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  1. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Discord Master Exchange Thread

    ^^ K i got a group for ya, been in it for over a year now. Originated on skype and grew over 100 people but now we have moved to discord because of the recent update. this chat has literally changed my life in the fandom and brought me close to so many new friends. group is ushyaly quite active during all times of the day. BronyCom: (note: i do not own this server its a friend of myns server)
  2. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Guy with a plushie - reactions/thoughts?

    if hes in college in that pic, than i feel like he could have done if "just because" to be funny. alot of college kids do that from time to time cuz they dont care and to give others a laghf. one time we had someone go to class all day on campus in a fur suit, xD that was so funny, props to that guy. another time we had this really big guy going around campus wearing a tu tu and a pink cut off, lmao. he might have lost a bet or something but it was great. im not making fun of thease people, im saying props to them for making me smile. the internet is what turns things acidic and you dont get the situation unless youve been at a univercity before (if this guys at a univercity) i guess what im saying is, in collage you can do just about anything weird and it could be taken as a meme.
  3. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Do you sleep with mlp Plush?

    lol IKR. the way my room is set up, all my plushies stare at me when im in bed so i ushualy end up sleeping with 2 or3 which end up on the floor sometimes.
  4. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Celestia orders you to smack your favorite pony. What do you do?

    oh gosh, i can't smack fluttershy, she would cry ;-;
  5. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Do you sleep with mlp Plush?

    Jealous of a plushie? lol
  6. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Do you sleep with mlp Plush?

    OMG im getting a luna plushie ^^ so yes, i sleep with plushies
  7. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Royal Pony Never Forgotten
  8. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Do/Have You Ever Binge Watched MLP?

    im going to participate in the marathon for the next episode!! so my answer is going to be yes
  9. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Kitty's Commissions~ (OPEN!)

    are you open?
  10. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Hello World

    HI and welcome to the Forums Cobalt! Im Shadow Dash ^^ Nice to meet u. that really sux that u got a cold, I hope u get better sooon! cheese is awesome, i eat it all the time. my fave is apple wood smoked guda, i get it by weight lols. If you ever want to chat or got a question, dont be afraid to pm me (I dont bite ) I hope you enjoy the forums!
  11. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Lord Swinton's Art and Illustrations

    do you have slots open?
  12. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Technology What kind of TV do you have?

    I dont got a tv but i got an epson 1080p 1600 lumen projector projecting onto a 82" screen. makes ponies lifesize! xD
  13. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Music EDM Mix. post, listen, and meet other DJs

    RM-8 my last radio mix untill i go and dj at MWBF! hype!!
  14. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Never been to a forum before

    Welcome to the fourms Dash! hi im Shadow Dash ^^ nice to meet you. well you sister was right to have you come here to meet some new people, everyone here is very friendly and this is possibly the best community you can join so ya lol. you just got to get out there and dont be shy. theres so much to explore here and lots to do. im sure you will like it here if you every have any questions or just want to chat dont be afraid to pm me (i dont bite ^^) I hope you enjoy the forums!
  15. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

    Hello all!

    welcome to the forums StratAttack! hi im Shadow Dash ^^ nice to meet you, lol i know the pony thats name is close to yours. you just got off onto brake? me too ^^ the forums is a great place to chat with others and make lots of new friends! im sure your love it here. thats really cool that you've been featured on eqd for your music. as far as a oc name well, i cant help ya with that, im not very creative. If you ever have any questions or just want to chat, dont be afraid to pm me (i dont bite ) I hope you enjoy the fourms!