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  1. what could my new avatar be ?

  2. Joyeux anniversaire! (I hope you'll read this someday)

    1. Noei


      oh thanx. Glad u're fine.

  3. I know you're not going to see this anytime soon, but I kinda want to say this anyway ^^" I hope you have a happy birthday today, and a great time back in China :)

  4. Noei

    Your avatar is pretty cool. c:

  5. Returnin' to China....It was cool while it lasted, guys.Just hope to see you all next year^^ (In case my VPN doesn't work)

  6. Well...sometimes I can be truly sadistic,cruel and hateful. (Just sometimes ^^)
  7. Why did it worked so slow in my laptop ? :'c Had to reinstall window 8.1. I guess it's because my hardware shucks. Yep. it does.
  8. No. ------------------------------- Best hair colour ?
  9. Either London or Paris. ( i know I am mainstream >.> ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite no-American/Japanese video game ?
  10. Clean. -------------------------------------------------- What city would you visit if you can only choose one ?
  11. take a bath ---------------------------------------------- Would you be a werewolf if you could choose ?
  12. brohoofs or brohooves ?

    1. Pinkie-Guy


      I think brohoofs

    2. SilverComet


      Bro[pal]hoof[touch]s[many] -> "Brohoofs" (informal)

      Bro[partner]hoove[contact]s[multiple] -> "Brohooves" (formal)