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  1. Scariest animal? Bunnies are, they stare into your soul, steal all of your memories EAT YOUR L- I mean cutest thing. :okiedokielokie:
  2. Would be more like a AK-12. Or just a Watergun, either way they still kick ass. *Water 2op*
  3. So guys, Been gone for almost a whole year. Cough just repeated the topic, So what changed from 2013 to 2015? Anything new? 80% Of my buddies on my friends list are inactive too. So, ELLO random people.
  4. ...So, I was gone for almost a whole year. But now I am back! I've been working on some new Ocs too.

  5. x3 I needed that break from my CPU, New fanfiction. starting from scratch. I've thought about my olds,, It seems like they were too.. How do I explain this. Cheesy

  6. -...Book 4: A new Meaning: My Little?- (I'm Back x3.) ( CHAPTER 1: Same old Day) : A same old day, as other days. After my farther died I haven't been feeling the same like I used to be. My friends always try to cheer me up. But it never works. Sometimes I just want to give up, and sometimes I just want to fight it. But I can't, its like a disease. Taking over your whole body and soul... This is the story of my life. One time in your life, you just need to take a step back and take in all of the air... : Winter break finally comes. I've been waiting for this for all year... Its almost 2014 too. Time really flies by, I remember when I was in 3rd grade.. Still having a great time. Today my friends are coming over. They said we're going to go to the park after we pick up the other few. We always do this every other weekend. It really feels good to be around with the people you know. As for me. I don't know much people, The only friends I got are 3 friends.. The rest... How do I explain it? Forget it, Alfonso, Luc and Bred. I don't worry about my depression that often. I could get the hang of it, but most of the time it just takes over me. They told me to get Anti Depression pills, but I refuse. I don't want to turn into a drugy like my Dad did. That's how he turned into one. Oh yes, did I tell you that I'm a huge fan of MLP? Stands for My Little pony. Yes I'm a Brony.. To be honest My Little Pony is the only thing that brings a smile to my face. It helps me stop crying. Everytime I see those Ponies... And the peaceful world they live in. Sometimes I dream i'll be in Ponyville, but that'll never happen. Dreams really never come true or wishs.... Sometimes before I go to sleep, I remember the good times of my farther. But I do feel better for him. He was sick, very sick. I'm grateful that he went. No more pain right?. I just miss the good times. But I feel something good something's going to happen good to me today! My guts are telling me. They are bursting with joy. And I can't find out why. I never feel this way, I rarely feel this way, I hope i'll stay this way for a while. As I slip on my outfit and Hoodie I hear a knock on my door. My heart pounds with happyness. Finally, some alone time with my friends. Not at school working all of the time. Now we can talk, play, and will.. Have a great time! I must introduce myself. I'll better be off with my name first. It's Fred, Fred Bermudez. Yes I'm 15 at the time. And turning 16 soon.. I've been in this Brony fandom for a whole year now. I'm a shy fellow, a very timid one also. I try my best to stay to myself most of the time. They always tease me for staying quiet for the whole class. I just sketch after I'm done. As I open the door for my friends, I see them talking about Leage of Legends already.. Saying how Over Powerd Temo is. *Sigh* " Ello Fred," Luc says in a Catbug voice. "I've brought some Creamy rootbeers with us." Alfonso pulls out a Can of Rootbeer" I sigh with happyness, You're really addicted to those ain't cha? I take one off his hands. "It's not my fault that we need to drink milk everyday at school." Alfonso grabs back, and stuffs back into Backpack, "How is Temo Over powerd!" Bred yells out with anger. " You must agree with me, I love playing as Temo, They had to de-buff him over 5 times! And he's still Over powerd." I tap Aflonso's shoulder, I whisper " How long have they've been fighting about this Temo thing?" Alfonso responds back with a confused face. I stand there looking up in the sky, waiting for us to move forward. We did after a few moments. I start to walk behind Alfonso, feeling the cold breeze hit my face... It felt so good to be outside again. I can't explain how good it felt. As for the park we walk pass by to get to school, it seems the same like always. Old, no one plays there anymore. The playground is so rusty that the slide isn't even slidable anymore. The paint on the swings have worned off pass the years, and the basketball court all ruined. All you see now is Grass... Luc and I start to set up a board game called, War hammer-40k. The table match. It's a pretty good game to tell you the truth. I'm not a expert at it though. He always beats me at it! "Hey Luc, Why not play Spacehulk first?" I talk out, Didn't they make a game out of it? Isn't it called Spacehulk on Steam? Luc responds with a happy smile. "Ah yes! I remember, I never played it on the Computer but not board. It must be the same right?" Bred sets up the game. I stare at them with a worried face, betting on who's going to win. " I shall bet on Bred!" Aflonso slams a 2$ on the table. I put down a 2$ The same amount. Aflonso struggles to take out the Soda's out of his bag. I come in and help. "Wait, this one is about to bust open." I just grab the bag and dump everything out on the floor. "... That's a good way too." Aflonso picks up the Soda's. For the pass week, I've been hearing a weird noise by the park.. It could be just a wild dog or a animal. But it doesn't sound like one I've ever heard.. Sounds like a rustle now in the bushs with a clopping noise. I'll probably check there when we leave. Luc gets out a Piece, called a Space marine. "So.. If I remember right, The space marines fights the Geenesteellers?... Or how ever you say it.' " Will, your objective is to get your men to the tranfer zone." Aflonso notices me staring back at the bushs. Aflonso taps me on the shoulder, "Fred, spacing out? I studder, N-no! Why am I spacing out so much? Am I going crazy with a rustle, rustle, noise?... "Ahha! I got all of my hallways blockoff." Luc shutters out. I can't stand this anymore, My heart is pounding.. Testing my patiance! I walk like I always do, I rush over to the bushs, telling my friends i'll be back. I can't explain the noise I've heard. The whimpering broked my heart when I started to hear it. I walk in the bush to find myself face to face with a.. Pony? But how. It's only a child's show! I laugh and take a step back. I pause in every sentence. "D-.. A Pegasus..?" I bend down as quickly as I can. I find her in the bushs sleeping. I didn't know what to do. Do I call my friends? No, they'll just call the police. I can't let them take her to the Labs. I sooner find to notice that's its Fluttershy... A Fluttershy? But how.?... My heart drops to my stomach, I have so many feelings in that moment. I want to cry with joy and just faint on the spot. But I find myself still standing completly fine. I slap myself a few times to see if I'm fully awake, not dreaming? No It was real. Everything at that moment is happening, but I can't stop haveing this feeling that... I already knew Fluttershy..? I can't remember anything from the last time I woked up. My Mum said I was out for a few weeks. Was this Deja vo? I have been dreams I was an Alicorn in Ponyville... Stacy, it was? I can't even remember anymore. I give... How am I even speaking? A shout comes from far " Hey Fred!! Whutcha doing over there? I'm almost done beating Bred!" Luc yells out. I sigh, I can't just take her at this time.. I need to wait... Yes at night, I had so many questions running through my mind... I just wanted to hug her, ask her how she got here and how did she into this bush? I couldn't but help myself to shout... I was full of joy, I was never that happy in years. I never smiled. My dreams came true. But this feelings.. Seems old? Everything felt like this already happened. My smile fades away with the wind. Looking back, I thought to myself, -Yes, I'll get her when it gets night.. I'll think the rest through after.- I take a deep breath in too calm myself, I run back over to the table. "You won this time.." Bred shrugs. "Here Fred, you won the bet." No it's fine..! Aflonso forces the money into my pocket. "Trust me, I've been making money by selling cokes." Luc Grabs a Creamy Rootbeer. "So how good are these?..." He taps the top and snips it off. Cream bursts out, ".. Real cream? Oh nice!" Luc drinks the Rootbeer. I slowly poke my head over to the bushes. "Still looking over there? Stop worrying! Today is our day off." Bred Hands over a Creamy Rootbeer as well for himself. "Now we can just watch the sun go down." Aflonso sits down on the table." I relax not drinking a sip of my Rootbeer. Aflonso pats my back,"I think we all here today should have a moment of slience for your Farther." Luc agrees along with Bred. I nod. 3 Minutes pass, we all start talking again. We all start packing to head home, Aflonso lives right by me. "I'll stay with Fred," Aflonso Stops. I whisper: Ey Aflonso.. Not to be mean but. Can you head home alone this time? I have some work to do here. Aflonso smiles and packs. "Sure thing, I'll be calling ya." Aflonso walks off with the others. I smile, Finally! I dive into the bushes once more to get her. But I didn't think this far, how could I pick her up? I might wake her, and my mum is still at home... Ideas kept popping up into my head but none of them were good. It's time for plan B. Some music to add too it; - Arist: AcousticBrony ]
  7. Pretty sure we all been thinking this. Would her friends die before she does? Alicorns does live longer. What would happen? Would they all become alicorns, or would Twilight see her friends die in front of her eyes one at a time? Put your thoughts here.
  8. If you're wondering where my Fanfictions went, they went into here. My topics are getting a LITTLE toooo long... So might as well put them into one! (SCROLL DOWN TO READ THE OTHER ONES) (Chaptor one a new begging) I bet you think i'm you know a kid, that plays, has friends like other people right? *Laughs* Like if it was even close. You see i'v been to other worlds, Example: Foissel fighters. ETC. I've been to 10 worlds already, lets make this 11th? And yes i've made stories to the other ones to. One has got sold on into a news paper, Others well, Gone. Should we get we started? Hmm Maybe you're not ready for this advendure... Well let me get you filled in,in some of the back story first shall i? (Time: 10am Place: Somewhere in japan) Fred: *Yawns* Oh... My back, *Wakes up on couch cracks back* Ow... Gam dangit.. I really need to stop sleeping on the couch.. *Sighs* I wonder what new games they brought to the manga store.. I hope they brought some good ones, all i see now these days are *Coughs* Not even gonna say it. *Hears people yelling and screaming outside* What the hay? * Runs to the door and swings it open* * Glares at groups of people* ... * A kid comes running pass me But he stops and trips as i pick him up* Kid: Ow... Dangit i really need to look out where i'm going these days, * Looks at Fred as he shakes hands* Thanks for picking me up, By the way a new game is opening! Its called My little pony realstic game * As he runs to the store* Fred: Huh. My little pony realstic game i hear? Hmm.. * Walks to the store* ... Not even a line? Weird.. *Swings door open as he is walking in* I wonder wheres all of the people. * Sees clerk* Hey there, do you know where everyone is? Clerk: Yes they'll in the back, they're looking at this game that came out. I'll say its a great time to buy it when everyone is in the back watching the Trailer. Fred: Oh Really? Huh i hope, how much does it cost? Clerk: Costs 40$ Don't forget its brand new not old kid. Fred: Huh i guess. * Buys as eyes sparkle* F-First game ever to come out.. In japan of My little pony.. * Shakes hand and runs off* Clerk: ... As if they know whats going to happen.. (Time: 10:30am Place: At home) Fred: I can't believe it.. * Puts game into consel the intro starts as it says* Intro: Do you want to make tons of pony friends? Do you really want to meet Fluttershy and the rest of the ponies? Well hop right in then! Just sign in! Fred: If this is another.. Rip off i swear to br- Intro: *Yells out name* Yeah you. Fred: W-What!?! How do you know my name?? Intro:... Lets just say i know everyones name, now please let me talk.. Fred: .. * Stops talking and looks at* Intro: Now you didn't just buy any game, You bought a realstic game. But only 1k out of 1mil well get this. And you are one of the lucky ones. Fred: ... S-so w-what are you gonna do to me?? Intro: Make your Dreams come true... Now TTY! Fred: Wait wh-* poofs* Intro: Another well done job. Huh i'm getting to old for this.. * Goes to another game* (Time: 12am Place: Unknown) Fred: * Rubs eyes* G-Grah my head... * Rubs head and fills a huge bump* Ow... I must of hit my head when i landed.. * Goes to get a drink of water from the river* Maybe some cold water would wake me up.. * Sees self eyes glare at own reflection* I....I-I'm a pony?!?!? H-How!!! * Falls into the water* GUbble gubble * Gets out and tries to catch breath* Ahh.. * Coughs out water* W-..What am i???? I can't be a pony! T-This is fake. It must be a dream, yeah that's all! * Punches self* * Makes self a bruce* Ow! Gam dangit i ain't asleep. B-But how! * Gets dizzy* I~~c..... Dre~~e * Faints* (Chaptor 2: Where am i?) (Time: Unknown: Place: Unknown) Fred: G-....grah.... *Rubs mane* ... * Tries to open a eye* ... Unknown pony: Oh... Hi, S-sorry i woked you up... Fred: I-its fine... Its not like you just pulled me out of a river.. unknown pony: So sorry, I-i'll make you some soup... * Trots off* Fred: ... Don't i know her from somewhere? ... I swear, * itches eyes* Last thing i remember i fell in a river and blacked out. How did she find me? Unknown pony: Oh eh... D-do you want a drink....? I-i'm just asking I- Fred: Oh i'll love to have a drink. What do you have t- Unknown pony: * Points at frege* Hmm... Water, Apple juice... Hmm.. Fruit juice.. Fred: Y-you really got tons of juice... * Says in mind i wonder how they would taste...* Unknown pony: *Smiles* Hmm.. I think you'll like apple juice, its fresh when Applejack Kicks them off the tree! Fred: Applejack? .... Don't i know her.. *Rubs head* .. I must've been dreaming, i'v never met her. Unknown pony: * Gives apple juice* I-hope you like it,By the way my name is Fluttershy... S-sorry i didn't say my name when i met you * Blushes* Fred: ... Its fine... * Says in mind, ... I swear.. I've heared that *Name* From somewhere..* * Rubs mane* Fluttershy: You should meet my pets... * Grabs* Fred: * drops Appe juice and gets dragged* Fluttershy: * Points at bunny, and smiles* This is angel.. * Takes him outside* Those are my chickens! Oh oh also.. * Points at birds* Those are my birds... *Blushes* I- train them to sing.. For parties And stuff... Wanna hear them? Fred: Nono... I-its fine! Fluttershy: But you must! Fred: .... Fine * looks at* Fluttershy: * Says in cute little voice* Yay.. * Gets musical stick* Okay..... 1......2.....3! *Stops* S-sorry but.. You're a little off... C-can you pick it up a little * Pats birds head* Thank you.. Fred: *Listens* Fluttershy: Like it? I'v been training them for 3 months, i'm training them for the Party Pinkie pie is gonna hold.. Fred: Who's Pinkie pie? Fluttershy: Oh yes! Pinkie pie.. I should meet you to the whole group... And show you around ponyville! Fred: Eh..... I'm kinda beat.. I mean yeaah Wo...... *Facehooves* Fluttershy: * Smiles and drags* Fred: *Talks while getting dragged* Wait did you just say Ponyville?? Fluttershy: Lalala...lalal... Fred:.. * Pokes back* Did you hear me?? Did you just say this is Ponyville.? Fluttershy: Mhm Lalala Fred: * Rubs head* Now i heared that name somewhere.... Huh too hard to think of it now. Fluttershy: Y-you must be new to Ponyville It seems like you don't even know what ponies are! Fred: Yeah i guess... Fluttershy: You never told me your name.. Whats your name anyways? Fred: O-oh sorry.. * Says in mind, WHat is my name...* Fred: Oh! Its Dragonshy.... Fluttershy: Ohh it almost matches my name.. *Blushes* I can't wait to let you meet Ponyville! Dragonshy (Fred): Y-yeah... I hope its good? Fluttershy: Don't worry you'll love living here. Wait you are right? Dragonshy (Fred): ... I think.. Fluttershy: Oh great! Ooohh! My little sister would love to meet you... Dragonshy (Fred): Little sister? You got a little sister? Fluttershy: Mhm! Her name is Buttershy, She loves to meet new people! *Lies* Dragonshy (Fred): Huh whats her age? Fluttershy: Ohh she is just 2 years younger than me.. I'm 16 and all.. ( GUuessing her age, EG They're all in Highschool kinda making them teens still) Dragonshy (Fred): Oh it'll be great... ish... (Chapter 3:Meeting new friends) (Place: Ponyville Time: 2pm Dragonshy (Fred): Wheres everyone? Fluttershy: Oh busy like always! Draongshy (Fred): ... Hmm.. Wheres your pony friends I wanna meet them! Fluttershy: Lete meet Pinkie pie first! I bet shes in her bakery making Cupcakes! Dragonshy (Fred): What kind? Fluttershy: You'll see Pinkie pie is kinda random.. Well always random.. Just never break a promise if you promise her something.. Or she'll keep stlaking you and Say Foreva..... Dragonshy (Fred): Stranger danger. Fluttershy: *Smiles and opens door* Hi pinkie pie!! P-Pinkie pie? Pinkie pie: Oh Nono.. The ballons.. Rainbow dash.. A little more to the left! No! Right.. No no! ... 90 degrees! * Eyes goes wobbly* Rainbow dash: Grah Pinkie pie! Just tell me already! Pinkie pie: Oh.. Yeah right! In the middle a littl-... And.. Perfect! Dragonshy (Fred): * Blushes* .... I -i don't really wanna.. * hides behind fluttershy* No! Fluttershy: .. * Pulls out and drags* Say hello to the new Pegasus in town! Rainbow dash: Woo! I wonder if hes fast as me.. Psh i doubt I'm the best! Oh yeah Forgot to tell you my name, Its Rainbow dash. Dragonshy (Fred): ... * Blushes even more* * looks around sees hiding spot behind the stove* * Runs but gets stopped by pinkie pie* Pinkie pie: * Looks at* .... Dragonshy (Fred): * looks back* Pinkie pie: * stares at without closing eyes* Dragonshy (Fred): * Blinks* Pinkie pie: Ooh! I won!!! I am i the best at staring contest! Rainbow dash: * Facehooves* Fluttershy: Oh g-girls.. *Whispers* Plan a party.. Pinkie pie: * Zipz mouth digs a hole and builds a house over it lives in it* * Runs to the store* Rainbow dash: Got it * Flies* Dragonshy (Fred): * Comes out from corner* ... * Rubs cheeks* Fluttershy: .. You're shy ain't you? Dragonshy (Fred): What psh no.. ... *Fluttershy stares at me* Yesh * Hides face* O-only to new ponies! Fluttershy: Well you'll love Buttershy! Shes just like you. Pinkie pie: * Comes hopping back in* .. * Stares at with ballons ETC* ... Forever...... * Hops to the back of the kitchin* Dragonshy (Fred): ... This is gonna be hard to get used to.. *Sighs* If only i wasn't so shy.. Fluttershy: I'm shy! And look where i am now! * Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): I-i guess you're right.. I Just need overcome this Shyness! Yeaah ain't gonna happen anytime soon.. Fluttershy: Its fine... Being shy is cute and.. Well.. J-just cute..But there are other things! Dragonshy (Fred): ... C-can we get this overwith and meet Your other 3 pony friends.. *She nods* Fluttershy: We should go meet Applejack before Rairty and Twilight! It'll be fun to meet Appljack, she loves to harvest apples. Lemme tell a little about her self, First.. She lives on a farm with her brother Big mac.. And such. Applejack can get c-carried away sometimes at Contests.. So be careful with them,.. Dragonshy (Fred): Checked.. Not doing contests.. Or.. Being shy This should be easy.. O-or not.. Fluttershy: Oh did i tell you she has a little sister Applebloom? Shes so sweet, but sad thing is she doesn't have a cutie mark yet.. Dragonshy (Fred): * Says in mind* D-Do i even have a cutie mark? * Looks at hind* Fire?.. What does that mean... *Shakes head* O-oh yeah ... Fluttershy: She made a group with 2 other little ponies, I babysitted them once.. I thought i would be good with them like animals, but.. Sometimes it goes wrong.. Dragonshy (Fred): What happened? Fluttershy: Y-you don't wanna know * Eye twicthes* Dragonshy (Fred): Must of been.. Bad? FLuttershy: ... * Picks a diffrent topic* So wheres your parents? Dragonshy (Fred): Parents? Eh.. * Thinks of something* Oh eh Yeah my parents! They don't live in ponyville. Fluttershy: .. Hmm.. How did you get here? Dragonshy (Fred): * Thinks of something to say* Well we lived in the fire kingdom... Ish.. And well.. They sent me... Eh Off! Because they don't want me to become like them.. Fluttershy: * Eyes start to water* T-that's just sad! * Hugs* So sorry that happened to you.. Dragonshy (Fred): O-oh its fine.. Fluttershy: Well heres the barn.. Dragonshy (Fred): * A cow knocks me over, falls face first into ground* Applejack: Oh sorry, * Picks up* You must be new in town, nice to meet you * Shakes hand* My name is Applejack, you'll love it here. Want some pie? I - Fluttershy: No! I th-think hes good. Right? Dragonshy (Fred): * Rubs dirt off face* Y-Yeah.. I think i'm good.. Applejack: But you must try my New pie! Applebloom: * Comes from back of Applejack* Pwease? * Does baby face* Dragonshy (Fred): * Facehooves* Fiiiinneee *Sighs* Applejack: Great! * Stuffs face with pie* Dragonshy (Fred): * Cheeks is stuffed with pie* G-good.. B-but i really d- * Gets stuffed with more* Applebloom: You like it? I made it my self! Dragonshy (Fred): * Holds it in before spitting it out* M-Mmm..T-Tastes Good... Applebloom: * Smiles* Woo! See Applejack! People love my baking. Dragonshy (Fred): * Trots behind tree and spits it out* Fluttershy: W-we should get going..! Applejack: *Makes bleh face* Well, i hope you i see you again. Wait whats hes name? Fluttershy: Oh, Dragonshy. Applejack: He must be shy like you, you should let him meet your little sister, Fluttershy: I'll try Heh.. Applebloom: Want more? Dragonshy (Fred): N-no! I'm stuffed i can't eat no more.. Applebloom: Fine.... I guess i'll just * snifs* T-throw it away. Dragonshy (Fred): .... * Grabs and eats* Applebloom: *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): M-mmmm.. * Face turns green* So g-good.. Applebloom: Glad you like it! * Hops to barn* Appljack: Y-you okay there? Dragonshy (Fred): *Face turns back normal color* O-oh good.. Just.. Yeah. I'm going to stop talking now.. Fluttershy: Oh hes fine, he just needs rest. We'll be off now! Have a nice day Appljack. Applejack: You to FLuttershy, Dragonshy (Fred): A-are we almost done... Bleh... Fluttershy: Sorry about that.. Dragonshy (Fred): I-its fine.. I'm going just need to brush my tounge and teeth to get this taste off.. Bleh... Fluttershy: That pie couldn't have tasted that bad.. Dragonshy (Fred): ... Wanna eat some? * Pulls out come of it* Fluttershy: Never mind! Time to meet Rarity. She is great at making Outfits. I still remember when she made me that dress for the Gala.... I still have it, She tried her best to do it. Dragonshy (Fred): I hope she doesn't stuff my face with c-cake or pie... Fluttershy: ... Heh..... You-you'll see.... *Opens shop door* Rairty??? Are you here!? .. Hmm She must be in her room. *Goes up stairs* Yup. *Knocks on door* Rarity: Oh hi Fluttershy. You came in a great timing. I need you to try this on real quick! Fluttershy: Wait! *Points at Dragonshy* Rarity: Oh Nice idea! I'll try this on him better! Dragonshy (Fred): Wait wh-what! Nonono! I ain't gonna look like a girl... *Facehooves and hide face* Rarity: Oh! You're new to ponyville! *Shakes hand while doing a dress* So Are you Fluttershy's friend? Dragonshy (Fred): .... *Backs up behind Fluttershy* Rarity: W-what did i say? Is it my breathe? * Huffs* Nope.. Am i dirty * Looks for dirt* Fluttershy: Nono.. Hes just shy to meet new ponies. Rarity: Oh! Sorry, Oh Fluttershy. Can you give this to twilight when you see her? Its a part invite to Pinkie pies Party. Oh and heres one for you and Dragonshy. Fluttershy: *Grabs by mouth* Mkm, I'll be sure to give it to her. *Gives one to Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): * Takes and hides again* Rarity: Well you should be off getting ready! I need to finish these dresses before the party. Oh.. I still need to make the hats... Fluttershy: Have a nice day! *Drags Dragonshy along* Rarity: *Waves and closes door* Fluttershy: Time to meet Twilight! Dragonshy (Fred): Phew only one left.. I'm soo beat.. Fluttershy: Mhm. Let me tell you her whole name, its Twilight Sparkle. Shes nice, loves to read books and well shes a unicorn. Dragonshy (Fred): I-is she gonna put a spell on me... Fluttershy: Oh she won't i'm pretty sure... Oh wait yeah after Twilight, its Buttershy. Sorry forgot. Dragonshy (Fred): ... At least shes not crazy like the other ponies.. *Phews* Fluttershy: I say.. Less than crazy. Dragonshy (Fred): At least the day is almost over.. Wait * Trots up in front of a tree* I-is this where twilight lives?? Fluttershy: Yup its a libary. Dragonshy (Fred): *Laughs* A-a * Drops on the floor* R-really!!! Fluttershy: Yup she loves books i told you. Spike: * Opens door* Oh hi Fluttershy. I was just going to get some apples. Fluttershy: Oh, Wait meet the new Pegasus in town. * Points* Spike: *Shakes hoove* Nice to meet you i better be off.. I-i must get flowers for Rarity.. * Walks off* Twilight sparkle: Oh hello, * Reading a book* Fluttershy: O-oh did i come in a bad timing? .. Twilight sparkle: Nope, i'm just trying to find a recipe that's all. Whose the new pony? Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Waves and hides* Fluttershy: Dragonshy, hes new to Ponyville. Hes the shy one like me. After this i'm- Oh yeah * Gives Invteion* Its to Pinkie pies party, Twilight sparkle: * Puts in bag* Thanks. * Uses magic to get some water* Grrr.. So hard to test this on a dragon.. Oh! Can i test this new magic spell on you Dragonshy? Dragonshy (Fred): ... Fi-ine.... Twilight sparkle: Sorry, just once * Makes a hat appear but it turns back into rock* Ouch.. T-that had to hurt.. Dragonshy (Fred): Ow W-what was that for... * Rubs head* Dangit another bump.. Twilight sparkle: Oh i bet i can make that he- Dragonshy (Fred): N-no its fine i think it'll go down by its self.. *Smiles* Fluttershy: Well we better be off, its almost time for the party! *Waves and trots out with Dragonshy* Twilight sparkle: .. Hmm.. I wonder if this is for Dragonshy.. Fluttershy: Last but not least Buttershy! *Trots to cottage* Dragonshy (Fred): ... I really don't wanna.. meet... h-her...ish.. Fluttershy: * Drags* .. Come on.. Last.. Meaning of sleeping...! Dragonshy: *Sighs* Fine... * Trots behind fluttershy* Fluttershy: Now Don't yell or scream or.. Yeah Talk a little low.. She can cry easily.. * Opens door a little bit at a time* Buttershy.. We're home... Buttershy: * looks at while playing with Angel* Oh hi! I'v bee- Fluttershy: Oh dear.. Hes the pony in... town... Buttershy: * Looks at* Dragonshy (Fred):.. * Blushes* H-ello.... Buttershy: .... * Blushes doesn't say nothing* Fluttershy: *Gives Invitetion to Party* Dragonshy (Fred): *Keeps looking at, backups behind Fluttershy* Buttershy: ... * Rubs back leg* .... M-my name is.. buter....... M-my name is b-butter..s.........*Looks at* ..... *Makes a little eek sound* ... Fluttershy: *Blushes* S-she means Her name is Buttershy, now say hello. Buttershy: ... H-hello... *looks at ground* *Trots to room and closes door slowly* Fluttershy: S-sorry about that.. S-shes really shy.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Stops blushing N-no its fine.. Fluttershy: Oh you can take a nap on the couch.. The party is tonight.. You'll need to rest. I'll be making some food, *Pets angel* Dragonshy (Fred): *Wraps self in blankets and passes out* (Chapter 4: Party all night long) (Place: Cottage Time: 8pm) Fluttershy: *Taps Dragonshy* ... *Pokes* ....... *Yells* Wake up!!! Dragonshy (Fred): Grah! *Jumps up and hits head on roof* Ow... W-what was that for!!!! *Rubs head* Next time just turn on the lights... Fluttershy: Sorry, but the party is starting! I'm going to get Buttershy real quick. Get ready! Dragonshy (Fred): Yeah ok... J-just turn on the lights next time.. *Trots outside* I wonder why we're having a party at 8pm for? Huh... Must be something fun! Fluttershy: *Knocks on Buttershy's door* Party time! We can't go without you.. Angel: *Shows time* Flutterhsy: I know i know.. *Knocks again* Please come out and go to the party with us! Buttershy: *Opens door slowly* ... F-fine.... J-just don't let me hide behind you for the whole time... Fluttershy: ... *Drags outside* Now we're ready! Dragonshy (Fred): * Sees Buttershy Hiding behind Fluttershy* Huh. Fluttershy: *Keeps dragging Buttershy to party* Why are you so.. Heavy!! Buttershy: ... Dragonshy (Fred:) Is it because shes wearing almost 2 jackets on her to hide her? Fluttershy: I didn't notice that.. Grah Buttershy. Please *Smiles* Do it for me? Buttershy: Fine....... *Takes off jackets* Dragonshy (Fred): Who is this party for? Fluttershy: *Covers mouth* N-no eh.. Someone! Dragonshy (Fred): And who's the someone? Fluttershy: Oh look at that! We're here... *Opens door* Dragonshy (Fred): W-why is everything dark? *Light flashes on and everyone says* Surprize ! Pinkie pie: Do you like it? *Stuffs mouth with cupcakes* I-i planed this party all by my self! Rainbow dash: .. Well not really.. I helped... *Facehooves* This is your welcomeing party Dragonshy! Twilight sparkle: Heh *Poors drink* I wonder wheres the rest of the ponies? * All of the ponies from Ponyville busts in* Never mind.. Dragonshy (Fred): Y-you kidding me right? Fluttershy! I-i thought you said this was For someone! Fluttershy: I couldn't have ruin the surpize can i? *Smiles* Now Buttershy.. Go get a drink? Buttershy: ... *Shakes head* Dragonshy (Fred): ... Thank you all for having this.. Welcomeing.. *Looks around* W-with r-random ponies i don't know... *Face turns red* E-yeahe...... Applejack: Awh i hope you like the pie! *Eats some *Taste good to me. Applebloom: Want more of my pie?? Dragonshy (Fred): N-no thanks.. *Pats on head* I had enough of that.. Tasty.. *Blehs* Pie. Applebloom: *Smiles and trots off to her friends* DJ Pony: * Blasts the music up* Lets get this part oooooonnnn!!! Pinkie pie: * Is still eatting cupcakes* *Talks with stuffed mouth* Y.yeah! Rarity: *Trotls slowly inside* Every.. Step back! ... This is a new dress! I don't to get dirty! No one would get hurt.. If this doesn't get dirty Got me! *trotls slowly drinks* Got my eye on you... Dragonshy (Fred): *Drinks* Who made this? Its great! Fluttershy: Oh Buttershy did. She always makes drinks for the parties. *Drags out Buttershy and puts infront of Dragonshy* Buttershy: *Blushes* ... P-please let me hide.. Fluttershy: *Gives the stare* ... *Sighs* Please? *Smiles* Buttershy: F-for you... *Trots with mane in face* Twilight sparkle: Awh.. Thats just so cute! *Hugs* So shy to. Buttershy: ... *Blushes more* P-please l-let me hide... *Begs* Fluttershy: Just for five mins? Buttershy: ...W.... Dragonshy (Fred): *Drinks more* This is so good.. How did you make this! Pinkie pie: Oh oh i know! Love!!! Right? Am i right..?!?! N-no? Yes? ... No fun.. Rainbow dash: *Facehooves* Pinkie pie.. Maybe go say hi to the guesses? Pinke pie: Oh oh that's a great idea! *Hops* Applejack: Wheres applebloom?? Applebloom: Oh i'm here! *Runs under table* Applejack: Be careful!! Applebloom: You worry too much big sister.. *Pats mane* Applejack: B-w-...c...Never mind... Mr.Cake: Oh There's a new pony in ponyville? Great! Nice to meet you. Dragonshy (Fred): *Hides face* H-hello... Fluttershy: *Smiles* Hes the shy one. Wheres Ms.Cake? Mr.Cake? Oh shes in the back baking more cakes! Oh Whats his name? Fluttershy: Oh Dragonshy. I think he'll like to taste some of your cake right? Dragonshy (Fred): .... *nods but blushes* Buttershy: *Togs on Fluttershy* .. I-its been 5 mins... Fluttershy: *Sighs* Fine you can hide now.. Buttershy: *Smiles* *Looks where to hide* ! *Trots behind Fluttershy* Fluttershy: Or behind me... Oh dear.. Sorry about that They both are the shy ones., Mr.Cake: Oh its fine they can try the cake anytime they want! It is Dragonshy Welcome party. Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* *Gets a small piece of cake* T-this is kinda good.. *Eats more* Buttershy: .. It looks tasty b-but ... *Togs on Dragonshy* ... *Shows baby face* C-can you get me some? Dragonshy (Fred): Oh sure thing * Gets a plate and puts a huge piece on it* Sh.. Don't tell anyone *Gives* Or they'll get jellyish Buttershy: *Eyes sparkle* Mhm.. * Sticks whole face in the piece* Fluttershy: Finally You got something for your self! Buttershy: *Puts hoove up and waves it around* Fluttershy: *Giggles* Glad you like it Twilight sparkle: Lemme try some! *Floats it to her and puts it in mouth* .... *Muchs it* ... *Gulps* W-Who made this... I-its so good....!! Mr.Cake: Oh thank you! Applejack: .. Lemme try some.. My pie is always better! *Takes a nip* ... *Eyes open wide* T-this is .. Well.. Not good as mine. *Takes more nips* Psh s-still not gooood..... Rarity: Hmfp! *Tries to eat a little without getting dirty* ... It is good.. But! I shall not take a risk.. *Glares at* Applejack: You're too worried about your dress.. You can clean it- Rarity: * Puts hoove on mouth* SH.... Y-you don't know how hard it is to clean these kind of dresses... T-trust me. Applejack: I guess? Applebloom you need to try some of this cake! Applebloom: Come on team! The tree cursders.. Oh oh what should we think of this time! Skooelo: I know I know! We should be called.. The Three crusders Food testers! Sweetie belle: That's a great name.. Maybe we could get our cutie marks! Applebloom: Dig in! Applejack: W-wait! Twilight sparkle: * Freezez them* Phew... Maybe get a plate and get a piece? Applebloom: Fine.... Twilight sparkle: Good my little ponies. Buttershy: *Sticks head out* .. * Face is full of cake* .. W-whoops.. Fluttershy: Awh.. *Wipes Buttershy's face* All better! Buttershy: *Blushes* .. F-Fluttershy. I'v could of did it my self... *Wipes face* Fluttershy: Oh sorry... Pinkie pie: *Stuffs face in the whole cake* Mr.Cake: Nnno!! I-I put in so much work... In that cake,, Pinkie pie: Would it make you happy if i tell you this? *Smiles* It tastes so good! Huh did it? Did it, did it!! Mr.Cake: *Sigh* Y-yup.. Pinkie pie: Yay! Dragonshy (Fred): ... Well! I think we all shou- Pinkie pie: Party all night long!! *Pulls out ballons* Spike: *Runs in* W-What did i miss! Y-you didn't tell me we were gonna have a party! * Jumps into cake* Twilight sparkle: Spike! Aw.. Never mind.. Buttershy: *Crawls to the pie* ... *Eats a little bit of pie * Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Sees* .. Why doesn't see just .. Never mind.. *Gets a plate and puts some pie on it* Here... You're welcome.. Buttershy: *Blushes* ... *Sqeeks* ..T-..thank you *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): Anytime. *Trots off* Buttershy: .. *Stuffs face into pie* Fluttershy: What time is it anyways? Twilight sparkle: Oh lemme see... *Looks at clock* .. Hmm 10pm! Fluttershy: O-oh dear its getting late.. Twilight sparkle: Heh... Come on one more hour? *Smiles* Please?. Flutteershy: .. Fine.. Rainbow dash: Everyone go outside! Pinkie pie: Oh yeah y- Rainbow dash: ... Don't.... Pinkie pie: *Puts hoove in mouth* Mhm! Rainbow dash: Good. *Everypony goes outside* Rainbow dash: Now for the final! *Flies up to the air* Here i go.. Twilight sparkle: I-is she gonna do a Rainboom!?! Pinkie pie: Mhm! *Hops up and down* Rainbow dash: * Goes down* Fluttershy: Buttershy you're gonna miss it! Buttershy: ... *Opens eyes* Rainbow dash: A-Almost! T-there! Rarity: .. Rainbow dash: *Makes a rainboom* *Flies pass by Buttershy* Woooo!!! Buttershy: I-its so bea- Applejack: Beauitful.. Rainbow dash: You're all welcome! *Ponies cheer* *Waves* Hahaha... Twilight sparkle: That's the end of it! Everypony go home, hope to see you next time. Fluttershy: Well time to go home Buttershy See ya next time. Dragonshy (Fred): ... Y-yeah.. Fluttershy: Whats wrong? Dragonshy (Fred): Nothing, its nothing! Fluttershy: If you say so. *Trots off with Buttershy* Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Sighs* I got no where to stay. . . Buttershy: .... Hmmm... *Followes Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Sits beside a tree* This should d- *Hears something in the bush* Bush: *Rustle rustle* Dragonshy (Fred): * Looks at it* W-whos there! I-*Hides behind tree* Buttershy: *Jumps out of bush* ... *Smiles* S-sorry! Dragonshy (Fred): W-what you doing here! Wheres Fluttershy? Shes gonna be mad at you! Buttershy: S..Sorry.. I just wanted to see if you got a place to stay.. Dragonshy (Fred): B-But still! *Sighs* Yes i got no place t-to stay,, Buttershy: *Smiles* Than you can stay with us! Dragonshy (Fred): Wait what? Is Fluttershy ok with this? Buttershy: Sure s-she is... Dragonshy (Fred): .. FIne., Buttershy: *Shows Dragonshy the way to the cottage* Here we are. *Opens door* Fluttershy must already be asleep.. Dragonshy (Fred): .. Shouldn't we tell. Buttershy: Shhh! You'll wake her up.. She'll find out soon enough.. J-just get in the couch.. *Gets a pillow and a blanket* Here y-you go *Blushes* Dragonshy (Fred): Thanks *Takes* I'm beat... * Passes out* Buttershy: *Whispers to self* Oooh.. I hope Fluttershy Won't be mad.. *Hides in room* (Chapter 5: To do list) (Place: Fluttershy's cottage Day: 2 Time: 10am Fluttershy: *Wakes up* *Yawns* ... *Flies down stairs* I need to make some coffee....I wonder hows Buttershy is doing. H- *Sees Dragonshy sleeping on couch* W-..*Screams* Buttershy!!!! Buttershy: What W- *Trots into door* Ow... *Opens door and rushs down the stairs* W-what is it?! Fluttershy: *Points at Dragonshy* H-how did he get in here?! Buttershy: Ooh... E-eh.. Fluttershy: ... Did you? Buttershy: Y-yes... Sorry... Fluttershy: N-Next time ask me! Buttershy: S-sorry.. He had no place to stay.. I felt bad, Fluttershy: He lied? He told me he had a place to stay.. I shouldn't had believe him.. Buttershy: H-he didn't want to make any trouble. Fluttershy: Sorry For yelling at you Buttershy.. *Pats mane* You did, what your heart told you. Buttershy: *Blushes* Thanks.. N-next time i'll ask.. Fluttershy: Oh yeah *Gives food* Give this to the animals, i need to make some coffee real quick. Buttershy: Right. B-.. I ain't very good with an-animals... Fluttershy: Its only because you're too shy. Buttershy: I'll try my best.. *Trots outside* Dragonshy (Fred): *Yawns* ... Ohh my b-back.. *Pops it* Again witht he cou- *Sees Fluttershy* Oh... Nonno... S-I can't let her find me../// Fix *Looks for a place to hide* I'm going to g- Fluttershy: No need to worry. Already found out, Dragonshy (Fred): *Blushes* W-what?! S-sorry i slept here i had no place to stay. Fluttershy: *Smiles* Next time don't lie to me, I mean .. I-if you want to.. No i mean.. Dragonshy (Fred): I won't.. *Smells coffee* I-Is that coffee? Fluttershy: Mhm, that party *Yawns* Stood up too late.. Dragonshy (Fred): ... Heh... C-... Can i have some? J-just asking, Fluttershy: I'm making enough for all *Smiles*, Dragonshy (Fred): .... Where's Buttershy? Fluttershy: Oh shes outside, feeding the animals! Dragonshy (Fred): ... Does she nee- *Hears huge bang outside* She needs help doesn't she? Fluttershy: *Sighs* Like always... Please go help her! Dragonshy (Fred): Mkm *Trots outside* ... *Looks around* .. Where is she? *Sees her* W-wait slow down! Buttershy: *Looks at* Oh dear.. *Flies into* S-sorry sorry!! Dragonshy (Fred): Again another bump! *Rubs mane* I-its fine... Just look out where you're going next time... Why were you flying away? Buttershy: I-i can't feed the animals! *Looks at cute little bunny* Dragonshy (Fred): How hard is it to just feed a bunny.. Let me show how a pro does it. *Grabs food* *Trots up to bunny slowly* You hungry? Bunny: *Sniffs* ... *Nods* Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Now sit down, *Bunny sits down* Good! *Gives food in bowl* Don't eat to fast, *Looks back at Buttershy* And that's how a pro does it. Buttershy: *Grabs food* I can do that easy! *Walks up to a bird* Come here b-... *Gets scared* Noo!! *Flies behind tree* Dragonshy (Fred): *Freaks out* H-..How does somepony get scared of a bird... *Facehooves* Buttershy: S-she has a big beck.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Grabs bird food* *Sighs* Here ya go *Poors some in bowl* L-let me do this.. You can go get some coffee. Buttershy: *Smiles* I'll bring you some! *Hops inside* Dragonshy (Fred): I should make a to do list.. Huh.. It'll be a good idea.. *Feeds more animals* There you go little bird, Hmm *Buttershy Hops back outside with two cups of coffee* Buttershy: Here you go!! *Gives* By the way, Fluttershy needs to get some more animal food, she told me to ask you if you can get some... Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Sure thing! *Puts on to do list* I'll be off *Drinks coffee* Buttershy: Okay, she said be sure to come back before night fall! *Waves off* Dragonshy (Fred): Finally i'm all by my self... Hmm.. The *Looks at map* Shop is this.. No.. This way! Yes this way *Sees ponville* Hmm.. Before night fall *Laughs* Its only 10am.. I'll get there before it even hits 11! Pinkie pie: Lalala... *Sees Dragonshy* OOhhh... He could help me.. *Hops infront* Dragonshy (Fred): *Stops* ... What is it Pinkie pie... Pinkie pie: Ohhh Nooootttthhhiiing.. *Smiles while hopping* Dragonshy (Fred): *Sighs* You need help don't you... Pinkie pie: Maaayybbbeee.... Fiinneee i do! Ahhhh!! I need you to get me 40 more ballons, another cake annndd! Some food for gummy. Dragonshy (Fred): *Sighs* *Puts on to do list* Sure thing i'll do it.. Pinkie pie: Yay! *Hops back to sugarcube corner* Dragonshy (Fred): W-Why can't she get the cake.. Now to get .... .. Still need food.. Hmmm.. *Looks for shop* *Walks pass Rainbow dash house* Rainbow dash: *Yawns* I'm too lazy to clear the skies today... *Sees Dragonshy* Heheeh.. Hes a pegasus.. Just like me.. He can clear the skies for me.. *Flies infront of Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Map gets blown to the floor* W-what is it Rainbow dash..? Rainbow dash: *Looks at* .. About the sky... Can you do it for me? Dragonshy (Fred): ... Really? Rainbow dash: I can clear them 10 seconds flat, Just.. Too lazy today. Thanks anywho. Don't forget to make it 20% Cooler see ya around! *Flies off* Dragonshy (Fred): She means right now does she.. *Sighs* *Looks at wings* ... H-how do i f- Rainbow dash: Grah you're just like Fluttershy *Sighs* Like this.. *Unflaps wings* Noow Just jump and fly! Easy as that By the way been here the whole time. *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Tries but fails, lands face first* Rainbow dash: *Cracks up* S-sorry, Just.. *Picks up* Just keep doing what i did *Flies off* Dragonshy (Fred): *Tries again* Aha! *Looks at clouds* Awh t-thats a lot... (Place: Ponyville Time:12am Dragonshy (Fred): *Sweats* I-i'm done! F-Finnaly!!! Thank the heavens... *Gets a drink from river* *Looks at to do list* *Checks off Clear the sky* Phew 2 more to go! Dragonshy (Fred): A..Almost to the store.. *Walks pass Applejacks barn* Applejack: Wait up!! Dragonshy (Fred): Y- Appljack: *Pulls* I need you to pick these apples from the trees! I need to go make some Apple pie for Granny! *Runs off* Dragonshy (Fred): .. I-I need to pick 10 trees?!?! *Facefloors* Why is it always me! *Eyes flicker red* G- * eyes flicker back to brown* What? What was that? .. Huh.. Felt like i.. *Shakes head* Time to get bucking.. *Tries to buck one tree* .. *One apple falls* Well.. Good for rookies.... *Sighs* T-This is gonna take a long time.. *Facetrees* (Place: By Applejacks Barn Time: 1pm Dragonshy (Fred): *Bucks one more time* I'i'm done... Thank ... *Back hoove gets a cramp* Ohh Cramp! *Kicks back leg into tree* I-it hurts! Applejack: ... *Puts apples in basket* Thanks for the help! *Gives some pie* I hope you'll like it *Trots back* Dragonshy (Fred): *Pops back* Ohh... I'm going to need a very.. Very.. Hot bath tonight.. Now please just let me go to the store! *Trots faster to the store* So! Cl- Rarity: Oh hi There! *Pulls in shop* Sorry i need you for a quick second! *Puts a hat on* Hmm.. Does this look good enough? Dragonshy (Fred): E-Eh... I-Yes! Yes it does! Rarity: Ooo! *Puts Clothes on Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): W-Wait! *Gets choked by tux* I..T-Too tight.. *Face turns purple* Rarity: Hmm..... Nonono..... Yes thats it! * Puts a tie on* Ta da. Like it? Dragonshy (Fred): *Tries to breathe* Y-yes.. it very much! Rarity: Oh goodie! *Takes off* Dress up time! Dragonshy (Fred): Wait i n- Rarity: Hmm.. Nono.. Too small.. No.. T-Too ugly.. Oh!! That's just the right color! I need to go get more frabic be right back! Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies out of shop* Not gonna happen.. *Flies into tree* *Gets a bump again* ... Again.. *Rubs* *Sees shop* F- Finally.. *Trots inside shop* Now.. Fluttershy needed animals food.. *Gets a large bag, Checks* Pinkie pie needed some Food? Wait.. What kind of food!! *Sighs* He doesn't has teeth.. Hmm Soft.. Soft here it is! *Gets fan food* Hmm Next.. I need... Ahah 40 ballons! *Goes to the party area* Hmm.. S-she didn't say the colors.. Graaah.. I'm guessing she likes it 20% Cooler just like Rainbow dash *Gets rainbow ballons* Hmmm... Noow I need... C-..cake *Facehooves* *Walks to sugarcube corner* There's the place *Goes in* Mr.Cake: Oh Hello Dragonshy, You ordered a cake right? Dragonshy (Fred): I guess i did.. *Takes* Mr.Cake: Here ya go Pinkie pie made it. She said she needs it Better be off. Dragonshy (Fred): Thanks, *Checks off ballons and cake* Now time to take the cake and ballons to Pinkie pies.. *Sighs* *Carries ballons plus cake* *Trots up to Pinkies pies house* ... I wonder i- Pinkie pie: *Slams open door* Ohh! Thank you! *Grabs ballons and cake* Yay! I can have a after after after! Ahhhh.. After after after Ahhhh!! After after after Party for gummy! *Slams door* Dragonshy (Fred): ... Ok.... *Flies to Fluttershy's cottage* Phew Only 4pm.. I made it right on time.. *Knocks on door* Fluttershy: *Opens door* Oh thank you!! *Grabs animal food* Now we won't run out so fast, By the way i heared that you helped Pinkie pie And the others. Dragonshy (Fred): .. Y-You don't wanna know.. It.. It was a nightmare.. Fluttershy: It couldn't been that bad.. *Smiles* Buttershy: *Smiles* Oh You're home! *Flies and rams into* Dragonshy (Fred) *Gets flung into a tree* ... *Falls face first* Buttershy: Oohh! I'm soo sorry... I'm still learning how to fly. *Picks up* Dragonshy (Fred): *Mumbles* I... Think.. I broked.. My spine.. *Cracks* Fluttershy: Well I'm going to start cooking! You should take a load off Dragonshy, you did your best. Dragonshy (Fred): *Plops on couch* Graaaah My back legs.. *Sees them bruce* *Sighs* Buttershy: What happened? Dragonshy (Fred): .. Well... I had to clear the sky.. Tooked one hour.. 2nd.. I had to buck 10 trees.. And only 1 felled off eatch time.. So.. That pretty much explaines it! Buttershy: *Smiles* You shouldn't get up for a while.. If they hurt that bad... *Blushes* I mean.. If you w-want to. Dragonshy (Fred): Hah.. (Place: Fluttershy's cottage Time: 8pm Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Sees back legs* *Sighs* .... Fluttershy: Foods ready! Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Tries to get up but fails* Buttershy: *Brings food to Dragonshy* Fluttershy: Angel... Come get your food..! Dragonshy (Fred): Thanks, *Stuffs face in bowl* Buttershy: *Stares* Hungry boy. Dragonshy (Fred): *Cleans face off* .. Heh.... *Everyone eats* Fluttershy: *Yawns* .... *Wubbles up stairs* H-have a good night Dragonshy.. *Closes door* Buttershy: .. *Wraps Dragonshy in blankets* Sleep well *Smiles* Closes door* Dragonshy (Fred): ... Today was.. A.. Rough day *Sighs* I hope i could get up before morning.. *Passes out* (Chapter 6: A bad dream) (Place: Fluttershy's cottage Time: 5am Day: 3) Dragonshy (Fred): .... *Wakes up in dream* W-Where am i?!!? Voice: *Laughs* .... You don't know who i am.. Don't you? Dragonshy (Fred): W-Who are you!! Voice: ... My.. Name starts with a D.... Dragonshy (Fred): ... D? ... Show your self!! Voice: .. No.. I don't want to ruin the surpize! *Throws Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Hits face first* ... I_is this a dream! G-Get out!!!! *Yells* Voice: .. *Laughs* Soon.. Soon it won't be a dream.. *Shows* Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Sees in orb* * Ponyville going into chaos Buttershy and Fluttershy turns evil* ... That'll never happen! Voice: .. *Shows more* Dragonshy (Fred): *Sees Twilight And the rest trying to use the elements but it doesn't work* Voice: I'll be unstopble! *Laughs evily* Ooohh... This time. This time! I won't get defeated by those ponies. And you.. Don't Stand a chance.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Yells* I well end you! I Well never let you take over p- Voice: Shhh... We don't want it to happen sooner do we? *Laughs* Well than.. You better warn your friends.. *Floats away* Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Looks at orb* T-This can't be true.. N-no! It won't happen! *Eyes flicker red* .. Graah! *Wakes up* Buttershy: *Pokes* .. Are you okay?! You're screaming your sleep! Dragonshy (Fred): *Hits head* ... N.*Rubs head* Again... No no Buttershy. everything i-is fine.. *Looks down* Buttershy: ... Somethings wrong.. W-what happened? Dragonshy (Fred): It was a bad dream.. Just a dream! Buttershy: *Yawns* Its only 5am... *Goes back to room* Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Whispers* W-Who was he.. That voice.. I know that voice.. I-is that really gonna happen.. *Sighs* Just a bad dream.. *Sleeps* Voice: .. *Comes back in head* OOohhh.. Dragonshy.... *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): ... Leave me alone! Voice: ... Fine *Laughs* I'll let you sleep... This time *Fades away* (Place: Fluttershy's cottage Time: 8am Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Wakes up, rubs eyes* I-i can't sleep...*Trots to frege* Hmm.. Does she got milk? .. *Looks for milk* ... *Sees some* Yes! *Poors some in a cup* Ahh This should help me settle down a little.. *sits back* That voice.. It keeps coming back to me..*Drinks* Fluttershy: *Sings outside* Come here little one.. *Feeds* Dragonshy (Fred): W-what! Shes already awake.. *Hears Buttershy snoring* ... Huh.. She wakes up early.. Too early.. Fluttershy: *Puts note on door* I'm going to gummies party! You're welcome to join. Dragonshy (Fred): *Sees note and reads* .. Hmm.. I sho* Looks at hooves* ... They're good for now.. I could fly! *Taps on Buttershy's door* Buttershy: *Wubbles to door* Whhaaa...t *Rubs eyes* Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Shows note* Buttershy: *Jumps* Gummies party!!! We goto go! *Hurries to Pinkies house* Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Flies to Pinkies* Twilight sparkle: Oh hi there Dragonshy! *Opens door* Come right in. Dragonshy (Fred): *Blushes* Thanks, *Trots in* Fluttershy: Oh you two came! *Smiles* This is gummy Pinkie pie: Don't worry he won't bite.. Well i mean he can't bite! He has no teeth.. Dragonshy (Fred): Er... Kinda.. Weird.. Applejack: Isn't he so cute!? *Gives party hat* Rarity: Don't you like them? I made them all my self. Dragonshy (Fred): *Pokes at it* Yup! Its glass but its fine! Rarity: I told you girls, he would like them. Rainbow dash: .. Not cool enough... Mine needs to be ... 20% Cooloer.. Fluttershy: Mines fine, Buttershy: *Smiles* Same here. Applejack: *Puts one on gummy* Gummy: .. *Tries to eat it* Pinkie pie: Nono! Its your hat *Puts back on* Buttershy: Hes so cute! *Pets* Gummy: *Eyes go crosesided* .. *Tries to bite* ... Spike: *Runs in with cloth* H-Here you go r-rarity... Rarity: Oh thank you spike. *Takes* Now go along! I need to make another hat. Spike: .. *Walks off* Me.. Nono... I did that.. No thank you psh.. *Goes in back* Dragonshy (Fred): ... I sh- *Everything stops* ... F-Fluttershy? *Pokes* Fluttershy!! Voice: .. *Laughs* Ohhh the look on your face... Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes open wide* T-..That w-.. That voice! It was in my dream! Voice: Heh.. You're catching up pretty quickly... Don't they all.. Look happy?... Dragonshy (Fred): .. Yes? Voice: When i turn ponyville upside down.. They won't be looking like that anymore... *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Yells* Stop it! *Time goes back to normal* Applejack: Eh.. You ok..? You just yelled stop it *Rubs mane* ..? Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Looks away* Its nothing, i just got a hang over. Applejack: .. *Looks at weird* ... Pinkie pie: *Smiles* Come on! We need to e-eat this cake... *Stuffs face* Twilight sparkle: ... *Cuts slices and puts on plates* Fluttershy: *Grabs* ... This is good *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): ... * Trots off to the kitchin* ... Spike: *Hides jewls* Oh hi there! Didn't think you'll c-come back here.. Dragonshy (Fred): Oh hi Spike. *Smiles* Spike: Whats wrong? You seem down. Something bothering you? Dragonshy (Fred): Its nothing, just my head hurts. *Trots back into room* Rainbow dash: *Stuffs face into slice* Rarity: Oh have manners! *Takes a little bite at a time* Dragonshy (Fred): *Grabs a plate* ... Hmmm I-its good. Buttershy: Who made this, its so good! *Eats more* Pinkie pie: Oh i had help from applejack. I kept begging her untill she gave in! *Hops* Applejack: .. Yeah she made me. But we made a great cake best one i did yet. Twilight sparkle: Oh come on gals, And .. Boys We should dance. *Puts on music* Pinkie pie: ... *Puts on gummies music* Much better! *Gets ballons* Dragonshy (Fred): *Tries to dance* I ain't a great dancer.. If you know what i mean. Fluttershy: You'll get use to it. *Dances* Buttershy: *Hops in with Twilight* Rainbow dash: *Flies around* Heh, Applejack: I'll keep. *Hides behind table and eats more cake* Rarity: I guess i can dance.. Just not getting dirty! Twilight sparkle: You worry too much Rarity.. Rarity: You don't know how hard to get this dress clean.. It'll take ages! Ages! Dragonshy (Fred): By the way Pinkie.. Why doesn't Gummy got teeth? Pinkie pie: You don't wanna know. *Carries Gummy* Dragonshy (Fred): I-i should really get going, i need some stuff to do. Pinkie pie: Awh.. See ya later! *Waves off* Dragonshy (Fred): .. What was that voice... Why does it keep bugging me..*Thinks* Nothing to worry about Dragonshy.. Everything well be fine, I hope.. *Looks up to sky* Would that really happen. It can't.. We got the 6 mane.. *Laughs* I'm just over thinking this.. I just need some rest.. A lot of.. Rest... *Gets dizy* W-.. Blackouts* Voice: *Laughs* Welcome back... Dragonshy (Fred): .. Where am! Get out of my head already! Voice: But.. I'm not in your head.. *Laughs* I'm everywhere... I'm looking at you every step.. Dragonshy (Fred): ... Just show your self already! Voice: *Laughs* Do you think i'm that stupid? I'm not going to get busted.. Now.. I'm just waring you, in three days.. Something bad is going To happen.. *Laughs* Ohh you better tell your friends! Like they well believe you.. Now have a nice.. Day. Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Feels something rubbing mane* Applebloom: Wake up!! *Pokes* Dragonshy (Fred): G-grah.. *Rubs eyes* Applebloom: I saw you just fall! Are you okay? Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Yeah just tired.. Hang over. Applebloom: If you say so.. Sweetie bell: Is he okay? Applebloom: Yup hes just tired. Sweetie bell: Oh pbew.. I should of sang, that should of woked him up.. We should be going to everfree forest! We need to go find a new advendure! Applebloom: *Smiles* Bye Dragonshy! *Trots off* Dragonshy (Fred): T-Three days.. I need to tell them! *Flies back to the party* *Slams open door* Pinkie pie: Oh you're already back? Dragonshy (Fred): *Tells them what happened* Applejack: Are you sure..? Probably you need some rest. You've been working hard. Twilight sparkle: Starts with a D?... Applejack is right. You need some rest. Fluttershy: *Hides under couch with Buttershy* Rainbow dash: Nah.. You're just trying to trick us. You need some rest *Pats* Rarity: If he gots jewls i'm fine! *Looks at Rarity* Oh i mean.. Yeah! You need some rest. Dragonshy (Fred): W-Why won't non of you believe me!! *Runs around* You must! Twilight sparkle: Sorry, we just got no proof it won't happen. Dragonshy (Fred): Poorf? Proof! Wasn't that enough! I don't need rest! This is going to happen! Applejack: Cam down.. Maybe you need.. Some time off? Lay back for a while. Dragonshy (Fred): Graah! *Slams door open* If non of you won't believe me! Than don't. But when it happens, don't come crying to me. *Slams Door close* That voice was right.. No one believes me! *Flies into tree* *Rubs head* S-Stupid tree! *Bucks tree* Grah! *Trots off to River* Voice: I.. Toooollldd you... *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): You'll won't take over ponyville. I well stop you. I don't care if they don't listen to me! Voice: OOooh.. You want this to happen sooner do you? Dragonshy (Fred): No i don't! Just leave me alone! Voice:.. You're no fun anymore.. I'll go pick on another pony. *Fades away* Dragonshy (Fred): I need to calm down.. *Looks in water* Who is he.. Why does he want to take over ponyville so badly?! *Thinks* I don't even know who i am.. All i remember is passing out.. Was i someone else? Was i in another realm?! *Rubs head* If only i remember! This well be easy.. Why was i sent here? Why won't no one tell me! ... *Sighs* No need for yelling now.. I'll find out soon.. I hope.. Pony: .. I know how you feel. Dragonshy (Fred): *Screams* Who are you! *Hides behind bush* Pony: .. Don't be scared of us.. I'm prencess Luna.. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): .. N-next time don't sneak up on me like- Wait .. P-Prencess? *Bows* I'm so sorry! Luna: .. *Laughs* Its fine.. No need to be scared. Dragonshy (Fred): Y-You're not mad? Luna: .. No, Dragonshy.. I'v been hearing the same voice. He said it'll happen in 3 days. Dragonshy (Fred): Y-You know my name? And the voice? Luna: Yes, i know everypony. That's a prencess job. *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Sits back down* Does anypony believe you to? Luna: No.. Dragonshy (Fred): ... All we could do now is.. Just wait... Luna: We can't just wait. We need to train for it. I become more powerful when i turn evil. But i need to control it. Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Remembers* When i always get mad, my eyes flicker to red.. I don't know why.. Luna: That's your inner self. *Points at cutie mark* Your cutie mark is fire. That is why you rage easily. If you control your inner self, you can summon fire. Dragonshy (Fred): Can't only unicorns do that? I'm just a pegasus.. Luna: It doesn't need to come from the horn, it comes from the heart. You were born with the element of fire. I know you. *Laughs* I could tell you your pass. Dragonshy (Fred): H-How! Luna: *Makes Dragonshy sit* This might take a while. Dragonshy Your real name is Fred. You were sent here to stop... I can't say his name. Dragonshy (Fred): F-Fred? .. My name is Fred?!? Who was i! Luna: You were a human. Another realm. You were a pony before you were a human Fred. Dragonshy (Fred): A human? How was i a pony befo- Luna: Let me talk... You lived in the fire kingdom. Your parents were the king and qween. They owned it. But they didn't want you to become Evil like them. They sent you away to the human realm. Dragonshy (Fred): D-Did i look the same?!? Luna: *Laughs* I can't believe that you guessed your own pony name. Dragonshy. You need to control you inner self. Your parents are very proud of you. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): .. W-Well i be able to stay.. In.. Ponyville? I don't want to get sent back to the human realm.. Luna: Its my big sisters choice. Not mine. But for now we need to train for the day he'll come. Dragonshy (Fred): R-right.. I won't let them get hurt. Never. Luna: Last time. The mane 6 stopped him. They used the elements. But he has grown stronger. He has broken out of his stone. Now its Up to us to help them defeat him. Dragonshy (Fred): .. W-We should get some rest first? We can't train like this.. Luna: You're right. *Makes it go night* *Pops open two tents* The red is yours mines the black. Good night Dragonshy, You better get a good night rest.. Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Trots into tent* Y-You to... *Sleeps* (Chapter 7: Training) (Place: Everfree forest Time: 6am Day: 4) Luna: *Yells* Wake up!!! Dragonshy (Fred): *Jumps out of tent* Yes ma'am! Ready for d- Luna: ... Really? You felled for it! *Laughs* *Eyes glow* Drop down and give me 50! Dragonshy (Fred): W_what?! Luna: *Makes Dragonshy do it* Dragonshy (Fred): I-I thought i was going to train my inner self! *Does 40* N-Not this!! Luna!!! Luna: .. You're not done wth 50! 