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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Well, Nygma is adorable, so I'd return the snuggle. But I'd prefer a snuggle from the user above. :3
  3. Me, obviously :3 And hopefully you. Are we very annoying?
  4. Possibly me! :> Have you ever eaten an invertebrate?
  5. Can't write my reaction, it's not kid friendly. :3
  6. Hello, stranger. Can you please get outta my bed?
  7. Not really. Yurizono Mitsuko (Yuri Kuma Arashi)
  8. Kinda cute, I suppose. Hoshizora Rin (Love Live!)
  9. Okay, Love & Monsters is amazing (despite it's rather... weird parts). I've never seen so much charatcer development for a side character who probably won't really be important ever in one single episode. Actually, I haven't seen so much character development for a main character in any series in one episode!

    1. Glitter Glue

      Glitter Glue

      Btw, I'm talking about a Doctor Who episode. xD

      If you don't watch it, go watch it now.

      It's amazing.

      Really is.

  10. Blossom (Stella)
  11. Super cool, but I wouldn't call them sports. I mean, I wouldn't call chess a sport either... What's the best way to eat corn?