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  5. @Dynamo Pad Kitsune was quietly following along with each and every note. She could see them clearly in her mind like she was writing them all over again. She could feel it coming to a close and her nerves started to really nag at her. She sunk down on her seat a bit. Waiting for what she feared was coming. The sound of silence, she closed her eyes as she heard the last notes being played....then there it was. Silence. So silent in fact she could hear the shuffle of Mr. Penn’s shoes as he spun to face the audience. Then just as Kitsune could feel the tears start to form her ears perked up to the sound of clapping. Slowly at first then it began to pick up a bit. Nothing too out of the realm of polite applause but a bit more vigorous than from a few of the last pieces. She looked to Dynamo and she sat back up in her seat. “That, was just the first from out great young writer.” Mr. Penn turned back around and continued the concert. -The intermission- Kitsune stood and told Dynamo she was going to get a drink and asked if he wanted anything. She made her way to the little stand outside of the seating. She could hear whispers of ponies around her. They were talking about HER pieces and how much they loved them. How they were new, but still kept to the integrity of what real music was meant to be. She felt so light that she could almost float away. She got the order and made her way back to her seat for the second half. “Dynamo, ponies are actually talking about my music!!” She said in a hushed voice. She was beaming.
  6. sorry, i thought it was funny

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      I thought it was funny. I had to go back and watch it when I wasn’t half asleep. Lol it was funny though. 

    2. strongwilled_pegasus


      If I didn't know any better, I would say that was andrea libman voicing fluttershy (the impersonator is good)

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  8. @Dynamo Pad Kitsune’s ears perked up as the orchestra finally finished up their warm up. The crowd hushed as Mr. Penn turned to the audience. He took a quick bow, turned on his heals and quickly tapped his wand on the music stand. They began the concert with a Vivaldi piece, titled The Four Seasons. It was a piece that really got the senses flowing. As the concert continued Kitsune looked around to the audience, she could see all of the fancy ponies dressed in their very best. They came for the cultural, for the tradition, for the same thing that they always listened to. Just as the next piece was ending she had a sense of urgency flow through her body. Nervousness took over, as the audience applauded Mr. Penn turned around on his podium. “The next piece was written by a very special somepony, who is here in the audience with us. I do hope you enjoy, this among a few other pieces tonight we’re all written by this talented writer.” She hopes no one could see her turn a shade of red that she didn’t think possible. The musicians took their positions as she closed her eyes she heard her song begin to play.