10 more! Dragonshy (Fred): *Does 50* n- Luna: *Makes Dragonshy do 40 laps of flying* Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies into a tree* ... O-.. *Falls over* Luna: ... You are not fit.. *Sighs* I guess that good enough... Now time *Throws into tree* Dragonshy (Fred): *Hits face first* ... W-Why are you doing this!! Luna: .. *Makes tree fall over on Dragonshy * You'll see *Laughs* ... *Throws in river* Dragonshy (Fred): G-... *Tries to catch breathe* ... *Eyes start to flicker* Luna: Good... Good... *Throws in the sky, slams Dragonshy to the ground* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker Bloody red* ... I said *Summoms fire orbs* Stop it.. Luna: W-What?!? How!... It can't be.. I need to teach him to control his inner self! *Hides behind rock* Dragonshy (Fred): *Throws a orb beside rock* Luna: *Puts out fire* S-SOrry aboutt his Dragonshy! *Throws in river* Dragonshy (Fred): What happened? *Sees barnt grass* Luna: I unleashed your inner self.. When you rage.. I did not know that... Time to train you to contorl your inner self.. Dragonshy (Fred): .. D-Did i almost hurt you? Luna: *Sees burn* N-no! No! Dragonshy (Fred): ... Luna: Now, First of all you need to learn how to summon those.. Orbs.. Things, without raging. Dragonshy (Fred): This is gonna take a while is it.. Luna: *Grins* Y-yup... But how.. *Thinks* Ahah! First of all you need to contorl your anger! Dragonshy (Fred): .. How? Luna: *Laughs* This is going to be fun... *Pokes* Dragonshy (Fred): *Ingores* .... Luna: *Taps and pokes* Dragonshy!!! You home!?! Dragonshy (Fred): ... * Sits still* .... Luna: Heh.. You're doing too good.. *Teases* Dragonshy (Fred): Oh for brony god.. Luna: *Pokes ears* .. Wake up!! Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Eyes twicthes* ... Luna: Forget this *Slams Dragonshy to the floor* I said rage already. Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker* N-.. Stop it.. Please I don't want to rage.! Luna: .. Contorl you rage *Stops* You need to contorl it.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Both eyes flicker red* I .. *Holds head* I won't give.. U- Luna: Come on! Do it for once! 2 days left!! Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker normal* I- I can't do it! I can't just contorl rage! You can't do that. Luna: *Sighs* This is going to be hardier than i thought.. Graaaah... Just.. Think of something Nice? Dragonshy (Fred): .. Not going to work. Luna: I think i got a idea. First i make you rage then. You think i'm one of your friends. Dragonshy (Fred): Go for i* Gets thrown to the tree* The tree again really? *Falls face first* Luna: Not working with tree anymore.. What about this? *Hoof smacks* Dragonshy (Fred): N-No t-that just hurts.. *Tear falls* M-Manly tears.. Luna: Oh for.. Pony.. *Bucks into air* .. Dragonshy (Fred): *Falls face first* *Eyes flicker red* *Gets up* ... Luna: Your not you anymore *Facepalms* This isn't going to work is it.. Dragonshy (Fred): ..? Luna: Eh? Dragonshy? Talk? Dragonshy (Fred): What? *Sees fire orbs* Wait... How am i not.. Luna: Y-Your doing it! That's right! Don't think about it! Clear your mind.. I knew that.. If i was locked away for almost 1000 years.. Nothing to do in there.. Nothing.. *Sighs* Now.. Aim for river. Dragonshy (Fred): *Tries to aim for river* Its not that easy to shoot with *Fire* ... Luna: .. You're not Derpy.. Graah! Just aim! For the huge big river.. Dragonshy (Fred): Fine.. *Aims* Ready... Set.. Huh what should i name my f- Luna: Just fire!!! Dragonshy (Fred): *Fires* Luna: ... Y-You missed... Dragonshy (Fred): Told you fire isn't easy to aim. Luna: *Sighs* You can contorl your rage just can't.. Aim very well.. Clear your mind. Don't think of anything. Dragonshy (Fred): I'm pretty sure i'v seen this somewhere.. *Aims again* This time i won't miss *Fires again* *Misses* Luna: ... At least you missed 1.9 meters that time... Dragonshy (Fred): C-can we just get on.. To *Eyes flicker back* *Time freezes* Lu- Luna: ... Happens. Voice: .. You didn't freeze?!? Luna: You pretty much do this to me everytime.. So... Used to it. Dragonshy (Fred): What do you want.. Voice: Oohh nothing, just seeing you, you know fail. *Laughs* The look on your face when you fail. Dragonshy (Fred): .. Luna: Stop picking on him. I already know who you are. Voice: Oh wait! Oh yeah if you tell him i'll come 1 day sooner.. Luna: .. *Winces* Why can't you just turn back into stone!! Voice: Ooohh.. I don't know.. I just want to get revenge on this little town. You know, twilight.. *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): We won't let you get non of them. Voice: *Laughs* Do you really think fire could hurt me?! *Laughs even more* Oohh i'm going to hurt my voice if i keep laughing like that.. And luna. You were evil.. Don't you like being evil? Its fun! Join me. Luna: Never! I regeat for doing that. Voice: Oh yeah and hmm... Remember the orb when i showed you when they failed using the elements? Hmm, those are the only things that can seal me away.. Not weak fire. Dragonshy (Fred): *Yells* I don't care what can't hurt you! I well stop you! Luna: Don't forget Dis-... I must.. I must say your voice. Voice: *Laughs* Nono. Let me say it. My name is Discord. Got it? Meaning i could come earler!! Oh this is great. Dragonshy (Fred): D-... *Hides behind Luna* Luna: .. We're not scared of you. Discord: Heheheh.. You really want me to come today don't you? Luna: Do it! Discord: ... Nah. Too lazy today.. *Yawns* I'll come next afternoon. *Starts to fade* Be re minded. No.. One.. Can.. Stop... Me.. *Fades* Luna: ... *Sits* Now you know his name.. Dragonshy (Fred): ... I heard that name b- Luna: *Sits Dragonshy* .. Let me tell you his pass.. Discord is half pretty much everything. He hates ponies. He wants to take over ponyville. Twilight, Rainbow dash, Pinkie pie, Fluttershy and Applejack Plus Rarity sealed him away in stone. But now He broked out.. But how? The elements are not gone.. Is it because.. The other realm.. T-This can't be.. He must of been in the other realm.. Your realm. Dragonshy (Fred): My realm? Luna: Yes... But how.. *Thinks more* I just don't get it.. We need to go ask Twilight. Dragonshy (Fred): But she doesn't believe me! Luna: Trust me. She'll believe me *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): ... If you say so... (Place: Twilights house Time: 9am Luna: ... *Taps on door* Dragonshy (Fred): .... *Knocks* Don't tap... Really? Luna: She can still be- Twilight sparkle: .. Whhhaaat.. *Opens door* Its 9am.... *Yawns* *Opens eyes* H-huh! *Bows* Welcome Princess Luna... Luna: *Smiles* Thank you Twlight. But *Whispers* Twilight sparkle: *Laughs* Discord? He turned good! He can't turn back evil.. C-can... Dragonshy (Fred): ... I told you she won't believe us.. Luna: *Sighs* No one well if she doesn't. We need all of the help we can get.. Twilight sparkle: ... *Puts Element crown on* ... I believe you. Luna: Y-You do?!? We need to tell the rest of your friends! Twilight sparkle: They should believe me. Shouldn't we tell- Luna: No. She doesn't believe me. My older sister things hes still good. Dragonshy (Fred): ... Twilight, discord showed me.. Twilight sparkle: ? Showed you what. Dragonshy (Fred): He showed me in a orb, that when you used the elements you failed. Twilight sparkle: Don't believe him. Thats what he did to Applejack.. Shwoed her we broked up. But we never did. We stood together. Dragonshy (Fred): .... I guess you're right. Luna: Me and Dragonshy well be helping you on this quest. Twilight sparkle: *Looks at* You s-sure? He doesn't have a element..- Luna: Well about that.. You haven't seen him rage. Dragonshy (Fred): ... I thought you'll keep it a secret... *Facehooves* Luna: Had to, we-... Twilight. *Sits Twilight down* We need to tell you something. Twilight sparkle: What is it? *Rubs head* Luna: *Tells her everything about why she sent Dragonshy here* Twilight sparkle: You can't be.. You're kidding me?? He can't stop Discord! And you knew about this? Dragonshy (Fred): .. You didn't believe me Twilight.. Twilight sparkle: *Laughs* ..Heh...He.... .. Luna: The day is coming soon.. Twilight we have to hurry. Dragonshy. Go get Fluttershy and Applejack. Me and Twilight well get the rest. *Trots off* Twilight sparkle: If they don't believe you. Do it the hard way and bring them here. *Winks, trots off* Dragonshy (Fred): ... I-i can't believe i was a human... *Flies to Fluttershy's cottage* ... I was sent here to defeat Discord.. But why? If Discord... I don't wanna t- Fluttershy: *Opens door* D-Dragonshy! *Pins down* ... *Gives the stare* Where were you! We were worried sick! Buttershy: *Blushes* Last time we saw you.. It was at the party.. Dragonshy (Fred): L-let me talk! Fluttershy: *Covers mouth* Dragonshy (Fred): .. Twilight sparkle, wants me to bring you to her house. Its.. About something. Buttershy: C-can i come? Dragonshy (Fred): If you want to.. Fluttershy and Buttershy, get to her house. *Drags them out and closes door behind him* 1 down.. 1 more to go.. *Trots to Applejacks* Applejack: Zz...z...z.... Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Bucks tree* Applejack: *Apples fall on her head* Wha no whut!... *Rubs eyes* .. Nice try Dragonshy.. Now i go to pick up all o- Dragonshy (Fred): *Drags to Twilights house* *Closes door* All of you stay here. The rest would be coming any minute. Rainbow dash: No no! *Tries to fly back* Twilight sparkle: Oh for! *Poofs her into the house* Rainbow dash: .. Grrrr!! *Bangs on door* Let me out! Luna: *Drags Pinkie pie and Rarity in* Rarity: Let me go! I don't want to get my necklice dirty! Pinkie pie: I don't want to again! We made him nice, can *Thinks of the clouds* Mm.... Dragonshy (Fred): .. You told them didn't you? Twilight sparkle: .. *Nods* Dragonshy (Fred): *Laughs* I didn't tell Fluttershy or Applejack. Luna: Grr i told you it well be a bad idea! Twilight sparkle: ... Blame the.. Never mind.. *Sits everypony down* Dragonshy (Fred): Whos gonna tell them.. You or Twilight? I ain't. Luna: I well. They well listen to me. *Walks infront of everpony* ... We bought you here today because... *Gulps* ... Rainbow dash: .. All twilight said, that we needed to have another party for gummy.. Twilight sparkle: *Laughs* Heh he.. Ab-about that.. Dragonshy (Fred): Wait what? I thought you told them about- Twilight sparkle: I thought it would work.. *Covers Dragonshy's mouth* Let Luna speak. Luna: Discord is going on a rampage. Again. He well take over Ponyville if we don't stop him. Pinkie pie: I already knew that. I knew Twilight was lieing. *Laughs* Twilight sparkle: ..... Rainbow dash: Your kidding me? Discord i- Luna: ... He wants revenge. He was faking about being good. He was waiting for the right moment. Fluttershy: W-what!! *Hides behind lamp* I can't do it again!!!! *Holds onto it tight* Twilight sparkle: *Gives Elements* We need to seal him away for good this time. Rainbow dash: .. I- i guess i'm in.. *Puts hoof in* Buttershy: ... D-Discord.. *Drags Fluttershy* .. Fluttershy: S-s..D-Discord!! Buttershy: Its fine Fluttershy, i'll be there this time. *Smiles* Fluttershy: ... *Puts hand in* L-lets do this. Applejack: Grr.. I knew he was never good! Hes going to get it this time.. *Puts hoof in* Dragonshy (Fred): I'll try my best.. I won't let him take over ponyville.. A-again.. *Hoofs in* Luna: ... Dragonshy was sent here to help you defeat Discord.. *Sighs* I shall help. I was evil once.. I regreat it.. *Puts hoof in* Rarity: I-I guess.. If i don't get my beauitful necklice dirty! *Hoofs in* Its on... Applejack: *Sighs* Rarity.. Y-you can clean it.. Or maybe just put plastic over it? It won't get dirty like that.. Rarity: Idea!!! *Puts plastic over it* Applejack: .. Nice idea *Favehooves* Pinkie pie: .. We shall do this.. Pinkie style! *Hoofs in* And i still want those clouds.. Mm.. Taste... Soo.. Good..... Twilight sparkle: We won't be able to back out. Ponies move o- Buttershy: C-can i join? ... Twilight sparkle: Yes just stay behind something. We don't want you to get hurt. Buttershy: *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): ... You know its not today.. *Facehooves* We should really just rest today, and get ready. Whos hungry! Everypony: I am! Dragonshy (Fred): .. Oh.. Everyone is.. *Laughs* I'll go get some food. Luna, You stay here with the others. I don't want Discord to come over here. Luna: Be careful. *Waves off* Dragonshy (Fred): Hmm.. i'v only got 30$ ... I could buy food with this. But where? ... I should of brought Twilight... *Trots infront of a food place* W-Weird name? B-.. Bro hooves.. Bro... Grrr too hard to say.. *Trots in and buys food* .. Hmmm This should be enough. i wasted all of my money. But that- Discord: *Pops up* ... So... You got them to believe *Winces* .. This could ruin my plans.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Laughs* You should give up. You'll n- Discord: ... Don't make me.. *Laughs* I'll just need to think of something else.. *Thinks* I should do the maze again.. Noonono.. Oohoho... *Poofs* Dragonshy (Fred): ... Weird. What is he planing.. *Flies back to house* *Knocks* Spike: *Opens* Welc- *Sees dimond* I-Is that for me! *Stuffs in mouth* ... Oo..h..... Dragonshy (Fred): W-Where d-... *Looks at bag* How did he know... Twilight sparkle: *Whispers* I told him to, I'm a friend of the clerk there *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): Nice thinking.. *Gives everypony their food* *Everypony sits at the table* Fluttershy: *Puts plates down* Buttershy: *Sets the cloth* Luna: *Yells* Come and eat!! Rainbow dash: *Rushs* Mine... *Gets out food* My fav!! *Hugs food* Fluttershy: ... *Looks* Oh thank you Dragonshy *Smiles* Buttershy: Yay... *Smiles* Applejack: This sure does look good. *Stuffs face* Rarity: Oohh! *Puts cloth on neck* Sure not to get dirty. Luna: Thank you. *Eats* Dragonshy (Fred): *Blushes* .. You s- Twilight sparkle: Sh. They don't know *Gets food* Dragonshy (Fred): *Nibbles eat food* Fluttershy: *Cheeks are full* ... Rainbow dash: .. Nibbling at it really? ... *Stuffs face* Twilight sparkle: Gals gals! Have manners. Buttershy: *Smiles* Applejack: *Gives everypony pie* Made it my self! Pinkie pie: Ble.. I'll eat my food last! *Stuffs face into pie* So good. Luna: .. Thank you all, Dragonshy (Fred): You girls derserve it. You welcomed me to ponyville, been nice to me. And even let me slept over night. Thank you all. Mane 6: *Smiles* Pinkie pie: Well you get sent back to the human realm? Luna: We do not know, yet. Dragonshy (Fred): They're thinking about it.. *Looks down* I hope i can. Twilight sparkle: I hope you can. *Smiles* I'm heading off to bed * Makes beds for rest* Have a nice rest. *Goes up stairs* Buttershy: *Hugs* Good night Dragonshy.. The day is coming soon.. *Gets in sleeping bag* Good thing mine is next to yours *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Gets in sleeping bag* Good night gals.. I'm the only guy pony here *Sighs* Spike Now i know how you feel. Spike: *walks up stairs* Welcome to my world.. * goes to sleep* Applejack: Good night everypony *Hugs apple to sleep* Fluttershy: W-Who ho..... *Sleeps* Rarity: *Puts blankets* Hmfp much better! *Pats pillow* Have a nice rest *Sleeps* Pinkie pie: *Jumps into sleeping bag, passes out* Rainbow dash: *Flies into Sleeping bag* *Yawns* .... Yeah eh... Big day... *Puts glasses on* I'm going make this look cool *Sleeps* Twilight sparkle: *Poofs the lights off* Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Sleeps* (Chapter 8: The final day) (Place: Twilight's house: Time 10am Day: 5) Dragonshy (Fred): *Rubs head* .. *Yawns, pops back* That felt good... *Looks around* Its the big day... Discord coming today. I hope we can fend him off.. *Yells* Wake up! Its a big day today! Everyone get suited up and ready! Applejack: *Bumps head on floor* W-wha.. Rarity: Oh goodness! *Goes to merrior* Oh my hair! Oh no! I can't get seen like this! *Brushes* Fluttershy: Oh dear.. I need to go feed my animals real quick! *Rushes to cottage* Dragonshy (Fred): Discord is coming in about... 2-3 hours.. I hope he isn't lieing.. Twilight sparkle: Lalal.. *Trots downstairs* Oh hi! You gals are awake. Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Glares* Twilight sparkle: .. *Looks back* And boys! Yes boys... *grins* Pinkie pie: *Jumps out of bed* I'm going to go get my party cannon! *Hops to house* Applejack: .. *Face hooves* Ok... Twilight, do you got all of our elements? Twilight sparkle: Yes. But i can't give it to you yet. I need all of the ponies here. Rarity: *Looks at mane* Oh its much better now! All i just need to go get my hat... Be right back! *Trots to house* Rainbow dash: *Yawns* Graah.. C-can't i just sleep for 1 more hour.. *Takes off glasses* ... I so made that look cool. Buttershy: *Gets out of bed, yawns* Good morning gals. Dragonshy (Fred): Oh come on! Buttershy: Whoops and boys.. Twilight sparkle: ... Heh, *Gets a book* I'm going to read this for the meaning time. Remember meet back here in 2-3 hours. Buttershy: *Yawns* I got nothing to do. I'll just stay here, i could make some breakfest. Twilight sparkle: Thats sounds great. Buttershy: *Trots to kitchin* Luna: *Yawns* Discord is coming today.. I just hope we're all ready.. Twilight sparkle: I won't worry. If he just doesn't turn everyone evil again! Buttershy: *Shivers* *Cooks eggs* I don't even want to think about it.. Luna: *Laughs* Buttershy, you're not really that shy anymore aren't you? Buttershy: *Blushes* No. Dragonshy, brought me out of my shell.. Dragonshy (Fred): Heh. I did? Buttershy: *Smiles* Mhm. *Cooks bacon* If i never met you, i would of still be at home. Hiding under my bed. *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): .. That won't be bad for whats going to happen today. Rainbow dash: W-*Yawns* Wake me up in about.. 1 hour.. *Puts glasses back on* Rarity: *Knocks on door* Dragonshy (Fred): I'll get it.. *Opens* Rarity: Don't i look.. Beautiful! Now i can defeat Discord in style.. Twilight sparkle: .. Okay.... *Reads more* Fluttershy: *Flies in* S-sorry i took so long. I had to make angel a salad.. Hes picky about food.. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): Right.. All we need is Pinkie pie... *Sighs* Pinke pie: *Hops in with party cannon* Likey? Heheh *Fires it* Sparkles! Appljack: .. *Face hooves* Buttershy: Breakfest is ready! *Serves* Now b- Pinkie pie: *Stuffs face* W-hut? Buttershy: N-Never mind.,.. *Trots off* Twilight sparkle: ... *Eats* Well Dragonshy... Luna... How was the rest? Dragonshy (Fred): Oh you know. Good, dreamt of Discord *Sighs* I can't wait to get this over with.. Luna: Dragonshy, it won't be that easy. *Cleans own plate* Pinkie pie: You eat too fast Luna! *Stuffs face* Appljack: ... Pinkie pie, i think she got it from you *Laughs* Pinkie pie: Huh? *Hops and cleans plate* I don't eat f- Rainbow dash: *Wakes up* *yawns* ... You didn't wake me up for breakfest?!? Twilight sparkle: You did say wake you up in about 1-2 hours. Rainbow dash: *Flies to table* Yes but! I'm still hungry. *Eats* Rarity: *Cleans plate make it sparkle* Now that is clean! Learn from the pro. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Finishes* That was good, Buttershy you're good at cooking. Better than me *Laughs* Buttershy: Thank you. Twilight sparkle: So agree, come on gals say thank you! Everypony: Thank you Buttershy. Buttershy: *Smiles* Twilight sparkle: *Puts element on* Here you go gals. Fluttershy: *Puts on necklice* *As the rest does* Luna: *Puts armor on, looks at time* 10 more minutes.. Dragonshy (Fred): So whats the plan? Rainbow dash: We can't let him take over ponyville again, plus if one of us loses our elements. We're pretty much dead. Twilight sparkle: Fluttershy, don't fall for his tricks. Fluttershy: I'll try my best. Twilight sparkle: Everypony. Do not lose your elements. We can't risk it! Dragonshy (Fred): I'm going to warn everypony. *Rushes* Luna: I'll go with Dragonshy. The rest of you 6 get ready. Rarity: *Puts hat on* Lets do this. Applejack: Good old times. Buttershy: If anypony gets hurt tell me. *Gets medkit* Twilight sparkle: I doubt we would *Smiles* Okay, mane 6 move out! Spike: *Waves off* Good luck twilight... *Walks back inside* Dragonshy (Fred): *Warns everypony* They're not listening to us! Luna: Grr. I knew this would of happened, i can't just scare them away... Wait.... *Laughs* *Makes the sky turn black* *Eyes glow* I said get out of here! *Makes ground shake* Ponies: *Trots off into forest* Luna: All good *Turns back normal* Dragonshy (Fred): Where are they? Mane 6: We're here! *Huffs* Buttershy: *Hides behind house* Yay.. Get him... *Covers face* *The clouds turn pink, the sky starts to turn day and night every minute. The mane 6 prepeared them selfs with Luna And Dragonshy. Discord has some tricks up his sleves* Discord: *Pops up infront* Oh Hi there... *Laughs* Look at this! A Welcome party. How kind of you. *Stares* Nah just joking *Makes a huge whole in ponyville* Do you really think its that easy! *Laughs* Come on.. I don't want this to end that fast! *Poofs infront of rainbow dash* Rainbow dash: *Flies up* Get ready to owned Discord! This time we're going to seal you away foreve- Discord: Let me talk, how rude! *Makes Rainbow dash mouth dispear* Now i was saying.. Wait i had nothing to say! *Laughs* Now.. Give me your best shot. *Sits down* Twilight sparkle: *Gets in postion* Come on gals! Rest: *Gets in postion* Dragonshy (Fred): ... If that orb was true, this won't work.. *Winces* Luna: If it doesn't they still got us. Twilight sparkle: *Floats, as a beam appears infront of the mane 6* Discord: Oh no! *Starts to turn stone* Dragonshy (Fred): ... Discord: *Laughs, as he breaks the stone* I can't believe you fell for that! *Turns Twilight sparkle into stone* Whoops! Pinkie pie: *Glares* H-how. *Brings out Party cannon* Suck it! *Fires* Discord: *Laughs* Do you think that can defeat me! Come on.. *Flings pinkie pie into river* Luna: The orb was right. *Eyes glow* Dragonshy, let out your rage. Discord: *Poofs up infront of Fluttershy* Heheh I remember when you tried to make me nice! *Laughs* Not going to work. You're so usless. No one can hear you. Heh said it with your own words. Fluttershy: *Gives the stare* Don't hurt my friends! Mister y- Discord: Don't talk back to me. *Evily laughs* Now please just move to the side. *FLings Fluttershy, as she hits the wall* Dragonshy (Fred): W-What is this. Discord Please don't hurt them! *Tear falls* Discord: Awh.. You're crying! You should see the look on your face. Don't worry the wall was just plastic! Fluttershy: *Falls face first* D-... *Blackouts* Luna: *Makes clouds turn pure black* We're giving you a warning Di-Discord: Discord: Whatcha gonna do about i- *Sees sky, eyes widen* It can't be. Y-you Luna: ... I was just evil just like you. Don't think i can stand up to you Discord. Discord: Grr... This might ruin my plan.. Psh. Dragonshy seems weak.. *Poofs infront of buttershy* Applejack: Leave her alone! *Grabs rope, swings it around Discords head* Discord: .. Really? *Pulls rope, makes Applejack Face first a tree* Who else wants to fight me? Rainbow dash: *Glares* ... *Goes up into the sky* *Unzips mouth* Time to make a rainboom.. *Flies to discord* Discord: Huh? Rainbow dash: *Eyes water* D-Discord! *Makes a rainboom* Discord: *Gets flung back into wall* Ow! That hurted.. I thought we were having fun.. *Rubs back* You're going to get it.. *Eyes glow* Rainbow dash: W-What? Discord: *Makes rainbow dash fly into stuff* Rainbow dash: *Flies into building* You're! *Flies face first* Going to get it! Discord: Non of you can stop me. Dragonshy (Fred): *Teat starts falling* Please stop hurting t- *Eyes flicker orange* Discord: Oh Dragonshy, getting ragey i see? *Poofs infront of Buttershy* Now.. Would you like me to hurt you, i don't know. Best friend? Dragonshy (Fred): I'll en- Discord: Too late! *Rams Buttershy into ground* Whoops! *Steps on her* Luna: That is it. *Floats* Rarity: *Hides* Y-you know! I'll just hide here.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker red* Pl-Please don't make me rage anymore.. I won't be able *Winces* Discord: *Laughs* Please rage more! Luna: *Tackles Discord* Stop this *Ground shakes* Don't make me. I don't want to let out my rage. Discord: *Hits luna into ground* Heheh.. *Turns Luna into stone* Luna: N-Dragonshy Yo *Turns into stone* Dragonshy (Fred): Y-You monster how can you do this! Discord: I told you, i well take over Ponyville! *Laughs* Now its only you and me.. Weakling. Dragonshy (Fred): Y-You hurted all of my f-friends.. *Holds rage in* Discord: *Poofs infront* Now i can fight manly.. *Summons a boulder* Think fast. *Smacks Dragonshy into a boulder* Dragonshy (Fred): *Busts boulder* *Summons Fire* Bring it. Discord: Darn.. You still haven't let out your demon.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Fires, as hitting Discord into the ground* Discord: *Rubs arm* You..Burnt me.. *Fades, refades behind Dragonshy* I'm here. *Throws into rock* Dragonshy (Fred): *Starts to bleed alittle* G-*Shakes head* Discord: Watch out! *Summons a paino, smaashing the paino over Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Starts to get bruced* *Tries to stand up* Discord: You're so weak! But, you're the first to not die from my fighting. *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker back to brown* I-... Can't.. Discord: I win. Check mate. *Turns ponyville upside down* Dragonshy (Fred): T-this can't be happing.. W-Why*Looks at other ponies in fear* I'm so.. So- Discord: *Steps on head* Be quiet for once. *Rubs head into dirt* Now i'm going to need some- Dragonshy (Fred): *Grabs leg* Gotcha *Drop kicks Discord* Dragonshy (Fred): You're going to pay! *Yells* *Eyes flicker bloody red* Discord: Well well well.. Your inner demon! *Laughs* Now this well be a chalange.. *Laughs* *Dragonshy makes the Sky turn red, as making the ground getting hotter* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes glow* I said you shouldn't had came here.. *Poofs infront of Discord* Discord: *Winces* Y-You can teleport? Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Summons Fireballs* Discord: Grrr *Tries to smack Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Fades into fire* Can't touch me..*Laughs* Discord: W-Wait is he the child of.. The fire kingdom?! Noono.. *Yells* This can't be! Hes been dead f- Dragonshy (Fred): *Armor apears on Dragonshy* Discord: Oh what have i done.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Armor sets on fire* *Laughs* *Fireballs starts to fall from the sky* Discord: *Summons water* Lets do this *Eyes glow* *Summons barriers* Dragonshy (Fred): *Summons meteors* Heh. *Makes them fall from the sky to hit Discord* Discord: *Barriers break* Grrrr *Summons a water barrier* Dragonshy (Fred): *Summons more* *Makes the ground get more hot* Discord: *Starts to sweat* *Fires water* Dragonshy (Fred): *Blocks with rocks* *Fires and hits Discord, smashing him into trees* Discord: I can't get defeated like this! I am the most powerful- Dragonshy (Fred): *Hooves lights on fire* *Punshes ground next to Discord, makeing a burnt mark* T-this is what you get.. *Mane Lights on fire* Discord: *Yells* *Eyes glow more, claws grow out* Dragonshy (Fred): *Tail lights to fire* I am the fire prince. I well not let you ruin Ponyville. Discord: Is that even you anymore Dragonshy!?!? Dragonshy (Fred): .. This is his inner self.. *Laughs* Now never come back here again... *Summons sword, The sword lights on fire* Disocrd: Now how can you hold- Draonghshy (Fred): *Shoots the sword to Discord, hitting him in the chest* Discord: Y-... You.. *Turns to stone* Dragonshy (Fred): That must of hurt.. *Sword fades* Now Never come back here.. *Seals Discord* Discord: *Tries to stop it* No.. No!! *Turns into stone* Dragonshy (Fred): *Puts a spell, whoever touches his stone well get burnt* Rarity: *Closes mouth* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker back to brown, as the sky turns back to normal, Ponyville turns back to normal. Everything turns back to normal* Spike: *Rubs eyes* W-what did i just see. Dragonshy (Fred): *Rubs head* ... *Coughs* W-what happened? *Looks around* *Sees fire marks on ground* Huh? Rarity: Spike would you tell him for me? Pwease? Spike: Y-yes for you.. *Sighs* D-Dragonshy You turned into a fire prince.. Your mane was on fire and your tail.. *Rubs head* Luna: *Gets up* W-What happened? I turned into stone.. Did you? *Sees fire marks on ground* Your inner demon came out... Rainbow dash: *Flies back into ground* Oh thank ponies.. I'm not flying into stuff anymo- *Sees ground* What happened here? Rarity: The sky turned red.. The ground was hot, Dragonshy tail and mane was on fire. Twilight sparkle: Wait.. You're from the fire kingdom *Winces* Rainbow dash: W-What? The fire kingdom? *Tries to buck Dragonshy* Twilight sparkle: Calm it.. He saved us. Fluttershy: *Gets up from face plant* G-... What happened.. Buttershy: *Rubs face off* Dragonshy saved us.. But he *Hides behind building* Dragonshy (Fred): What? Don't be scared of me please. Luna: I feel the pain Dragonshy, thats how everypony acted when i showed up in ponville for the first time.. *Sighs* Pinkie pie: *Gets out of river* *Shakes off* Group hug..? *Gets party cannon* Luna: Dragonshy, ponyville would have been ruined without you. Lets just keep this a secret that you can turn into a fire element.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* I raged when i saw you guys get hurt. I couldn't stand it. When my eyes flickered it seemed like i just blacked out. Something took over me *Rubs eyes* Buttershy: *Hugs Dragonshy* ... Group hug?? *Blushes* Rainbow dash: Grr fine.. *Tries to hug* Applejack: *Rubs head* .. I had to get.. Never mind.. Group hug *Rams* Pinkie pie: *Brings party cannon* *Hugs* I'm hungry.. Fluttershy: Thanks for saving Ponyville. *Group hugs* Twilight sparkle: We need to tell h- Luna: Yes i know. We need to tell My older sister. *Smiles and group hugs* Rarity: *Takes off hat* *Group hugs* Spike: *Group hugs* Don't forget the dragon *Laughs* That is how i become a pony, Luna and the rest agreed that i could live in ponyville with the rest. I'v been making new friends everyday. Been training to control my rage, still WIP *Sighs* The rest, heh. They been cleaning up Ponyville helping around. I'v been hanging out with Buttershy the most. I Still keep looking up in the sky. You never know what would happen. *Laughs* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I hoped you liked it, i loved making it. I'll be fixing it now. Theres tons of spelling Errors in there ETC. Please Leave a comment and tell me what you think. I hope you all have a great night/day.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ `````THE END```` (Book 2: Becoming an Alicorn) Hello everypony! I hope you liked the New Begging one, this is book 2. After everything happened. 