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  1. haha epic cool i can't manage my job so i'm quitting haaa

    yet another reason clod is a failure

    i swear this place fucks me up somehow

    i leave early in the year and days later everything magically starts being good

    i come back and my life is falling apart again

    1. Bas


      One lesson I very recently learned is to not seek appreciation from people who refuse (for whatever reason) to give you some.  Otherwise, you will just continue on trying to impress them, and feel like you fail every single time. In such cases, I meanwhile think you might "simply" need to stop trying to get liked, agreed upon or whatever by that person, and stop caring anything the person says to or about you.

      Don't allow yourself to get harmed.

      Maybe the hopefully more useful advice;
      Give support and motivation to others! ❤️

      Take these red hearts and give them to someone else! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Believe in what they are doing, and that they will be able to do so! :yay:

      As stupid as this might sound; use these flutteryays and red hearts!

      I only started doing so last thursday. I feel like a different person. Before, I felt lonely, passive, depressive. Not caring. Maybe also having pretty bad thoughts about harming myself in any way.

      Now? I am FULL OF ENERGY! I WANT TO MOTIVATE THE SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE ❤️❤️❤️ I want to inspire others to press on, that they can overcome their obstacles in life! To believe in themselves! I became proactive, here at the forums, did even do a thank you video I ducked out for so long! In real life...not so much yet, but a bit surely, and I certainly got ideas to realize - Weird social experiments with beggars, writing an own WW2 short story in the net I got tons of plot ideas in my backmind!

      When you motivate others, you don't even need to get a reaction. Your own motivations flies back into your kisser! ❤️

      So, now, go out there and show them that you support them all! You can do it, I BELIEVE IN YOU ❤️ :yay:


      You found a job once so you can do it again! ❤️

      Also, take it as a working experience, that is something valuable to have!


      That's coming from someone who lost his (first real) job 12 days ago. You are younger, and people started working more late than you did! You got all the time in your life!

      YOU CAN DO IT :yay:

  2. Oh man, Gobo. He kinda just decided to leave one day. Nothing more to it.
  3. What's this? A day where the heat won't burn me alive? Impossible.

    Looks like autumn really is almost here. Can't wait.

  4. All you had to say was snails. Yuck. Tuna sandwich.
  5. ok ok let me try again Hi guys. I would really appreciate it if you would let me win this game. Thank you.
  6. Beaned because Luna says I must close my eyes and go to sleep Sadly I can't rn
  7. You keep stealing my spot as winner.
  8. I can't believe you've done this.
  9. Beaned for expecting me to see everything.
  10. Beaned for expecting me to know everything.
  11. Popcorn is good, but have you ever put ground black pepper on it? Maybe it's just me but I love it. Though it did come from my grandfather trying to stop me from stealing his... maybe I'm not supposed to like it? Either way, yum! American chop suey?
  12. Beaned because I honestly have no idea what you're talking about lol