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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Snake

    Find your Spirit Pokemon!

    If I dont get Vaporeon im gonna be salty... WELL I got Sylveon. Its... almooost Vaporeon? xD Sylveon is pretty cute so im not too salty.
  3. Snake

    General What Color Eyes do you Have?

    Grey/Blue! Depending on the lighting..
  4. Snake

    How to start liking Applejack?

    I didn't like AJ too much at first either, but then I kind of realized that I really admired her family values and relationships. She's not only tough on the outside, but the inside as well. In Tanks for the Memories, Pinkie Pie says that AJ "cries on the inside" Probably because she learned to be strong after her parents passed. In her Christmas song, "Days Gone by", to me it sounds like it was originally sung to the three apple siblings by granny smith, as the song refers to the audience (in this case, AJ Big Mac and Apple Bloom) as "dears". I can image Granny singing that to them to teach them to be thankful for the memories they did have with them, and to not dwell on the fact that they're gone.
  5. Snake

    Gaming What is your favorite Sonic game

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for sure
  6. Well I am a girl here, which I enjoy being so.. mare!! :3
  8. Snake

    Have you tried to eat like a pony

    I read this thinking you meant like, without using our hands.
  9. Snake

    Changedling OCs

    I'm 100% making a changedling OC at some point.
  10. Snake

    Favorite MLP Ships?

    I have lots of ships, but my top few would be Twidash, Fluttercord and Applespike!! <3
  11. Snake

    Please don't cosplay. Please don't.

    How rude. As long as you're dressed appropriately and none of you is blocking peoples view, wear whatever you please! Whenever I go out as rarity, I always get hugs from kids who recognize me! They enjoy it!
  12. Snake

    Do you believe in heaven?

    Hmm.. Hard question. I believe there may be some sort of afterlife, hopefully a good one. I hope my afterlife consists of going to Equestria and spending eternity there.
  13. Snake

    Trying a New Style (Updated)

    I noticed two things that if improved upon, I think would make a huge difference! 1. Proportions You seem to have the ears and hair down pretty well, but the shaping and proportion of the head and neck is a little off! Based on fluttershy's wings, you'll need some practice with those too! (Front facing wings are difficult, dont take that one too personally. I refuse to draw them for that reason. xD) 2. Smooth lines I suggest investing in a drawing pencil, that way you can make lines smooth and easily erasable incase of mistakes or for when you line it with ink! Last thing I can suggest is hand control. Just doodling smooth lines, circles, curves, etc can improve you a lot when it comes to drawing the real thing! You know how kids have horrible handwriting, that gets better as they practice? We are always getting better when it comes to controlling how our hand moves. Even if you're no longer a child, you can still improve that aspect! It might seem a bit odd but trust me, it helps! Learn to let you arm, elbow, wrist and hand flow!
  14. Snake

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    I have seen you around~ I believe we have spoken before as well!
  15. Snake

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders In Footed Onesies

    So cute! The second picture reminds me of TPPG!! <3