3 months has passed since it happened. Dragonshy and the rest have been Hanging out resting, you know stuff like that. Dragonshy has goten closer to the rest. He knows them better and they know him better. Time to get to it huh? Well here am i now becoming an Alicorn... (Chapter 1: Becoming an Alicorn) (Place: Castle Time: 1pm) Princess Celestia: Good morning. *Gets ready* Twilight sparkle: *Goes into room* I can't believe Dragonshy is becoming an alicorn! Just like me. *Smiles* Fluttershy: *Brushes mane* He did save Ponyville. We couldn't had stopped Discord. Applejack: I can't wait to see the look on his face. Yall be happy. Rainbow dash: *Flies and closes window, *Puts dress on* I Still remember when Rarity made this for me! Rarity: Oh it wasn't a big deal, Fluttershy: *Puts dress on* Thanks again for making it for us. Twilight sparkle: *Puts on dress* You did do a great job. Buttershy: *Puts dress on* Thank you Rarity. Applejack: *Puts on dress* Meet you all in the lobby! *Trots out* Rarity: *Puts hat and dress on* Same to you. *Goes to lobby* Fluttershy: *Trots out with the rest* Rainbow dash: Gr Wait up! *Rushes to lobby* Princess Luna: *Smiles* Hello everypony. I haven't seen you all since we defeated Discord. Dragonshy should be coming any minute. Twilight sparkle: Does he even know hes becoming an alicorn? Princess Celestia: Not yet, *Laughs* It'll ruin the surpize. Buttershy: *Gets in position* Everypony get in your positions! Princess Luna: *Opens door* Hello there Dragonshy, Nice to see you again. Dragonshy (Fred): Hello there Luna, *Shakes hoof* Haven't seen you in a while. Princess Luna: Follow me to the Main lobby, *Dragonshy followes her to Main lobby* Dragonshy (Fred): *Opens door* W- Why is whole ponyville here? *Hides behind Luna* Princess Luna: .. *Sighs* Dragonshy, today is your big day. *Drags Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): Big day? Grrr Princess Celestia said, it'll just be a party! Ponies: *Stares at and waves* Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets draged infront of Princess Celestia* *Bows* Fluttershy: Oh this is s- Twilight sparkle: *Covers mouth* Be quiet! *Stands next to Princess Celestia* Princess Celestia: *Smiles* Welcome Dragonshy. You saved us from Discord, thank you for it. *Taps Horn on Dragonshy's shoulders* Dragonshy, from this day on you'll be treated like a prince. Dragonshy (Fred): Wait what? What do you mean? Princess Celestia: *Eyes glow* Until this day you must protect Ponyville, with the rest of the mane 6. Help everypony, And help them overcome their fear... Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes widen, As a huge orb of light surounds Dragonshy* Princess Celestia: You're now a Alicorn * Everything turns white, Eyes flicker back to normal* Dragonshy (Fred): *Feels head* G-.. I got a .. Ponies From Ponyville: *Hoof stomps* Twilight sparkle: You're an Alicorn. *Smiles* Princess Celestia: You derserve it. Fluttershy: *Hugs* I'm so happy for you, i can just yell yay.. ~Yay~ Buttershy: *Smiles* Applejack: Party time! *Brings out the food* Pinkie pie: Phew.. *Brings out the party cannon* All done with the party set up! *Fires cannon* Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Please treat me like a- Random pony: *Shakes hoof* All ponies: *Gets in line to shake hoof* Dragonshy (Fred): *Sighs* Never mind.. *Smiles* Twilight a little help here? Twilight sparkle: I'll take care of this *Poofs Dragonshy behind Luna* Ponies: *Looks around* *Gets in line to shake Twilight hoof* Twilight sparkle: What did i get my self into.. Rainbow dash: Okay everypony! Back away from the Alicorns, they need their space! *Puts on glasses* I'll take care of this. Ponies: Awh! *Parties* Rainbow dash: Yeah thats it back away.. *Smiles* Feel free to trot around now! *Flies to Applejack* Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets out behind Luna* Phew.. *Sees horn* So how do i work it? Twilight sparkle: *Sighs* You'll get used to it. Dragonshy, maybe tonight we all could have a sleep over! Applejack: Sounds good to me! Pinkie pie: *Puts on music* C'mon ponies dance! Twilight sparkle: *Smiles* Rarity: Time to get dirty.. *Stuffs face into cake* Applejack: For once i seen you do that. Finally you're becoming one of us! Rarity: *Wipes face* What nono.. *Smiles* Just mamybe. Its just so good. Applejack: ... Yeah sure.. *Stares at* Rarity: What! Psh.. *Looks at* Heh... Buttershy: Dragonshy! Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks at*Oh there you are. *Smiles* Buttershy: *Smiles back, bows* Dragonshy (Fred): Oh not you to.. Buttershy: *Jumps on* Just kidding! *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Backs pop* *Screams in mouth* Hmmmmmmm!! Buttershy: Whats wrong *Trots off back* Dragonshy (Fred): *Tear falls, as he points to back* Buttershy: Oh so sorry! *Calls Applejack over* Applejack: Yes? Buttershy: *Points at back* Applejack: Back? *Sighs* This might hurt *Bucks back* Dragonshy (Fred): *Face plants the door* Oh sweet jesus that hurted.. *Falls* Princess Luna: *Laughs* *Whispers to Twilight* Can i come and sleep over with you girls? Twilight sparkle: Sure! Princess Luna: *Looks at* I never been to one before.. You going to have to teach me. Dragonshy (Fred): *Rubs back* Luna you're not alone *Tries to smile* Never had one before to, Fluttershy: Oh we all can teach you about it! Rainbow dash: *Laughs* Dragonshy, you should of the the look on your face when you got bucked into the door! *Falls on the ground laughing* Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Glares at* It hurt And those were manly tears.. Manly tears were shed. *Smiles* Rarity: *Trots infront of Dragonshy* Idea! *Gets back rubber* This should do- Dragonshy (Fred): *Hides* Oh no! Its fine my back is fine! It doesn't hurt anymore! Rarity: If you say so. Luna: *Laughs* Party is almost done, i'm going to go talk to my older sister. *Trots to Celestia* Applejack: *Gets pie* Smells good *Eats* Fluttershy: I still can't believe you're an Alicorn now! Buttershy: *Agrees as the rest Agrees* Dragonshy (Fred): Heh Twilight you're not alone anymore. Twilight sparkle: *Gets book* What did you say? I didn't quite get that.. *Gets more* Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Face hoofs* I said you're not alone anymore! Twilight sparkle: Oh! Tell ya the truth, i rarely see Mare Alicorns! Mostly Princesses. Buttershy: *Trots infront of Dragonshy* *Holds hooves out* Free hug? Pinkie pie: *Hears* Free hugs!? *Jumps and Hugs Buttershy to the ground* Buttershy: ... I didn't mean you... Pinkie pie: Sh! Its a free hug. *Hops back to Party cannon* I'm going to go take my Party cannon home! Meet ya back in Twilights house! *Hops* Applebloom: *Comes troting in* ... Applejack! Applejack: What is it now.. *Rubs Appleblooms mane* Applebloom: Have you seen Sweetie Belle? Applejack: Oh sorry no, maybe ask Rarity? Applebloom: *Trots to Rarity and tugs* Rarity! Rarity: *Wipes face* What is it sweetie? Applebloom: Have you seen Sweetie Belle? Rarity: Oh yes! Last time i saw her was.. Eh.. In, your tree house with Scootolo. Applebloom: *Smiles* Thank you for telling me! *Trots to Treehouse* Fluttershy: Have you seen spike lately? Twilight sparkle: Last time i'v seen him was in my house sleeping.. *Hears a tump in the back room* What was that? *Trots and sees Spike eating cake* Spike: *Stops* Oh hey Twilight! Eh... Doesn't look like what you think! I was just you know tasting the cake.. For.. If it Yes for Samples! Twilight sparkle: *Looks at* .... Spike.. Spike: Fine, i was eating the cake. What! I was hungry.. Twilight sparkle: Just maybe next time get a plate? And put some on it? Spike: But! Twilight sparkle: *Gets plate and puts some cake on it* Happy? Twilight sparkle: *Looks at cake and Stuffs face* T-thank you! Sweetie belle: *Trots in* Rarity! Rarity: *Face hoofs* Yes? Sweetie belle: Have you seen Applebloom? Rarity: Well, she was looking for you. She just left to the tree house! Sweetie belle: *Sees cake* Oooh.. Can i take some cake with me!? Rarity: Yes, get- Sweeite belle: *Gets 10 plates and puts tons of cake on them* Thank you! *Trots to tree house* Dragonshy (Fred): Ain't they so cute? *Smiles* Rarity: Heh, you haven't seen Sweetie belle when she stays at my house *Sighs* Rainbow dash: *Flies into Dragonshy* Whoops! Trying to aim for that target.... *Looks at* Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets slammed back into door* Oh C'mon! *Face plants* Rainbow dash: Discord still kinda dizy from flying into all of those buildings, when he put that spell on me *Rubs head* Dragonshy (Fred): You can't see a huge Red pony? Rainbow dash: About that, your red and the target is red so.. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Rubs head* Kinda makes since.. Buttershy: *Blushes* I heard t- Princess Celestia: I hope you all had a great time here, *Smiles* But its time to end the party! Hope to see you all next time! *Smiles* Princess Luna: *Trots to Dragonshy* Ready for Sleep over!?!? Dragonshy (Fred): Heh.. Kinda ish! Twilight sparkle: *Gets books and puts in backpack* Well! Lets go to my house already! Applejack: *Trots with the rest* Dragonshy (Fred): *Trots intfront of Celestia* Once again, th- Princess Celestia: No need of thanking me. Now please! Go along with the rest *Winks* I hope you have a great sleepover. Dragonshy (Fred): Thank you. *Waves off* Luna: *Pokes Celestia* Princess Celestia: Yes luna? Luna: Eh.. Can i go to th- Princess Celestia: Its fine. I'll take care of the night tonight, go have fun little sis *Rubs mane* Luna: *Smiles* Thank you! *Flies to Dragonshy* Princess Celestia: *Sighs* Time to get the coffee... Gaurds! Royal gaurds: *Trots infront* Yes? Princess Celestia: Can you two make me some coffee? Royal gaurds: Yes. Wait! Do you want it strong weak or? Princess Celestia: I'm going to need it strong to pull a all nighter. Royal gaurds: *Saultes and trots to kitchin* (Chapter 2: Sleepover) (Place: Twilights house Time: 7pm) Twilight sparkle: *Opens door* Spike i'm home! Spike? Spike: *Sighs* They won't leave! Twilight sparkle: Who- Applebloom: Sweetie belle wait up! *Runs into table* Sweetie Belle: Haha! I you can't ca- Scootalo: *Rams Sweetie Belle* Gotcha! Sweetie Belle: Awh.. Twilight Sparkle: *Looks* Wh...Wha.... What are you.. Doing here?!!? Rarity: *Trots in* Sweetie Belle? What are you doing here?! Sweetie Belle: *Grins* Eh.... We want to a sleep over with you gals! Applejack: *Trots in* Applebloom! What are you doing here.. I thought Granny smith was looking after ya.. Applebloom: We want a sleep over with you! Scootalo: Please? Twilight Sparkle: *Sigh* Fine... Just don't cause a miss.. Sweetie Belle: You heard that! Lets clean up! Applebloom: Maybe we could get our cutie marks from cleaning up! The cleaning crusders! Scootalo: Sounds a little boreing.. Fine.. *Gets a rag* Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies in* H- Applebloom: *Smiles* Its dragonshy! *Jumps on Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): Please nono! My back had enough t- Sweetie Belle: *Rams Dragonshy* Pony pile! Scootalo: Heheh.. *Jumps on Dragonshy* We're so lucky to have an Alicorn here! Twilight Sparkle: ... Really? Applebloom: Well two Alicorns! Dragonshy (Fred): *Pushs off* Group hug is better.. *Rubs back* Crusders: *Groups hugs* Dragonshy (Fred): Much better.. *Pops back* Now don't forget to clean up your miss. Applebloom: Crusders time to cleanup! *Gets cleaning stuff* Buttershy: *Trots in slowly* Oh dear wheres Fluttershy.. Fluttershy: *Flies in* Buttershy, don't worry. You don't have to be shy! Its like you never did this before. *Unpacks backpack and pulls out angel* Buttershy: Heh.. *Unpacks backback and pulls out Snowball* Isn't he so cute.. Hes a new born bunny! *Rubs against cheek, as the rest say aw* Rainbow dash: Heh... Needs to be 20% cuter.. *Rubs mane, and pulls out turtle* Turtle: *Puts on shades* Pinkie pie: *Trots in with gummy* My party cannon has to be so heavy.. *Falls on the ground* Dragonshy (Fred): Twilight.. *Pokes* Twilight Sparkle: Yes? *Puts dishs away* Dragonshy (Fred): Do you get bugged alot from being an Alicorn? Twilight sparkle: Well yes.. If you live in Ponyville. At least you're not alone anymore. Fluttershy: Twilight, do you still have those sleeping bags from last time? Twilight Sparkle: Yes just for all of you! Rainbow dash, can you get them out of the closet for me? *Smiles* Rainbow dash: Fiiinnee... *Flies and opens door, grabs all of the sleeping bags* So.. Whos the yellow one? Twilight Sparkle: Rainbow dash! I put all of the names on eatch sleeping bag its on the back of it! Rainbow dash: Thanks.. *Looks: There you go.. Here fluttershy.. Pinkie pie.. Yada yada done! Dragonshy (Fred): Thanks. *Makes* Applejack: *Makes* Whats for lunch tonight? Buttershy: Oh oh, i can do it! Twilight Sparkle: No its okay Buttershy, i can do it this time. Buttershy: *Ears goes down* Fine.. Twilight Sparkle: .. Fine.. Buttershy: *Smiles and gets cooking stuff* Pinkie pie: *Starts talking to self* Applejack: Eh.. You ok there sugar cube? Pinkie pie: *Looks* Oh! Eh.. *Smiles* Was talking to Gummy! Gummy: *Eyes <>* Applejack: Yeah huh... Dragonshy (Fred): *Sighs* Does everypony here have a pet? Twilight Sparkle: Pretty much. Applejack: *Brings dog* Say wha? Luna: Dragonshy, you're not alone. I don't have one to. Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Fluttershy: Oh! Maybe when we get up in the morning, we could go find you two an pet! I got tons at my cottage. Dragonshy (Fred): *Laughs* I lived there. Fluttershy: Heh, now you're an Alicorn you could have your own room in the castle. Rarity: Ooh! I remember when you guys gave me a ticket that i could live in a room for about 7 days. Buttershy: Twilight are you sure you don't need help? Twilight Sparkle: *Drops pan* No! I'm fine *Ear goes down* Maybe a little.. Buttershy: *Picks up pan and helps* Rainbow dash: *Makes sleeping bag* Pinkie pie what happened to my- Pinkie pie: *Stops and stares out* Oohh! Your.. Pillow.. *Throws to face* Rainbow dash: Grrr *Tackles with pillow* Applebloom: *Trots infront of Twilight* Done! Scootalo: We cleaned it up! Sweetie Belle: Does it look good? *Smiles with the rest* *Table falls apart* Twilight Sparkle: *Eye twitches* Eh oh you did gre-at! Spike: But it fell ap- Twilight Sparkle: *Smacks back of Spikes head* Spike: Ow what gives! Applejack: *Drops apples* T-The Dragonshy (Fred): Sh! You little ponies did great, now go trot along and go play with Rarity! Rarity: *Fixs sleeping bag* Sweetie Belle: *Jumps on sleeping bag with the rest* Rarity: Sweeite Belle! I worked hard getting that fixed.. *Sighs* Applebloom: Oh we're sorry Rarity, *Gives the filly face* Sweetie Belle: Yeah we're sorry *Lets fake tear fall* Rarity: *Groawls* Fine j-just don't break anything.. Buttershy: *Yells with Twilight* Food is almost done! Twilight Sparkle: Get the stuff ready! Luna: Dragonshy, Why do you keep looking up in the sky? Are you day dreaming? *Rubs head* Or your just going crazy. Dragonshy (Fred): *Laughs* Nono, you never know what would happen. It might surprize us. I know we sealed away Discord but, who were my parents..? Are they dead? Are they still alive. I just want to find out. *Sighs* Luna: I bet they're fine, you never know. They could be looking up in the sky like you are. Dragonshy (Fred): We should go eat. Twilight sparkle: Foods done! Buttershy: I even made the pets some food.. *Gives pets food in their bowls* *The ponies ate, they all said thank you to Buttershy. While they told ghost stories. Twilight told the best as always, said the same one from the headless horse. They all headed off to bed But Dragonshy couldn't sleep. He tried..) Dragonshy (Fred): *Yawns* 3am... *Growls* Why can't i sleep... *Winces* ... Doesn't feel like everything is right.. Feels like theres another evil coming to ponyville.. *Sighs* *Looks up in the sky* Farther.. Mother, if you're alive.. Please give a sign you are. *Tear falls* I just want to meet you.. F-for once.. *Looks back at the others sleeping, while wiping eyes* .. If you you're alive.. I hope you both have a nice rest.. *Gets back in sleeping bag* Good night, *Closes eye* *Hears something flapping* Wh- Princess Celestia: Shh, *Smiles* I see you can't sleep. Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies outside to Celestia* What you doing here? Princess Celestia: Luna has never been gone from the castle for so long. Just came to check on her. *Sips Coffee* Goto stay up all night to keep it safe and going. Dragonshy (Fred): Luna is a lucky Alicorn, to have you as her sister. Princess Celestia: I always try to take care of her. Being gone for gone that long. She must of missed me. Dragonshy (Fred): Do you feel a evil or a feeling coming to ponyville.. I can't stop thinking, or feeling it.. Princess Celestia: If someone does come and try to ruin ponyville, we always got you and the others. We're safe. Dragonshy (Fred): Yes but, the feeling i got seems like its 5x more powerful than me.. Princess Celestia: If you defeated Discord, without the elements of harmony. Than i'm pretty sure you could defeat whats coming. Oh, Dragonshy. Twilights brother is coming over to visit her. With Princess Cadance. Dragonshy (Fred): I'v never met them.. Can't wait, does Twilight know? Princess Celestia: No, its a surprize. *Smiles* Princess Cadance was Well what would they call it in your realm... Baby siter. Dragonshy (Fred): She must of been lucky to have her. *Smiles* Celestia, how much attion would i get being a Alicorn? Princess Celestia: *Eye winces* Eh...... Well.... A.. Little.. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Glares* Princess Celestia: Ok.. Maybe a lot..... Very.. Tons..... *Grins* Dragonshy (Fred): Heh, i should probably ask Pinkie pie to make me some custroms. So they won't find out who i am. Princess Celestia: *Sees rest sleeping* ... They're very lucky to have you here Dragonshy, Dragonshy (Fred): .. Now you're just being nice. Princess Celestia: You are the first pony i ever met from the human realm. I mean Twilight did go to your realm once.. But that was a long time ago. Dragonshy (Fred): She did? She never told me.. Princess Celestia: Dragonshy.. How was it in the Human realm..? Dragonshy (Fred): ... I don't remember much.. I know i had a mother and farther in the human realm.. Friends, and went to a Middle school *Sighs*I wonder how they're all doing. Still not used to eating like a pony. Kinda used to With hands.. And stuff like that. Did you know, they have a T.V show of My this in the human realm. Princess Celestia: .. Really? Huh.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Thats how i kinda know you, and the rest. *Yawns* Finally getting tired.. Princess Celestia: I better head back to the castle.. I bet the royal guards are worrying. *Smiles* I Sneaked out.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Laughs* See ya with Twilight brother and the rest. Princess Celestia: *Flies off* Dragonshy (Fred): * Heads back inside getting in sleeping bag* Time to sleep.. *Yawns* I can't wait to see the look on Twilight face when he c-comes.. *Passes out* (Chapter 3: Meeting Twilights Brother) (Place: Twilight's house Time: 11am Dragonshy (Fred): *Jumps up from sleeping bag* Oohh! Twilight's brother is coming today!! Twilight Sparkle: *Walks dornstiars, while rubbing eyes* *Yawns* S-say that again? Dragonshy (Fred): *Lands back on sleeping bag* Eh.. *Rubs mane* I mean... Heh.. He..... Its a nice day today! *Smiles* Twilight Sparkle: .. Okay... *Looks around* Huh, everyone is still asleep.. First time ever that you're awake first Dragonshy. Dragonshy (Fred): Well i am a early bird! Twilight Sparkle: *Poofs infront* .. Somethings up.. Are you up to something? Dragonshy (Fred): Nono! Its just... I drank too much coffee! Twilight Sparkle: Uh huh.. *Stares closer* ... Hmm.. Well I need to go wake spike up.. *Walks slowly to room while looking at*... Dragonshy (Fred): *Sweats* Heh... Twilight Sparkle: *Pokes at spike* Wake up.. Spike: Not right now mommy.. I dun wanna go to school y- *Looks at* Ohh eh! heh... You heard nothing! *Runs downstiars* Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks at Spike running and puts hoof infront* Hold there! Spike: *Runs into hoof* Dragonshy (Fred): You almost ran into those pile of books, look out where ya going. Spike: *Looks at pile of books* Thanks Dragonshy. *Walks to wake the others up* Wake up! Rainbow dash: Wh-who goes there!?!? *Jumps up in the air and kicks* Oh. Its just you spike. *Takes off shades* Fluttershy: *Yawns and itches wings* ... *Looks at time* Oh dear! I havn't slept this late until never! I must go feed my animals! Be back soon! *Flies into door* ... Dragonshy (Fred): Wouch.. *Opens door* Fluttershy: *Rubs face and flies out* Buttershy: *Gets up with blanket covering face* Where am i!?! *Trots into wall, takes off Blanket* Grr... Bad blanket.. Bad.. *Rubs face* Applejack: *Wakes up while getting hat* *yawns* Good morning y'all! I hope you all had a great rest. Because i'm sure i did. Pinkie pie: *Yawns* *Hits Dragonshy on the nose* Woops! Dragonshy (Fred): *Rubs nose* Oh sweet jesus.. P-Please don't let this thing happen like the g- Applejack: Did y'all gals sleep well? Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Glares* Never mind.. *Rubs nose more* Twilight Sparkle: I sure did have fun last night. Rarity How did you- Rarity: *Rolls up sleeping bag* Hmm? Oh Twilight! I was just un making my sleeping bag as for you all. Rainbow dash: Nah. I could do it in 10 seconds flat i bet. Applejack: Psh! I bet i can roll all of these sleeping bags in 5 secs. Rainbow dash: *Glares* Its on.... Rarity get the timer! Rarity: *Gets timer* Ready! Set GO! Rainbow dash: *Flies and rolls them up as fast as she can* Done! Rarity: ... 15 seconds... Rainbow dash: W-wait what?!? That timer must be wrong. *Looks at time* Grr Applejack: Hmph! My turn. Rarity: Get ready.. Set.. Go! Applejack: *Gets rope and rushes to roll all of the sleeping bags* *Rubs sweat off head* How long did i take? Rarity: *Looks at timer* 15 seconds... Again.. Applejack: W-What! *Gets timer* You darn broken thing! Rainbow dash: I call a Re match! Applejack: Sounds good to me! Get ready to get owned. Rarity: *Sighs* Dragonshy (Fred) *Whispers to Rarity* If you tell Spike to take over, he'll so say yes. Rarity: Great idea! *Trots to spike* Spike.. Can you take the timer job? For me? *Smiles* Spike: Y-yes my d-dear... *Walks slowly to timer* Dragonshy (Fred): Works everytime Heh. *Gets headache* G-gr... Fluttershy: H-Huh? Dragonshy! *Flies to* Dragonshy (Fred): *Everything turns black* Twilight Sparkle: Whats wrong with him??! Dragonshy (Fred): *Falls on side and black outs* *Wakes up* W-Where am i... Twilight!?!? Rarity!?... N-no one.. *Looks around as he sees crystals* ... The crystal cave.. Under Cantorlot.. B-.. How did i get here.. *Hears something troting* W-Whos there! Come out. Unkown pony: D-Dragonshy.. I-its you.. *Flies up to and hugs* Dragonshy (Fred): Huh..? W-who are you? Unkown pony: .. So you don't remember me.. *Sighs* I'm your mother.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Winces* D-Don't play jokes on me! *Eyes flicker to orange* Unkown pony: Please, please! *Starts crying* Dragonshy.. Your real name is Fred! Dragonshy (Fred): *Freezes* ... Y-... It.. *Tear falls* Mom... Mother: .. Dragonshy.. I missed you... *Hugs tighter* Dragonshy (Fred): .. Mother... You are alive.. *More tears start to fall* Mother: I'v been locked up in here for the pass.. 800 years.. Dragonshy (Fred): W-Who locked you up in here... Mother: Dragonshy.. Y-you've grown up so much.. *Looks down at happly with dirt on face* Dragonshy (Fred): 800 years.. I'm so sorry.. I didn't come sooner! *Wakes up* Twilight Sparkle: Wake up! *poors water on* Dragonshy (Fred): *Jumps up* M-Mom! *Looks around* Nono! Fluttershy: W-whats wrong..? Dragonshy (Fred): *Trots back and forth* I-Its nothing.. It was just a bad.. *Remembers* ... D-dream.. Buttershy: *Looks at* ... I could tell theres something wrong.. I could see it in your e-eyes.. Dragonshy (Fred): I-I just need *Flies outside and slams door behind* Luna: *Flies outside* Dragonshy? Whats wrong. Dragonshy (Fred): *Starts to cry* M-My mum.. Shes alive.. I saw her... I must go g- Luna: ... Dragonshy.. Your mother is dead. Shes been gone for ober 800 years.. Dragonshy (Fred): No shes been locked away for 800 years! I know it was true! That wasn't fake... I saw her with my own eyes.. Luna: Calm down.. Maybe some food would help. Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Trots back inside* D-Dun brother me for the moment.. Applejack: *Trots to Twilight* *Whispers* Twilight.. Do you know whats happing...? Twilight Sparkle: *Keeps looking in books* N-no.. It says nothing in my books... Dragonshy (Fred): *Calms down* ... I-i'm sorry.. I just needed to let out some anger... *Remembers about them coming* I need to go watch my face off, *Trots to bathroom* Twilight Sparkle: *Hears a knock on the door* Now who could that be. *Opens* Shining Armour: Twiliy! *Rubs mane* Twilight Sparkle: *Eye Sparkles* B-Brother! *Hugs* D-Did you bring Cadence!! Princess Cadence: Right here.. *Does dance with Twilight* Buttershy: ... *Blushes and hides behind Flutterhsy* W-Who are these ponies... *Covers face* Rainbow dash: This is Princess Cadance and Twilights brother.. *Smiles* Buttershy: P-Princess.? *Bows* Princess Cadence: *Rubs Buttershy's mane* Buttershy: *Blushes* Dragonshy (Fred): *Hears* *Washes face off* ... I hear them talking, they're here... This is my first time meeting them. I better put on a first great meeting. *Trots out of bathrom, while trotting downstairs.* Shining Armour: Oh so this must be Dragonshy. Princess Celestia told me everything about you. Dragonshy (Fred): E-Even from the.. Shining Armour: Yes, By the way. Congrats on becoming an Alicorn. *Smiles* Princess Cadence: Oh, nice to meet you Dragonshy. I hope you've been having a good time in Ponyville. *Smiles* Luna: *Pops up* Princess Cadence: Luna! Wait, what are you doing here? Luna: Had a sleepover with them, she let me come. Princess Cadence: Ah, so she pulled a all nighter.. Must of been hard.. (At castle) Princess Celestia: Y-...Yay the night is done.... D-Don't mind me.. I'm going to.. *Falls face first on floor* (Back At Twilight's house) Luna: *Sees day turn to night* Eee... I better go.. I need to go help her. *Smiles and flies off* Princess Cadence: Reminds me of that time when i had to keep the barrier over the crystal kindgom.. *Sighs* Shining Armour: You slept for almost 3 days. *Laughs* You tried your best. Rarity: I miss being crystal. I looked so.. So... Beatiful! Well i still do but.. Crystal! Twilight Sparkle: *Looks at Dragonshy* You knew they were coming didn't you? Dragonshy (Fred): What no! Psh. Like Princess Celestia came last night when everyone was asleep, and told me they were coming! * The rest looked at Dragonshy* Pinkie Pie: *Jumps in face* ... *Stares at* .... Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles while sweating* Princess Celestia: *Drops down and knocks on door* Dragonshy (Fred): Oh Look that that! Someones knocking i-i better go get it! *Speed trots to door* Princess Celestia: *Yawns* I'm Glad Luna gave me that wake potion.. Twilight Sparkle: *Sees book missing* ... Shining Armour: Celestia! Never thought you were coming. Luna: *Trots in* Hi again everyone. Pinkie Pie: Ahhh... You told Dragonshy they were coming! *Jumps up and down* Princess Celestia: Yes, yes i did. Dragonshy (Fred): *Face hooves* Rainbow dash: 4 Alicorns here! In one h-house! Rarity: C-Celestia.. D-Do you need anything to drink...? Princess Celestia: No thanks. Luna: So how was it last night? Princess Celestia: *Face hoofs* Well you don't really want to know. I was likey to even keep one eye open. Applejack: I'm glad y'all are doing good! *Dragonshy got to know Princess Cadence, and Shining Armour. And got to know Princess Celestia a little more. The rest talked, Rested. They all had a great time they even played a little. Twilight, didn't want her Big Brother to leave. Princess Cadance promished with Shining armor to come back another day.* Princess Cadence: *Waves off, with Shining armor* Princess Celetia: I should get going to. I need to get back, need to go write on some scrolls! Crystal kingdom wants know hows Ponville doing. *Flies off* Dragonshy (Fred): Oh yeah. Princess Celestia sent me a Note. I need to go and talk to her for a minute. See you all later. *Trots off* Luna: *Trots with Dragonshy* Fluttershy: A note..? Twilight Sparkle: I feel the same way Fluttershy. Somethings not right. Spying time? Rainbow dash: *Puts on black suit* So ready. (Chapter 4: Getting Ready ) (Place: Cantorlot Time: 5pm) Dragonshy (Fred): I wonder why Princess Celestia needs me. *Tries to think why* Huh... *Sees all of the ponies* *Smiles* Thank jesus i got a hat over my horn. I don't w- Pony: Its Dragonshy! *Yells all over Cantorlot* Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks at random pony* Why!?! Pony: Sorry, i just have to *Other ponies starts rushing in* Dragonshy (Fred): *Takes off hat, poofs self invisble* Ponies: Huh? Where did he go!?! Dragonshy (Fred): Ah.. *Says in head* So this is why Twilight tought me this spell... I'm glad she did. *Bumps into a pony* Random pony: *Puts hoov infront* Its Dragonshy! He turned himself invisble! Dragonshy (Fred): *Poofs back* ... *Face hooves* Nice going Dragonshy.. Ponies: *Pony piles* Fluttershy: S-Shouldn't we help him..? *Stares at Twilight* Twilight Sparkle: If we help him we'll blow our cover! Now stay down! *Puts Fluttershy's head back in * Rarity: *Takes leafs off suit* Pinkie Pie: If our cover gets blown.. *Gets Party cannon* Boom, boom! Applejack: *Sees Dragonshy* Looks like he is having trouble to get out of that Pony Pile. ( In Dragonshy eyes) Dragonshy (Fred): *All he sees is sand and blankness* *Pokes hoof out, while draging self out* *Says to self* W-Why can't i just teleport my self out of here! Oh yeah *Yells* Twilight didn't teach me that yet! Twilight Sparkle: Heheh.He.. *Buttershy looks at her* Oh eh.. Yeah.. I should teach him that sometime... *Tries to smile* Buttershy: *Face hooves* Rainbow dash: *Yawns* So bored... Dragonshy (Fred): *Pops out of Pony pile* *Looks around to hide* Where.. *Sees Garbage can* I must.. *Covers nose and jumps in* Rarity: .. He is going to need a very long bath to get the smell out. Ponies: *Stops* W-Where did he go! Princess Celestia: *Laughs while Watching Dragonshy on telescope* Oh i could just poof him here but, but thats no fun! Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies over the ponies to the Castles door* *Slams door behind, while trying to catch breath* W-... H-... Princess Celestia: *Smells, and poofs the stickness off* Dragonshy (Fred): T-..Thank you.. Twilight Sparkle: *Poofs everyone inside, gets behind stairs with the others* Princess Celestia: Dragonshy, Follow me. Dragonshy (Fred): *Follows* Princess Cadence: *Eyes are baggy* Shining Armour: *Sighs* Twilight Sparkle: Oh no.. This can't be happing a-again... Dragonshy (Fred): *Rushes to Princess Cadence* I-Is there anything i could do?!? Princess Cadence N-no need to worry Dragonshy. I co- *winces* Keep this up. Shining Armour: We came to over to visit to tell you guys about the Changlings. But we didn't want to worry you. Princess Celestia: This is why i need you to tell the rest. Twilight stopped them before she can do it again. Dragonshy (Fred): C-Changeling..? Shining Armor: *Tells everything about their race* Dragonshy (Fred): So they could take any form.. And feed off.. *Shivers* Princess Celestia: Shining Armour is helping Princess Cadence to keep the barrier up. Shining Armour: Yes. We both take turns. *Hugs Cadence* You should go get some rest. I could take it. Princess Cadence: *Tries to get up* Dragonshy (Fred): I'll take her. *Puts on back and flies to room* Princess Cadence: I-i didn't need the h- *Coughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Lays on bed* I hope you have a great rest. *Flies back out* Applejack: They're back?! Rainbow dash: We barely made it last time! We can't do it again! Twilight Sparkle: Come on gals. We can do it again. Princess Celestia: I believe in all of you. Dragonshy (Fred): *Eye twitches* You guys followed me here didn't you? Pinkie Pie: *Smiles* Mhm! Dragonshy (Fred): And you saw me get into a Pony pil- Princess Celestia: They won't be attcking anytime soon. But they keep trying to break the Barrier. I worry that a spy could of got in. *Shivers* We can't risk any spies! Twilight Sparkle: *Grabs Rainbow Dash And Applejack* We'll go on ahead and check! Dragonshy (Fred): I'll come to. Applejack:.. I didn't sign up for this.. Shining Armor: Pinkie Pie, and Rarity. You two go get all of the guards. Make sure *Winces, trying to keep the barrier up* M-make sure they all gather here. We must get in our defence postion. And if they don't believe you, tell them to come and tell me. Pinkie Pie: *Slautes* Yes sir! *Grabs Rarity* Buttershy: *Rubs mane* W-what do i do? Princess Celestia: You and Fluttershy, go take care of Princess Cadence until its her turn. We can't risk them taking Her again. Buttershy: A-Are you sure thats f-for us.. Fluttershy: H-heh... Princess Celestia: *Poofs them both into Cadence's room* Rainbow Dash: I'll go cheeck in the skys. It'll be quick, meet you all back here. *Flies* Twilight Sparkle: Dragonshy you come with me. We must ask everypony questions. Dragonshy (Fred): Got it. *Trots off with Twilight* Princess Celesita: *Sighs* Ever since he... No, its not him. Could it... They've been attacking even more when... *Stops thinking about it* Fluttershy: Soo... Buttershy: .. *Sighs* (With Dragonshy and Twilight) Dragonshy (Fred): So where are we going first..? Twilight Sparkle: Well.. *Looks around* We should go knock on everyponies door and ask them questions. *Rainbow Dash flies by* While Rainbow Dash, goes ask the other ponies who are Trotting around. *Trots infront a house* Dragonshy, go knock on those two over there. *Knocks* Dragonshy (Fred): *Trots to the other houses* ... *Lightly knocks* Pony: Yes what is it? *Sees Dragonshy is an Alicorn* Ahhh! Dragonshy (Fred): *Blushes* Eh.. Heh... I... Ee.. Pony: ... *Closes the door* Dragonshy (Fred): .. *Trots slowly to Twilight* Twilight Sparkle: So how did it go? *Speaks to other Pony* Dragonshy (Fred): I'ma going to need some help.. *Smiles* Twilight Sparkle: *Face hoofs* I should of brought Buttershy to help you. Look at me closly while i test this pony. *Knocks on door* Pony: I swear if its you ag- T-Twilight! Twilight Sparkle: *Smiles* Sorry about Dragonshy, hes a shy one. Pony: *Bows to Twilight and Dragonshy* Twilight Sparkle: *Asks the questions* Pony: *Closles door* Twilight Sparkle: See, thats how you do it! Its easy. And you're an Alicorn so they'll listen to you. Dragonshy (Fred): D-Do i goto do it *Sighs* Twilight Sparkle: *Pushes infront another door, jumps in bush* Dragonshy (Fred): *Lightly knocks on door* Random pony: *Eyes sparkle* Dragonshy (Fred): Oh its you, the pony who yelled my name all over Canterlot... Random pony: *Smiles* What do you need? Dragonshy (Fred): *Asks the questions* Random pony: *Closes door* Dragonshy (Fred): *Checks off list* Nope shes not a Spy... So how did i do Twilight? Twilight Sparkle: You did great. Still i need to teach you that teleport spell... Dragonshy (Fred): I hope you teach it to me Very soon... *Glares at* Twilight Sparkle: Soon... Soon, I wonder hows Rainbow Dash is doing... (With Rainbow Dash) Rainbow Dash: .. *Flies to Ponies that are eating* .. Ponies: H..Hi? Rainbow Dash: ... *Stares Closer* Pony: L-lets go dear. *They both start trotting off* Rainbow Dash: *Flies infront* ... I'm bored. *Flies to Twilight* Twilight Sparkle: So how did it go? Rainbow Dash: Will i checked over 10 ponies.. And all seemed all normal. Dragonshy (Fred): I just checked 5 more all good. Twilight Sparkle: Weird.. Maybe theres not a Spy this time, but it doesn't mean we can't keep an eye out. Everypony head back to Celestia! Dragonshy (Fred): *Trots with Twilight and Rainbow Dash* ... Pinkie Pie: *Trots by* Get here! Front n Center! Royal guards: *All of the Royal Guards line up* Rarity: *Looks at the Shining armors* Oh won't you think that Shiny Armor would look great on me? Oh It'll be so- Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie Pie you almost ready? Pinkie Pie: Almost! Now! Get in a stright line! Royal guards: *All get in a stright line* Rarity: Now we're ready. I-still want that Shiny armor... *Eyes sparkle* Twilight Sparkle *Sighs* I'll make sure you get one when everything is over.. Rarity: *Smiles* Rainbow Dash: Pinkie Pie, i got it from here. *Glares at guards* Now hear me! All of you gather around! We need all of the Royal guards here and guards! We'll be getting attacked by the Changlings, once again! Royal guards: *Slautes and gets in Defence Postions* Dragonshy (Fred): *Trots in* Shining Armour: So how did it g-go? Dragonshy (Fred): It went pretty well, We got all of the guards in Defence postions. Shining Armor: Great, *Hears bangs* Grr they're trying to break in again.. *Maks barrier stronger* Dragonshy (Fred): So what time do you think they're going to fully attack..? Princess Celestia: We all don't know yet. It could take weeks even months, but we must be ready. * The rest of the ponies trot in* Applejack: *Trots in quickly* I.... Checked... Every single.. Corner... A-all good.. *Tries to catch breath* Twilight Sparkle: Where would we sleep, if we can't go to ponyville for a while? Princess Celestia: You'll all stay in rooms. Up there in the tower, up to 10 rooms. The ones that are close to the Mirror that takes you to the Other realm. Dragonshy (Fred): .. M-My realm? Princess Celestia: Yes but, it only opens every 30 moons. Fluttershy: *Slowly closes door* Shes doing fine *Whispers* Buttershy: *Trots out behind Fluttershy* Princess Celestia: You all better go make your selfs at home. Buttershy: W-where are we g- *Gets Pushed* Rainbow Dash: Lets go Buttershy *Drags* Buttershy: B-But its high! *Tries to hold onto the floor* Rainbow Dash: *Sighs* You got wings.. Fluttershy: *Looks down* ... *Holds onto Buttershy's Tail* ~No!~ Rainbow Dash: A-..A little help here!? *Stares and pushing* Twilight Sparkle: *Growls* Fine... *Makes Fluttershy and Buttershy float* Rainbow Dash: Phew thanks. *Pushes* Applejack: Or you know, i could of just got them with my rope! And pulled them. Fluttershy: *Tries to float swim back, with Buttershy* Applejack: *Throws rope around and pulls* Dragonshy (Fred): *Cutie mark glows* W-what? Twilight Sparkle: Huh? I never seen that before.. A cutie mark glowing? Applejack: *Looks closer* Weird.. Maybe you're getting sick. Rainbow Dash: It looks awesome glowing.. Psh.. Not that cool, not cool as mine!- *Hears a big bang* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes widen* R-Run! Twilight Sparkle: W-. *Sees Changlings* Theres too many run for it! *Tries to poof everypony* W-what!?! My magic its not working! -FIX Dragonshy (Fred): *Winces* I got this. Gray pony: *Sees* W-whos that? I must go help! *Rushes to the castle* Twilight Sparkle: We can take them! We did it before. *40 more changlings pop up* Dragonshy (Fred): If i can take down Discord this well be easy. *Puts Firewall to block the rest from helping* Changlings: *Looks at* We'll take over... *All laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): (H-How am i going to take them.. *Tries to think* How did they get in, in the first place.. *Stops thinking* Changling: *Jumps at* Dragonshy (Fred): *Dodges, Summons a fire slash* Other Changling: *Laughs* Think fast.. *Jumps from behind and tackles* Gray Pony: *Jumps in* Changelings!?!? How! *Bucks The changeling off Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Coughs* How did you get in? I put a firewall.. Gray Pony: Look at my cutie mark. A phonix. *Helps Dragonshy up* Dragonshy (Fred): *Summons Fireballs* *The Gray pony kept on fighting till the end with Dragonshy. There were too many, they didn't stand a chance. Dragonshy only took out 10 With the Gray pony.* Twilight Sparkle: *Runs in the main room with the rest* P..Princess Celestia! Princess Celestia: Yes? Applejack: Dragonshy needs help! Princess Celestia: Call all of the Guards! Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flickers back to normal* H-How many are there.. *Tries to keep steady* Gray Pony: Dragonshy, you're an Alicorn..? Why would an Alicorn help us low class ponies.. Dragonshy (Fred): I was one of you. All alicorns must defend Ponyville and Equestria. *Tries to Summon another Orb* Changling: Get them and bring them back *Flies out* *Everything goes black* Royal guards: *Slams door open* Princess Celestia: They took Dragonshy. We must go find him. Princess Luna: *Yawns* I heard a big bang... Princess Celestia: The Changlings, they took Dragonshy. Luna: *Looks* Did they take... No, they took. We must go now! Buttershy: We saw a Gray Pony with him.. He tried to help. Luna: A-a Gray Pony?.. *Eyes widen* They took him to.. We head out Tomorrow. Twilight Sparkle: We'll get a good night rest tonight, everyone packup. *All of the ponies head to their rooms* Buttershy: *Goes in the room with Fluttershy* ... Well he be Okay..? *Looks at* Fluttershy: *Sighs* I hope he'll be fine. Buttershy: *Holds tear in* Fluttershy: *Eye's get waterly* Lets not think about it. (Back with Celestia) Princess Celestia: Luna.. Why would they take Dragonshy, and that Gray Pony? Princess Luna: *Sighs* Dragonshy's an Alicorn. Maybe they need him to take over Equestria? Princess Celestia: How did they get in? Shining Armour still has the barrier up. Princess Cadence: *Yawns* What happened? Princess Luna: The Changelings got in, they took Dragonshy. Princess Cadence: They took Dragonshy..? We can't risk an Alicorn being captured. Twilight Sparkle: *Trots in* I wonder if they were after me? *Gets books* Twilight Sparkle: Goodnight, *Walks back in room* (Chapter 5: Captured) (Place: Unkown Time: Unkown) Dragonshy (Fred): *Falls out of bag* *Tries to catch breath* Where .. *Sees Changelings* What do you want from me! Gray Pony: *Gets Bucked out of bag* G.. That hurted... *Rubs back* Dragonshy (Fred): Huh..? *Looks back* Its that Pony who helped me... Changeling Guard: *Stares at* We've got them.. Changelings go tell her. Changelings: Yes sir, *All Flies out* Chanegling Guards: *Locks* You two well be staying in here for a long time.. *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): I'm too weak to even make my eyes flicker orange.. *Sighs* Gray Pony: Whats your name a-anyways? Dragonshy (Fred): Dragonshy, yours? Gray Pony: Fire Heart... Dragonshy (Fred): Why were you at the castle anyways? The Changelings are planning to attack Canterlot. Its not safe. Fire Heart: I came to visit Princess Luna. I wanted to see how she was doing, but when i saw a Firewall appear. I had to help. Dragonshy (Fred): *Sighs* I don't want anypony to get hurt... *Shakes head* Thanks for the help. *Holds Hoof out* Fire Heart: *Shakes Hoof* Dragonshy, its a honer to fight next to you. Its a pleasure to fight agianst a Alicorn. Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Officer Changeling: *Opens bars* ... Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets Hoofs tied up with Fire Heart's* Officer Changeling: Take them to our *Whispers* Changelings: Yes sir. *Drags* Fire Heart: *Tries to get free* I-Its too tight! What are these ropes made out of?! Changeling: *Laughs* Rope? Thats no rope.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Look at it closer* How did they get their hands on this kind? Changelings: Oh.. Secrets.. *Throws out of door* Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets un tied, with Fire Heart* Changelings: We must test you if you can fight your own friends.. *Copies one eatch of the mane 6* Fire Heart: Please don't copy Luna... Changeling: Almost forget. *Copies Luna* Fire Heart: Oh C'mon! Changeling: *Copies Fluttershy, and charges at Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): F-Fluttershy.. *Closes eye and gets bashed to the ground* Fire Heart: Why you little... We won't fight. Dragonshy (Fred): *Struggles to get up* We cannot fight our own.. F-friends, Officer Changeling: *Sobs* Why did you catch them again? Changeling: He's a Alicorn... The Gray Pony is strong Too... Fire Heart: Why won't you let us rest? We're out of energy. We can't fight right now *Winks at Dragonshy* Officer Changeling: Fine... Put them back in their cell.. If you two don't fight next time. We'll put you in pods. *Trots off* (Writer: Oh chrise? When did i turn this into a rambo movie? *Sighs* Time to put less Fighting...) Changelings: *Puts then back in their cell* Rest well.. *Laughs evily all together* You'll need it. *Locks behind* Dragonshy (Fred): *Feels pain in stomach* Oh please dear Celestia don't let me g- *Stomach growls* Fire Heart: Get some rest, you'll feel better in the morening. Dragonshy (Fred): *Puts head on hoofs* I'll try to.. Goodnight.. Mother.. *Tear falls, while closeing eyes* (Dream..?) Voice: D-dragonshy Dragonshy (Fred): *Hears voice* M-Mom? *Followes Voice* Mom! Keep talking! *Sees* Mother! *Rushes to* Mother: D-Dragonshy.. You're.. Doing so, well... But p-please Let me tell you my name.. Its Fire Shimmer... Dragonshy (Fred): *Winces* F-fire Shimmer? Fire Shimmer (Mother): Stay brave.. Never.. Give up *Slowly smiles* We'll meet soon.. Dragonshy (Fred): Mother! Please hang in there... I just need to get out of this.. Cell, and i'll come for you. *Hugs* Fire Shimmer (Mother): First you must save Canterlot... I made a mistake.. I was a bad.. Alicorn, i let my kingdom fell... *Winces* Please don't let that happen to Canterlot. *Starts to fade* Voice: Wake up..! Dragonshy (Fred): *Jumps up* Where- Fire Heart: *Puts hoof on mouth* Shh... *Points at window* Can you use your fire now? Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker orange* Grrr... I hope i don't make.. Too much noise *Tries best to summon an Small fire orb* Fire Heart: Come on.. You can do it.. I know you're still weak, think of Canterlot.. Dragonshy (Fred): C-Canterlot.. It'll fall.. Fire Heart: *Stares at* W- Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes Flicker red* G-...Neigh.. *Tries to Control rage* Fire Heart: *Looks at* Calm down.. We can't risk it... *Whispers* Dragonshy (Fred): T-This is the only way.. *Summons a small Fire orb* Fire Heart: *Bucks it at the Window bars* *The Steel bars start to melt one at a time, than started to melt faster.* Dragonshy (Fred): *Falls to ground, while eyes flicker back to normal* Fire Heart: *Trots to* Dragonshy you okay? Dragonshy (Fred): *Holds in pain* Y-yeah, *Gets up* Fire Heart: *Slips out* Come on. Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies out* I can't believe that worked.. Fire Heart: Lets go.. I can see the Daylight, over the mountains.. *Trots in the bushes with Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks back* We're in te Everfree Forest? Fire Heart: *Rubs head* We only got 4 hours of sleep... *Yawns* Dragonshy (Fred): We could rest when we get back to the castle. We can't risk closeing our eyes. *Winces* Fire Heart: Whats wrong? Dragonshy (Fred): N-Nothing. *Holds in pain* Fire Heart: Its going to take hours.. To get to Canterlot.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Stops* Whats that noise? *Hears closly* Fire Heart: *Hears* They've found out we're gone. We need to move faster. Stay down *Crawls* Dragonshy (Fred): *Cralws behind Fire Heart* Fire Heart: I see something.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Sees Fluttershy's cottage* Its Fluttershy's cottage.. Fire Heart: We're already in Ponyville? *Looks back* They don't dare to come to Ponyville i hope.. Dragonshy (Fred): Meaning we're safe. *Gets up* Fire Heart: *Sees Animals* I'm glad they're safe.. Dragonshy (Fred): We should feed them real quick. If Fluttershy can't get out of Canterlot. *Trots inside* Fire Heart: *Gets Water* Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets Animal food* Wheres.. Angel? Fire Heart: Whos angel? Dragonshy (Fred) A bunny.. *Looks around* D-don't tell me he went to look for.. *Shivers* Fluttershy.. *Feeds the animals* Fire Heart: *Gives the animals water* Dragonshy (Fred): We should put more food and water, so it could last them for some days. *Puts more* Fire Heart: *Fills up the bowls more* Lets get going. Dragonshy (Fred): I hope everypony is safe.. Fire Heart: *Sees Barrier* We're close. I wonders how Ponyville? Dragonshy (Fred): *Trots on hill* ... Seems like everypony is still alseep. Fire Heart: *Trots to Canterlot* Dragonshy (Fred): Twilight.. It'll be a good timing if you thought me that Teleport spell by now.. *Sighs* This is going to be a very long way.. Fire Heart: Or we could always take a ride on that train. Dragonshy (Fred): What t- *Hears* Trains run at this time? You're not heavy right? Fire Heart: What do you m- Dragonshy (Fred): *Picks up* Too... *Makes Fire Heart float* Much better. *Pushes Fire heart onto the train* Fire Heart: Hurry up and get on! Dragonshy (Fred): *Jumps in* Fire Heart: That wasn't so bad. Dragonshy (Fred): You're not the one who tried to pick you up. Fire Heart: *Smiles* We should get some rest for now.. We won't get there for another hour or so. *Closes eyes* Dragonshy (Fred): *Passes out* Fire Heart: *Looks at* Oh geez.. Already alseep.? *Closes eyes again* (Place: Train Time: 7am) * They finally came to a stop at Canterlot* Dragonshy (Fred): *Slides into the wall,while sleeping* Wha! *Hits head on wall* What the hay.. How did *Rubs head* Next time i need to put something by my head *Rubs* Fire Heart: *Stops snoreing* Are we here?!? *Jumps up* Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks outside* Yup we're here. *Gets off* Fire Heart: *Gets off with Dragonshy* Lets hurry to the castle. We can't risk being here. Dragonshy (Fred): *Does invisble spell* Fire Heart: *Poofs* I-I can't see my self! Dragonshy (Fred): We should be safe. Just walk to the castle, i'll lead the way. Fire Heart: *Trots into house* I can't even see my own hoofs! Dragonshy (Fred): You'll get used to it.. *Pokes* Right here lets get going. Fire Heart: *Puts hooves infront* Let me just keep my.. Hoof on your tail. Dragonshy (Fred): What about this? *Poofs rop and puts on hoof* Fire Heart: *Grabs other end* Much better. Dragonshy (Fred): *Trots to the castle* Is it just me or.. I don't see anypony around. Fire Heart: Was wondering the same, are they all inside? Dragonshy (Fred): Maybe they're hiding inside, don't know when they well attack. Or its just a lazy day. Fire Heart: *Looks around* Maybe. We're getting closer. *Sees all of the royal guards* Dragonshy (Fred): We're going to have to sneak around them *Whispers* They might think we're spies. We can't risk it. Fire Heart: *Sneaks under one* Easy. Dragonshy (Fred): *Slips bweteen one* Fire Heart: *Grabs rope again* Why couldn't you fly? Dragonshy (Fred): If i fly when insivble it'll ruin the spell. Fire Heart: *Opens door* Dragonshy (Fred): *Closes quickly* We should be safe in here. *Un poofs the spell* Fire Heart: I could see my hooves again! *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks around* We should go inside the main hall. Than head up to the main room. Fire Heart: Why not go up to the rooms? Dragonshy (Fred): They'll be waking up soon. *Trots to the main room* Fire Heart: *Catches up* Dragonshy (Fred): *Slightly opens the door, hears voice* T-Twilight? *Whispers* Fire Heart: What they doing up so early.. *Peeks* Twilight Sparkle: Do you got everything packed up? Rainbow Dash: I'm ready. Dragonshy (Fred): They were going to look for us.. Fire Heart: That'll be a bad idea.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Opens door* Twilight Sparkle: *Looks behind Rainbow Dash* D-... AppleJack: What is it? Pinkie Pie: Its them! Dragonshy (Fred): S-sorry that we.. Got you all worried.. Twilight Sparkle: How did you both find your way back?!? *Poofs infront* Butterhsy: *Trots down from tower* I hope you find t- *Sees* Fire Heart: *Whispers* Twilight, something is wrong with Dragonshy. He keeps wincing like in pain or some kind.. Twilight Sparkle: Pain...? Weird. Buttershy: *Trots up to Dragonshy and hugs with Fluttershy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Blushes* Heh eh.. Rainbow Dash: The changelings has been trying to get in more, we found out some got in last time from underground.. Dragonshy (Fred): ... Isn't there a crystal cave under the castle? Princess Luna: F-.Fire Heart! *Smiles* Princess Cadence: They found their way back here? Dragonshy (Fred): It wasn't so bad, just you know. Sneaking out! Princess Celestia: We're just glad you're both safe. Princess Cadence: I'm going to take over the barrier job. I need to let Shining Amour get some rest. . *Trots to Shining Armour* Fire Heart: *Trots out of door* Thanks Dragonshy, we shall meet again. *Closes door* Luna: I'll go with Fire Heart for now. *Trots to Fire Heart* Dragonshy (Fred): I'm just glad i'm back here. Buttershy: Me and Fluttershy were worried about you... Fluttershy: We just didn't want you to get hurt. Twilight Sparkle: We should go check out that crystal cave. I was in it before i know where it is, we still need to block it. Dragonshy you should get some rest. Dragonshy (Fred): I'm all rested, i'll come along *Slowly smiles* Meet you there. Twilight Sparkle: You don't even know your way. Dragonshy (Fred): I'v been there in my dreams before. *Trots off* Pinkie Pie: I'll stay here with Buttershy! *Hops up and down* Twilight Sparkle: We'll come back and tell you everything what we see down there. *Trots off with the rest* Rainbow Dash: W-..Wait up! *Flies to* AppleJack: Y'all keep safe. *Catches up with Twilight* Fluttershy: *Stays behind* B-be careful. Rainbow Dash: I see Dragonshy. *Flies to* Dragonshy (Fred): Grr w-why won't this! *Tries to make it float* Need some help here. Curse you boulder! Twilight Sparkle: *Teleports it* Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Trots in* Seems.. Pretty nice here! What you all waiting for? *Trots in farther* AppleJack: .. I'v got a bad feeling about this Twilight, keep an eye out. *Trots in* Rainbow Dash: *Looks inside* Looks.. *Shivers* Twilight Sparkle: Seems like you're scared. *Makes a light on horn* Rainbow Dash: Psh! I'm not scared! *Flies in* Twilight Sparkle: *Sighs* This is where i found Cadence.. I wonder where did those 3 ponies went, when i was inside the cave. *Trots in* Dragonshy (Fred): *Summons an fire orb* Much better now i can see.. *Looks around* Everything is crystals. Huh. Rainbow Dash: W-wait up! Dragonshy (Fred): *Face hoofs* Rainbow Dash: Thanks, you found anything yet? *Looks around* Dragonshy (Fred): No, just you know crystals. Rainbow Dash: What happened to Twilight? We should go find her. Dragonshy (Fred): Where was the last time you saw her? *Trots around* Rainbow Dash: *Thinks* Last time.. Last time i saw her was, outside. Dragonshy (Fred): Weird.. *Looks around* Where could she be.. Rainbow Dash: *Flies around* ... No where to be found. Dragonshy (Fred): She'll be fine, shes a princess! No need to worry about it. Rainbow Dash: I guess you're right.. For once, Dragonshy (Fred): *Glares at* F..For once!?! What do you mean for once! *Trots up to* Rainbow Dash: All i'm saying is.. *Starts to laugh* You're always wrong! Dragonshy (Fred): ... S-sure i am.. *Thinks* Well, i did... Sometimes i'm wrong. Rainbow Dash: Well you're always wrong! *Cracks up again* Dragonshy (Fred): Grrr... Well, AppleJack always beats you! Rainbow Dash: *Stops* ... W..W-what did you just say? *Flies up to* Dragonshy (Fred): I said, AppleJack always.. Beats... You. Rainbow Dash: H-how dare you... I could beat AppleJack easily! Dragonshy (Fred): Well, last time you both kept getting a tie... For trying to role up the Sleeping bags the fastest. Rainbow Dash: And psh! I was... Eh, still tired! Dragonshy (Fred): Yeah, sure you were. *Trots around*Where is she!?! Rainbow Dash: *Sees light* Dragonshy, i see... I think i see Twilight! Dragonshy (Fred): *Sees little spark of light* Twilight! *Rushes to* Rainbow Dash: W-..wait up! *Flies after* Dragonshy (Fred): *Stops* T-that ain't Twilight.. *Sees green eyes* 3 ponies: Hahahaha.... *Trots closer* Rainbow Dash: Were those the ponies that Twilight were talking about.. *Shakes head* Twilight Sparkle: *Trots behind* Catch! *Throws flowers to Dragonshy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Catches by mouth* Hmm mm!?! Twilight Sparkle: Throw it! Dragonshy (Fred): *Throws flowers* Ponies: *Runs after* Rainbow Dash: Glad thats over... *Flies into Twilight* Where have you been! Twilight Sparkle: Oh eh.. *Smiles* Looking around. I was looking for you two. Rainbow Dash: ... *Face hoofs* We were looking for you to.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Rubs mane* Glad you're not hurt. Lets stay together for now on out. *Trots infront* Rainbow Dash: Man.. Why does it *Sees Pony* Twilight Sparkle: What is it? Do you see something? Rainbow Dash: *Points* Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks* ... *Trots closer* Twilight Sparkle: Another Alicorn? Rainbow Dash: *Flies up to*.. She seems as old.. As Celestia.. *Sees dust on her* You alright? Dragonshy (Fred): *Sees* M-Mom! *Crashes into and hugs* Fire Shimmer: *Tear falls* I thought i would of never seen you again.. Twilight Sparkle: *Trots back slowly * T-this is your.. *Mouth drops open* Rainbow Dash: Kinda.. Akward, but! This is so awesome! *Shakes hooves* Twilight Sparkle: I-its an honor to meet you. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Shakes off dirt* Would it be okay if i start calling you.. Fire Shimmer? *Smiles* Fire Shimmer (Mother): Yes for now on you could call me Fire Shimmer. *Pats head* Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* We should go take care of your wounds.. Fire Shimmer: *Tries to get up* * Lets out a little scream* I must of.. Twisted my back hoof.. Twilight Sparkle: Its alright *Does floating spell* Rainbow Dash: *Pushes softly to the exit* Dragonshy (Fred): By the way, i didn't see.. Any Changelings in there. Have you seen some Mom- I mean.. Fire Shimmer *Smiles* Fire Shimmer (Mother): *Thinks* N-no.. Haven't seen none for a long time. Twilight Sparkle: Wait.. Why didn't i see you when i was stuck in the cave... When i found Princess Cadence? Fire Shimmer (Morther) : Oh.. I was stuck in the back... I tried to yell but there were too much Crystals around me. *Sighs* Dragonshy (Fred): We're almost to the castle.. *Trots behind* Fire Shimmer (Mrother): *Looks around* S-seems like.. They haven't attacked yet.. Rainbow Dash: We don't know yet, so we've been keeping an look out. Twilight Sparkle: We're here! *Opens door* *Stops* Dragonshy (Fred): Whats wrong? Twilight Sparkle: W-wheres Applejack!?! *Looks around* Rainbow Dash: *Mouth drops open* Dragonshy (Fred): Take her in the castle! I'll go look for her! *Flies back to Crystal cave* Twilight Sparkle: B-Be careful! Rainbow Dash: G-rr.. *Keeps Pushing Fire Shimmer* Fire Shimmer (Morther: *Looks back* Please be careful.. (With Dragonshy) Dragonshy (Fred): *Moves rock off* W-.Where is she! *Flies in* AppleJack! You there! *Flies around looking* AppleJack!.. AppleJack! *Hears somepony behind* A-Apple- *Gets Pinned to the ground* Changeling: We've got him! *Lets go of AppleJack* Dragonshy (Fred): L-let go of me! *Struggles to get lose* Other Changelings: *Laughs* We're not letting you lose that easily this time.. AppleJack: *Bucks Changelings off* Dragonshy, lets go! *Rushes to the exit* Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets up* W-wait up! *Flies to the exit* AppleJack: *Bucks Boulder back* Dragonshy (Fred): Thanks AppleJack.. I'm still too weak to even stand a chance.. *Winces* AppleJack: C'mon lets get going. *Helps trotting* Almost there. *Opens door* Rainbow Dash: They're back! *Flies up to* How did it go! AppleJack: Well... Heh,.. Changelings took me, for bait. So Dragonshy would come look for me. Dragonshy (Fred): *Drops to the floor* Fire Shimmer: *Trots up to* Y-you alright..? *Helps up* You need some rest.. ( Writer: We all know Fire Shimmer is Dragonshy's morther right? Good! I don't have to put (Morther) anymore.) Dragonshy (Fred): No i'm fine. *Smiles* Fire Shimmer: ... Dragonshy.. Go get some rest, Twilight Sparkle: Morther knows best. Dragonshy (Fred): F-fine.. *Slowly trots to room* Fluttershy: Is Dragonshy hurt? *Sees* W-whos this.. Buttershy: *Sees* Another Alicorn.. *Bows* Fire Shimmer: No its alright.. I'm Dragonshy's Morther. Pinkie Pie: *Jumps in* Whaaa! Princess Celestia: Morther? Its very nice to meet you. Fire Shimmer: *Smiles at the rest* Princess Celestia: You all should get some rest... Its been a very long day... May i ask whats your name? Fire Shimmer: Its Fire Shimmer. Princess Celestia: *Calls 2 royal guards* Take Princess Fire Shimmer to the healing room. Be sure to heal those scars! Fire Shimmer: Oh eh.. Fire Shimmer is alright *Smiles* Twilight Sparkle: *Trots up to room with the rest* D-Dragonshy? Dragonshy (Fred): *Still trotting to room* Oh.. Just you know slowly going.. Twilight Sparkle: *Poofs Dragonshy in his room* Dragonshy (Fred): *Opens door* Thank you! *Closes behind* W-why am i in so much pain.. *Whispers to self* I'll feel better when get some rest.. *Jumps on bed* ... So my dreams were true.. My Mom was stuck in the Crystal cave.. *Closes eyes* At least shes alright. Fluttershy: Twilight.. Something is wrong with Dragonshy.. Twilight Sparkle: *Stops door closing* Buttershy: *Trots behind Fluttershy* Seems like.. Hes hurt or something.. *Trots in room* Twilight Sparkle: We'll see.. *Slowly closes door* AppleJack: *Trots* Something ain't right here.. Rarity: *Looks at Crystals* Don't you just love the new Crystal necklice i made! Dragonshy brought me some Crystals! From the Crystal cave. Spike: *Runs to Twilight's room* Was so bu- *Looks Rarity* Y-you're so.. Rarity: Yes, yes i know i'm so beaitful with this necklice! AppleJack: *Laughs* Have a great night rest Rarity. *Closes door* Rarity: You to, and you to Spike. *Picks up cat and closes door* Spike: *Rubs scales* Busy day.. *Closes door* Fluttershy: *Closes door goes to Buttershy* Pinkie Pie: *Has Party gear* Where did everypony go *Looks around* They all must of went to sleep already! *Closes door* (Chapter 6: Pain) (Place: Tower room: Time: 7am) Dragonshy (Fred): *Yawns* .... Ah... Haven't had a great rest like that... For a long time.. *Itches mane* I wonder how everypony is. *Slightly opens door* Looks like, everypony is still asleep. *Puts Chest armor on* I keep forgetting.. I have to put this on for now on... *Puts Leg bands on* Weird... *Trots to main hall* I don't see, anypony around. Not even the Royal guards. And why am i talking to my self.. *Sighs* I am becoming Pinkie Pie. *Trots to Main room* The door is locked... Why would they lock it..? Are Twilight and the rest even in their rooms.. It might be weird to go check.. *Rushes back to the Tower rooms* They should be still asleep.. *Knocks on Twilight's door* ... Maybe she didn't hear it. *Knocks harder, no one answers* I hate these kind of days, when you don't know whats going on... *Facedoors* Where could they be. If they went somewhere, they would of woked me up. *Trots back to main room* ... I should go check if they're outside. *Trots outside* Nopony here either... *Sobs* Where are they. *Looks around with a worried face* The changelings couldn't have took them... Wait... Are they in, the room where the portal is that leads to my realm.. *Goes back inside* Time to go find out. That is the last place i could think of.. *Trots to Portal room* *Knocks* ... Thats it.. I ain't taking this anymore. *Rams door open* Princess Celestia: *Eyes shutter wide open* Twilight Sparkle: Oh.. Hi, Dragonshy! We were just... Having... *Sighs* Buttershy: *Looks away* Fluttershy: Whos going to tell him? *whispers* Pinkie Pie: *Jumps behind Twilight* Rainbow Dash: Don't look at me. *Flies behind portal* Princess Luna: ... Dragonshy: Whats wrong? What happened.? AppleJack: I'll tell him everypony.. Princess Celestia: *Stops AppleJack* I'll do it. Dragonshy Follow me. *Closes door behind* ... Dragonshy (Fred): What is it? Princess Celestia: You know why, you've been having pain..? Dragonshy (Fred): ...Howed did you know i've been having sharp pains. Princess Celestia: Twilight told us... Dragonshy (Fred): Do you know why? Princess Celestia: I was afaird if this was going to happen.. Dragonshy (Fred): Tell me whats going on. Princess Celestia: ... *Sighs* If you wish... You won't be able to stay in this realm for very long. Dragonshy (Fred): *Freezes, with eyes wide open* Princess Celstia: I should of known.. If you stay longer than 30 days in this realm, you'll start fadeing away. That is why Twilight had to get back before the Portal closed. And it would of closed for another 30 moons. Princess Luna: *Slowly opens door* ... Dragonshy (Fred): *Holds tears in* ... I will protect Canterlot until then. Princess Celestia: Thank you Dragonshy. *Heads back in room with Luna* Fire Shimmer: *Slowly trots out* ... I'm so sorry Son.. *Trots up to and hugs* *Rest trots out* Fire Shimmer: I'm going to go check on Shining Armour And Princess Cadence. *Trots out* Twilight Sparkle: *Trots outisde* AppleJack: We just found out today. *Trots outside* Pinkie Pie: *Sadly smiles* ... *Trots outside* Rainbow Dash: I'll be sure to do a Rainboom, before you go. *Flies outside* Dragonshy (Fred): ... *Whinces* T-..That pain, *Tear drops* I can't... *Sighs* Why is this happing.. Fluttershy: *Closes door slowly* ... Has anyone else wondering.. Twilight Sparkle: That more bad people are attacking ever since he came? Princess Celestia: ... I didn't want to think of it. AppleJack: *Smiles* C'mon y'all, lets not all get down. We all should still be postive to keep Dragonshy happy before he goes. Rainbow Dash: Tell ya the truth.. He kinda grown onto us. First i thought he was just another new pony to Ponyville. AppleJack: Same. But when we found out he was from the Human realm, heh. Buttershy: *Slightly smiles* He helped me come out of my shell a little.. Fluttershy: He always helped me feed the animals at my cottage. Twilight Sparkle: He pretty much changed all of us. Pinkie Pie: *Hops up and down* Rarity: And he always helped me test my new dresses! - I mean.. He was a great help. Pinkie Pie: I'm sure he'll remember us! I'll even make him do a Pinkie Promise... *Slowly hides in shadows* AppleJack: *Stares at* We could still see you. Pinkie Pie: No you can't... *Covers face* Rainbow Dash: *Facehoofs* *Door opens* Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* We all should still keep our eye out. We don't know when they could break the barrier. *Sees the barrier flash* W- Fluttershy: Oh no.. Me and Buttershy are going to go see whats wrong.. Buttershy: Right... *Trots with Fluttershy* Dragonshy (Fred): *Mind* ... I feel so.. Sad inside.. And anger... This anger... Its building up everyday... B-but i don't want to.. Let it out infront of all of them.. *Sigh* Twilight Sparkle: Why you sighing? Is something wrong? Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles* Oh its nothing. *Earth* Fred: ... *Looks up into the sky* Its been almost a whole week i've been gone... *Starts to rain*... *Pulls hoodie over* I keep having these.. Backflashes.. The memories of me still in Canterlot.. *Sigh* I wonder how everyone is doing. *Backflash* AppleJack: *Smiles* I'll go see whats with Princess Cadence and the rest. *Trots off* Twilight Sparkle: Dragonshy, i need a little chat with you. Dragonshy (Fred): S-sure? Twilight Sparkle: *Trots off* So Dragonshy... Dragonshy (Fred): Its about me leaving is it..? Twilight Sparkle: Yes, yes it is.. Dragonshy. How did you get into this realm anyways? Dragonshy (Fred): I thought Celestia told you already.. Twilight Sparkle: She did just not enough detail... Dragonshy (Fred): Well, lets see if i can remember.. I can barely remember my parents.. Well first.. I woked up, wondering if they brought a new game.. About then i heared tons of people outside when i opened my door i saw tons of people just waiting. 2nd thing.. This kid tripped i picked him up and he said, a new game is coming out called .. Pony.. My little.. I can't remember. But when I bought the game a intro voice talked to me, then it sent me into this realm. When i woked up i freaked out. Twilight Sparkle: A game..? Wait, people know about us in your realm? Dragonshy (Fred): You've been there before Twilight. The compony.. Called Hasbro made a show called My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic. Twilight Sparkle: .. B-but how... If they made a show of us.. How they did they even find out w- Dragonshy (Fred): They must of guessed. Twilight Sparkle: So this is why you knew so much about us when you came.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Laughs* I always wished to come here. I dreamed about this place everynight. Twilight Sparkle: *Smiles* You know Fluttershy and Buttershy are going to miss you more than the rest. Dragonshy (Fred): *Blushes* Heh, i'll come back someday i hope. Twilight Sparkle: We're glad you came. But.. Dragonshy (Fred): Whats wrong? Twilight Sparkle: Remember Discord?.. People who we... Defeated or.. Drew them back.. Are coming back when you came. Dragonshy (Fred): So you're thinking its because of me? Twilight Sparkle: Just guessing. Thats all. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): Well today is going to be a better day then the rest.. *Smiles* Twilight Sparkle: I hope. Dragonshy (Fred): *Hears bang* Just when i said A better day this happens.. *Sees Barrier* Twilight Sparkle: The barrier is down?! Whats happing in the castle.. *Rushes back in* Dragonshy (Fred):... *Sees Changelings* .. Wait, they're trying to test the defence.. Wait meaning they're heading for the.. *Whinces* Princess Cadence! *Flies back* Why is this door always so hard to open! *Struggles to open door* Its just too big.. *Door slams shut behind* Where are they.. *Rushes to main room* Princess Cadence- Changeling: There he is! Get him! Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes shutter open* Oh c'mon not this again. Why do you want with me!?! *Flies off* Changeling: Get him! Recruit changelings: *Flies after* Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies under statue* Changeling: *Hits face first on statue* Dragonshy (Fred): Always works. *Sees net* Oh now thats just cheating.. *Flies into it* Changeling: *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Struggles to get out* L-let me go! *Tries to fly* Fire Shimmer: *Sees* S-Son! *Rushes over* Let go of my son! *Eyes flicker orange* Dragonshy (Fred): W-woah, i never seen my moms power before.. Changelings: Get her! *Copies Dragonshy* Fire Shimmer: Never hurt my son.. *Mane/hooves light on fire* Voice: Stop! Let me take care of this. Fire Shimmer: Q- Queen Chrysalis: *Glares at* How did you get out.. *Sighs* Now time to put you back in there. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): Q-Qeen Chrysails.. *Hears Ponies trot out* Princess Celestia: F-Fire Shimmer.. Fire Shimmer: Twilight, take dragonshy and the rest away. Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets out* B-but mom! I'm not leaving you. Fire Shimmer: Please.. You're to weak to even stand a chance against her.. Dragonshy (Fred): I'm not losing you again. *Eyes flicker orange* If i took down Discord than lets give it another try! *Jumps infront of Fire Shimmer* Fluttershy: *Rushes outside* Please Dragonshy! Listen to your mom! Queen Chysails: *Glares at* So theres the little brat.. Why are you so hard to catch.. *Sobs* If you want it the hard way.. Than lets do it the hard way! *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Summons orbs* You say i'm weak! *Throws* Queen Chysails: But you are.. *Catches in mid air* Dragonshy (Fred): H- Changeling: Get him! Recruit changelings: *Flies after* Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies under statue* Changeling: *Hits face first on statue* Dragonshy (Fred): Always works. *Sees net* Oh now thats just cheating.. *Flies into it* Changeling: *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Struggles to get out* L-let me go! *Tries to fly* Fire Shimmer: *Sees* S-Son! *Rushes over* Let go of my son! *Eyes flicker orange* Dragonshy (Fred): W-woah, i never seen my moms power before.. Changelings: Get her! *Copies Dragonshy* Fire Shimmer: Never hurt my son.. *Mane/hooves light on fire* Voice: Stop! Let me take care of this. Fire Shimmer: Q- Queen Chrysalis: *Glares at* How did you get out.. *Sighs* Now time to put you back in there. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): Q-Qeen Chrysails.. *Hears Ponies trot out* Princess Celestia: F-Fire Shimmer.. Fire Shimmer: Twilight, take dragonshy and the rest away. Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets out* B-but mom! I'm not leaving you. Fire Shimmer: Please.. You're to weak to even stand a chance against her.. Dragonshy (Fred): I'm not losing you again. *Eyes flicker orange* If i took down Discord than lets give it another try! *Jumps infront of Fire Shimmer* Fluttershy: *Rushes outside* Please Dragonshy! Listen to your mom! Queen Chysails: *Glares at* So theres the little brat.. Why are you so hard to catch.. *Sobs* If you want it the hard way.. Than lets do it the hard way! *Laughs* Dragonshy (Fred): *Summons orbs* You say i'm weak! *Throws* Queen Chysails: But you are.. *Catches in mid air* Dragonshy (Fred): H- gs* Princess Celestia: They're be alright.. *Trots after the rest* Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies in* Mom! Fire Shimmer: *Smiles* D-Dragonshy.. I'm sorry.. Shes just.. *Coughs*Please.. Go.. Dragonshy (Fred): I just have to hold her off.. Thats all.. You hurt my mother.. Queen Chysails: *Laughs* You haven't seen my full power.. Try to hold me off! *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes flicker Bloody red* H-Why are you doing this! Queen Chysails: I want revenge.. I want revenge on all of you! *Sky turns darkish green* Now see my full power! Dragonshy (Fred): Time to release my inner to... It won't be enough to hold her for long.. *Sighs* My last time! *Eyes turn pure white while floating* Please hurry.. *Mane/hooves lights on fire with the tail going last* You monster! *Cutie mark glows pure red* Queen Chysail: Yes let me feed off your rage and sadness..! *A green aura surronds her* Yes! *She starts to glow darkish green while growing larger wings* Now fear my full form! Dragonshy (Fred): *Falls* Graah! *Charges* Queen Chysail: *Summons a green portal* Dragonshy (Fred): W-what!? Queen Chysail: *Goes in it and pops up behind* Dragonshy (Fred): *Kicks behind* Queen Chysail: *Jumps back while grabbing* Dragonshy (Fred): This is going to hurt.. *Summons a fire slash* Take this! *Slashes hooves* Queen Chysail: G-You little brat! *Throws into the sky* Dragonshy (Fred): Drah! Queen Chysail: *Pops up infront* Now this is going to hurt! *Throws into building* Dragonshy (Fred): *Gets smashed into building* Fire Shimmer: S-son! Dragonshy (Fred): *Tear drops* I must keep.. *Sky turns red* Queen Chysail: W-what.. But how! Only your farther could have done this! Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies infront and summons a metor* I won't let you take over the castle! *Throws* Queen Chysail: *Gets hit into tree* You..Hit a girl.. *Flies up* Now you shall die.. *Charges black hole* Dragonshy (Fred): What is that.. *Summons a fire wall* Queen Chysail: *Fires* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes widen* Morther.. *Beam breaks through wall* Graaaahhh! Fire Shimmer: *Sees Dragonshy in beam* Son! *Struggles to help* Dragonshy (Fred): *Mind*: I can't.. Move... I can't feel nothing, all i see is blackness.. Am i dead? Its so cold... Why is it so cold? I don't feel pain anymore.. Why..? I can't be dead.. If i am i must keep on fighting. Twilight and the rest haven't even got back.. I failed them... I failed them all! I'm so sorry! *Sees pure white* F- Farther: *Smiles* Son... You're so strong.. I'm so proud of you.. *Smiles* You grew up so fast, we never wanted you to come back here.. But you found it.. *Smiles* I missed you so much.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Starts to cry* Y-you're dead... I failed you Farther.. I didn't mean to. Farther: *Covers mouth* You didn't fail me, i failed you. I failed to protect my Kingdom... I wasn't ready to be a king. But Dragonshy.. Prove me wrong, prove me wrong that you can protect Canterlot.. Dragonshy (Fred): But i'm d-dead.. Farther: It isn't your time yet.. *Smiles while fadeing* Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes shutter open* Fire Shimmer: Son! You're awake! *Hugs* Dragonshy (Fred): P-please don't hug me so tight.. I'm kinda in pain here... *Struggles to get back up* Queen Chysails: Y-You're still alive?!? Can't you just die for once! *Charges* Dragonshy (Fred): Farther.. Please give me a little more strange to hold her off until they come.. Thats all i'm aski- *Gets bushed into floor* P-please.. *Falls down* I can't.. I don't have enough strange to even get up.. Queen Chysail: *Laughs* Give up! Dragonshy (Fred): *Tear falls* Why do you want revenge!?! I did nothing to you! Queen Chysail: Its not you.. Its your farther, hes the one who prevented me from taking over your kingdom! I would of been so powerful... Dragonshy (Fred): I won't let you! You're evil! *Struggles to stand steadly* Queen Chysail: *Smiles* Now, let me get on with more importent matters.. *Eyes glow more darker* Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies infront* Come at me! Queen Chysail: Grr.. You're getting on my nervs.. Can't you just die already! *Charges* Dragonshy (Fred): *Keeps ground* Queen Chysail: *Jumps while charing lazer* Dragonshy (Fred): Farther please! *Tries to charge* Queen Chysail: Now die! *Fires* Dragonshy (Fred): *Looks* F-farther.. *Closes eyes* Wait wh- *Opens eyes* Farther: G-graah! *Fires back* Queen Chysail: It c-can't be! *Clashes* How! Farther: Chysail! I won't let you! Not this time! Dragonshy (Fred): D-dad.. Farther: D-*Tries to hold lazer* Dragonshy! P-please! G-go, go and make sure they make it here safe! They're back in the castle! *Winces* Dragonshy (Fred): Yes farther.. *Sighs while rushing inside* Farther: I may be weak.. But i won't let my son die from you.. Queen Chysail: *Smarks* Dragonshy (Fred): *Summons orbs* Move out of the way changelings! *Clears room* F- Fire Heart: *Stumbles inside with the rest* Dragonshy (Fred): F-Fire Heart! *Rushes to* Fire Heart: D-dragonshy... P-please don't let *Screams* Graah! D-don't let her take over the castle.. I tried my best.. To hold them off... *Winces in pain* Dragonshy (Fred): Fire Heart.. *Tear drops* I'm sorry.. Fire Heart: *Smiles in pain* Twilight Sparkle: *Rushes in* We made it in time! Dragonshy (Fred): *Feels sharp pain* Ugh! *Hears scream* F-Farther!! AppleJack: Farther? Dragonshy (Fred): *Bucks door open* Queen Chysail: *Laughs* *As Dragonshy trots in.. He sees his Farthers dead body there, laying..* Dragonshy (Fred): Noooo! Farther! You monster! Queen Chysail: You're all too weak! Dragonshy (Fred): *Eyes turn pure black* Queen Chysail: *Stops laughing* Dragonshy (Fred): You k-killed my farther.. And hurted my friend! You're going to pay! *Mane/tail light black flaming fire as well with the hooves* Queen Chysail: W-hat is this.. *Smarks* You're still too we- Dragonshy (Fred): Graaaah! *Shoots black flaming balls* Queen Chysail: *Gets hit* Ugh! *Tries to hold ground* So you're putting up a fight.. Grr.. Its usless! *Hits up into sky* Dragonshy (Fred): *Winces* I can't hold it anymore! *Black arua starts to glow* Queen Chysail: Die! *Flies up while charging* Dragonshy (Fred): *Flies down* Its time to end! *They both clash, coausing a huge explosion.. Everything went white for a sudden, but after it all cleared* Queen Chysail: *Coughs* H-how.. *Falls from sky* Dragonshy (Fred): *Smiles in pain* T-thank you farther.. *Falls* Princess Celestia: Twilight you and the rest, get ready to seal her away from here. Twilight Sparkle: Right! *Puts crown on while the rest puts their necklices on* The Element of Friendship! *The rest says their Elements.. They all got into a circle and a rainbow appeared while their eyes turned white, making a blazing lazer* Mane 6: *Fires* Queen Chysail: *Eyes shutter open* No! This can't be! *Tries to block lazer* Nooooo! *Gets sealed away from Canterlot* Graah! I well be back! Princess Cadence: *Trots out with Shiming Armour* Time to get rid of the Changelings.. Shining Armour: *Hugs Princess Cadence* Thank you Dragonshy.. *Fire barrier spell with Princess Cadence* Changelings: *Looks at pink barrier* Noo! *Gets flong back* Dragonshy (Fred): *Hits ground* Buttershy: *Sees* Dragonshy! *Rushes to* D-..Dragonshy! Fluttershy: Oh, no... Twilight Sparkle: D-Dragonshy.. AppleJack: *Rushes to* Dragonshy! Rainbow Dash: *Flies to* Dragonshy! Pinkie Pie: *Hops to* Princess Luna: Dragonshy... Princess Celestia: ... Dragonshy (Fred): *Talks in pain* C-Celestia, p-please go get Fire Heart.. I -i need to tell him something... Princess Celestia: *Trots inside* Buttershy: *Tear falls* Dragonshy! P-please don't go! Fluttershy: Don't go.. Can't you just stay.. *Looks down in tears* Rarity: Dragonshy, *Smiles* T-thank you for holding her off.. Spike: I saw everything.. *Sighs* Princess Celestia: *Trots out with Fire Heart* Fire Heart: D-Dragonshy.. You did it. Shining Armour: Thank you for helping us.. Princess Cadence: *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): Fire Heart.. Thank you.. For helping me escape and holding the Changelings off... Fire Heart: *Winces in pain* You're welcome.. *Smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Struggles to get up* Thank you all.. Thank you, for welcoming me into this realm.. *Smiles* Fluttershy: *Slightly smiles* Dragonshy (Fred): *Hugs Fluttershy and the rest* Twilight Sparkle: Don't forgot about us.. Rainbow Dash: *Flies up into the sky* This is my thank you! *Flies down* Double Rainboom... *Flies faster then before breaking the sound barrier* Gr- *Tears starts to fall* Double Rainboom! *Does Two rainbooms in one* Dragonshy (Fred): *Falls* *Thank you... *Starts to fade* Twlight Sparkle: *Smiles* Good-Bye.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Poofs into a red glowing orb, while floating up into the sky* Fluttershy: *Smiles while tears fall* Buttershy: *Sighs* We'll see you soon.. Dragonshy (Fred): *Poofs* *The mane 6 and the rest, went back inside... Waving Dragonshy off..* (Chapter 7: This Strange World..) (Place: Old Realm Time: Known) Fred: I feel so warm... All i see is darkness, where am i? Am i dead.. But if i died, would i be cold? *Sobs* Fluttershy.. My mother Fire Shimmer.. I wonder how they're all doing. I hope they are alright.. I'll miss Buttershy and Fluttershy the most.. I'm so tired.. Why am i so tired.. *Closes eyes* Voice: Hello? Fred: Whats that voice.. *Opens eyes* W-who are you!?! *Jumps back* Dude: Oh sorry, was taking a walk in the park. *Stares at closely* .. A- Fred: W-whats wrong? *Looks at self* Wheres my pony body!?! Dude: Pony body? Wait.. Y-you're that kid! Fred: *Looks at with a empty mind* What k- Dude: *Grabs arm* Fred: Hey! *Slips off* Dude: I need to take you to the police station! Fred: P-police station? *Shakes head and runs off* Dude: W-wait up! Fred: *Runs behind building* What was up with that guy.. I can't trust anypony in this realm.. I don't remember anything here, *Sighs* But i do like my new clothes.. *Looks at self* Black jeans, Red and black striped hoodie.. I likey! *Walks into pole* Girl: Whos he? *Looks at closely* He must be new around here! I should go greet him! Fred: *Rubs off face* I still need to get used to walkin- *Feels something poke back* What the.. *Looks back* Oh, hi? Girl: *Smiles* Fred: W-why are your eyes.. Like eh... All woobly? Girl: *Looks down* Oh sorry, i can't help them from doing that! *Trips over bush* Fred: *Catches* You need to watch out where your going. *Smiles* My names Dragon- Fred. *Grins* Girl: Dragon? Why did you cut it off from there? *Eyes goes woobly* Fred: Heh, was my nickname.. Girl: *Shakes hand* My names Derpy! Fred: Oh hello Derpy? N-nice name..? Derpy: *Keeps on shaking hand* Fred: *Tries to slip hand out* Y-you're kinda killing my hand here.. Derpy: *Stops* Oh sorry! Fred: *Rubs arm* Grah, feels like i just did over 50 pushups with this arm.. *Moves it around* Derpy: *Pulls out muffin* Fred: *Stares at* What the? W-why do you have a muffin in your hoodie pocket? Derpy: Oh just keeping it around, *Kisses it* Yes i do! I wuv you and you wuv me! Fred: *Eyes open wide* E-eh.. Eeyeaah... I think i'll be g- Derpy: I need to show you around town! *Pulls arm* Fred: *Gets pulled into pole* Derpy: Whoops! You need to watch out where you're going! *Pulls along* Fred: Mind: Why do i always get stuck in these things.. *Sighs* Derpy... D-E-R-P-Y... I swear i've head that name before... Weird, Twilight Sparkle told me about a name that sounds like it..* Sees car* W-watch out! *Forces to stop* Derpy: *Stops* Oh didn't see it coming. *Moves along* Fred: Where are we going anyways.. Derpy: Oh to the mail office. I need to go pick up some mail! I'm a mail man.. Well woman *Smiles with derpy eyes* Fred: Wait, you work at a.. N-nice? *Mind: I wonder how the customers even get it.. *Sighs* Derpy: *Heads inside* Fred: *Rubs head* ... I just noticed, she has a hoodie on to.. A gray one with blonde hair.. Never seen somone with bright green eyes.. *Kicks rock* I don't like this realm, its so diffrent.. *Sighs* I'm going to miss Fluttershy and the rest so much.. Pinkie Pie you, little.. Grr.. Got me used to talking to my self.. That party animal is always happy.. *Hears door open* Derpy: *Has mail hat one and jacket* Okay! You're going to do the runs with me! *Grabs out muffin and takes a little nibble on it* Fred: Wait what do you m- Derpy: *Forces mail hat on* Fred: W-wait! I didn't sign up to work as a mail ma- *Gets pulled along* Derpy: *Pulls out map* Ok so.. This map is.. *Looks at closer* I can't.. Fred: *Facepalms* Its upside down.. *Puts it right* Derpy: Oh thank you! So we need to go.. Here.. *Pulls along* Fred: Are you sure we're going the right way!?! Derpy: *Stops* I'- Wait... Whoops! I just don't know what went wrong.. I swear i read this right.. *Looks closer* Oh! I blame the map! They both start with a Q! Fred: L-let me see it.. *Grabs map* We're not even close to it.. *Points* Derpy: Oh, i should of get my bike! Its a 2 person one! Fred: Ugh... I hate bikes, i really.. Really hate bikes.. *Sighs* But fine. If you can drive good than i'm in. Derpy: No worries! I only crash once a day! *Smiles and pulls* Fred: O-once a day!?!? *Gets thrown on bike* Derpy: Don't worry! *Eyes go derpy* Time to get going! *Starts* Fred: Oh please.. Please, please don't let my face get burn off.. Derpy: *Stops at spot* We're here! Fred: *Opens one eye* We-we're alive! Thank Celestia! *Gets off* Derpy: *Slides mail in* Now we need to deliver this mail to this whole neighbor hood! Fred: *Sighs* I'll take the left you take the right.. Derpy: Souinds good to me! *Nibbles on muffin* Fred: *Gets mail* Time to slide these in random houses.. *Slides one each in random doors* All done.. *Looks back* G- *Feels sharp pain* ...?... Pain? *Remembers* ... I forgot, i have ashma in this realm.. But i haven't had an attack since 2 years ago.. I just hope it doesn't curse any trouble* Derpy: *Stares at weirdly* You okay? Fred: *Holds chest* Oh *Grins* Yeah i'm fine. Derpy: We're done for today! By the way, sorry for forcing you work as a mail man! It gets pretty lonely all alone working by your self *Smiles* Fred: *Looks up at the sky* Its getting night.. Shouldn't you be getting home? Derpy: *Looks at Derpy watch* 5pm already! I gotto run! *Runs off* Fred: W-wait! *Sighs* Where do i sleep tonight.. *Looks around* Crud.. *Sees cars driving by* I miss you gu- *Sees something glowing* W-what? *Sees necklice* I-i have my Cutie mark! It looks the same like in the other realm.. *Jumps up and down* Its so red.. With orange flames.. But why is it glowing? I don't see any Changelings around..I'm glad to have my Cutie mark.. *Hears someone call out name* W-who was that.. *Looks back* Huh- Lady: *Hugs* Fred: Who are you.. *Steps back* Lady: Y-you don't remember me? *Sighs* Fred: No i don't, now please let me go on. Lady: Son.. You really don't.. Fred: *Eyes shutter open* Son?!? I only have one mom! Don't play games on me! My real morther is back in Conterlot! Lady: One mom?... But who else is your mom? You must've been brain washed.. Fred: B-brain washed! H-how dare you say that! Dude: *Grabs arm* Calm down! Fred: *Struggles to get lose* Lady: He doesn't remember.. We haven't seen him for over almost a whole year.. Fred: *Gives up* ... I won't call you Mom.. Dude: I'm your step dad, andrew! Why don't you remember us? Fred: W-what happened to my farther?! Lady: Your dad died 3 weeks ago.. Fred: *Winces* I lost both.. N-no.. L-*Gets knocked out* World realm mom:Why did you punch him!?! Step dad: Its the only way to calm him down.. *Picks up and carries from arm* (Place: Apartments..) (Time: Unkown...) Fred: G-ugh... *Looks around* ... T-Twilight! *Runs to* Twilight Sparkle: *Fades away* Fred: T-... Why, did you fade.. *Wakes up* Twilight!-... What the.. *Feels pain on head* Oww! That bloody hurts! *Rubs feels huge bump* Ugh! Everytime i touch it, it gets more in pain! Wait.. *Looks around* I-.. I remember this place.. T-..This was my bedroom.. *Looks at T.V* Everything is coming back.. But, something is missing.. I just.. *Closes eyes* Yes... My rage in this world.. Its more greater then in the other realm.. Meaning, i'm going to get all of that rage back.. *Opens eyes and jumps off bed* W-why did i have to come back here- Mom: . . . Fred, where have you been...? We've been looking for you for.. Months, we thought you were dead. Fred: .. I wasn't in this world.. I was in another realm. I bet you think i was brain washed.. But, i was happier in that realm.. This realm is full of, darkness.. Sadness, and hatered.. Mom: *Hugs* At least we found you.. Fred: *Slightly smiles* Yeah i guess. What time is it.. Mom: 6am.. School starts in 2 more hours.. I mean, will if you want to go. Fred: Yeah i'll go, it'll good to meet some of my old friends.. If i even remember them. I'll go get ready.. Mom: After you're done you should go say hi to Andrew.. Your big brother is coming over this noon. The whole family is. Fred: ... I have a big brother.. Can't wait to meet him again, *Looks down while walking in bathroom* Its going to be hard getting used to with these.. Hands, *Brushes teeth* *Fred puts the same clothes on, just clean ones. Same color, same hoodie same shoes..* Fred: Done, *Walks out* Andrew (Step Dad): Hi Fred, hows it been..? Fred:*Stops* Oh, good. Getting used to this place again.. Andrew: Fred, sorry for your Farther. Fred: *Winces* Yeah, had it happen before, but infront of my eyes. Andrew:..? Have a nice day. *Walks out to work* Fred: *Hears bus* T-theres my bus already!?! *Looks at time* 8am! Mom: Whoops, read the time wrong.. Fred: *Grabs stuff* Huff! *Almost falls* I-i forgot how heavy my binder is! Bloody weighs over 30 pounds.. *Waves off and runs downstairs to bus* Bus driver: *Eyes shutter open* Y-you're back? Fred: Don't start with this.. *Walks in* Kids: *Stops talking and stares* You're alive? Fred: ... *Walks by and sits down* Kids: *Talks again* Fred: *Sees Necklice glowing* Don't glow now, its a bad timeing.. *Puts in hoodie* Girl: Wait up! *Runs in bus* Thanks for waiting for me.. Bus driver: *Sighs* You need to be more careful. Girl: Sorry! *Sits down* Fred: *Feels someone sits down* Girl: *Stares at* ... Fred! *Taps* Fred: Grah! *Looks* Oh, Derpy.. P-please don't scare me like that.. *Feels heart* Derpy: Sorry, i can't believe that i made it on the bus this time.. *Wipes head* Fred: Guessing you go to the same school? Derpy: Yeah, *Hides muffin* Fred: Y-you still got the same muffin?! Derpy: Shh.. I don't want anyone knowing i have a muffin.. *Smiles* Fred: *Facepalms* *Feels bus stop* Derpy: *Looks outside* Oh we're here! Fred: *Grabs binder* Oh Celestia thats bloody h- Derpy: *Stares at* Celestia? Fred: Oh! I mean.. Heh, *Walks out* Derpy: ... Fred: *Opens door* Derpy: *Walks in* Better show you around, Fred: N-no thanks, i think i got this.. *Grins* Derpy: Fine, i'll meet you outside than! Fred: *Drops binder* ... Everything is so... Diffrent, *Picks up binder* Dude: ... *Looks over shoulder* F- L-Lucas.. Lucas: Don't you like my new shoes? Costed over 180$. Retro one- Yes Aflonso? Alfonso: Would you believe me if i told you something? Lucas: Would you believe me if i would punch you? Aflonso: No, Lucas: Good, now tell me. Aflonso: *Points* Fred: *Sighs* Where do i go again... *Walks outside* She told me to meet her here.. *Stops* Derpy: *Walks over* Ah there you are, *Pulls out muffin and nibbles on it* So, how you been liking the school? Fred: Good i guess, just nopo- I mean, no one uses mag- *Facepalms* Derpy: Speechless! *Looks over* Might wanna look behind you. Fred: Why? *Looks behind* Aflonso: Fred! Fred:. . . Who are you guys..? Aflonso: W-what, you don't remember us?!? We we're your friends! You got kidnapped. Fred: K-kidnapped? Lies.. Derpy: Kidnapped?.. So you're not new here.. Fred: I wasn't kidnapped. Lucas: Than where did you go? You've been gone for over 5 months. Fred: *Sighs* Sorry guys, i just don't remember you at all. Aflonso: He really doesn't, you don't even remember the time you blacked out of rage? Fred: . . . No, Lucas: Heh, you blacked out on me. Sorry for kicking your .. Well yeah open. You threw me against the wall. Fred: . . . Sorry about that than. Aflonso: Theres the bell! Can't be late for class! *Runs* Lucas: .. Just hope you remember soon. *Goes to class* Derpy: I better get to class, see you at lunch! *Runs to class* Fred: *Get out old school map* So.. Room 32? Easy. *Walks* Wait.. *Opens door* Teacher: I hope you all didn't forget your Avid Binders! Let me see your planners! Fred: *Sits down on last seat of the row* Teacher: *Looks* Fred? You're alive? Fred: . . . Why do you people keep saying that.. Teacher: . . . You've been missing for over 5 months. Fred: Can you just go on? Teacher: You got attitude don't you? Before, you never talked or even talked back. Fred: Will sorry ma'am, i've been gone over 5 months. Teacher: *Sighs* Go to step up. Fred: Little too harsh for a kid who just gotten back, isn't it? Teacher: *Gets raido* Fred: *Sighs* I'll find my way, 9th grader: .. . Ms, give him a little b- Teacher: Get your Planners out. Step up officer: So where this kid? Teacher: *Points* Fred: . . . Step up officer: Isn't it that kid who got kidnapped? Teacher: He needs alittle time alone, and to catched up. Step up officer: Lets go. Fred: *Grabs binder* Step up officer: ... Hows it been? Fred: *Walks* Oh good, wishing i never came back here. Step up officer: . . . What do you mean by, never comeing back here? Fred: *Grins* You'll won't get it. Step up officer: *Stops* Here it is... Be sure to get everything together. *Walks off* Fred: *Opens door* Step up teacher: Whos there? Fred: *Sits down* Step up teacher: Glad to see you're back.. You never gotten into trouble before. Fred: . . . Step up teacher: You have been gone for over 5 months. Anyways, Get your self cought up. *Looks back at Laptop* Fred: . .. *Whispers* I'm not used to this, not even desks.. *Thinks* Ah, *Gets out necklice* Step up teacher: *Looks over* Oh whats that? Looks like a necklice. Fred: Yeah. Step up teacher: Looks like fire, a flame. Where you got it? Fred: *Thinks* I just found it i guess.. Step up teacher: Nice. *Looks back at laptop* Fred: *Necklice glows* W- *Looks outside* Why is it glowing.. *Sees a Lady walk by* . . . Weird. *Hides it in hoodie* . . . *Waves* Step up teacher: ..? Fred: . . what time do i leave? Step up teacher: At 9:40. Fred: *Looks at clook* 9:30.. 