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  1. @Samurai Equine @C. Thunder Dash @ExplosionMare @Kronos the Revenant @Windy Breeze @GeneralDirection @PawelS It was like scenes from a memory, but the epic dream came to an end before she could add much commentary or cause trouble at the end. She expected something more bittersweet, but she liked a happy ending too. Appearing back in the 3D (or at least for them) world, Pastel shook and smiled brightly. Looks like she was totally back to normal. "How cool was all that!? We totally kicked butt! I had a this dream, and you were there, and you were there..." She blinked. Oh yeah. The VR thing. She stood up straight and smiled awkwardly. "Oh yeah, we DID do that. 2D beats 3D any day!" It seems whatever chuunibyo or magical spell came over the former assassin was gone. Pastel was totally back to normal and hopefully her friends weren't too weirded out by her antics. Speaking of... @Dynamo Pad Pastel walked up to Dynamo, with probably the most awkward smile she ever had. She was a thumbs up away from a shonen protag. "Hey Dyny? That was like, the coolest thing I ever saw! We were really cool! I mean, YOU were really cool, like, a real hero and stuff! What I mean is... You were awesome. And, sorry for being all crazy. I had fun. And I got to be, well... More than just a dumb little filly... That I could stand on my own too... But you were the hero of this story, and I'm sorry if I gave you some trouble. Everycreature was great, but... You were super special awesome!"
  2. Tonight the stars will set your heart free Have faith let the whole world know what you see <3
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh Dark Dual Stories on GBC. Grindy. But not as grindy as Forbidden Memories atleast.
  4. 1999! Pokemon and WWF Attitude at their peak, so many good cartoons now on TV and making their mark and every day was a lot of fun! I consider 2000 an honorary 90s year, however.
  5. @Dynamo Pad @Kronos the Revenant @Samurai Equine @PawelS @ExplosionMare @GeneralDirection @Windy Breeze Pastel was prepared to stealth through the maze, until Dynamo's incredible power awakened. Her eyes glittered. So this was Dynamo's talent at work... She smiled as he unleashed what was possibly the most epic thing she ever saw. "awesome." She broke character just to gush before shaking her head. What was she doing all this time, trying to prove herself? Dyny was the star here, just like she was at the concert. She had to be a good supporting role this time. Alright! Refocusing and getting back into character, she wouldn't let Dynamo's Ultima Weapon go to waste. Now back to her full strength, she dashed, quick to the point of invisibility, before jumping up high and tossing one of her daggers towards the cockpit, aimed at Kronos directly... Class Special activate: Assassinate. Increases chance of critical hit by 90%. Non-boss with less than 50% HP are killed instantly. (Not applicable here)
  6. It's funny cos I'm rewatching the OG YGO right now! DYNAMO KING OF GAMES!!!
  7. I wanna party til I die~ which is a weird thing for an introvert to think
  8. @Dynamo Pad @GeneralDirection Take your time! I'm waiting a turn to do my next thing so feel imma wait anyways~
  9. Seton Academy, Heya! Camp, BNA, 3rd Rock From the Sun, Paranoia Agent, Pokemon season 1 and 2 and now Yu-Gi-Oh~
  10. @Kronos the Revenant@Dynamo Pad @Samurai Equine @PawelS @C. Thunder Dash @ExplosionMare @GeneralDirection@Windy Breeze Both Pastel and her dagger were thrown back by the forcefield. Pastel was thrown back into the wall, glass shattering as she hit the industrial wall and breaking a few lights. Lying in glass, her own throwing dagger piercing her back, Pastel should be all but dead... But.... Special ability: Resiliency. She hung on by the skin of her teeth. 1HP. She pulled herself up, shaking the dagger out of her back. For a moment, she had confidence. She smirked, covered in all sorts of gruesome marks and fruit punch stains. "Haha... You're not so tou-- oh hay. Not in the face." She tried to jump out of the way, but her injuries were too great and the missile exploded right in her face. With that, the plucky rogue was spent. 0 HP. She seemed almost happy as she lifelessly collapsed over... x2. A few seconds later, she rose again. Fresh as a daisy. She wouldn't have resiliency to count on for the rest of the fight, but she felt like she proved what she needed to. And now, she was fresh. Just what she wanted since that first spill. "Huh. Dying isn't so scary... Now, I'm back, baby~" Pastel vanished once again after organizing some things under her cloak. She was up to something again. And this time she's not alone.
  11. I added a "Brood" wallpaper and a SCSA signature to my Deviantart page. You've inspired me. :proud:

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  12. @Kronos the Revenant @C. Thunder Dash @Dynamo Pad Feeling the temporary boost Dynamo gave her, Pastel was gonna lay everything down on this last effort. She just smiled at Kronos, more amused than anything a his reluctance to kill her. "For a bad guy, you're pretty soft. You shoulda killed me when you had the chance~ see ya!" Rather than bust into the pod directly, Pastel did a free fall jump off. Whether she got stunned or not, she was gonna make sure this was her last shot. While falling away, she tossed her last throwing dagger, hoping to pierce the pod and stake Kronos right between the eyes. For her, stun or no, it was freefall time, as her reflexes weren't working properly anyway. This was gonna hurt.
  13. @Kronos the Revenant @Dynamo Pad @ExplosionMare @Samurai Equine @GeneralDirection @PawelS @Windy Breeze @C. Thunder Dash @Samurai Equine Pastel was in a daze. She shook her head in a daze. The cleric was down. Pastel moved her body to the left, making herself roll off Dynamo's back with a thud. She was absolutely battered and low on HP, but she forced herself up, managing to stand up straight. "Nyaha... As happy as I am you all are here, I'm not gonna sit on the sidelines even like this... Screw that... I got a contract over there. Watch this, Dyny." She smiled, special emphasis on those last words... Before cloaking once again, disappearing just like before. Though this time, she wouldn't go far.When she'd appear again, she'd appear right on the head of Kronos' robot as it swung its arms. Any attack would bring her HP to 0, but she gambled by jumping down, throwing her body towards the glass of the cockpit. If she managed to land and break in, she had a dagger for the exposed boss.