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  1. Beaned because everything there was intentional
  2. Happens to me with ketchup and mustard too. The ketchup especially likes to bubble up and then pop, leaving a mess all over the inside of the cap.
  3. Beaned because no one has ever been able to stop me from doing what I want in here. The next two of you are beaned for getting in the middle of this conversation before I have a chance to respond!
  4. Beaned because I beaned, not banned.
  5. Beaned because apples are pretty good tbh. Been eating them a lot recently.
  6. Oh man wait I just realized I never actually told anyone I moved recently. Nothing special, I just ended up in a nearly identical apartment in the same complex. But still, moved. Now my room is clean and I can try to keep it that way instead of getting overwhelmed by the mess that years of depression caused!

  7. Everyone is beaned for letting this chat stay dead so long Edit: I mean thread... I've been on discord too much.
  8. how's people today? personally i'm very very okay. very in the middle. not good, not bad. just... okay.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Duality


      I'm sitting at 17.4/23. Feeling pretty good but with weird nuances. :mlp_wat:

    3. Clod


      That's a very specific set of numbers you got there

    4. WWolf


      We’re all ok with you is what we’re saying :P . Yana

  9. ok i went to bed right after the last episode but

    what the heck that was a lot


    and i swear the ending with the book closing got absolutely 0 emotional reaction


  10. hey so i'm watching the last episode and


    wtf they got big


    don't like big spike

    1. CypherHoof


      At least it isn't greed-induced this time :)