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  1. Treeglow Flicker

    How was your day?

    I woke up late again after sleeping for about 12 hours. Overall the day hasn't been very productive. There's stuff that I want and need to do, but I've been finding it hard to get motivated these past few hours. Maybe I'm supposed to be just taking it easy for now?
  2. Treeglow Flicker

    Do you like thunderstorms?

    I love them to bits! I don't really have any memorable ones I've experienced though. Also, we haven't had one in a while where I am. One of my dreams is to someday become trapped in a haunted mansion during a thunderstorm.
  3. Sleep beckons to me so I bid all that read this a goodnight.


  4. Treeglow Flicker

    Gender Race

    636! If this was Equestria, I would have the upper hand! Mares! Mares everywhere!
  5. Treeglow Flicker

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  6. Treeglow Flicker

    Word Association

  7. Treeglow Flicker

    Gender Race

    636! You got a war face?!
  8. Treeglow Flicker

    Gender Race

  9. Treeglow Flicker

    Mega Thread Count to a million

  10. Treeglow Flicker

    Gender Race

    638! I felt my hair twitch! Twitchy hair means somebody is posting in this thread!
  11. Treeglow Flicker

    How long does it take you to fall asleep?

    It can vary for me. Usually I play a story in my mind until I fall asleep. Sometimes I can fall a sleep within a matter of what feels like minutes and then there are those really restless nights where I can lay there for hours. When that happens I always have to get up to make a cup of tea and do something for about an hour until I'm ready to try and sleep again.
  12. Treeglow Flicker

    What contests/giveaways have you won?

    I once won 7 free Mars bars in a row when I was about 10 years old. Previous day, I had a winning wrapper and my mum stopped off at a petrol station on the way back from school to claim it for me. She came out with a new Mars bar and as soon as I opened it in the car, it was another winning wrapper. So she went back in the store and claimed that one. Out of curiosity, I opened it to see if it was another winner, and it was. And so the whole process continued until I ended up with one that didn't have a winning wrapper.
  13. Treeglow Flicker

    Spoiler Autumn Blaze Fan Club

    Remember! Only a happy kirin can prevent forest fires.
  14. Treeglow Flicker

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  15. Treeglow Flicker

    When did you last get a haircut?

    I cut my own hair just last week. Usually, I try and go for something along the lines of this: Occasionally I have to trim some length off to maintain it. Also, it can be a little difficult to keep it straight sometimes due to it always wanting to fan out at the tips.