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  1. Gestum

    Gaming What are your thoughts on fortnite?

    While I'm not a fan of it, I don't understand the amount of hate it gets.
  2. Considering the crimes against humanity that the japanese committed in the places that they conquered, I can't imagine that them winning the war would lead to anything good.
  3. Gestum

    Lets say the g4 fandom is dying

    The same people who say that the g4 fandom is dying would say that the past gen fandom have been dead since a long time ago.
  4. The general public doesn't even know that we exists and the vast majority of the ones that do know of us doesn't care.
  5. Gestum

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    It doesn't difference that much, in my opinion. I suppose it's slightly more action focused, but you can count the action scenes on one hand without using all of your fingers. The fact that it was specfically written so that young girls would like it, would be my answer to that question.
  6. Gestum

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    Are you asking why some men like mlp even though it's "girly"? The answer is that some men like girly things. In what way isn't it girly? It was literally made with young girls as the target audience.
  7. Gestum

    Would you stop watching if they referenced Onision?

    My personal opinion is that he's a pretty sketchy guy, so I wouldn't be too happy if he's referenced. But I wouldn't drop the show.
  8. Mickey and pretty much every other Disney character is also protected by a shit ton of trademarks (they have 16 different trademarks for Mickey alone). So while he will technically be in the public domain, people won't be able to use him.
  9. Gestum

    Health Do you eat healthily?

    I eat reasonably healthy. Though I probably would benefit from not eating as much red meat as I do. Why? Also I can't imagine that such a diet is healthy.
  10. Gestum

    Movies/TV Upcoming (2019) Sonic Movie

    The only way this could work is if Sonic is never actually onscreen.
  11. No, at least not anymore chastised for any other movie I watch. A lot of people like kids films, so I think most doesn't even think of it as anything noteworthy nowadays.
  12. I meant that Caucasians does have several different cultures TODAY. There's the Swedish culture, the English culture and the Iranian culture for an example.
  13. Why would anyone want to be born in the past? You can still do pretty much everything you could do then. Caucasians have several different cultures, what are you talking about?
  14. The very next sentence explains that while those laws never actually mentioned any nation by name they were primarily aimed at Japan. So I don't think that MLP would be affected. Futher I can't find any evidence that MLP was actually banned in South Korea, so I think that's it more likely that Hasbro simply didn't release MLP over there. .
  15. I don't really mind those terms when used in the show, but I can't stand it when it's used in real life.