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  1. That's what youtube does to me. I used to think my music was just unbelievable and I was this really cool awesome dude to be around. Then I started youtubing all the time and like... I don't know if it's good to actually SEE yourself over and over again that much, especially when people's reactions to you are mixed. I went from trusting everything I did and just going with whatever I felt like doing, to questioning my every motive, questioning if I was real, questioning if I was good, wondering if I was just an idiot. I've learned alot sense then though. I don't really have any advice for you, in a way we're in the same boat, but I think the biggest thing you have to do is DONT ANALYZE. Just don't dwell on your behavior, and don't assume things like... I'll get this feeling, I'll think people secretly are making fun of me, or secretly think I'm a loser, or just.. stuff like that. If you don't have evidence to back it up, don't assume it, but it's... way easier said than done, and I am still struggling to fix this as well.
  2. hahahahaha I wasn't really gonna do it, but since you don't care... ok Captain. I'll just shorten it to Captain though, and know deep inside what that's short for
  3. I'm just gonna call you Captain Sparkle Boots if that's alright with you.
  4. Yep. Pagans were fighting wars over who the best God was long before Islam or Christianity even existed. In all faiths of any kind you have the good ones, and the crazies, sadly the good ones don't get noticed much, cause well, THEY AREN'T FUCKING SHIT UP.
  5. That's debateable. I do know what you're talking about, but alot of people think the Christian thing was a facade he put up and in reality he was an atheist it's meehhhhhhh you could be right, you could be wrong, does it really matter though, if he was a christian, he was a lunatic christian who in no way got the point of his religion, if he was an atheist, he was an insane atheist who went WAY BEYOND "I don't believe" lol
  6. I made a song about ya'lls faces. It's totally not creepy or anything, just really really unsettling.
  7. bwahahahahahahaha I couldn't ask for a better reaction. Thank you my friend You IZ A SMART COOKIE WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (last part was just to fill space hahaha)
  8. That is fair enough my friend. I think my experience with atheists is tainted because I experienced alot of atheists that weren't actually atheists, they were "anti theists" calling themselves atheists. When atheism is as simple as "sorry I'm just not convinced" I'm all for it. That's just honesty, that's just reality, and I can support that. But I've met far too many "atheists" who are constantly trying to debunk and disprove christianity and act like it's the cause of all evil in the world, and it just makes me... cautious when it comes to talking to people who claim to be atheists. I don't wanna get in one of those circular annoying arguments again, I got into so many I was ready to tear my hair out before.
  9. What I meant by rebuttal, is that atheism IS a belief, and it CAN cause discord. Most atheists will stand behind the idea that atheism has never caused any kind of problems, and that it is always just an admittance of not being convinced, but in my experience this is not the case. But seriously? I don't wanna have that debate.. I've had it before like.. so many times... it never EVER EVER went well. I just, don't wanna go there man. So please, lets not
  10. I guess once again I'm going by youtube, on YOUTUBE, christianity is the most hated religion. In the rest of life/the world? I really don't know.. probably islam, because of Al Queida. Hell I used to think Islam was evil! Then I made some islamic friends on the internet and learned alot about it. For the record, for anyone who's like I used to be, Al Queida isn't Islam, it's an offshoot that most of Islam rejects. I've heard this rebuttal before, and have a rebuttal to this rebuttal, however I don't want to have this conversation, out of fear it will wind up the way it did the last time I had this conversation. Therefore I give you bro hugs instead.
  11. hahaha I just don't know you well enough yet, totally seemed like a jab at christianity to me. I made a joke to a guy on twitter earlier today and he took me WAY too seriously, in text we're just that, text, just words. Once we get used to each other we start to grasp what kind of person is making the text
  12. You mean islam? Or maybe you mean atheism. (Stalin, Hitler) Or could it be rastafarianism! (the bloodshed in jamaica over that is still going) Sorry I can't figure out what religion you mean, it could apply to so many...
  13. There's a side to this you don't see though, I... I don't agree with everything John says I really don't, but I do GET where he's coming from. Christianity IS the most popular religion, but it's also the most hated religion. People talk about having to be "closet atheists". Believe me, there are people who feel they need to be closet christians too. While you do have those people who are just cool with you if you're cool with them, there are a TON of people out there who think that if I'm a christian I'm going to judge them and think they're going to hell and think I must be a bigot and an idiot. Though you made a good point about youtube, it was my big introduction into all that, and maybe it's just a terrible example of how people really are. As far as the experiences with other beliefs, yes! I was raised to think all other religions were wrong, but in my personal studies found that buddhism lines up with christianity very well with the exception of the "nirvana" "nihilist" aspect. And I believe rastafarians are learning much from God too! I believe God is working in people who love, plain and simple. They can call him whatever they like, hell I will admit that maybe even my bible that brought me to God isn't the ultimate truth, I DO think it is, but I will allow for the possibility that it isn't. What seems undeniable, is that love, acceptance, forgiveness, harmony, humility, these things are universal and good. And whatever name you call God/Love/Good by, is pretty irrelevant. If it's truly love you live by, you will find truth, and that truth will set you free. When we get to the end of this experiment, I think EVERYONE will find they had a mixture of wrong and right beliefs. We dont need to agree on everything, we need to agree on LOVE.
  14. Ok this is probably gonna offend some and resonate with others. But what if we could change it all to a nation under LOVE. Change those words to "One nation, under love" Or "In love we trust" I personally would think that was freaking awesome hahahaha
  15. I never thought of it like that. I would throw a bloody fit if I had to say "Under hare krishna" or it was even just, the default and I could get out of it. You have definitely made me see this in a new light.