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  1. Fluttershyfan94

    S07:E03 - A Flurry of Emotions

    I enjoyed this episode, a lot of cute in it.
  2. Fluttershyfan94

    S07:E01+02 - Celestial Advice/All Bottled Up

    That was a good opener for the new season, I enjoyed both though all bottled up was really great.
  3. Fluttershyfan94

    Sports Who Else Here is a Mopar Brony/Pegasister?

    Well I would say yes, though I've never owned a Mopar I do enjoy Dodge. So although my interest is wide I do like Mopar as they are definitely one of my favorite brands. I'm really into Japanese cars and after that I'd say Mopar is there on the top as well.
  4. Fluttershyfan94

    General Do you plan on getting married?

    Very likely or it's the plan, it's not really something you plan though when you're with someone that wants to do it and you want to do it then you'll probably do it.
  5. Fluttershyfan94

    What could make you leave the fandom?

    Well unless the fandom becomes so bad that I no longer feel like associating myself with it I won't.
  6. Fluttershyfan94

    Golf is taken as a serious sport but not weightlifting?

    Well maybe it depends on the country around here, Iceland, weightlifting is taken very seriously. There are many events like it, more then there are golf events. Of course, if we're talking elsewhere I suppose it's mostly just the money in it. Lot of advertising in golf there is too in weightlifting but likely people are just more interested in golf.
  7. Fluttershyfan94

    S06:E25+E26 - To Where and Back Again

    I loved it, great ending to the season the room filled with Fluttershy's definitely left a mark. lol Though I've got to say, I wonder did the changelings stop their evolution by accident or did Chrysalis know. She definitely was not willing to do it as well. Well I did enjoy seeing the side characters go at it, though considering how much resistance they put up in season two. How did they even manage to take over, surely they outsmarted them somehow. Definitely leaves those type of question. I loved it though.
  8. Fluttershyfan94

    How tall do you prefer your partner?

    Well I've always preferred shorter, that being said not being all that tall myself but also not too short either. I have with time gotten to the conclusion of it not being deal changer, so I'd say preferably short but either way do not care about it.
  9. Fluttershyfan94

    S06:E24 - Top Bolt

    I loved it, Vapor needs to be in future episodes that sneeze. So yeah, good episode I enjoyed it.
  10. Fluttershyfan94

    Being naked

    I'm not a nudist but you know when you got it you flaunt it still other then sometimes just after a workout looking at myself in the mirror I sometimes do it. Though other then that I don't, so I keep my clothes on.
  11. Fluttershyfan94

    S06:E23 - Where the Apple Lies

    That was great, little Applejack is so cute also it seems that a lot of changes happened at that time Derpy with her blindfold or bandages rather then Big Mac deciding to listen more rather then talk. I feel he went a bit overboard with that though it is admirable to stick with it for that long. Well all in all I enjoyed it.
  12. Fluttershyfan94

    Legend Of Everfree

    I really liked the movie, especially the whole forest scenario also the songs were good.
  13. Fluttershyfan94

    S06:E22 - P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)

    I liked the perfect storm reference, that sea monster was also interesting it was an enjoyable episode.
  14. Fluttershyfan94

    What's Your Focus?

    Well I don't really, perhaps knifes would count but even then it's more an accumulated collection. I'm looking to get into collecting anime figurines or something.
  15. Fluttershyfan94

    S06:E21 - Every Little Thing She Does

    This was an interesting episode I liked it, also good to keep in mind don't use magic on your friends still Starlight's magic is impressive wonder when she'll be promoted to an alicorn she did mix that magic not creating one new entirely but she likely could pull it off.