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  1. Magic Note

    Ask Annie

    What are your favorite guitar brands and types?
  2. Magic Note

    Ask Annie

    What are your favorite video games?
  3. Welcome back to the forums, Annie! Hope you're doing well and staying safe during these chaotic times.

    1. Annie


      Just staying inside and practicing guitar these days!

    2. Magic Note

      Magic Note

      Nice! My brother likes playing the guitar a lot.

  4. Star Wars: A New Hope isn't even a masterpiece. It's an average movie that was ruined because of George Lucas' abysmal writing skills. Just look at all the unnecessary changes that were made because of Lucas. Worse, the only version you can get of the movie is the Special Edition. Even in the original, it had flaws: like, what the hell did the Jawas have to do with the movie, other than to pointlessly pad the movie? Lucas isn't even a good writer or director after 1976 - he ruined everything he touched. Just look at how much better the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi is compared to that badly written movie. The prequels show he cannot write his way out of a paper bag. That's easily my most controversial movie opinion.
  5. I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, but at the same time I'm a bit oblivious about it. Like, it's hard to tell if someone's in love with me or not.
  6. I'm also not fond of Star Wars. In the original trilogy, I only liked Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. A New Hope? It could have been better if it weren't for the bad writing. The padding in Tatooine becomes egregious when the Jawas had nothing to do with the movie, except to pad the length of the movie. Han and Luke were also not very likable characters for most of the movie. If A New Hope had better writing, then I'd like the movie series more.
  7. FF7 is easily one of my least favorite Final Fantasy games, mostly because they written Cloud to be some unlikable putz at first. First impressions to me are always the important one, and him having no flaws only sours my opinion on him. Even worse, if you want to get through the game, you have to go through Midgar, easily the worst part about the game. FF7 Remake did nothing to alleviate my opinions with Midgar being awful, and made it the main focus and padded it to a 40-hour monstrosity. After having the "remake" shoved down my throat constantly, it did nothing but made me avoid the game altogether.
  8. I'd love to learn Japanese but it's so difficult to learn. Namely translating words from Japanese to English. Kanji in general is difficult to translate without a guide.
  9. Out of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Action 52 or Home Alone 2 on the NES, Action 52 is easily the worst out of them all. 52 games, all of which are obvious alphas (not betas, alphas, because of how terribly coded they are), none have checkpoints, save function or continues. Quality over quantity is true here. Oh yeah, two don't work in some copies. There was also a $104,000 contest tied in to that game. Guess what? One level in the target game, Ooze, has a game-breaking bug that makes getting the reward impossible. By the time someone found out about that award, Active Enterprises went under.
  10. Happy birthday!

    1. Zero


      thank you!! :o

  11. I'm enjoying the new update! Glad swimming/diving was brought back. Now to finally get more of my encyclopedia finished.
  12. I'll be here for a long while. I was thinking of leaving a while ago but decided, "Nah, I'm gonna stay instead."
  13. Great graphics don't exactly mean a good game. Look at Final Fantasy XIII, for example: amazing visuals in a game hampered by bad AI and a bad battle system. Of course, the inverse is true with graphics: Home Alone 2 on the NES has abysmal graphics and also abysmal gameplay. TL;DR: While great graphics are nice, the gameplay shouldn't be an afterthought.