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  1. Let it all burn down Burn it to the ground We'll be safe and sound~
  2. Well there's a Fire Pro idea! I hope Chyna finally got the world championship she deserved. I'm imagining an awkward feud against Benoit, with Eddie stuck between his mamacita and best friend. Also Brian Pillman vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper because that would be NUTS... maybe a bit too TV-14 for heaven though
  3. @Samurai Equine 🔥🔥 It's not that I'm not interested, just had a bit of a burnout. I made a fun post to make up for my absenses!
  4. @Dynamo Pad @Astral Vision @Samurai Equine 🔥🔥 @ExplosionMare Pastel shook her tail mischeviously at the crazy furniture dude tauntingly as negotiations broke down. That was the least of the worries it seems... As Astral and Pencil approached, and that green shell started coming, Pastel had to think quick. Like, really quick! And she wasn't a thinker, so she could only act on impulse. She understood what she had to do... and her fate. She looked at Dynamo, the sun glistening off her pink fur. She had the look of an anime character about to sacrifice themself. "You cannot die here, Dyny. I entrust the future to you... Sayonara, my prince." After an intelligible, chuunibyo goodbye, she salutes Dynamo, before... ...Jumping out of the cart like a crazy pony and landing on top of the shell, to her own surprise. She threw its direction off course, and Pastel was now shell surfing across the track, in reverse. After spinning like crazy, she was now riding it like a hoverboard, albeit going the wrong way. "YAHOO! THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE MOVIES!.. OH F-" It wasn't too long before she met one of the racers, who didn't expect to see a shell surfing filly surfing the opposite way down the track. She managed to shift left, right, even jump over some of the racers, feeling as cool as Marty McFly the entire time. One of the racers she dodged ended up swerving and crashing. Oops... With any luck, she could meet Dynamo halfway up the lap if she didn't crash! What to do with this shell, though?...
  5. Sorry if I was expected. Low energy creatively, I guess. ^^; I'm not really sure how I can contribute to the race at this point
  6. He loves fast cars, he loves freaky women, most of all he loves Armageddon~
  7. AVGN back when he was just the Angry Nintendo Nerd! Friday the 13th video nostalgic~
  8. Feels okay, when Im lost in my own world. ♡
  9. Life to me is all about being happy. As long as I'm happy, can be myself and am free from pain, I don't need to live for any grand ideal. I'm an egoist and a hedonist. I just want to be my best self I can be and have fun. That to me is enlightenment for lack of a better word. Live free love life. ♡