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  1. If you've learned physics relating to it you've probably read about general relativity or if not you've definitely heard of E=MC2 and what this means is energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared and as such you draw the conclusion of nothing being able to travel faster then the speed of light. However this simply is not true, one good example of that is the big bang theory the universe is indeed expanding faster then the speed of light and continues to do so. This is because the theory was not referring space but rather on earth as such in space is not what's being referred to.
  2. There used to be various ones however now just black for no other reason then just clothes I rarely actually think of what I have on.
  3. Well I keep it fairly simple, fried onion, tomatoe sauce and some remoulade.
  4. Legit noone and I would honestly just be happy to know the sufferring is ending.
  5. I'm someone who spends no money in general so I wouldn't even pay for a hotel room to begin with especially as they are overpriced. Yet capsule hotels are an exception to this as they at least are interesting while most hotels are overpriced they are actually cheap and make sense to me. When you stay at a hotel you only do so as you feel hostels are dangerous and motels usually don't appeal to you either. Yet both hostels and motels are preferably over those overly expensive hotels. Though having that interesting Japanese aspect to is reason enough for me to want to try one and I have been thinking of doing so. So yes they are awesome in my opinion.
  6. It is funny you should mention art as that reminded me of another thing perhaps a continuation of what you said in regards to our pride. Whenever we do get some public art it is always some post modernist garbage, with some kind of agenda that usually has nothing to do with our own culture. One such thing I can think of is there was 200 million isk flooring art stuff nobody notices or cares about celebrating what exactly absolutely nothing but a waste of money. You'd think we would celebrate our very distinct unique culture and our history but I really can't say we do. Though you know Karens are pretty much I'd say more then half of the population. I will still agree though we do have some pride in our nationality and flag for now..
  7. Perhaps it isn't a cultural thing per say, yet I guess it counts though but it is this obsession with being right to the point of stupidity. Such as not actually considering other viewpoints, it annoys me as I do love science and I do love education. However education here is more of an indoctrination, here you have to have the right opinion or you are stupid and publically shamed for it. You have children preaching to the adults because the adults have become stupid so they need to be preached to. Which would be fine if said adults wouldn't buy it and pretend that a kid indoctrinated by public schools funded by taxes by governments that increasingly want to go over your comfort zone, yet no they don't question it. What makes it sad is that people are dumb enough to actually buy into this needing to be told what to think. Reality is that not everything you read is true and when it comes to science we generally don't speak of "facts" we speak of theories and the scientific method is to always ask questions that is how we further our advancements in science. Though the culture here is to pretty much accept what the nanny state tells you, not question it and be an obedient slave both physically and mentally. What also annoys me is this snobby attitude towards other cultures as we pretend to better then everyone when we are pretty much not. Now also there is the culture of always saying you're happy, you'll never see anyone claim to be otherwise while still having one of the worlds highest suicide rates and highest rate of anti depressants yet you know happiest place on earth right haha as if most people here don't even smile they are all pretty much suffering slaving away having "high" wages they keep a fraction of to then pay the highest costs of living. Then there is this stupid snobby attitude of believing you're better then everyone truly I hate it about this country.
  8. Scorpion02 on ych.commissions.com did this one for me it looks awesome dudes.




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      Very nice art! :pinkie:

  9. Nintendo marketing strategy has been a rather interesting one over the years. First and foremost Nintendo is a family entertainment system. Unlike maybe ps4 and xbox one who are more like for the casual gamers and pro gamers while that same group also typically plays on pc and switch pretty much everything. Nintendo has created itself a special segment which is simply family, they aren't so much trying to to target the pro gamer but rather family and the casual gamer. If you however look back at the gameboy and the ds as well as 3ds you'll know they also dominate the handheld market. Which is where their true stength lies in the handheld market in a sense the switch was a pretty risky bet for nintendo. Given the popularity of their handhelds to then come out with a handheld that could also work as a console. It is a genius idea and one that other consoles can't so easily replicate. However nintendo n64 was at the time one of the biggest advancements in video game history. Their technological prowess was indeed respected at the time. Today however I don't think many see nintendo has a high end console but my thoughts are well does it have to be dudes the switch has more then enough power to play awesome games and is just such a lovable console and handheld I love it so much as much as my new 3ds xl such a great handheld the games and the library. Simply amazing dudes I am still to this day very impressed with playing skyrim on my switch. This is indeed a console that I could play on for many years to come indeed dudes. So to answer why so popular well simple theit exclusives are some of the greatest ever you have zelda which is simply amazing, pokemon its pokemon who doesn't love pokemon and animal crossing. You have plenty of jrpgs like xenoblade like it is simply amazing how many games are on there and thats without going into the indies my dudes. What makes a Nintendo game so unique however is their design a very cartoonish fun energetic and colorful experience that brings joy to everyone. They aren't trying hard to be anything but fun and they exceed in that some of my favorite games are on Nintendo. I may be a pro gamer that plays on every console including pc but the overall best platform in my opinion for those who simply want an allaround fun game the Nintendo games truly seem to be the right choice for everyone.
  10. Well dude it is mercy a cruel mercy but mercy still. It is more to help them get over it. Though had you read more of my post you'd learn my answer is more to just make it clear you want nothing to do with them romantically to begin with. I'm not saying someone who was interested in you and you turn them down that you should push them away only whatever you do just realize they'll continue to see you as potential and as such it might hurt for them. Of course this varies by person, I for one simply have not been friendzoned but I guess I have friendzoned people mostly as I don't return those feelings doesnt mean I stop being their friend I just continue onward without ever kindling those expectations that is. What can be painful for someone that's friendzoned is they'll keep thinking maybe they'll come around rarely they do though so yeah.
  11. Haha yeah I've never been friendzoned when I want someone I just take them. I typically win them over but as for me friendzoning I have never done it either I only know you cant do it effectively. Once someone has decided they've got romantic feelings for you and they decide to pursue it well once you've denied that to said person being friends is only going to keep that person around so they can see you move on. Not very healthy for said individual and it'll have them ask the whole time why them but not me, you can friendzone all you like just do them a favor and let them go don't keep them around it isn't healthy and besides that person will always be looking for something more then being friends and that eventually will end said friendship. What I've learned is simple, if you know that person has romantic feelings for you and you want to remain friends. Then it simply is a difficult situation and all you can really do is make sure from the get go that you have no romantic intentions with them.
  12. My first kiss went a little like this uwu yeah no my first kiss was nothing special I was always very direct as a kid so I simply ran up to a girl and gave her a kiss on the lips. Well thats life you know.
  13. This virus while being in a high risk group has not had as much influence on my life as you'd think it would. Mainly as I was isolated before just a continuation of being isolated might have went abroad I am certain I would have. Yet at the same time I don't know if there would have been any difference honestly.
  14. I have misophonia so I have to sleep with the doors closed as I have to limit or even eliminate any sound to be able to sleep. Sleeping isn't exactly easy for me to do unless I manage to do so, which I do by keeping the door closed then using my pillow and bed covers as a sound deadener hehe. Keep a window open to have some type of air circulation in my room.
  15. This like something I've literally never asked myself honestly, suppose as my oc is just myself really. So am I troll or would I be a troll as a pony I mean I guess a little for some teasing. Not discord but somewhere like a five.