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  1. Fuck dude I just got ligma

  2. Club Penguin Island is closing at the end of the year. Rip in penguin piss. Nobody will miss you.

  3. Here, have a music.


  4. I would go crazy happy if the KISS Demon interrupted Elias in the middle of one of those stupid musical things.

  5. Just saw a big fucking spider on the window outside. Window is staying closed.

  6. Well, autumn was nice while it lasted. My parents turned the heat on. Guess it's time for summer 2: autumn edition. Can't wait for summer 3: winter edition (+ open window DLC to add the new minigame: opening and closing the window because comfortable temperatures don't exist).

    1. Mirage


      Sorry man...I remember this from last season!

  7. WWolf

    *knocks on your door :wacko: *

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Clod
    3. WWolf


      *sets cookies and present on table*

      What is the latest :wacko: ?

    4. Clod


      not much, nothing really happens in my life

  8. i vote for apple slices as best snack

  9. unknown.png

    YouTube went down and I couldn't resist

    1. Phosphor270


      I noticed that too. Youtube would only load text. I thought it was my satellite internet, since it's cloudy right now.

    2. Spooky Brony 2A

      Spooky Brony 2A

      This is the breaking of the first seal from Revelation!

  10. And that's another day gone by where I do absolutely nothing but watch YouTube and play a little Forza.

    Fun. ...

    1. SparklingSwirls


      And get a boop!

      *boops* :P 

      Every day could use a little more excitement like that.

  11. Hi friend! Please vote for Trottingham Team! Thanks!:fluttershy:



    1. Clod


      Already did, but only for now. In the end there can be only one team, and it will be Ponyville!


    1. Mirage


      Kanye West fan?  :D

    2. Clod


      fuck no, but i am a meme fan.

  13. WWolf

    *looking for a book*

    Excuse me, could you help me, librarian :wacko: ?

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    2. Clod


      Uhhh... No, sorry.

    3. WWolf


      Aww :c . How about, “Pings and Dings” :P ?

    4. Clod


      Never heard of it.