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  1. twiia

    What are your "tools of trade"?

    I use Paint tool sai and an intuos draw tablet to draw
  2. twiia

    Searching WCRP Anyone?

    Hell yes, warriors is my life. I made a warriors roleplay in the past, and it sucked. I'm planning on revamping it and making it a bit more interesting. But I also suck at planning, so I'm afraid I'd be of no help.
  3. twiia

    Your Religion?

    I'm non religious and an atheist.
  4. twiia

    Fandoms You Left and Why

    I've left the mlp fandom. I'm finding the episodes rather boring and there's too many to keep up with. I also find the show sorta childish and overall I've lost interest. No offense. I suppose the forums aren't too bad tho
  5. twiia

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I'm feeling bored, because I can't find anything I want to do. A little relieved, since I finished yet another commission for someone. Slightly annoyed and frustrated because I need to finish like 12 more. Angry, that things aren't going quite as I planned.
  6. I was looking through random threads on this site. And working on commissions because I'm behind schedule.
  7. Boring book of nothing I did nothing particularly productive today.
  8. Because I like WSD, book, movie, and show. And I really didn't want to go draw something for an avatar.
  9. Madison, Wisconsin, USA Bright and sunny, typical summer weather. I'm too lazy to get the temperature and dew point.
  10. twiia


    Madison, Wisconsin, United States
  11. twiia

    Finding your next best friend

    Name- Zara Age- 13 Gender- Female Country- United States Likes- Art, drawing, books, eh I can't really come up with a list Dislikes- txt t4lk and stuff like that Hobbies- Drawing (I'll be doing that almost all the time) Other Info- More active on places like deviantart or skype, but I go on here occasionally
  12. twiia

    Ni's art dump

    Thx for the advice Thx, and I'm pretty sure your art isn't that bad And now, I finished an art trade over on dA. I decided to experiment with shading and stuff
  13. twiia

    Ni's art dump

    I feel like posting some of my shit art, starting from when I started drawing (last June) to now or whatever. So I guess this is kinda an art dump and to show how much I 'improved' (got worse) during the ages. Also, feel free to leave critiques or thoughts. My deviantart- Who's interested in some art? First I'm going to post the old stuff, on this post. Then I'm going to post some new drawings when I finish them. Just showing some main moments when my style changes. These were in June/ July/ August, when I first started. I used an art program called Krita. Moving on to September/October/November. The art still looks like shit. Now it's like, December. This spoiler contains art from December/ January. Also, I bought an wacom tablet around Black Friday, so at this point I stopped drawing over my traditional art and sketching digitally. February was a month for change, I guess. I got Paint Tool Sai and ditched the Krita program. In March, I tried working on my style anatomy and shading. It still looks crappy though. Finally, theres crap from the previous week. Feel free to leave thoughts and feedback on this. I will be posting some of my future art in this thread.
  14. Sounds cool! I might try it out when my to do list is cleared
  15. twiia

    Does it bother you to see Valentine everywhere ?

    It seriously bothers me because I was cheated on by my ex gf the week before valentines day. And then I see my ex gf and her new gf drawing gifts for each other and other dA couples... I feel really left out and it isn't a good feeling.