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  1. I loved MM. It's was an underrated, underappreciated gem. I never understood why Ocarina is held up as this beloved, legendary classic, but MM seems to be kind of universally hated. I mean, a lot of those 64 era 3D games are pretty rough and didn't age well, but, y'know, that's true of Ocarina as well. But the world, art, and music of MM was so good. I think people seemed to dislike the 3-day time system, but I loved it. I guess the game's gonna flop for anyone who didn't like that system. I really loved the whole 3-day time limit and resetting the world thing. I didn't think I'd like it going it, but it was great. I enjoyed the whole idea of trying to make the most efficient use of your time and fitting in as much as you could before you have to rewind. It made things feel more... meaningful, I think. It added a realistic layer of meaning and pressure when you'd have to look at the clock and think, "Do I have time for that? Yeah, I think I can squeeze it in." And then you'd learn more and plan your next 3-day stretch to be even more efficient. I liked that. I guess that's why I also loved Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns, and most people hated it. Same system. The world of MM was definitely one of the more whimsical in video game history. Very memorable and joyous to explore. And the time reset mechanic made for more replayability because you could do a quick tour and kill all the bosses again without having to play the whole game over. I loved that. My only quibble is that I wish the final boss had been a little more badass instead of a walking piñata with stick legs.
  2. Hey. Y'know what really grinds my gears? That stupid, annoying, ridiculous, awful, stupid joke when someone is breaking the news to you, and they put on a sad face, kinda build the suspense and say, "Well... it's not good... ... IT'S GREAT!!! " I f*ckin'g hate that joke. It makes absolutely no sense for one simple reason: if something is great, then it automatically is good. Great is gradation of good. Great means really, really good. Something can be good but not great, but if it's great, then it's also good. When someone says, "It's not good... IT'S GREAT!", that is literally false and impossible. The same thing goes for saying, "Well... I don't like it.... I LOVE IT!!" If you love it, then you like it. These jokes are so stupid.
  3. For my answer, I'll say a bunch of very fragile glass vials filled with smallpox. Or how about this--murder hornets dipped in covid-19? You could call it the 2020 special!
  4. None. FIM was ended well. Just leave something alone for once. I only want to see a completely new world with new characters.
  5. Lol. Some of those are very funny. I love the mail yourself challenge. That's hilarious. Ironically, probably the least likely way you're gonna get covid, unless someone recently sneezed on the seat. But no, I haven't done any internet challenge. What do I look like, an idiot?
  6. Um... I guess I'll just say my brushable pony figures. Though I guess that's unwise. It'd take someone about 2 seconds to figure that out and find 'em.
  7. Hmm... I guess that I'm super into feminine fashion? I mean... people will sure as heck see it when I'm out and about... but if they saw me in my normal lounging around the house clothes then they probably wouldn't guess it.
  8. Yeah, isn't the flat Earth thing just the friggin' best? If aliens showed up and observed us for awhile and saw the flat Earth movement, I wouldn't blame them for just glassing our planet from orbit and exterminating this miserable species. I really wouldn't. What I don't understand is why the flat Earth movement isn't instantly quashed by this: I just want to take a second to say how incredible this is. Watching this kind of stuff is the only thing that makes me feel better about this planet and our species. So, it will be different when you're looking at it, because it's live, but when I posted this video, it was showing an astronaut floating outside the station, working on something, and also just sort of chillin' and waving at the camera. I cannot describe how mindblowing that is--to realize that you're looking at a dude in space right now. I mean, we're so desensitized to movies that it can be easy to forget that this isn't a movie. This isn't George Clooney in Gravity. That's a real frigging guy (or woman, no way to tell in the EVA suit) floating in space right friggin now. IT'S A GUY.... IN SPACE... RIGHT NOW. And I'm sitting at my desk in my room lookin' at him. Live. Right now. In space. And he's waving at me. From space. Right now. Just blows my f*ckin' mind. If we accomplished this, just think how much farther along we'd be if we weren't being shackled and dragged down by things like flat-Earthers and other... um... belief systems... of various sorts... that I'm not allowed to mention on this forums anymore...
  9. Yup. And don't forget about games! Steam is convenient, but they could technically pull the rug out from under us at any time. That's why you have to diversify and buy things that are really important to you on GOG and make backups.
  10. At home, just loose-fitting boxers and shorts or pants, depending on temperature. When I go out (if I can ever go out again, that is... stupid 'demic.) I wear all manner of skirts, dresses, and exciting, saucy underwear! Oh.
  11. Well, you said that in 2015, but you're definitely still right. If she got a boyfriend post S9, it would definitely cause the biggest uproar, since, y'know, she's gay! Totally canon confirmed!
  12. Well, she did, didn't she? Luster Dawn. But, well, Luster wasn't smarter than her or better at organization, but still, she was similar, and that was kinda the point.
  13. I remember all. And yes, those were good times. I miss the Golden Oak Library the most. It was so cute and cozy. It was just the quintessential setting for all things Pony. All of my favorite Pony memories and all the best fan-made Pony youtube videos are in that library.
  14. Disappointed? Nah, not really. But it woulda been kinda cool, I suppose. I mean, I think too many 'corns spoil the broth, but perhaps a flashback of a stalicorn from ages past. That mighta been cool. Ooh, I actually really like that idea! Sombra should have been so much more badass than he turned out to be in S9. I wanted him to be like Sauron. And yeah, it would have been awesome if he was an alicorn. He woulda been like the Sauron to Celestia's Gandalf.
  15. Haha, speak for yourself! I SWITCHED EVERYTHING TO LINUX!! MWA HA HAA!!