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  1. I once baked the best pie in the world, was an apple pie and it was perfect in every way. Though you know not much of a pie type of person although I enjoy them occasionally.
  2. Sending positive vibes to a super cute cutie~! <3

    1. Fluttershyfan94


      Positive vibes are always welcome and I shall send you some. 

      Mio moe moe kyun GIF | Mio Chan

      Moe moe kyun hehe.

    2. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      Moe moe kyun~! *hugs* x3

  3. UwU see an interesting topic, go to reply only to realize I did so seven years ago hehe. 

  4. UwU I've had more then I could ever be able to count, you silly bois and girls need to stop getting so romantically attached to me (or maybe I do) gaah baka. Though yeah I suppose so, uwu winky winks. I mean I always do really, I can't go anywhere without someone trying to make a move on me to be fair me irl when someone does though.
  5. No never and I often exercise in extreme colds to toughen myself, I always have smooth uwu hands people often say they are pretty nice and I do love that my skin stays silky smooth all year round yes.
  6. I have to say July peak summer is the only time I feel optimistic.
  7. I mean it depends really, if someone knows your password it might be but honestly I'm of the opinion that it is not necessary. Of course if you have something on your phone or computer that someone knows the password too but you had some stuff on it you don't want someone you know to have access to then it makes sense to do so. If however it is illegal, then it is well known that a simple four digit code makes it almost impossible to access. So two times that would be impossible, in fact most times you need a backdoor to access it and thats why it is thought nsa had amd and intel have backdoors added to the cpus, problem with that is it means everyone can use that. Therefore it wouldn't necessarily be able to keep those unwanted people out, but that would never be something they actually would implement. So you know I say rather have a four digit code and after certain many attempts to delete everything that would be the best encryption but the true encryption depends on the morals of the manufacturers and besides they've probably already sold out your data anyway so all it's good for is keeping people from looking into your phone haha. So I personally do not hehe.
  8. I did a personality test and had 100% introvert really though think of myself more of an ambivert. Mostly I prefer to have fewer good friends and generally spend time alone but I also get along very nicely with groups of people so an ambivert I think so.
  9. Otherkin as in a furry yes. Not so much thinking of myself being a fox though.
  10. I would have shot them as soon as I notice they'd have been bitten honestly. Don't get me wrong, it would be my best friend and if I knew I could cut the bite out to save them I would. Yet that isn't the given scenario, so I'd simply kill them out of care for my friend honestly like rather they die a human then die a zombie.
  11. I've never actually had any, I've often been sick as in being in a hospital for many, many months sick. Yet never had that happen, other then a scar on my forehead after hitting my head on an anvil which was random has me look like Harry Potter hehe.
  12. Yes thigh highs are for people who want to stand above the rest, for them having simple socks is not enough they need thigh high socks for ultimate sock performance. Obviously everyone knows this I'm sure, some might not know however is just how nice they feel and look. Everyone should have a pair.
  13. Femboy is sort of a new word for crossdressers really, there has been some politicization of it that lead to the drastic results of many crossdressers of all ages to take a stand. This being mostly that you can't crossdress without being trans and as the term became "trans" a lot of people decided to come up with a term that describes it. Experience of femboys is pretty much wanting to crossdress but not wanting to transition although I myself do doubt some of their intentions. Some say their only motive is to confuse people's sexuality and while this is true there is a little more to it. You see, femboys also don't have a definite sexuality they're not all homosexual or bisexual many of them are heterosexual. Femboys are therefore making a very bold statement that has had a lot of people question both gender identity and sexuality. Reality is there really isn't much more to it then boys wanting to dress up like girls and be cute uwu although a generalization all of them and I mean all of them own some type of thigh high socks they typically have stripes. They usually always have anime cosplays, in other words they are boys of all ages of all sexualites that simply want to have fun uwu. Some femboys are transgender, some are not most them are cisgender but they all just enjoy being cute uwu and that they are so cute desu. You might wonder how does this person know this, that's simple I myself think of myself as one uwu but slightly different in a sense I don't think I should talk on. Though femboys have taken over the internet really so the era of men is over the time of the femboys is here to stay now.
  14. Know a lot of politicians who would certainly not want that haha. I have never agreed with politicans being sponsored the only power to influence an election should be the people's vote and what shall influence them should be what the president has to say. Not what the media is paid to say, not some campaign of propaganda no just a pure speech to the people.