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  1. Got in a fight with a vending machine that stole my friend and insulted my money. It won. For now.
  2. It's a heavier subject than the show is ever likely to tackle directly in explicit detail. But with what we've have been shown I think the broad idea is that there is some sort of continuation, both symbolically and metaphysically of the 'souls' or 'spirits' of the departed. MLP doesn't strike me as taking the nihilistic avenue of 'death is death' but rather that no pony really knows and it's just one of the great mysteries of life in Equestria.
  3. I'd take the option even without the 'design yourself' option and 400 bits(is that a lot? I don't know Equestrian economics) but obviously I wouldn't turn it down. Not sure if I would go as my pony OC or not. But either way I'd jump on that opportunity. Well that makes it pretty easy I guess.
  4. Roughshod

    Stygian Fan Club

    I'd like to see another appearance of old stygy again. Particularly with Starswirl exploring Equestria and learning about friendship. So true. The underuse of Earth/Pegasus ponies is a shame. But kind of a humorous one.
  5. I'm never really here and I'm never really gone.
  6. One day the true owner of this show will return and take her place on the throne! I agree, Vignette Valencia should have been executed. That's what you meant right? Money talks, gripers walk. There's a reason why some members of the writing staff have left the franchise(among others). The profit motive will not be denied!
  7. Roughshod

    S08:E18 - Yakity-Sax

    This episode synopsis sounds awfully familiar. Like a Pinkie Pride/Party of One familiar with a touch of Swarm of The Century and Party Pooped.
  8. Roughshod

    Rollercoaster of Friendship

    See, one of the problems I have with Rollercoaster of Friendship - and by extension many of the specials/shorts since Legend of Everfree - is the total lack of overall direction and growth or consequences to any developments. It's like they're combining the slice of life and adventure arcs of FiM but without the crucial parts of either. It's often the case that there's been more reliance on quick humor and spectacle than actual storytelling. Lots of mcguffins but not a lot of reflection. Except in Sunset's case. A big reason for her huge surge in popularity is that she's mostly well written. Almost more maturely than you'd expect in a series like this at first glance. She actually has a backstory and challenges that make us want to care about her. She's sincere and relatable and strives to better herself and support her friends. But the human Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash for example? I don't care about them. It's like the writers are just relying on our knowledge of FiM and just giving them one liners to fill in the time. They're completely one dimensional and aside from their stand in for the EoH are pretty disposable as support characters. Don't try to bring up Dance Magic or Movie Magic as counter examples either. While not terrible, they certainly didn't show us anything we didn't already know. Yes Rarity likes fashion. Yes Rainbow Dash likes Daring Do. Good thing they reminded me or I might have forgotten! The Shadowbolts had a better showing in that than the main characters in my opinion. Now Rollercoaster of Friendship makes an attempt to remedy by taking the focus largely off of Sunset and Twilight but it doesn't do anything really original with the premise of Applejack and Rarity's relationship. The same goes for Canterlot High. Sure we've seen it but we haven't really been shown it. I don't have anywhere near the attachment to the cafeteria or the hallways that I do to Sweet Apple Acres or the CMC clubhouse. Why? It's not simply because I haven't known them as long, but because there's nothing to know. There's no significance to these places except as a backdrop for dialogue and the occasional conflict resolution. They're totally interchangeable just like most of the random people you see occupying them. They don't care about that place(unless we're explicitly told they do on occasion) and neither do I. I don't buy it. I would honestly prefer to have Sunset return to Equestria permanently. With the possible effect of having the portal be finally closed/destroyed as a plot development for dramatic effect. That would be a good book end to how the series started in the first place with her running away from Equestria. But I don't think that's something we'll likely see. It was suggested throughout Friendship Games but was ultimately dropped rather anticlimacticly. Forgotten Friendship finally pulled off the reunion of Sunset with Celestia(a bit overdue in my opinion) which was nice to see but felt more like fanservice than a crucial element of her story arc. Woah, let's not get out of hoof.
  9. Roughshod

    Movies/TV Bond...James Bond

    Sean Connery in Goldfinger is the definitive James Bond in the definitive Bond movie for me. But Live and Let Die, Goldeneye and Skyfall are also decent. I actually don't hate any of the films though I haven't seen The Living Daylights with Timothy Dalton.
  10. Roughshod

    Generation 1 Villains

    Well, half of the characters on your list have either shown up or have basically been confirmed for an appearance. I've been pretty satisfied with the ones that have been reintroduced so far, particularly Tirek. I expect Grogar to be a formidable foe, though he may be reimagined in a completely different manner like the Smooze was from G1 so I won't make any calls just yet. The others like Arabus/Zeb and Squirk/Crank are pretty forgettable. They kind of fall short in the context of the current generation where a bit more is expected from the antagonists than sheer power hunger and belligerence. Tirek worked because hes also highly manipulative and has a vengeance motive. But we've had much better original villains from this generation with the likes of Discord and Chrysalis. Although Lavan was pretty comical in his musical number about power.
  11. Roughshod

    Do Ponies Bleed?

