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  1. I think the Big Bang Theory isn't that funny and tries too hard.
  2. Anger is easier than sadness. But I'd rather be intoxicated in the city of lights far awAy ♡
  3. HANA-BI (1997) Beautiful, gruesome and emotional. Worthy of its reputation~ 9/10
  4. "Helpful" abusers should go "help" themselves.
  5. I just wanna say I appreciate being mentioned in the nicest users thread and I'm glad I've been able to be a positive force~! ♡ I think you're really smart, perceptive and fearless. The world sucks hard right now and the state of things doesnt make it better but as long as we don't blow up a better tomorrow is possible!

    Stay awesome Dusky!

    1. Dusknoir


      It really does suck how things are right now. We have a wannabe fascist president who's willing to endanger the public for the sake of optics, a far right movement urging us to be ever closer to a police state, and now about to be a far right majority in the courts intent on blocking out any not right-wing proposals. All the while average people can barely afford to survive on what they have, we have an impending eviction crisis that threatens to multiply homelessness by a factor of 30, and forget about healthcare because having that somehow makes us Venezuela (So funny and backwards).


      But you know what, we can't just dwell on that if we ever want these problems fixed. We still have to go through our lives accepting things as they are. Of course taking any opportunity we get to protest the conditions we've found ourselves in. If my BF had a car, I'm pretty sure we'd both be in the streets of Houston as often as we know worthwhile protests are happening. But while we can't have the numbers to protest, we simply must go on and try to voice our ideas when applicable. If we can't do that, there's no chance of getting anywhere. We must survive before we can get what we want.


      I mentioned you in the thread because I appreciate your understanding of this. You seem like a very decent woman whose heart is in the right place and whose understanding we need more of in our society (and less of this far right plague that's turned otherwise reasonable people into sheep).


      EDIT: Also sent you a friend request on Discord.

    2. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      It's really insulting what's been happening since 2016. More and more I feel like the world really did end in 2012 and we ended up on a bizarro timeline. I can take the state politics because that part has always been consistently unreliable, but the people accepting this as the best we can do, and the healthcare and homelessness rate which effect me directly... I can't accept that. I'm really scared of the future.

      I do my best within my limits. Which, well, is just me talking and trying to tell people alternatives to all this, not that they'd listen to me, nyaha. Maybe once I escape my situation I can do more.

      Thank you very much for the kindness. ^-^ If I didn't have my heart I wouldn't have much else, so I do try. I'll never accept defeat from the forces of hate and authoritarianism... I'll be on discord tonight to accept your request!

  6. Mostly bad dreams. Come bizarre ones. I never have nice dreams anymore... though there is one I had where a convenience store made a buffet for me. That's bizarre too though