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  1. Thanksssssssss Starshine for befriending me. :)

  2. This could be so fun!!! I mean, the whole thing about time loops made me think of All about time, but I wasn't sure
  3. ok, I don't know about you guys, but.... *runs over to Steel to help patch up his wounds*
  4. I've always enjoyed the genealogies, not least because a lot of the time, if you look into the names, there are chances you'll find a hidden gem in that there's also the fact that they are great tongue twisters!! Well, sometimes anyway
  5. It depends on whether you subscribe to being gay as being something you're born with or not. Ultimately, it could be a result of the fall or something genetic, I don't know. The one thing I do know is that only Daddy is ultimately able to see what the cause is and deal with it. I never said they had a point, I said that I could see where they're coming from. That's a MASSIVE difference in my book. We do not know the history of any of the members of Westboro, least of all their pastor, right? There is a high chance that the pastor has never encountered the father heart of God, and as such preaches the way he does out of a heart that has been broken so many times that he doesn't even know what love truly is. As such, I understand the viewpoint he has. I'm not saying it's right, far from it, but I DO understand (albeit not fully) where he's coming from. I do NOT, however, agree with the message of hate and bigotry that they send out into the world. JRex, I go to a church that is full of people who jump up and down, run around, cry, laugh, dance, wave flags and a whole host of other stuff. I myself give glory to God by dancing, hugging, but also by sitting down and resting in His presence. I think to a certain extent it depends on the kind of person we are. I am an extrovert, I love to make God known in every way possible, to give glory to Him. You may do it in a different way, but I'm not going to criticize the way you worship God because it's not the way I do it.
  6. God hates sin, that's why He did something about it. God LOVES people, that's why He did something about sin, so that we could have relationship with Him. Therefore God LOVES gays (general term) but doesn't like what they do. That doesn't mean that we should go and tell them off for what they're doing, we should show them love. Ps. I don't agree with Westboro, but I can see where they're coming from.
  7. hey, so change of topic: I've got a flat!! PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance*
  8. Of course However, that doesn't mean that He's not going to show me which way to go and teach me things along the way So... you're NOT single? or is that you trying to flirt? Also kidding
  9. Me please!! But not right now.. I'm waiting for Daddy to provide me with a home first
  10. it's ok, I heard back from the viewing I had last week and didn't get it... again.