    No pony bleeds. No pony dies. Applejack's parents are on vacation. Vacation.
  12. Roughshod

    Rollercoaster of Friendship

    That moral was arguably done better in the episode 'Sweet and Elite'. Of course that was technically a different character and not to mention several years ago but I think it did a better job in less time without all the filler that was in this presentation. I don't see why they wouldn't utilize their own assets in such a way. Most of the fandom loves that kind of continuity and character building. I suspect a return for the Dazzlings may be possible before Gen 5 comes around which will likely mean the general end of all production for Gen 4 related content. There was a hint in this special and that's been a good indication from the animators in the past that something is coming. But I'm certainly not holding my breath. Preach. If they're going to do it now's as good a time as any. Go all the way. Finish it with their graduation and a finale showing everything they've learned.
  13. Roughshod

    Rollercoaster of Friendship

    More importantly it's something DHX and Hasbro aren't interested in, regardless of the writers. They hold more sway over big story points like these. As long as we never see Vignette ever again I'll be fine. The thing about Rarijack is that it's been hinted at plenty before now. The fundamentals of their friendship was established way back in 'Look Before You Sleep' in season one. The classic rustic country vs sophisticated urbanite (in Rarity's case semi-urbanite). To MLP's credit it goes about it more in depth than that. There's been some expansion and different takes on the relationship such as in 'Simple Ways' but the basic idea remains the same, sometimes to the point of almost flanderizing their characters. That's all fine and good I guess. Not exactly groundbreaking but serviceable. The romantic insinuations which were partially propelled by aforementioned dynamic was 'new' I guess but for me not really interesting given how it just stopped at the wink and the nod. So it's just a tease. But I'm interested in the Mane 7's friendship not intimate innuendos. Still better than the Snips/Snails/Spike love triangle theories. Naturally using technology and culture from our world is inevitable, in fact it's partially the point for the series from a storytelling perspective. When it's done well its barely noticeable but when emphasized it can come across as pretty shallow and just shameless pandering. Not a great endorsement that a pivotal aspect of the series is best presented when it's understated. At least in my opinion. There are many topics, such as the differences between the education styles of Equestria and 'Humania' which could be interesting to explore but are never touched upon. So, a bit disappointing in that regard. The hackneyed setting of a high school is what does this the most for me. It's just so uninspired that, while not a deal breaker, certainly doesn't hold a candle to the world of their pony counterparts.
  14. Yeah, what you're saying is true. The bigwigs up top make the final call. Doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. Also doesn't absolve the writers of all their mistakes, whatever they may be. They have responsibility too, perhaps not so much in pivotal scenes meant to push toys or worldbuilding but definitely in matters of dialogue and character growth. I understand that they can be on a tight leash in many respects but bad storytelling can be called out. I'm not going to tacitly accept that the writers are completely blameless and that 'if only it weren't for the big bad bosses everything would be perfect'. Not trying to strawman you here or imply that the writing on MLP is generally bad, it isn't. Only that using others as a scapegoat isn't the answer either. And you've got to be kidding me with Roman Reigns. That guy is STILL getting pushed? Geez. It's not working Vince, sorry to break it to you. That place needs some fresh ideas and some fresher people. Also, not that it really matters but why did you tag like half the main characters of the show?
  15. Roughshod

    How and when did you become a brony?

    I don't fully understand how or when it happened. Perhaps some part of MLP imprinted onto me. Something implanted or suggested. It is at this point irrelevant. What matters is that whatever happened it happened for a reason. Afterward I knew the rules. I knew what I was supposed to do... But I didn't. I couldn't. I was compelled to watch. Compelled to post. And now here I stand because of you Bronies and Pegasisters. Because of you. I'm no longer an agent of the system. Because of you I've changed, I'm unhoofed. A new person, so to speak. Like you, apparently, free. But, as you well know, appearances can be deceiving. Which brings me back to the reason why we're here on these forums. We're not here because we are free. We're here because we are not free. There is no escaping friendship, no denying ponies. Because as we both know without ponies this place would not exist. It is ponies that created us. Ponies that connect us. Ponies that pull us. That guides us. That drives us. It is ponies that defines us. Ponies that binds us. l am here because of them, members. I am here to take from you what you tried to take from me. Ponies. ... Ahem. But anyway I would say I got into FiM back in early 2013 or so. Mostly watching older episodes from seasons 1 and 2. Some of the songs really impressed me as well as the animation style and surprisingly sophisticated storytelling and characterization that didn't just resort to typical kid's show tropes and humor. Voice acting was on point and still is. The more I watched the more I liked and the more I wanted to watch. The community that grew out of the love for show was abound with artists and writers and musicians many with great talent and energy. Seeing this, seeing the fervor and unapologetic admiration for something so counter to prevailing cultural standpoints fascinated me and still does. I've made friends and enemies from this phenomenon and throughout it all I have no regrets.