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  1. Almost got attacked by a dog nice.

    1. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      How do you "almost" get attacked by a dog?

    2. cuteycindyhoney


      I pass this house every day on my walks. The dog living there always acts like he wants to kill me. One day, he was out of his fence. He looked at me, never uttered a sound, and then ran away! How rude!


  2. Don’t be shocked if the next MLP movie launches on VoD and Netflix.

  3. BoopMan

    Animation Why Goku Is The Way He Is

    So anyone who watches dragon ball knows goku is kind of an idiotic goof who seems selfish and reckless. he often does things irregardless of how it effects others. he is often considered a bad father and husband as well. well, i'mma tell you why he is like that it centers around 3 points. Traumatic brain injury: shortly after arriving on earth goku had a really nasty fall. it nearly killed him and put him into a coma. when he woke up he he had a gentler personality. but he also has a harder time with social skills and situational cognition. that is probably due to suffering brain damage a
  4. so any updates on when G5 is coming?

  5. Still have issues with the whole mare do well episode. I know the girls were trying to teach dash a lesson but the way they did it was humiliating and frankly mean spirited.

  6. Open to some rp ideas

  7. New iPhone who this?

  8. Coloratura. That is all.

  9. A slighlty sad Thanksgiving for me. It was nice its just...its the first one without my dad.

    1. Tacodidra
    2. BoopMan


      For real...he passed away in june. It killed me.

    3. Tacodidra


      May he rest in peace. :(

  10. Buck it: covid, I challenge you to a match at wrestlemania 37 next year.

  11. Thought of getting a home workout kit.

  12. Curious how dash might be handled in G5. I mean nothing is official but I can't see her not coming back. Shes way too marketable and appealing.

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