recently been watching a lot of Futurama, and it turns out there is a fair bit of rear female nudity! Several explicit Amy and Leela buttocks' grace the screen in the later seasons. Neat! So, my bad. +1 for equality. But, y'know, my argument tends to hold up the vast majority of the time.
  5. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When you flip open the top of one of those little pocket hand sanitizer bottles, and the sanitizer starts oozing out the top for no reason. I understand it's a pressure difference, but it does it all the time when the bottle is just sitting there, right-side up in my medicine cabinet, and it's never moved! I just open it and it starts vomiting out the gel until half the bottle is empty! Only seems to happen with hand sanitizer. Drives me f*ckin' nuts.
  6. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? How every single controversy or problem has to be called "something-gate". Y'know, after Watergate. Y'know, like Derpygate, or Elsagate, or... um... uh... well, there's tons of others, but they're escaping me at the moment. You know what I'm talkin' about. It's gets really old. You can't call every single Celestia-dammed thing "something-gate". Knock it off already. Geeeeze.
  7. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? When I can't find the Celestia dammed comics section in the newspaper. It's always somewhere different! One day it's on the back of the sports section, the next day it's hidden in business, the next day it's in the national and world news section. I have to search every front and back to find it! The hell, man? The f*ck?! Why can't they put it in the same place every time so I can just frickin' open the f*ckin' paper and go right to it?!
  8. Um... over 9000? Idk. Unicorn/alicorn magic seems a little too inconsistent to properly compare. I'm sure that Big Twi in the future scenes is by far the strongest of all, but perhaps Starswirl is more knowledgeable in the workings of magic? One thing's for absolute sure, though: the award for most badass of all time goes to Glimmy Glam. I mean, that attack on Chrissy in the finale!
  9. Well, I think this is really creepy. I have others (my own 3D renders, in fact!) but they are not suitable for the PG-13 forums...
  10. Tough call. Can't pick just one. Sunset, Pear Butter, and Luna. Honorable mention: Rarity. It's so hard to choose.
  11. Spitfire. Definitely. I mean, she's already the hottest, but watch what happens when she throws a towel around her neck: The hotness increases by 300%!
  12. Well, first I guess I'd kill a few people, then I'd get sent to a slam where they'd tell me I'd never see daylight again, then I'd pay a doctor twenty menthol cools to do a surgical shine job on my eyeballs so I could see who's sneakin' up on me in the dark. Lol. Pffft. I mean, whattyu think I'd do? I'd panic and go to the emergency room, just as every single person on Earth would do if something magically appeared on their skin. I guess if I actually had some logical reason to think that this wasn't completely at odds with reality, then I'd prolly think it was pretty boss. I think my cutie mark would probably just end up being the Steam logo.
  13. There is only one Equestria Girl: Sunset Shimmer. She's the only one from Equestria. Well, of the protagonists, anyway. You included the Dazzlings, and they're obviously from Equestria. Anyway, Sunset's always been my favorite. She just so mature and beautiful and cool. I love her personality. If could marry any character in the whole G4 multiverse, it'd be her.
  14. I'm having a little trouble understanding your question, but I believe you're asking what it would be like if the mane 6 had a musical band. Um... that's not really a hypothetical. It looks like this: Am I missing something? EDIT: OP seems to have been edited. I think my post has been rendered void. To answer the new question, if I could change the band, I wouldn't. They're perfect as is. I mean, why would I shuffle them around? Apologies, but I just don't really understand this topic. :/