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  1. The seemingly endless wait for 1 PM for the release of Forza Horizon 4's first expansion is terrible. I want to sleep a few hours to skip a little time lol.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Clod


      Forza only came to PC because Forza and Windows are owned by Microsoft. GT probably could someday but that's their choice.

      I'm not the best at explaining things so here's a very good description of the differences of each game, if you feel like reading it. 


      (Huh, I didn't know reddit links could be embedded.)

    3. Yu Ziyuan

      Yu Ziyuan

      Yeah for me some of the features and general feel of the game in GT are pretty essential for my full enjoyment of the game.

      I tried to do the same in Forza but it wasn't the same. The cars look better in Forza but I'd rather drive them in GT 

    4. Clod


      Understandable, everyone has their own preferences. I grew up with Forza so that's probably what I'll end up staying with lol.

  2. Hell yeah, little walk in the snow early in the morning. Nothing better than walking in the cold until one of your knees decides it's bored and wants to go back home.

  3. i clicked a place on google maps once and now i keep getting ads for it on youtube constantly

    no, i don't feel like buying wood pellets from the hardware store.

    1. Flutterstep


      Now that you’ve tryped that keyword you’ll only see more now.

    2. Clod


      jokes on you, i'm not using chrome

  4. hey, i'm back i guess

    coincidentally it's also the 5th anniversary of me joining this forum

    i've been here for 5 whole years

    holy shit

    1. Flutterstep


      To another 5 more ^_^

    2. Duality


      That's a whole half-decade. One sixteenth of an entire average human life. A full twentieth of the twenty-first century. In short, congratulations! :-D

    3. Clod


      And it's more than a quarter of my life so far. I wish we still had the time online stat on our profiles. It would be really interesting to see.

  5. alright yeah

    i'm gonna leave for a while

    if anyone cares, my discord is on my profile

    though i know that's not going to lead to anything so idk why it's even there

    i just need a break or something idk

    just don't feel like i should be here atm

  6. Clod

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Beaned for having any hope that a fictional character would want to date any person here Sorry dudes, Luna don't want none
  7. i have two choices

    1. keep trying to post here in a futile attempt to have some kind of human interaction outside of my ex (still friends dw), even if it's online and nobody actually wants to talk to me so the most i get is a reaction or two on whatever worthless shit i post, which is negative 99% of the time so nobody wants to read anything i post
    2. give up and let the loneliness consume me

    and man, both choices suck.


    feels like everything i do is pointless, really. i'll never get anywhere in life because i don't know how to not fuck up everything, and i can never have any meaningful relationship, friend or more, because i don't know how to. i'm only ever boring or annoying. and i can't get a job because i fucked up everything, and nobody wants to hire me.

    do i even want a job? most i'd ever get is retail. i don't want to work in retail. or any other job really. i hate existing enough already.

    am i better off dead? i don't think i can give a selfish reason for myself to stay alive. only to keep people from getting upset. which is basically just family and my one friend, my now ex. i'll never actually achieve happiness. not when i consistently ruin everything. not when i can't get a job that wouldn't make me want to die. not when i can't actually enjoy doing anything.

    yet i keep existing, i guess.

    and if you're wondering, this isn't related to the previous status update. if you've ever known me, i've been like this a very long time.

    see you all next time when i either make another depressing status update or say something stupid in an attempt to be funny. depression and shitty humor are all i've got lol

  8. Update: Finally got a message.







    Guess who's single lol


  9. gotta love when you see a discord notification and hope it's the person you've been waiting all day to talk to only to find out it's an @everyone.

  10. Clod

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Beaned because if we're being realistic, Fluttershy probably wouldn't want any of us
  11. Clod

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Beaned because if we're talking about irrelevant things, I've had my window open since the night of the 28th. Freezing temperatures? Don't care. Window's open.
  12. keep your windows open in the winter


    • drinks stay cold
    • wear comfy warm clothes
    • water is cold without being in fridge
    • nice outside air


    • my spaghetti and garlic bread got cold really fast
  13. Clod

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Beaned for calling that a classic. "" pls
  14. Clod

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Beaned for banning me for an "old meme" (while it isn't old at all) and then posting that.
  15. Clod

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Beaned for posting that right after I finished a Harry Potter movie. The credits are playing right now.