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  1. Everleaf

    Is there a fan in your room?

    Yes, but I only use it during those hot nights, (which we are getting a lot of) but I usually avoid using it if possible, the fan I own is very loud and distracting. Perhaps I'll get a quieter fan in the future. ^^
  2. Everleaf

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking about what I am thinking. What I am thinking may you ask? Well...What I am thinking is "What are you thinking" (Oh and I'm thinking about getting some art done today!)
  3. Everleaf

    Spoiler Fears Confirmed- New Pony Problem

    So far I am uncertain about this season. Will I like it? Maybe. I can't judge a whole season by a single concept. When it comes to Flurry's "Op" ability I cannot help but compare it to the Cake twins, (of whom were unicorns and were explained to go through a period in their life where their magic is more intense. This could also be relevant in alicorns with a more intense result.
  4. Everleaf

    What style of clothing do you wear?

    Anything comfortable I usually wear anything considered simple (with exceptions of course) usually being a T-shirt/sweater and trousers, maybe a cosplay on rare occasions. Anything comfortable is fine with me.
  5. Everleaf

    First OC & or base edit

    I quite like her!~ Has she got any backstory as of yet?
  6. Everleaf

    Stereotypes about Bronies that you disprove?

    It is true that some brony stereotypes may in fact have some truth to them. However they are often exaggerated, only imply to some or are made out to be a bad thing. For example A large amount of the fandom do in fact have autism (including myself) is this a bad thing? No, not at all. Satoshi Tajiri, best known for the creation of Pokémon had autism. Even people like Elbert Einstein also had autism. In this case what is so bad about "autism anyway" Bronies spend most of their life on the PC: I guess this has more to do with the person you are referring to rather than a fandom, I also tend to fall into this category, I guess I'm just more of a introverted person. But that's me, not every brony out there. Besides it's not exactly a bad thing anyway. It all comes down to preference. Generally many stereotypes, are unreasonable and exaggerated.
  7. Everleaf

    Hello I'm Mason

    Welcome to the forums! It's nice to meet ya. I hope you' have a wonderful time here on the forums. Don't worry we don't bite. I just hope you don't mind puns. Anyhow, welcome.
  8. Appeals to a furry? Yes (or at least myself) made for furries? Probably not. Just another Disney movie featuring anthropomorphic animals. Besides They have been doing em, for years. For example, Robin Hood could be argued to be fur the furry community as well.
  9. Sitting behind the laptop, listening to a song cover, surfing the forums. Technically I'm still at it.
  10. Everleaf

    Health Do you struggle with mental illness?

    Severe dyspraxia, autism and ADHD. I am also worried about possible depression. I seem to be showing quite a lot of signs since the passing of a close friend of mine. Even so, I believe things will probably get better sometime in the future.
  11. I'm perfectly fine with it! Besides some people suit them pretty well!
  12. Everleaf

    How well can your OC sing?

    It depends on which one of my ocs you are referring to. Though I haven't really thought too much on their singing ability (other than my ponysona of course of which is okay. As for my other ocs I'm actually uncertain.
  13. No! I believe there is too much in life to experience and fix before death approaches! Collage/university? visiting Japan? (and possibly someday living there?) And I can imagine there are many people I am yet to meet. Despite being pretty lonely now I wish to be around people. Thus I'd hate to die tomorrow.
  14. Celestia, Sombra (backstory), Zebcora, Mayor Mare, and Spike.
  15. Everleaf

    How old are you?

    Though I'd prefer not to mention my exact age I am between 13 and 18.