10 more minutes... *Sighs* Step up teacher: . . . So whats been going on? Fred: . .. Getting used to this again i guess.. Step up teacher: Oh, Well. I hope you have a nice day. Fred: You to, *Bell rings* Step up teacher: *Walks out* ... To your left, go stright down the hall. Than turn right and you'll find your 2nd period class. Fred: *Grins* Thanks, *Grabs binder and walks off* Left, Stright down.. Than right... *Looks at room number* Seems right. *Opens door* Aflonso: Ah Fred! *Calls over* Fred: Oh hey, Aflonso: You're still in our group, we made it when the begging of the school. Other dude: *Drops binder and sits* Oh Fred, you're back! Taller than me now.. *SIghs* Oh yeah, if you don't remember its Alexies. Fred: Oh hey.. Aflonso: Edder! Come over here! Edder: . . *Slams Binder on desk* Seems like we're not doing anything today in this class. *Looks over* Oh hi Chuckers. Fred: .. Its Dragonsh-... Fred. Edder: Me and this dude, named you a nickname like an year ago. Chuckers, you always chucked the boxs over the truck! Fred: Is that a game? Edder: Its called Truckers 3. Fred: Wheres that tall orange hair dude? Aflonso: Oh, hes not in any of your classes. Fred: Oh thank Celestia... Aflonso: Celestia? Fred: Oh, its a character from a T.V Show, Aflonso: ... You were in Japan when you got kidnapped. Fred: ... Wait, where am i now? Aflonso: .. New Mexico. Fred: . . . Thats why this place is like a Desert.. Edder: .. You changed a lot.. You don't act the same.. Fred: I'm going to the bathroom. *Gets out Planner and signs it* Teacher! Aflonso: Oh yeah, she doesn't understand english that good. Fred: . . . *Facepalms* Grrr.. *Walks over* S. teacher: *Looks at* Fred: *Points at planner* S. teacher: Ah! *Signs it* Hurry back. Fred: *Grabs binder* Aflonso: You don't take your binder to the bathroom. Fred: Oh, Well. Aflonso, don't tell anyone. I don't even know you. Or remember you, i can't stand this place anymore. *Sighs* Aflonso: . . . DItching.. You have changed.. Fine, *Smiles* See ya around. Fred: Thanks mate, *Walks out of class* . . . Is this bad? I don't even know whats good to wrong anymore. But it seems bad, i better let no one see me. * Crouches to back exit* . . . *Looks around* No one. *Slightly opens door* And.. Out! *Closes door* Phew.. *Throws binder over fence* I hope i could go back soon.. *Jumps over fence* Heh.. *Grabs binder and walks off* Why was my Cutie ma-.. Necklice glowing, weird. It might be broken. I hope it isn't, its the only thing i got from the other realm. Or so called World. *Sits down behind building* I never seen this much trees before, well. Only in the Everfree Forest. Timber wolves.. Kinda miss them. *Hears Some one crying* .. . Some one else is here..? *Looks beside the wall* Wait.. Is that, why is she here? *Gets up* .. *Pokes* Derpy: *Stops* Fred? What you doing here... Fred: Oh eh, well.. *Changes topic* Whats wrong? Derpy: . . . I hate getting bullied thats all. Fred: Wait, bullied? Why are they bullying you? Derpy: Its because of my Eyes.. And i always break stuff.. I don't mean to be like this- (Now i wish Hasbro would see this, See haters who wanted to take off Derpy, see what you've done! Feel the pain..) Fred: *Sighs* You seem fine to me. Derpy: *Wipes eyes* I wish i never came to this world!-... Fred: Wait, world? Derpy: N-nothing! *Facepalms* Fred: What if i tell you, i would believe you? Derpy: . . . Fine, I'm not from this world, the world i come from is called E- Fred: Equestria.. So you came from there.. Never thought i would meet another pony.. Derpy: ... You're from.. Fred: Not from, just found my way there. Derpy: Thats why you like that when i first saw you.. *Smiles* I'm not alone anymore! *Gets up and puts hands on pole* Fred: Wait thats! Derpy: *Pole tips over* Whoops, Fred: *Sighs* I never seen you in Equestria before. Derpy: ... I left like 2 years ago, wait! Did you meet Rainbow dash! Fred: Oh, yeah i did. Derpy: How did you look like! Fred: . . . Well, i was an Alicorn. Derpy: A-Alicorn!?! But, how.. *Knees down* Fred: . . . Please, don't. I didn't really want to become an Alicorn in the first place. *Smiles* I'm not with the whole, royal thing.. But i did like the horn. and the new wings. And armor.. Derpy: Oh.. Hows the rest? *Eyes go Derpy* Fred: Well, they're doing good.. Twilight is an Alicorn, Derpy: Wait! Shes an Alicorn now! Last time i saw her, she was an unicorn.. I must've missed a lot.. *Sighs* Fred: Don't you watch My little Pony Friendship is Magic? Derpy: . . . Theres a show? Fred: Heh, you'll get cought up soon. Derpy: *Smiles* Thanks for cheering me up. Fred: Always try to cheer up my friends. Derpy: *Looks at time* I better get back to class, my teacher doesn't care if i do this. *Runs off* Fred: *Pulls hoodie over eyes* I might as will take a power nap.. Haven't been in this body for a long time.. *Puts binder under head* I hope no one sees me. *Closes eyes* (Chapter 8: Coming Back) ( Place: Behind building Time: Unkown) Fred: *Opens eyes* . . . Hmm? *Looks around* Hmm! *Thinks head: Where am I!?!... Why am i tied up onto this chair and have tape on my mouth! Wait.. That teacher, it was. *Looks at necklice* That's why it was glowing.. Chysail.. But how! I don't got my power to even stand a chance in this old world! *Gets slapped* Teacher: . . . *Laughs* Its you! Its really you, you're just the right food to make me stronger to... Dragonshy, you're going to pay what you've done to me... *Takes off tape* Fred: Grah! My hair.. I had to... Queen Chysail: You won't stop me taking over this world would you? *Laughs* No, you don't have the power to. *Holds up chin* How sad. Fred: *Winces* T-this realm... Not over my dead body! Queen Chysail: That's it! I'll just have to kill you first. Fred: A-a little too.. harsh? *Grins* Queen Chysail: Quiet fool! I was so close.. So close, to take over canterlot! You ruined my plans.. Fred: How did you even get here? Queen Chysail: Oh easy, when you're little friends.. Sent me back, I went back at night.. I went for the .. Mirror realm thing.. and poofed up here. I didn't know you would be here. Fred: I got no other choice, and to fight you until i die this time. Queen Chysail: Ever heared, never punch a girl? *Laughs* Just stay out of my way. I think i'll make you my... Ah yes! My pet. Fred: W-wha? A pet! Now that just hurts.. Queen Chysail: Just kidding, going to kill you. You know whats the funny part! I can turn into my pony body anytime i want.. Fred: Wha.. H-how.. This isn't. Grah! Queen Chysail: *Unties* Try to stop me. Fred: *Jumps* Queen Chysail: *Grabs face* Bad move boy! *Charges up green lazer* Fred: Hmm! *Struggles to get lose* Queen Chysail: *Fires* Hahahahaha! *Sending Fred flying into the wall* Fred: *Hits wall* Graaaaah! *Falls with burnt face* I can't this much pain in this world! I don't g-got my Alicorn.. Powers .. Queen Chysail: Stop struggling and die already.. *Grabs by neck* First, i need to put you into my pods. And feed off you.. *Knocks out* Hello there people, or ponies... I'm struggling to even write this.. The pain. I've seen so much stuff that i still can't believe.. Infront of my eyes, I let them all down.. I-i didn't mean to fail.. But i must carry on? I don't have the power anymore.. I've lost everypony.. And everyone.. I'm scared to even remember, this is how it all started out.. *Sighs* Princess Celestia be with me... (My Little Amnesia: The Helping) (Chapter 1: Welcoming. . .) (Place: Unkown.? Time: Known.?) (SORRY FOR WRITING IN SCRIPTED!) Fred: Ugh.... *Opens eyes* Everything is so blury.. *Tries to get up* Where am I... I don't remember being here.. *Shakes head* Chysail! . . . No, shes not here. *Looks around* Its pitch black in here.. I can't see a thing. Did Chysail do this? No, shes not here. It can't be her. Wheres the light switch in here.. *Rubs eyes* I'm not in my world anymore.. Than why am I still in my human body? Weird, i'm not in Equestria to. I better get out of here soon. I got a bad feeling.. *Hears door creck open* ! *Holds breath* Voice: You there Stacy?. . . *Sighs* W-why would Stacy be in here. . . I've lost them.. I better go find them. . *Closes door* Fred: *Catches breath* W-Who was that? *Breathes in heavly* It sounded so much, like Fluttershy.. But it wasn't her, the toon in her voice.. *Sees light switch* There it is.. *Switches on* Much better, *Looks around* A tape recorder? .. . I'll listen to that later. Wait whats this.. *Picks up blanket* I-Its my sword! *Eyes sparkle* Wait, how did it end up here? I only summoned this when i was fighting Discord, i'm not complaining. It still has its redness to it and blackness. . . Its even not dull yet! I named you Drago, *Lifts up with 2 hands* Its heavy.. *Sees Holder* A sword holder? I don't re-call having one of these. It has flames on it and the rest of it is just pure black, *Straps on back* It fits perfectly to. *Slides sword in* *Sees necklice* I still got it on, If it glew when that thing came in, i think i would of be dead.. *Walks up to Tape recorder* Now, lets see *Presses play* Voices: Welcome! You are now listening to the sound of my disbodied voice! It will serve no perpus look for me! I bed you welcome to my studies! A set of recording as been prepared for the dungeons ahead. There are few parts to this study and it is up to you, to not only to pass. But figure out which elements are important, please go on move into the next chamber. Just remember! They all could be saved. There's always a way.. No stay! Don't leave again... Hush now.. Is alright, is that you my love?.. You've.. Came for me.. Where did you go? Come back..! Please.. Come back! Is that you.. I hear? What has happened.. Come back! ........ *Other voices* Get over here! I'll rip your head off! You'll thought you'll get away! Didn't you? *Giggles* You won't get away this time.. I have you now.. I'll find you! I found you once.. I'll find you again! Just don't forget... We'll find you, I well kill you! Cut, Yes.. Keep making those sounds..... *Other voices* *Other giggles* Come here! I want you! *Laughs* I see you... Hide n seek!.. Hide n seek, Come out! Don't like what i have planed.. Twilight! Let me taste you! I grow tired.. Of my own, flesh.. *Laughs* I can't believe this is what it feels like! *Laughs even more* Fred: F-Fluttershy... N-no! *Winces* R-Rainbow Dash.. *Tear falls* I-i know that voice from anywhere.. P-Pinkie Pie... *Bangs on table* E-even Twilight... What has happened.. *Stops* ... I know what i have to do now.. *Opens door* I'll give my life to save Twilight and the rest.. *Sighs* The tape recorder said, there's always a way to save them.. But that voice, was calling for Stacy? Who is Stacy.. Is he another human? It'll be great to have some company. *Sees brick hall ways* All i see is torches and brick hall ways.. * Looks to the right* I better be heading down this way. *Heads down to the right* How did i even end up here.. *Says while walking slowly* I don't want to rush, and get cought into a trap. *Hears trotting* Trotting? *Hears closer* Wait, its not trotting. I hear more than 6 foot steps. *Grabs sword out with 2 hands* Only *Huffs* Way to carry this. Who's there! Voice: *Squeeks* S-sorry to scare you.. *Hides arms over face* Fred: Get up! Fight- *Stops and stares at* Y-you got 4 pony legs and 6 spider l-legs, *Winces* W-what are you.. *Backs up slowly* Voice: P-please don't be scared of me.. I-i'm just looking for a friend.. N-named Stacy, *Un covers face* Fred: . . . Fine, but this doesn't mean i still can't trust you. *Slides sword back in holder* Voice: M-my name is Spiderlock.. Fred: Spiderlock? So you're the one who i heard in the pitch black room... Spiderlock: You were in there.. I was looking for Stacy.. Fred: . . . Who is Stacy? Spiderlock: A friend, a human.. He saved Fluttershy and Rarity.. Fred: Wait, Fluttershy and Rarity was saved? . . . Thank god.. I don't have to see Fluttershy like that.. Spiderlock: D-did you hear the tape recording to? Fred: .. . Yes, did you lose your friend Stacy? Spiderlock: Y-yes.. That's why i'm looking for him. We need to find him... Fred: You lead the way. Spiderlock: Not this w-way.. *Heads to the right* Fred: If you say so.. *Catches up* . . . *Walks* Spiderlock. Spiderlock: Y-yes.. *Looks at* Fred: Do you know where i am? How did i end up here? Spiderlock: ... I know where you are, just not how you ended up here.. This world is called Equinox, D-do you like it? Fred: Like it? *Thinks* Graaah i'll hurt her bloody feelings..* Y-yes, i kinda do. Spiderlock: *Slowly smiles* Stacy does to.. Fred: *Thinks* Ah, we did the same thing..* Spiderlock: *Stops* W-what was that. Fred: What was wha- *Hears scream* T-That's Pinkie P-Pie. *Turns around* Spiderlock, don't look back. *Lifts sword out with 2 hands* Spiderlock: F-Fred, lets go.. Fred: No, i need to see what happened. Voice: I see you.... I could smell you from an mile away.. *Laughs* Fred: *Winces* P-Pinkie Pie.. Pinkie Pie: *Trots slowly* I found you... *Smiles with blood dripping from mouth* Fred: W-what has happened to your eyes.. *Holds sword forward* Pinkie Pie: *Screams* Die! *Charges* Fred: *Eyes shutter open* P- *Gets hit* Graaah! *Falls* I'm sorry... This h- * Pinkie Pie: *Laughs* You're mine now. *Cuts arm* Fred: *Yells* P-Pinkie Pie... *Passes out* Spiderlock: F-Fred.. *Trots away* Voices: .. Well done Pinkie Pie! Voice: I could make him into a statue for my collection.. Voice: Collection!?! I could eat him, your *Collection* Is full of junk! Q-Queen! Queen (Unkown): ... Now girls, stop fighting. And who let him in? How did get get into this world. No humans can get in. Stacy was the only human.. *Sighs* We'll allow him to travel farther into our dungeons. Maybe he can become.. Useful.. Voice: You never let us eat our guests... Queen (Unkown): We're just testing our subjects that's all. But we cannot let them save The rest. Voice: I do got many.. Traps ahead, i've planned so much stuff for them.. They'll love it. *Giggles* Queen (Unkown): And where did he get this sword? *Tries to pick up* Ugh! *Burns* Voice: You okay my queen? Queen (Unkown): ... It burnt me that's all, grr... Let him be for now. Girls put him into another place. *Laughs* They shall meet up soon... *Fades* Voices: *Laughs* (4 Hours eariler..) Stacy: Spiderlock, thanks for being here with me. *Loads shotgun* Spiderlock: . . .I-i'm sorry for eating Rarity.. I-i didn't mean to.. I was just so hungry.. Stacy: *Sighs* Its fine, they're fine now. *Hugs Fluttershy* I brought Rarity back to life from her element of Generosity.. *Gets up* I still don't remember how i got here, or why this all happened. But i can't let them all down. Fluttershy: . . . *Slowly opens eyes* Stacy: Fluttershy! You're awake! Fluttershy: Wha-What happened.. *Struggles to get up* Stacy: *Helps up* Fluttershy: All i remember was running... And than i passed out... I was in so much pain, it felt like a nightmare.. Stacy: That nightmare is over, i won't let nothing bad happen to you or Rarity for now on. Fluttershy: R-Rarity? *looks over* Stacy: *Carries Rarity* We can't stay here for long. They might find us, *Opens door* Spiderlock: I-i'll be behind... Fluttershy: *Hides* W-why does she have spider legs.. Stacy: Its fine, shes good. She won't hurt us. Spiderlock: *Trots up to Fluttershy* P-please don't be scared.. Fluttershy: *Un covers face* . . . I-its fine.. *Smiles* Stacy: *Walks out* Fluttershy stay next to me. Fluttershy: *Gets next to* Spiderlock: *Trots behind* S-Stacy.. Do you think we'll find the rest..? Stacy: I hope. *Walks up to door* . . . God, please there won't be nothing behind this door that well kill us.. *Opens door* Fluttershy: S-Stacy.. Stacy: Yes Fluttershy? Is something wrong? *Hears scream* I'd know that scream from anywhere.. P-Pinkie Pie.. Pinkie Pie: *Smiles with bloody eyes* I found you! I win.. Stacy: G-Graah! *Runs* Fluttershy this way! Fluttershy: *Flies over* Spiderlock: W-wait up! *Goes to the right* Stacy: *Stops and drops Rarity* I think we lost her.. *Stays quiet* Fluttershy: *Hides behind Stacy* *Hears Trots* Pinkie Pie: .. . Graah! I need some food soon.. Hide n seek it is.. *Giggles while trotting away* (Spiderlock) Spiderlock: S-Stacy! *Looks around* I've lost them.. *Opens door* Stacy? You there? .. . *Sighs* I better find them soon.. *Closes door* *Heads down to the right* I might rest here for a minute.. *Lays* *Takes in deep breath* I need to go find them.. *Gets up* I better go farther ahead.. *Heads down more* F-Fluttershy!... Stacy? Anyone there.. *Sighs* Voices: Spiderlock! What are you doing, Spiderlock: S-Sorry.. I was just looking for them.. Voice: We could of had Stacy for lunch still! Spiderlock, we got our eye on you. You might be the Youngest here. But we don't give if we have to kill you. Spiderlock: *Closes eyes* Y-yes i understand.. (Other) Voice: I probably could put you in my collection... But i doubt it. Queen (Unkown): Now girls. Let Spiderlock be, giver her a chance. *Laughs* She might be new still. But shes one of us... S... Voice: Yada Yada.. I need to go feed my pets.. Be back soon! *Fades* Quiet voice: *Sighs* I need to go set up my traps.. They won't kill.. I really don't know yet, they might.. But i would love to taste some human flesh.. *Fades* (Other) Voice: Grr Spiderlock, I need to go take care of my collection.. *Fades* Queen (Unkown): See you soon Spiderlock.. *Laughs* Pinkie Pie would be comeing here soon.. *Fades* Spiderlock: . . . *Sighs* Its just a dead end anyways.. Please, i hope those traps won't kill... *Trots back* (Chapter 2: Pitch Black) (Place: Unknown room Time: 7 hours later) Fred: *Wakes up* What happened... *Sees arm with blood* My arm..? Why is it bleedi- *Remembers* ... Pinkie Pie, shes the one who did this.. If that was Pinkie Pie anymore. I better find some cloth to wrap it up soon.. *Gets up while holding arm* Ugh, it burns.. *Straps on sword holder* It must've got knocked off of me.. *Slides sword in* *Sees red cloth* ... *Looks down* That looks like.. Rarity? That was one of her scarfs.. *Picks up wraping it tightly on arm* And it has to be on my right arm.. *Sighs* Was Rarity here? Meaning, Fluttershy was here to. With Stacy. I don't want anything to happen to Fluttershy.. The pain she went through. *Fixes hoodie* Still got its redness to it.. Wait, where am i? I don't remember passing out here. *Looks around* Doesn't matter, i need to find the rest. *Opens Cage door* ... *Hears stomping* *Looks out* Black pony: . . . *Stares at* . . . *Stomps with one hoof* Fred: *Looks at* You got no mane or tail? Pitch black eyes and pitch black coat.. Black pony: *Mouth opens with sharp monster teeth while blood dripping* Fred: U-ugh.. *Grabs out sword with 2 hands* And whats that sound.. *Hears wind* *Looks behind* Must be nothing. *Looks infront* Hes gone- *Hears stomping to the right* Black pony: *Mouth opens* Fred: *Looks to the right* H-Grah! Stop playing games on me! Black pony: *Jumps* Fred: *Slashes Drago up* Black pony: *Gets slashed in half* Fred: Monster... Black pony: *Screams while dying* Fred: *Stomps sword into head* .. . I can't stand when they scream.. *Slides Drago back into holder* My first time meeting up with these things face to face.. *Sighs* I don't wish to fight.. But if i must, to defend my self.. *Walks away* Why was that so easy anyways.. I hope i don't see anymore until i find Stacy and the rest. Voice: I grow tired of my own flesh.. I can't believe how it feels like! *Giggles* Fred: *Stops* That voice. *Crouches behind boxes* Pinkie Pie: Hide n seek.. Hide n seek.. *Looks to the left* Somepony was here... *Looks at dead pony* .. . No one can't slash anything without a sword.. H-He was here, i must find him.. I must.. Taste him! *Hears something move* Fred: *Stops* Pinkie Pie: . . . *Smiles while blood dripping* . . . I-i must be hearing things! *Laughs* I must, play with them! *Trots away* Fred: Phew.. *Box drops* Pinkie Pie: *Stops and looks back* Hes here! *Smiles while rushing to* Fred: Grah! *Sprints to the left* Pinkie Pie: *Laughs* I just want to play! *Trots faster* Fred: Pinkie Pie, what have they done to you! *Looks back while running* Pinkie Pie: They? I feel so... Happy! I never felt this much happy before.. Come here! *Giggles* I won't...W-w-won't do nothing bad to you! *Catches up* Fred: Pinkir Pie, please! Pinkie Pie: *Jumps at legs* Fred: *Trips* N- *Hits walls* Pinkie Pie: Now, let me... *Laughs* Yes! Play with you.. We'll have so much f-f-fun! *Smiles* Fred: No-no.. *Backs up to wall* Pinkie Pie: You're mine now! No way getting out of t-this.. Fred: *Closes eyes* Spiderlock! *Yells* Pinkie Pie: *Trots closer* Fred: *Sees box* I'm sorry for doing this.. *Throws box at Pinkie Pie* Pinkie Pie: No need to yel- *Gets slammed into wall with box* Fred: *Sprints away* Pinkie Pie: *Screams* I well find you again! Fred: *Sees pile of bricks* Grr.. *Moves bricks and hides in it* Pinkie Pie: *Trots* You'll pay! *Laughing* Next time i find you, i'll eat you! *Trots to the left* Fred: *Thinks* I better stay in here for a minute or two.. I can't trust her this time.* I think shes gone.. *Hears closer* .. . . *Whispers* All I hear is the air.. *Gets out* I need to be more careful, or i'm going to get my self killed. *Walks forward* I'm good. *Walks to upward hallway* So many hall ways, at least i got a sign Rarity and the rest was here. That's a good thing. *Sees something shiny* Whats that? *Walks up to item* . . . *Freezes* T-This.. Its the element of laughter.. *Picks up* Pinkie Pies, its her amulet.. Why would i need this? . . . *Puts in pocket* I hope it'll come handy soon. *Hears voice* Voice: Why did you come here? Fred: Why did I come here? . . . Show your self. *Looks around* Voice: . . . . How did you end up here...? Fred: I don't know, why ask me that? I just waked up here. Voice: Don't try to save them. *Voice gets weaker* Fred: What? Don't try to save them? I can't just let them be like this for ever. Voice: *Growls and fades away* Fred: I must carry on, i need to find them. *Starts to walk* I wish i had a bloody map. *Sees cutie mark necklice glowing* W-What? *Pulls out* Why would it be glowing now? It always glows at the wrong time.. *Hears shotgun* A gun? *Looks to the right* It mught be the rest! *Runs to the sound* Voice: Get behind me! Fred: *Grabs out Drago with 2 hands* Grrrr *Sprints* What the? *Sees 2 more black ponies* Its them again? *Sees one get shot* It is an shotgun. *Jumps* Black pony: *Looks* . . . *Screams* Fred: Grah my ears! *Gets flown back* Voice: *Points shotgun at head* Black pony: *Opens mouth* Fred: Its my chance. *Holds drago foward* Why does it got to be bloody black? *Slashes drago down* Black pony: *Slashes head* Fred: Close one.. *Slides Drago back into holder* Stacy: *Points shotgun* Who are you?! Fred: *Holds arms in the air* I-i'm good! Stacy: *Points shotgun down* I would of killed you, if you haven't of helped us. Fred: *Looks over* F-Fluttershy? Stacy: I still can't trust you. Fred: Yeah, don't think i trust you to. *Bends down* Fluttershy? Fluttershy: *Get ups* Stacy.. Whos this other human? Fred: W-*Winces* Stacy: It seems like, you know Fluttershy. You already knew her name. Fred: . . . Why don't they remember me? *Sits down against wall* Fluttershy.. *Whispers* Meaning Rarity and the rest don't know me.. *Pulls arms over head* Fluttershy: Are you okay?.. Who are you? Fred: . . . *Gets up* I really don't know anymore. My name is Fred, i used to live in the Human world. I ended up here. I don't know how.. I was fighting Chysail- Fluttershy: Chysail? Isn't she the changeling queen? Fred: Yes, I once lived in Equestria. My name was Dragonshy back than. *Sighs* I knew you all. I always used to hang out with you, and the rest. Stacy: You used to live in Equestria? You were a pony once? Fluttershy: . . . But why than.. I don't know you?.. Fred: That's how i knew your name, wheres Rarity anyways? Stacy: Rarity? Oh, shes in the back. Fred: *Walks to the back* Shes asleep? Stacy: Long story... Fred: Wait, Spiderlock.. Stacy: Spiderlock? We lost her when we were getting chased by Pinkie Pie.. Fred: Yes, i found her when i got out of that room... But i lost her when Pinkie Pie Almost killed me.. Stacy: So you've met Spiderlock. Fred: She said, we needed to find you. So i was helping her find you. Stacy: Meaning we're going to need to find her.. *Sighs* Fred: *Feels arm* Ugh.. Stacy: *Looks* What happened to your arm? Fred: ... Pinkie Pie, when she knocked me out. He cutted it. Stacy: Its going to get infected soon, we'll look for some meds when we're looking for Spiderlock. Fred: Thanks, *Whispers* I how Fluttershy and the rest, are doing.. Fluttershy: *Trots up* Y-you mean me? Fred: *Looks up* Kinda, i guess. Fluttershy: Sorry if i don't remember you.. Fred: Its fine. Fire Shimmer.. Thank Celestia.. My mom isn't here with them. Fluttershy: F-Fire Shimmer? I know her.. Isn't she an alicorn? Fred: Yeah, my mom to. Stacy: *Loads shotgun* Nice sword you got there. Fred: *Unstraps holder* Thanks, *Puts beside* Stacy: *Looks at holder* Flames? And the rest is just pure black. Where you get it? Fred: *Slides out sword* I got Drago, when i was fighting Discord. That was when i was just a Pegagsus. I summoned it when i was fighting Discord. I would of lost without.. But the holder, i don't remember having this. I just found it when i found Drago, was laying beside it. Stacy: Drago huh? So i'm guessing your cutie mark was the element of fire? Fred: *Pulls out Necklice* Here it is, it glows for some odd reason. Stacy: Glows? Weird.. Wait, when you were just an Pegagsus? Fred: Ah, I turned into an Alicorn after that.. Fluttershy: A-Alicorn? Fred: ... I didn't wish for it. I didn't really want to become one either, it was my duties to protect Ponyville. And i did, i guess i died while i was fighting Chysail in the human world. Stacy: So, you died? And you woked up here. Weird, Fred: I've been trying to remember.. *Sighs* Still foggy. Stacy: *Gets up* We should get moving. Fred: *Straps holder on* Good idea, *Slides Drago in* Fluttershy: *Sees arm* What happened..? Fred: *Smiles* I fell and tripped. Fluttershy: Ooh, Stacy: *Pokes* Nice one, *Whispers* Fred: Don't want her to know. Stacy: Lets get going. *Picks up Rarity* Fred: *Shovers dead ponies to the side* Fluttershy: *Jumps over* Fred: Fluttershy, *Looks at* If i remember right.. Don't you got a Little sister named Buttershy? *Walks* Fluttershy: .. . I don't remember much.. Fred: So you don't.. Remember nothing after you got here..? *SIghs* Fluttershy: S-Sorry.. Fred: Its not your fault, i barely remember. *Hears voice* Stacy did you hear there..?. . *Looks at* S-Everyone is frozen? Voice: Fred,... Fred: Who's calling my name? *Looks around* Voice: Its me, Drago.. *Glows* Fred: D-Drago? *Slides out sword* Drago: We haven't seen each other for a long time.. Only the time you summoned me, with Discord.. Fred: You could speak? *Shakes head* Drago: Yes, you're my welder.. Your the one who brought me alive.. Who made me.. Fred: Welder? Drago: Your Farther made me, i was his.. Fred: My dad? But he can't weld a sword, he wasn't an human.. Drago: He was.. *Glows* He made me to help you... Fred: Help me? Drago: Awaken me.. The Drago you've been using is asleep... Wake me from my sleep.. Fred: Wake you? H-how? Give me hints at least! Drago: I Cannot, Wake me... *Glow fades* Fred: *Hits Sword* Grr.. Stacy: *Looks at* Eh... You've been standing there for the pass 3 minutes.. Fred: *Rubs eyes* S-Sorry! *Smiles* I guess i was day dreaming. Stacy: That cut must be getting to you, we need to find some pills sooner than i thought.. *Picks up Rarity* Fluttershy: *Trots over* Fred: *Looks at Drago* The Drago, i've been using is asleep? . . . It makes no.. Stacy: Coming? Fred: Oh, sorry. *Catches up* Fluttershy: What happened..? Fred: *Looks over* I'm just tired that's all. Stacy: We'll take a rest soon. *Looks over shoulder* Just keep your eyes open, we can't trust getting cought into a fight. Fred: Why? *Shows with a worried face* Stacy: We're both weak at the momment. I haven't slept for the pass two days. Now I've got some help, we could rest a little easier. Fred: "Easier"? Stacy: You're the backup.. I can't handle those things all alone. Their getting stronger while moveing farther.. *Sighs* Fred: *Remembers* That screaming.. So that's why he flew me back with his scream.. Are there other kinds? Stacy: I've seen worser.. Fred: Why did i even ask. Stacy: I wish we had some light.. I can't see a thing. Fred: *Trips over something* Graah! *Falls on back* Fluttershy: *Flies over* Y-You okay? Stacy: Watch out where you're going... Fred: I swear, i didn't see anything ther- Stacy: What is it? Fred: *Gets up* Spiderlock? Shes asleep here? *Bends down* Stacy: Spiderlock? *Looks over* W-we found her! Fred: Seems like shes beat, lets not try to wake her up. *Picks up* Ah her.. Spider legs! It pokes!.. *Puts over shoulder* Spiderlock: *Twitches* Fred: *Facepalms* She must be having a bad dream. W-Well *Huffs* Lets not keep us waiting. Stacy: *Continues on* Fluttershy: W-Wait up! *Trots* Fred: *Sweats* N-Not that easy to have a 35-40 pound sword on your back.. With a bloody spider pony now is it? *Bends down* Stacy: Fine, we'll rest here. *Sees pile of bricks* I'll move these bricks to cover us, so no one can see us. *Lays down Rarity by wall* Fred: *Lays Spiderlock beside* I-i can't move my legs anymore.. *Take off holder lays on wall* Fluttershy: *Lays down* I'm beat.. Been trotting all day long without many breaks. *Yawns* Sorry that we didn't find any medicine for your cut.. *Lays head* Stacy: Just don't take off your scarf, keep it sailed until we could find some. *Lays shotgun* I hope we'll feel better when we wake up.. *Lays down* Fred: I hope.. *Lays down* Fluttershy: *Closes eyes* Stacy: *Takes off glasses* I don't want them to break. *Closes eyes* Fred: *Pulls Hoodie over eyes* Just don't dead sleep.. If we hear anything, wake us up. Stacy: Hard for me.. *Passes out* Fred: *Closes eyes* (2 Hours later..) Spiderlock: *Gets up* That was a gr- W-Where am I.. *Looks around* S-Stacy? F-Fred.. They must've found me while i was sleeping.. *Trots up Fred* .. . *Pokes* Fred: *Rubs head* What is it Stacy.. I don't hear nothing.. Spiderlock: S-sorry to wake you.. Fred: *Opens one eye* Oh its just you Spiderlock.. *Sighs* Spiderlock: W-Was just checking up on you and the rest.. Fred: *Yawns* Just go back to sleep... We'll be waking up in about 5-7 more hours.. *Pulls hoodie* Spiderlock: I kinda had a bad dream.. Mind if i sleep next to you? Fred: Didn't i put you beside me...? Your choice.. *Closes eyes* Spiderlock: You're the one who picked me up and carried me here..? Fred: Eeyup.. I couldn't of just left you there.. Spiderlock: *Lays down* Fred: Just don't twitch your legs... They've been poking me all night.. Spiderlock: O-oh sorry. *Lays head* Fred: Its fine.. *Sleeps* Spiderlock: *Whispers* Their going to kill me... I'm helping them out.. I don't need to worry about that for now. *Closes eyes* (Chapter 3/1: Cthulu) (Place: Bricks Time: 7 Hours later) Fred: *immediately jumps up* Something just bit me.. *Sees spider* You little bugge- A spider? *Looks back at Spiderlock* . . . Spiderlocks a spider.. Damnit, you're lucky this time. *Facepalms* Daaaaammmnnnnniiit.. *Taps Spiderlock* Wake *Looks at spider* S-Spiderlock! Spiderlock: Wha.. Fred: *Points at Spider* Spiderlock: *Opens eyes slowly* ... *Murmurs* You're s-scared of spiders? *Picks up* Fred: ... Just take it away please. Spiderlock: *Slightly laughs* Fine, Here you go little spider.. *Puts on wall* Now don't borther Fred anymore. *Smiles while trotting back* Better? Fred: *Rubs head* Thanks, spiders ain't my thing. *Grins* Spiderlock: Wait.. D-Does that mean you're scared of me? *Says with a worried face* Fred: You're not really an spider to me. *Tightens scarf on arm* Spiderlock: *Strecthes* Fred: *Looks around* Hey Stacy, how was your r- Spiderlock: W-whats wrong..? Fred: Wheres Stacy.. Spiderlock: S-Stacy? *Panics* W-Where is he! And Fluttershy is gone! *Jumps* Fred: Weird, *Straps Sword holder* They shouldn't be far. *Slides Drago in* Spiderlock: *Tugs on hoodie* H-hurry... Fred: *Feels tug* W-Wait.. *Puts on Necklice* All good. Lets keep heading down this way.. *Starts to walk* Spiderlock: *Stomach growls* ... Fred: *Hears* You hungry? *Looks behind* Spiderlock: *Smiles* N-no.. I'm fine.. Fred: . . . -Why am i being so nice to an monster?... I might as well give her some.. Blood.