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  1. waitin for chirtmas to get FALLOUT 4!!! aaand playin terraria

    1. Bojo


      Your wait will be worth it!

  2. offline playing undertale

  3. now i think that i can make resquest of that pony fallout tumblr blog thingy.

  4. Lenve(Shining Mind)

    Mega Thread Your Favorite Episode?

    amending fences, because of the perfect continuity, great development for twilight, and of course:moondancer
  5. so, in what category should I place the topic? it's a tumblr ask pony blog like ask-thaumaturge-pony, studentluna and askqueenmoon but with FALLOUT
  6. i want to make a pony fallout tumblr ask blog thing and i need a team but i want to know if i can ask people to join here i can or i can't? and if i can, where i do this, on creative resourses or what?
  7. some one, helpme! please
  8. welcome to the forums! if you have a question don't be afraid to pm me or anypony ^-^

  9. hi i'm gui. but call me len. i'm from brazil and this is my first time on forums. i like games and draw. i dream of be a famous indie game developer and artist. i hope to have the feling of a second home here that i heard of. also, i want to make pony fallout tumblr ask blog thingy. were i can find anyone to help me?
  10. Some one can help me? also me need something that isn't paint to make the leters
  11. Welcome to MLP Forums Lenve(Shining Mind). I hope you have a great time here /)

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