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  1. there's something about shitty little local places that give them amazing food and i don't get it


    1989 vlog

    1. Woohoo


      Why 1989? :confused:

    2. Clod


      'cause that's when it was recorded

  3. does anyone actually use youtube's autoplay

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    2. The_Gobo


      I friggin' hate autoplay except when I'm watching a playlist. which is VERY rare for me


    3. Clod


      Yeah, playlists it makes sense. I use them all the time, and love that it plays the next one automatically. However, I'm talking about the more recent feature that has YouTube just play whatever it wants after a video. I keep turning it off but it turns itself back on.

    4. Woohoo


      When I first read your status, I thought you typed "autopay."  :wacko:

  4. Clod

    Food Ice cream or donuts?

    Ice cream is cold. My teeth don't like touching it. Donuts.
  5. add me on discord and then forget about me


    1. The_Gobo


      thought I had you added, weird


    2. Clod


      honestly i probably deleted you when i was sad one day and was deleting people i hadn't talked to in a while

    3. The_Gobo


      That's understandable XD


  6. Clod

    What is the worst grade you got at school?

    I don't remember any numbers but I got a lot of F's. On assignments, a lot of 0's.
  7. after thinking about it for a while, i decided that i no longer wish to be called "meme"

    it was a joke name that i only took because i noticed it was open. i wanted to change it for a long time, but everyone knew me as "meme" so i couldn't bring myself to change it.

    Clod may be temporary, idk. but i'd rather have it than meme.

    maybe someday i'll go back if i miss it somehow (?) but probably not

    idk what i'll do with my old OC either, but since i'm not really into the fandom anymore anyway i'm not sure i actually care.

    so... yep. i'm clod now. cool.

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    2. Clod


      you're trying too hard

    3. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      What if I still chooose to call you meme or some other phonetic variation :wacko: ?

    4. Clod


      eh, i guess you can? i'd rather not be called that though.

  8. Ready for another adventure :wacko: ?

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    2. Clod


      no idea

    3. SparklingSwirls


      How about to the circus? :ooh: 

    4. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Great idea :fluttershy: . Let’s go :wacko: .

  9. Clod

    What age were you when you started watching MLP?

    I was 12, around February 2013. Over 5 years ago now... whoa.
  10. when i die, sell me to a cannibal. why pay tons to put my body in the ground when someone will pay to have my body instead?

  11. despacito 2 located


    1. The_Gobo


      oh dear god, these things again XD


  12. I think of my best April Fools pranks on the days after April Fools

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      Even better.unlike april one will expect them a few days later

  13. when can we start using emojis for names? i want to name my son 🤔😂

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    2. CypherHoof the Reblanked

      CypherHoof the Reblanked

      Thinking about that though, I wonder if you could change your legal name to be an etherium address? Take a long time to write, but at least you could sign your name with ECC and all your contracts would be smart contracts :)

    3. Clod


      IIRC it's not even legal to have numbers in your name

    4. CypherHoof the Reblanked

      CypherHoof the Reblanked

      Varies by country, but yeah; Prince never legally had that name, but adopted it as a stage name.

      Often wondered about that though; cyrillic or greek letters in names can't be that rare, I would think, even in countries where those characters aren't the norm for the country in question.