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  1. I feel happy, tranquil, relaxed, fulfilled in a way I haven't been in a very long time.
  2. I love Paper Mario but I always dread the petal meadows the most cos of the fetch quests. I hate having to collect a bunch of fruits for those picky trees while dodging the most annoying enemies in the game ~.~
  3. Before I had a pic of my ponysona it was Ruby Pinch!
  4. @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @Dynamo Pad Pastel giggled at Dynamo doing his best to make her laugh. She wished she could make him laugh more, too. Something nagged in the back of her mind... What would grandpa think of him? Wait, why was she asking herself that? She shook her head and smiled at her trio of friends. "Did Pencil get everything she needs? Then off to yander arcade then! I'm gonna crush with flying neon colors~" She put her hoof in her mane as if her mane itself would streak neon... but it wouldn't of course. She was just showing off at this point.
  5. If you can try looking for the song "shine on" of James Blunt. Might cheer you up.:BrightMacContent:

    1. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      That's a nice song. ♡ very aesthetic, like i heard it a long time ago even though I just heard it. I love things like that. Thank you 

  6. Im not bored or anything I just say hi, hi

  7. Someone somewhere soon will take care of you I repent, I'm sorry, everything is falling apart Houses as ruins and garden as weeds Why do anything when you can forget everything
  8. @Blitz Boom Pastel blinked and blushed as Jelly hugged her, awkwardly returning the hug with a giggle. She's never been hugged by anypony who wasn't her grandpa, and Jelly was really nice and warm, she thought. "I thought I was protecting you, hehe... Though, being protected by you isn't so bad either." Pastel was surprisingly bashful as she avoided Jellys eyes by looking at the ground. If she were put in hot water she'd probably melt right now. While trying not to directly show her stupor, she looked at her newest friend. Her new owl friend was cool too! Needed a name though... hmm... "Cloud." She blurted out a random name. It sounded pretty neutral. Maybe she heard or saw that name somewhere? Maybe in some kind of fantasy. @Widdershins ...Aaand that's when Slimpsy started screaming. Great. That moment of peace lasted all of two seconds! For a moment, Pastel stood forward as if she wasn't backing down... until it got closer. And closer. And closer... She's seen giants go down before in fiction but she didn't have a sword or anything. So... "Aayy momma doggie! Peace out, coolio~" She smiled awkwardly, putting up her hoof in some kinda gesture before dashing after the others, stashing her new friend in her saddlebag before dashing in a pink blur.
  9. Well, this has been a thread full of news to me! Time to make the pony world aware of George Clanton
  10. @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare "Yes!" Pastel dramatically responded to Dynamo in a pose. Anything less than that and she'd probably fly off. Luckily for her she didn't have to put in any legwork herself and just lounged like a lap cat. She was content atleast. @Astral Vision "Aww, so much for me going down. Well, see you soon Astral!" She waved in understanding. She wasn't offended, more so, inwardly perplexed. Astral was hard to make a nickname for... @Samurai Equine "We're all, like, united maaan. No matter the language." Pastel nodded to herself in response to Samurai, as if she heard that somewhere before. As he pointed ahead, Pastel stuck her head out over Dynamo's, putting her head on his head like one of those Russian dolls and smiled. "Destination found! New location! Or, not so new, nyaha~"