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  1. Mine is getting worse since the last post. I always fear the worst, and always feel miserable about myself.
  2. I have an orthodontist appointment then I'm eating dinner at my brother's house. I already got my haircut I guess this is a busy day for me!
  3. I usually start the game on Normal. Rarely, I choose hard difficulty if the rewards are worth it.
  4. Not one bit. I'm eager to lose more weight so I can be at a healthy weight.
  5. I was getting ready to eat dinner tonight.
  6. I last had a half of a glass of soda to drink with dinner.
  7. Klarth F. Lester from Tales of Phantasia. Who is this?
  8. The problem is that society is very judgmental towards transgender people and people who are experiencing/have experienced gender dysphoria.
  9. My stomach. Even after I lost weight last year, I'm still not a huge fan of it and I'm sure there are people who'll judge me for being overweight.
  10. I loved the original Lion King movie. I don't have plans to see it as of right now, because my nephew's gonna watch it with his friend either this weekend or the next.
  11. I went to the dentist. Then later on that day, I went out to get frozen yogurt after dinner.
  12. I apologize way too much and it's too easy for me to do. More times than not, it's made situations a lot worse because most times I don't know any better.
  13. Almost nonexistent because I just shaved recently.
  14. I don't see much use out of the Switch Lite so I'm not going to get it. Now, I know some of my family members with kids will get it because it's only $200 and it's portable.
  15. Hey, i added you on discord!

    1. Magic Note

      Magic Note

      Thank you

    2. Ninetales


      Sure thing.