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  1. Bojo

    Make up a lie about yourself

    Man, I freaking hate My Little Pony
  2. I'd pet her for 88 minutes
  3. Bojo

    Group 2 - Maretonia

    OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!! Can't believe this is back! I remember the MLPF 2014 World Cup; it was pretty fun! (Unless your favorite pony is Flutters, heh). Hope we have some interesting and fun matches again this year! Seriously, thanks for bringing this again guys!
  4. Bojo

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for reading this.
  5. Bojo

    Movies/TV Game of Thrones Fanclub / Discussion.

    Anyone else excited for season 7? I kinda feel sad since we're only getting 7 episodes; on the other hand, I feel like it's gonna be some damn good 7 episodes!
  6. GREAT SCOTT! We're watching a WHOLE trilogy tonight? I'm in!
  7. OMG I'm so *squee*-ing adorable!
  8. Do you have a movie saga or a TV show that you like watching again at times in a marathon fashion? If so, what's your favorite TV show or movies to watch on a marathon? Mine is Star Wars (I'll have to watch all of the movies again when we get a Rogue One digital release!), and my favorite TV show to watch on a marathon is Avatar: The Last Airbender
  9. Bojo

    New intro for season 7?

    If they didn't change it for the past 6 years, they better not change it now Seriously though, I don't think they'll change it at all. They might add a character here and there, but they'll likely keep the good ol' intro.
  10. I'm glad we made it, we all just made even more people's future brighter! Count me in to be one of the readers Side note: I'm not Lightwing
  11. Bojo

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because your avatar and sig are too cute.
  12. I got some of the games I really wanted on the Autumn sale so I don't have anything I REALLY want to buy. I'm up to see what's on sale and get some games though! How about you, @Mesme Rize ?
  13. Holy cow! I would never be able to sing that song without having a million mistakes. You definitely nailed it! 10/10 would get the whole album
  14. I'm up to join this as well! Let's see what happens