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  1. Gestum

    Animation Naruto censorship

    Don't really see how that's relevant to the discussion. Anyway Communism gets a lot of recognition for the crimes that Stalin/Mao/whoever else committed. Perhaps not as much as they deserve but it's simply absurd to pretend that they get no recognition at all.
  2. Gestum

    Animation Naruto censorship

    Well, you have to realise why a swastika wouldn't have been well received by the western market. It was the symbol of the group that were responsible for the death of millions of innocent people there, after all. It may very well be a good luck charm in Asia, but in Europe and America it's "the Nazi symbol."
  3. Ah, sorry. I was being stupid and got thrown of by the "The phrase in and of itself in its original context, could be seen as blasphemy toward God, ".
  4. And why is it bad that it has religion in it? And considering that all that religion really is is a couple of expressions and a couple of holidays (that don't really even has any religious connections), can you even call it a religion?
  5. I fail to see your point. Is that cartoon ponies aren't Christian and therefore bad?
  6. Gestum

    Equestria Daily and past generations

    There's simply not enough of a interest for it. Not a whole lot of bronies have even watched the past generations and even fewer like them.
  7. I refuse to use any reaction other than "brohoof".
  8. Gestum

    Ask a Witch

    So how do one become a witch? Can anybody just call themselves a witch or do you have to pass a test? Also is witch a gender neutral term or is there another world for men who practice witchcraft?
  9. Gestum

    Gaming The Survey Discussion Thread

    Can't you just link the survey? That way there could actually be some kind of discussion here.
  10. Gestum

    Why The Hell Are People Saying Yeet?

    People say it because "yeet" sounds funny.
  11. Personally, I never had trouble swallowing pills. Though lately it's not as easy as it used to be.
  12. Step 1. Buy a small village in some third world country. Step 2. Declare independence from said third world country. Step 3. Pay other third world countries to acknowledge my "country" in order to make it somewhat legitimate. Step 4. Crown myself king and spend the rest of the money on the coronation ceremony.
  13. Gestum

    General Shows that drive you insane.

    Pretty much every sitcom ever written. They're all just the same 4-5 jokes repeated ad nauseam.
  14. I don't really see myself as a brony. Mostly because I don't see the point of having your identity revolve around a half decent kids cartoon.
  15. Gestum

    General Have you ever gotten stung by bees?

    Is there anyone who hasn't been stung by a bee in their life? I've been stung countless times. I've never understand why people are so afraid of bees (other than people who are actually allergic to them of course). It doesn't hurt that much and they generally ignore you.