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  1. Meh, feeling bad about stuff. somepony message me :o

  2. if you have something that says Friday...That will work better
  3. THEN WHY HAVENT YOU SAID SO ON THE EVENT PAGE XDDD Also btw...I just put Katy perry and a bunch of Human songs on my My little Karaoke XDD
  4. Hey everypony going to EFNW Selfie Snapshots here Princess and Hero of taking of selfies at horse cons. I come to invite everyone to My formal Denny's dinner. where? : Denny's (across the street from the con) When? : Friday (Day one of con) at 9 pm why? : Because...Denny's is Rad, and it's hilarious seeing a whole giant group of horse people dressed all formal taking over the Denny's My record is 19 bronies...lets see if we can beat that :3 See ya there horse people <3 And remember spread the word :3
  5. Hey EFNW horses I noticed there is a introduction board so I felt like I should do this. so who am I? hm....that's a good question. In a nutshell I'm that crazy mare you see running around the halls of EFNW taking hundreds of selfies :3 I started doing this three years ago back at EFNW 2014 when a "Manly Brony" named DustyKatt strangled me :3 while I took a selfie with him. then for some odd reason I started taking selfies... and before I knew it I had taken 200 selfies XD eventually the con goers started calling me Selfie Pony. and so I found my calling...Taking selfies with everypony. it's been years now... so much has changed.... I travel to so many cons and take so many selfies so many new people. and the quest never ends. :3 Being Selfie Horse has changed my life so much...and tbh I have EFNW My home con to thank. :3 ...hmmm idk what else to write...uh Ill see y'all at the next con?
  6. The stay will be Thursday-Monday And 185$ for the stay I have one of the fancy double bay deluxe rooms at the venue I'm looking for someone age 18-25 :3 And there are three dudes in the room including me And yes I'm a guy. But also the selfie pony. And if you could provide drinks that would be a big plus in my book :3 *UPDATE* CLOSED
  7. in like two days...Im going to be in Canada so much to do Released my animation I gotta do extra stuff and I gotta prep for panel.
  8. Sooo my Studio made a short animation for BronyCAN this year :3 Enjoy
  9. Why does pone must pone when pone is selfie..but also is a horse?

  10. wow its been a while updated my profile :3

  11. I WILL HELP YOU RANDOM PERSON! so To answer Online Pre reg...should be ending soon, we have like two weeks till con BUT Yes you can get a badge at the con, but I believe it is a bit more expensive, not much...and also you have to wait in a line :c Hope to see you there random person, and if you need any more help, Just ask me (This is my first Bronycan, BUT I am a CG (Community Guest) so I like to help the Community as much as I can)
  12. Hey Everypony :3 My name is Selfie Snapshots, aka The Selfie Pony usually at cons I just take selfies, and with this con being my 5th Selfie Quest, I have do something new. :3 I present: Equestrian Idol: A My Little Karaoke Competition Hosted by me and Co Hosted by Chi Chi So What is this Anyways? Basically in the last "Big Update" the MLK team came out with it added a tournament mode. 16 Players will go on stage, and battle each other, 1V1 Duels to The Fandoms Songs and show songs. During a battle the Player with the higher Score will advance to the next round. Note: This Panel will be Recorded and Live Streamed (maybe) so keep that in mind as well. This will be done Bracket Style Tournament. The winner will be Crowned THE PRINCESS OF KARAOKE. So Where and When is this? BronyCan 2016 Day 3 (Sunday) 2 pm In the Large Theater How Do I enter? On day two of Bronycan 2016, Look for the Equestrian Idol Booth where I (The Selfie Pony) and Chi Chi will be doing Sign ups. In the Vendors Hall (Time will be added later) ***IMPORTANT*** Only 16 Contestants Can Sign up (So make Haste to that Sign Up) Rules: All Players must be able to go on Stage in front of a crowed and sing your heart out. (Not Recommended if you have Stage Fright) Anypony May enter, no matter the skill of singing, (Have fun with it) A knowledge of the Songs on MLK is Recommended, but not Required. (Trust me, your going to wana know XD ) Have fun with it, and don't stress and remember to always Horse around. More News will be updated via youtube on on my Twitters @TheSelfiePony Update: Q/a Video! See you there <3
  13. Nah man ambitious? Nah I already know I'm part of two Pretty excited as well And also we are bringing a 3D printer Like my team owns one We will be printing something for people :3