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  1. Request

    I feel a bit down, so i thought maybe someone could lift up my spirit with something cute. Which Pony dosen't matter, just in a cute fashion. :3
  2. I mean sure, it's a fantasy world which is basically powered by the magic of friendship and it's a very idealistic world, so in the shows context that's okay and i kinda knew that for awhile now. But in the real world, it's not that easy. Sure, i think there is good in alot of people. But some are just so broken that they are just unredeemable.
  3. Stahp, my snoot is not a light switch for hypno eyes. DX
  4. wololo


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    2. The_Gobo


      I... but... HUH?!


    3. VG_Addict


      Forget Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, THIS is the pinnacle of music. 

    4. Well Borne
  5. So uh... this happened.




    1. Hierok


      Well... It's always great to see a naga girl.

    2. The_Gobo


      Mia is a lamia
      Not a Naga o3o


  6. Such an amazing and (no pun intended) mesmerizing pic. @_@


  7. Movies/TV

    Okay, this actually kinda stupid. Those cages sound kinda pointless and the inclusion of pinfalls just dosen't click for me. Wargames was promoted like a real war and wars are only won when the enemy surrenders. I still think it will be good on it's own terms and the fact that they will have 2 rings for the event, which will probably come into play, makes me still curious what they do with it.
  8. Movies/TV

    Nah, it's still good even with the roof gone. You can't compare a normal tornado with the wargames, as the only way to win it is to make your opponent submit. Pinfalls don't count.
  9. Movies/TV

    Here is the thing. If they do replicate Wargames as it used to be, they need 2 rings.
  10. I really need to get the remastered version on Steam next month. Game really proved that the N64 was not a "kiddie console" :P

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    2. Lightwing


      Then let me tell you, this is a way more playable game, specially with the smooth as silk 60FPS and improved Field of View, and without sounding like an elitist, it makes the game just that much better :P 

    3. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      I admit, the N64 really aged over the years and considering this is a "remastered" version, i kinda expected a 60fps and field of view overhaul. They also seemed to have improved the AI and even the map, which was a pain in the butt on the N64. :P

    4. Lightwing


      I'll tell you already though. Lair of the manthids is still headache inducting, even when you know where everything is :P 

  11. Movies/TV

    Anybody excited for Takeover: Wargames tonight? Wargames is my favorite Gimmick match in the old WCW, some are even considered the best WCW matches ever. I am really surprised WWE took so long to consider bringing it back. Other then that, I think Mcintyre will retain and Kairi Sane will win the vacant Womens title.
  12. Oh god, it's ironic considering i watched this movie earlier this week and it's actually better then i remembered. This song is so beautiful.
  13. mine is a straight 10 and i am not even ironic about it.