- *Looks back at arm* Ugh... *Unties scarf* Please, just hurry. *Holds arm out* Spiderlock: *Eyes shutter wide open* ... Y-You sure..? Fred: *Nods* Spiderlock: Thank you.. *Sticks fangs into cut* Fred: *Strengths fist* Spiderlock: *Slides out fangs* S-Sorry if that hurt.. *Looks down* Fred: *Tear drops* I-Its alright.. *Says with pain* Spiderlock: *Grins* You didn't have to do that.. Fred: *Straps scarf back on* Can't let you just be hungry can't I? *Looks to the right* ... Weird.. Spiderlock: W-Whats wrong..? *Looks the same way* Fred: I thought I saw something, Spiderlock: That blood i drained out of you must be getting to you.. Fred: ... *Hears yell* That sounded.. *Runs* -Stacy.. No!- Stacy: *Jumps infront of Fluttershy* Fluttershy: S- Stacy: *Gets flung to Fred* Fred: *Sees* W-What is that.. *Gets smacked to the floor* Stacy: Thanks for stopping my fail.. *Falls to knees* Fred: *Sees blood* S-Stacy?.. *Looks over* Monster: *Lets out a scream* Fred: Ugh! *Covers ears* Spiderlock: *Trots up* S-Stacy! Fred: *Looks over to Fluttershy* Fluttershy: H-Help.. *Closes eyes* Fred: Spiderlock, stay here with Stacy. *Takes in deep breath* Spiderlock: What are you going to do..? Fred: *Sprints to Fluttershy* Fred: - What am I doing?.. I don't got time to think.- *Stands infront of Fluttershy* Damn you... *Pulls out Drago* Monster: *Lets out a squeak* Fred: Your huge.. *Looks up* Spiderlock: I-Its.. Cthulu... *Becomes speechless* Fred: Cthulu?.. *Holds Drago forward* I'm not going to be able to take this down... Fluttershy: *Flies over to Spiderlock* Stacy: G-Get back Fred.. You won't be able to kill it. Fred: I know.. Spiderlock, Fluttershy. Get Stacy out of here. *Looks over* Spiderlock: You'll be alright..? Fred: I'll never lie. -Hurts to lie.- Spiderlock: *Tugs on Fluttershy* L-Lets go.. Fluttershy: Please be safe. *Helps Spiderlock take Stacy* Fred: I hope i'll be alright. *Looks back* You can't hurt them anymore. Cthulu: ... Fred: *Smriks* I may not defeat you. But i'll come back stronger each time. Cthulu: `You think boy..?` `You wonder boy..` `You wish to fight me..?` `I'll crush you..` Fred: W-Wheres that voice coming from? .. *Looks around* Cthulu: `Me boy..` When you kill me.. I come back stronger, each time..` Fred: Are you trying to make me feel weaker than you? Cthulu: `Boy, you don't stand a chance. Give up..` Fred: I heard somepony say that once. I didn't give up when i was protecting Canterlot. Cthulu: `Fine boy..` `I was giving you a chance to run away.. But i guess you got guts to face me.` Fred: ... Cthulu: `But why..? Do you got a reason to fight?.` Fred: My reason is to save them from this nightmare. Cthulu: `So that's your reason to fight..` `Boy, would you give your life for them..?` Fred: I did it once, i'll do it again. W-Why are you asking me these questions? *Stands in place* Cthulu: *Swings arm* Fred: *Pulls Drago infront* Cthulu: *Hits sword* `Grr...` Fred: *Tries to block* Cthulu: *Swings other arm* Fred: *Gets punched in the stomach* G- *Eyes shutter wide open* Cthulu:*Hits other arm on back* Fred: *Gets flung into the floor* Cthulu: `I told you, you should of ran..` Fred: *Cries in pain* I must keep fighting.. Cthulu: *Steps infront* Fred: *Rubs eye* I won't give up.. *Sees Drago laying bebisde* Cthulu: *Looks down* Fred: Ah! *Jumps for Drago* Cthulu: *Grabs face* `You're going to die..` Fred: *Struggles to get lose* Cthulu: *Throws* Fred: *Slams into wall* Grah uh! *Falls* Cthulu: *Opens mouth* `Time to eat you..` Fred: *Coughs out blood* A-At least.. Stacy and the rest, got away.. *Smiles in pain* Cthulu: *Hears something* `Whats that noise..?` *Looks behind* `W-Why is it glowing!?` Drago: *Glows* Let me help you.. Fred: D-Drago..? Drago: Wake me. Fred: -Its my chance..- *Holds stomach* My only chance! *Rolls to Drago* Cthulu: *Looks back* `Now its time-..` Fred: *Grabs Drago* Drago! *Holds with two hands* Please.. *Yells* Drago! Please help me, I need your help at this time! Cthulu: *Screams* Fred: *Stands ground* Why ins't it working.. Do I need to talk it from.. My heart? *Sees Cthulu coming closer* I don't got much time.. *Closes eyes* -Drago... Awake please, I need you to help me at this time of need.. I can't take him on like this. *Tightens grip* -Wake from your sleep..- *Opens eyes* Cthulu: *Kicks* `..W-What? Why didn't that hurt you?` *Sees red aura* Fred: *Tear falls* Drago: .. Thank you, master... *Glows bright red* Cthulu: *Gets burnt* `What is this..! *Sends out Tentacles from mouth* Drago: Master.. Combine with me.. You must control my power to use it.. *Voice fades* Fred: .. *Trumbles to get up* This is the end of you Cthulu! *Points Drago up with 2 hands* Cthulu: `I'll kill you!` *Lets out a disgusting sound* Fred: *Feels burning* Graah! *Aura glows brighter around body* Drago: * Turns pure white* Fred: *Eyes flicker orange* It burns.. *Necklace shines* Cthulu: `Graah!` Drago: *transforms* Fred: D-Drago?.. Drago-v2: We combined our powers.. Now lets end this.. Fred: Right, *Sprints* Cthulu: *Swings Tentancle* Fred: *Slashes off* Cthulu: *Lets out a scream* `My! You little. You'll pay for thi-` Fred: *Jumps* Cthulu: `My twin.. He'll come soon, he'll end you!` Fred: That time hasn't came yet.. *Slashes down* Cthulu: *Gets slashed down one half* Fred: *Lands* Never hurt my friends.. *Looks back* Cthulu: *Screams* `Its not o-ve` *Blood bursts out* Fred: Thank you Drago.. *Eyes flicker back to normal* Cthulu: *Falls into two parts* Fred: *Slides Drago back into holder* Y-You gave me strengh to keep on fighting.. *Collapses* Heh.. *Coughs out more blood* I can't feel my back anymore... *Hears laugh* W-What?.. Pinkie Pie: *Giggles* I've found you! *Smiles* Fred: Give me a b-. Pinkie Pie: *Begins to sing the Smile song* Smile Smile! *Jumps* Fred: -I can't move...- Pinkie Pie: *Kicks* Fred: *Slams into wall* Pinkie Pie: My name is Pinkie Pie! Hello.. How ya doing? I'm gonna make you smile.. Gonna brighten your day! *Rams into wall* Fred: *Gets crushed* Daaaaa! *Tear begins to fall* -I'm going to die, if I don't do anything!- Pinkie Pie: Come on everypony! Smile, smile smile! *Laughs* Fred: *Plummets* Pinkie P-Pie.. -I lost feeling in my legs..- Pinkie Pie: *Hears another voice* W-Whos there..? Come out.. Come out! *Looks behind* Fluttershy: O-Over here! *Flies away* Pinkie Pie: Graah! *Chases after* Fred: N-No.. Fluttershy.. *Feels sharp pain in leg* Ugh! Stacy: *Picks up* Fred, you're still alive?.. We've came back for you. *Sprints* Fred: Stacy..? Stacy: *Drops behind bricks* Fluttershy *Dives behind bricks* T-Thank goodness.. *Huffs* Fred: S-Stacy.. Shes going to find us... *Coughs* Stacy: *Covers mouth* Shh... Pinkie Pie: Hide n seek again..!?! I'll find you! *Bangs hoof on wall* Fred: *Rubs blood from mouth* I-I need to end this.. Stacy: *Whispers* You can't fight at this rate..! Fred: Shes going to find us.. *Holds stomach* Sorry Stacy.. Tell Rarty and Spiderlock, to not come look for me. *Smiles with tears* Stacy: ... *Nods* Fred, you were a great friend. *Picks up Rarity* Fluttershy: W-Where are we going..? *Murmurs* Stacy: Just follor me. *Whistles for Spiderlock* Spiderlock: *Gets up* Stacy..? What about Fred..? *looks back* Stacy: He can't come with us. Spiderlock: W-What do you mean by not coming with us.. *Looks down* Stacy: He'll meet up with us soon, I promise.. *Walks off* Fred: *Waves* Damn you Pinkie Pie.. *Sighs* (Chapter 3/2: Pinkie Pie..) (Place: Bricks) Fred: *Grabs Drago* I can't let Pinkie Pie, be like this any longer.. *Jumps out* Graah! Pinkie Pie: *Turns head* You came out?.. This game is unfai- Fred: *Hits to wall* Pinkie Pie: *Slams into wall* You want to fight! *Smiles* But no, we can't fight here!.. *Licks mouth* Let me just change it.. Fred: T-That didn't even hurt her.. *Feels ground moving* Pinkie Pie: We need more room! Yes.. Place.. *Walls crack open* Fred: Y-Your going to bring this whole place down! *Yells* Pinkie Pie: J-Just wait.. *Stomps hoof* Fred: Wai- *Falls though ground* Graahh! * Pinkie Pie: *Jumps down* Fred: *Lands gently* I didn't break anything..? *Looks* Pinkie Pie: *Lands* N-Now take a *Laughs* Look around! Fred: *Looks left to right* Where are we..? This place is so huge.. Lava everywhere.. Pinkie Pie: *Starts to sing Smile* Fred: Pinkie Pie, i'm doing this for your own good. I swear! I'll end this pain for you! If it counts me to take it with me.. *Sighs* Pinkie Pie: *Rushes to* Fred: *Gets ready* -I won't be able to jump high.. Too much pain in my legs and stomach..- Pinkie Pie: *Jumps* Fred: *Pulls Drago infront* Pinkie Pie: *Holds hoof out* Smile, smile.. Feel me with glee! *Swings hoof* Fred: *Gets flung into the air* Pinkie Pie: *Bucks down* Fred: *Spits* I'm already weakend.. *Slams into ground* Pinkie Pie: *Flies into ground* Fred: *Dodges to the left* H-How strong are these ponies!?! *Drop kicks* Pinkie Pie: *Gets flung* Fred: *Sprints to* Pinkie Pie: *Breaks fall* Fred: H-How can you even break falls! *Slams Drago* Pinkie Pie: *Gets crushed into ground* Fred: *Feels pain in stomach* Grah! *Spits out blood* I think I did.. Pinkie Pie: -Mind: Kill o meter: *Moves from Safe to You are Bleeped* Fred: *Eyes shatter open* W- Pinkie Pie: *Blows up* Fred: *Sees beam* Pinkie Pie: *Charges with two hooves* Come on n smile!.... Come on n smile..! *Fires* Fred: Oh Dear go- *Dodges* Pinkie Pie: *Smiles* Fred: What did they do to you.. * Slashs forward* Pinkie Pie: *Teleports behind* Right here s-silly! *Kicks into air* Fred: Ugh! Pinkie Pie: *Flies up* Teehe! *Slams down* Fred: *Slams into ground* Da- Pinkie Pie: *Fires beam* Fred: *Gets hit* Pinkie Pie: *Floats back down* ... *Looks up into the sky* *Smoke appears* Pinkie Pie: *Tears fall while smiling* I'm so happy! Smile everypony! *Hears a scream* Fred: *A Red aura appears* Pinkie Pie: *Sees red lightling appear* Drago: *Transforms* Master... *Turns into a white orb* Fred: *Eyes Flicker orange* Pinkie Pie.. You've made me do this.. *Necklace glows bright red* Drago-V2: *Glows bright orange* Lets end this.. Fred: *Sprints to* Pinkie Pie: *Jumps over* Fred: *Grabs hoof* You ticked me off.. *Throws* Pinkie Pie: *Rolls into ground* Y-You haven't seen my full! *Giggles* Fred: How can you still be happy, though all of this.. *Sprints to* Pinkie Pie: *Jumps* Fred: *Jumps* I'm sorry for letting this happen to you.. *Slashs Drago down* Pinkie Pie: *Dodges* Missed me! *Grabs arm* T-This might hurt.. A little.. *Laughs* You asked for it m-mister! *Bucks stomach* Fred: Da- Pinkie Pie: *Throws up* Come on n smile! Don't be s-sad.. *Charges beam* Fred: *Sees beam* Gr.. *Goes into a drill postion* Pinkie Pie: *Shoots* Fred: *Goes stright down, holding Drago forward* Pinkie Pie: This is a great game.. We made up!.. *Clashes* Fred: *Feels presure* I-I can't lose this.. I can't fail Pinkie Pie! *Tries to hold beam* I-It burns.. Drago-V2: *Starts to crack* Fred: N-No! Pinkie Pie: I'm winning! *Smiles* Fred: Pinkie Pie! Please, don't do this! Pinkie Pie: Who's Pinkie Pie? *Giggles* Oh yeah! That's me.. *Fires other beam* Fred: *Misses* - I can't hold it anymore..- * Drago-V2: *Breaks apart* Fred: No!! Graah! Necklace: *Glows bright red* Fred: *Feels something warm* W-? *Looks over at hand* I-I got my fire element back! *Fires a Beam of fire* Pinkie Pie: *Clashes* Fred: You're going to pay what you've done to Drago! *Breaks Clash* Pinkie Pie: *Gets hit* Ugh! *Plummets to ground* Fred: *Cut opens* Grah! Pinkie Pie: *Slams into ground* Fred: *Gets hit by beam* Da! *Falls* Pinkie Pie: *Gets up* Awh, you got me.. But i still haven't lost! *Gallops to* Fred: *Hits ground* T-The element of Laughter.. *Cut bursts* I c-can't move my arm anymore!.. *Struggles to get Amulet* Pinkie Pie: *Fires a ball into the air* Fred: *Gets out Amulet* Grah! *Fires a orb* Pinkie Pie: *Slides* Fred: T-The amulet fired a Pink Orb.. *Gets hit by ball, it explodes on impact* -A Pink aura glows,- Pinkie Pie: *Puffs into a white cloud* Fred: *Smashes into rock* G-glad to h. Pinkie Pie: *Eyes heal back, while the cuts and pinwheel fades away* -The white cloud of smoke disspears- Pinkie Pie: *Trembles out of Cloud* T-Twilight..? *Murmurs* Where am I?... *Sees body* -Who's that?- *Canters to* -Blood surronds it- Pinkie Pie: *Winces* What have I done to him.. *Tear falls* Is he still alive..? *Nodges with hoof* ... *Waits* He didn't move at all.. *Hears foot steps* Stacy: *Runs to* P-Pinkie Pie! *Smiles* Fluttershy: *Trots* Pinkie Pie.. You're alright! *Stops* Stacy: ... *Drops Rarity* F-Fred..? *Slowly walks over to* Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy! Rarity! *Smiles* Stacy: .. *Feels hand* ... He still gots a palse.. But its barely holding out, *Sees cut* It busted open. Hes losing too much blood! -Spiderlock trots in..- Spiderlock: *Huffs* I-I found some medicine.. Stacy: *Hears voice* Oh hi Spiderlock.. Spiderlock: *Tries to look* Are you hiding something..? Stacy: N-no!.. *Looks back* C-Can you give me .. Fluttershy, can you go talk to Spiderlock for a second?.. Fluttershy: For what.. Stacy: Go get the.. Medicine from her please! Fluttershy: Oh.. Okay *Grins* Stacy: *Grabs Fred* -Where to hide you..- *Lays behind brooken wall* Pinkie Pie: What happened to- Stacy: What body?.. *Whispers* Pinkie Pie, don't tell anyone.. I can't let them see him like this.. Pinkie Pie: A Pinkie Promise! *Jumps around* Stacy: *Sees shards* .. These belongs to Fred's Sword.. Did it break? Fluttershy: I'm glad that your fine.. Pinkie Pie: I'm glad to be back! Stacy: Spiderlock, mind of giving me those bandages? Spiderlock: S-Sure.. *Gives* Stacy: Thanks. . (Chapter 4:Other Side) (Place: Bricks Time: Before the fight) (7 Hours Later..) Stacy: *Wakes up* ... *Yawns* Never, had just a great rest. *Gets up* I need to go for a little walk.. *Loads shotgun* The others are still asleep.. Great timi- Fluttershy: *Murmurs* W-Where you going..? *Rubs eyes* Stacy: Just, gonna go for a little walk. Wanna come? *Holds hand out* Fluttershy: *Strecthes wings* Sure! *Flies out* Stacy: *Straps Shotgun on back* Let's get going. Fluttershy: *Canters beside* You had any dreams? *Grins* Stacy: Haven't had any.. For a long time. Fluttershy: Stacy, Do you know.. That human? Stacy: No, I really don't.. *Has a blank face* I still don't understand. How could he know you? And the rest.. Fluttershy: .. I wish I would know.. Stacy: Don't push yourself.. Stop. Fluttershy: W-What is it..? Stacy: *Sees red glowing eyes* ... Fluttershy, get back. *Pulls out Shotgun* Fluttershy: *Squeeks* Monster: '... You're not the boy who I'm looking for..' *Comes out of the shadows* Stacy: ... We don't want any trouble. Monster: 'Do you know a boy, who goes by the name.. Dragonshy?' *Tounge slithers out* Stacy: Dragonshy?.. Monster: 'Or the name, Fred..' Stacy: *Eyes Flutter open* ... Never heard of a Fred. Monster: 'Stop playing games on me..' Stacy: I swear, I don't know him or her. Monster: ... '*Laughs* You're hiding him.. *Eyes glow red* Stacy: *Shivers* If you want to play it the hard way.. *Smirks* ... *Holds shotgun* Monster: ' You want to die..' *Claws grow out* Stacy: Graah! *Runs* Monster: *Swings arm* Stacy: Need to keep out of reach- *Sees claw* Of those claws! *Jumps over* Monster: 'You can dodge I see.. Can you dodge this?' *Opens mouth* 'Tentacles come out* Fluttershy: *Eyes Flutter open* S-Stacy! Get out of there! *Yells* Stacy: *Turns head* Yah! *Fires shotgun* Monster: *Bullets shadder while impacting on skin* Stacy: -My bullets... They don't hurt him!- Monster: ' Bullets? Their harmless to me! ' Stacy: Fluttershy go get Fred- *Gets kneed on the stomach* Graah! *Spits out blood* Monster: ' Fred...? So you do know him! *Blocks path* Fluttershy: Eek! Stacy: *Wipes off blood* Don't hurt Fluttershy! *Picks up Shotgun* Monster: 'You should be down after that..' *Opens mouth* Stacy: Now its my chance! *Point at mouth* Its your only weak spot.. *Fires shells* " A bullet hits into mouth" Monster: ' *Tounge falls off* ' You little brat!' *Screams* Stacy: Ugh.. My ears! Monster: ' You're going to die..' *Charges* Stacy: *Hears voice* *Gets thrown* Fred: *Breaks fall* Stacy: G-Get back Fred.. You won't be able to kill it. Fred: Spiderlock, Fluttershy. Take stacy. Fluttershy: *Helps spiderlock drag Stacy away* Spiderlock: B-Be safe.. *Sighs* Stacy: N-no.. *Wipes nose*I-I can't leave Fred behind.. Spiderlock: Stacy... He'll b-be alright.. *gently smiles* Stacy: All we could do is... Believe in him.. * Tries to move* Fluttershy: Here we are.. Stacy: No Fluttershy, I need to go help him. Fluttershy: *Moves bricks to cover* Sorry S-Stacy... Spiderlock: Stacy, please. Just stay here and rest. Stacy: *Everything goes pitch black* (Minutes pass.. A hour goes by.) Voice: Eeek! Stacy: *Gasps* Fluttershy?! *Looks around* Spiderlock: S-Stacy! Stacy: *Strapes on shotgun* Grr! *Jumps over bricks* Fluttershy: *Bucks black pony* Stacy: *Stops* They look... The black ponies, had White like bleeding eyes. They seem stronger than before, their ears are foaming blood like pesticides. The bugs scrum when they fall. Stacy: W-What?... *Slides out shotgun* Spiderlock: *Gets bucked* Yagh! Stacy: *Grabs Black pony* Grr! *Fires 2 shells* The Black pony screams while it scrums on the ground. Stacy: Fluttershy! Go help Spiderlock, i'll take care of them. Fluttershy: Y-Yes Stacy... *Helps Spiderlock up* Black Pony: *Screams* Stacy: *Covers ears* The Black pony jumps spitting blood out of its mouth. Stacy: Gragh! *Unleashes 3 shells into it's body* Black Pony: *Slides against the floor* Merrrrggh! The Black pony scrums when it hits the floor, letting it scream until it dies. Stacy: *Drops shotgun* Huff.. *He sits against the black ponies* Why did they look so.. *Tries to catch breath* ... Whew.. *Takes a deep breath* White e-eyes?... And they look, stronger.. They can jump higher and now their ears drop out... *shakes head* Spiderlock: *Smiles* You did it Stacy..! Fluttershy: Yay... Stacy: *Laughs* Yeah... *Straps shotgun back on* - *Hears something* That sounded like.. *Struggles to get up* Fluttershy: Let me help you.. *Tugs onto Stacy's shirt* Spiderlock: *Helps in the other end* Stacy: *Coughs* Thanks. *Runs to the sound* The sound gets closer, everytime Stacy takes a step. Chulu: *Falls* Stacy: Fred! Moments later, Stacy and the rest helped Fred back to the camp.. Until they met up with somepony, Fred: I'll be fine. - It hurts to lie..- Pinkie Pie: *giggles* (Minutes later...) Stacy: *Hears big bang* .. The fight must've started.. Fluttershy: *Whimpers* I-Is he gonna be alright..?... *Looks down* Spiderlock: ... He let me take some blood from him today.. *Sligtly smiles* Stacy: *Keeps hearing banging* Wha! The ground starts to shake, the walls crack while the floor does* Fluttershy: Eeek! *Flaps wings* Spiderlock: W-What's going on over there... Stacy: *Tries to hold balance* I can't just leave him alone! *Sprints back* Fluttershy: W-Wait up! Spiderlock: *Sees something* A-A bottle?... *Sees medkit* When did this get here... *Looks around* Weird.. *Picks up from mouth* mmm... Stacy: *Hears yell* That yell wasen't from Fred... *Sees huge room* D- Fluttershy: *Stops* When did this get here... Spiderlock: *Drops medkit* H-How did this room open up again... We closed it up for sure! Stacy: "Room"? Spiderlock: It was our.-- *Sees cloud* The rusty door closes infront of them making a loud rusting noise. Stacy: *Blinks* The door! *Bangs on door* Fluttershy: *Helps* Stacy: *Rams into door* Its no use! It won't budge.. Spiderlock: L-let me.. *Presses a small button* The rusty door slowly opened, making the bricks on the wall fall. They found them selves in a huge room... Spiderlock: The room, its full of.. Stacy: Lava? Weird. *Sees Pinkie pie* P-Pinkie pie! Fluttershy: *Flies over to Pinkie pie* P-Pinkie... *Whimpers, while her ears flop down.) Stacy: *Sees a pool of blood* F-Fred..? Spiderlock: *Sees Fred* Stacy: *Drops to knees* .... F-Fred?... *Puts hands against wrest* ... Stacy waited for a couple of seconds. Stacy: *Feels a weak pulse* -He's still alive!- I can't let them see him like this.. *Sees broken wall* Spiderlock: *Picks up medkit* Hmm hmmmmhmmm.. Stacy: *Lays down behind broken wall* ... You'll be alright... (Chapter 5: The waking...) -FINAL- (Place: Behind bricks TIme: 3 weeks later...) Fred: *Wakes up while spitting blood* S-Stacy! *Gags up more blood* S-Stacy.. *Holds stomach* Ugh! D-Did I break my rib.. *Holds right side* Feels more like I bruised it.. *Sneezes out blood* B-but why am I spitting out so much bl- *Falls on the ground* -I can't move..- *Screams with pain* Where are they... T-They're here! *Bangs hand on wall* A weak voice comes behinds. Fred: *Hears voice* W-Who's there.. Voice: Shhh! Over here at the door.. *Whispers* Fred: *Sees medkit* I-I'll be over there. *Busts lid open* What's i-in here.. *Sees roll of bandage* Ah-ah.. *Unrolls bandage with mouth* This should help the pain... *Wraps around stomach* Voice: Hurry! Fred: *Gets up slowly* I'm coming-... Are those... They're here?!- *Freezes* Voice: *Bangs hoof on wall* Hurry! Fred: I can't run jesus.. *Walks to the door* :... I didn't know it myself, but. I was going to die that day. I left behind some good friends, Stacy and Spiderlock... I just couldn't hold the pain anymore. The screaming the yellings... I still can remember the blood th-the... *sigh* No,I failed. I failed to help them get back but why would this happen to my world? M-my realm? What did I to make this happen, it's like i'm back but I'm not at the same time. I would do anything to go back and help Stacy and the rest. I just hope they made it out safe and sound unlike me. *Laughs* Bet you all won't believe me that it really happened. Infront of my own eyes- No... I saw everything I just wanted a peaceful life. But no? I couldn't just have one little last night with them. I haven't had sleep for almost a full week. Now it's repeating itself. But now worse. I got my own realm to take care of now. But, Was this all a dream? It felt so real, But why did I wake up in my room... On the bed remembering the nightmares it felt like I was gone forever. I asked my mom over and over again, how long I was asleep... And she just kept repeating herself "Only 3 days, why do you keep asking me this? You tripped and fell. We took you to the hospital." But I couldn't believe her. But now I'm here alone, just only hearing the wind... And moaning of yelling... Was this meant to happen? It couldn't be a lie... I-I still got Drago, Where are the rest! I hope... They can't be dead. What am I saying! I should go out there and try to fight them off.. But I'll just die like the rest. *Gets up* But still my body is moving itself to do it.. *Grabs Drago* *Yells* Don't give up now, keep on fighting until the end! *Jumps over wall* THE END
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  10. Chapter 4 I've been gone for a while, but i'm back! I did a mini fanfiction to keep that waiting for an sorry. Was my first non-scripted format. Hope y'all like it.
  11. The moment when you're addict to a game.. Darn you Corpse party.. DAAAAARRN YOU Q.Q

  12. Getting to know the characters Fred: Fred, a very kindful/heart caring person. AKA Dragonshy. Background: Lives with his mother, he always used to dream about visiting the mane 6. Fred's father died in his sleep, he still cries for his father to come back one day. Him and his mother went to japan for a week he woke up one morning hearing about a new game from My Little Pony. He bought it turned it on and got sucked into Equestria He later found out about his Parents in the other realm. His father died ( Fire king ) Died in action protecting his Kingdom. Fred: Is a caring/Heart warming person, and he is very shy. Fred is very close friends with Fluttershy and her sister Buttershy. (Fred's hair isn't always spikey) When he first wakes up in a pitch black room, he soons find his old sword called Drago Weapon: Sword, -Drago ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stacy: Stacy, A very friendly person, that always tries to help. Background: Stacy met Fred while fighting black ponies, they sooner became friends. Stacy is close to the mane 6. He woke up in a realm/world called Equinox. He found out what he was there for and why. He must get the mane 6 out of this nightmare. With Fred, they both must work together to make this become true. He never leaves no one behind. Weapon: Shotgun ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Spiderlock: Spiderlock, a very nice kindful pony/spider. Background: She looks like Fluttershy, but isn't. She is a pony/spider, she first met Fred looking for her lost friends Stacy and Fluttershy. She soon finds them With the helping of Fred. They encounter Pinkie Pie. She first met Stacy while eating Rarity. She can't control herself when the Paraspite takes over her.
  13. Mini Fanfiction (Pinke's basement) HALLOWEEN SPEICAL! It was Nightmare night.. Everypony were knocking on eachother doors, saying "Trick or Treat!" Everypony couldn't wait to meet Princess Luna. Everypony thought she would dress up as Nightmare moon, but nopony knew what she was going to be. Not even Twilight or Celestia. So they thought it would speed up time to visit Pinkie Pie. " Girls! I know what to do, lets go visit Pinkie Pie. Maybe she'll want to come with us. " Twilight said happly smiling. "But wait dear, we need to get ready first." Rarity started getting the makeup case out. Applejack didn't have the time to get ready, she just went outside and bucked the door close. "C'mon girls! We're just visiting Pinkie Pie, not going to the Gala." Applejack yelled out. "Fine, if you want to go so badly.." Rarity sighed slightly. Twilight noticed, where's Fluttershy? Rarity started looking around the room, "Applejack! Please dear, go to Fluttershys cottage and see if she's hiding again." She smiles. Applejack tits her hat and trots off to the cottage. Minutes pass, still no sign of Fluttershy or Applejack. Both Twilight And Rarity started to worry, they kept on thinking 'What has happen to them?' That sentence kept on going into their mind, replaying itself. Twilight sliped out a word, " Rarity, S-Should we go look for them?" Twilight stuttered after each sentence. "We should go see what's wrong with Pinkie, first." Rairty said. Twilight started cantering to Pinkie's house, Rarity followed, "I wish Rainbow dash was here.." Twilight mumbled. Rarity forgotten where she went, she asked twilight why. Twilight told her Rainbow dash was practice her Rainboom when Luna comes in. Rarity shrugged after hearing what Twilight said. Rairty shiverd in the cold, she felt the breeze of the Nightmare night. Twilight didn't mind it. She was used to it after being with her brother Shining Armor, in the Crystal empire. Twilight stopped seening Pinkie's basement, Rarity yelled Pinkes name over n over again. But.. No response. Twilight bucked open the Basements door, she canters in slowly. Nothing to hear, only the wind hitting against the door. Rarity trotted in, the door slammed shut behind them. Twilight jumped, Rairty looked back at the shutted down."Twilight! We're trapped in here!" She kept on yelling. Everything was so dark now, nothing to see.. Everything started groaning moaning as for they thought, or could it just been their.. Mind? Twilight's horn started to glow, Rarity started to panic. "A-Are we ever gonna get out of here!" Twilight hoof palmed. Suddenly a scream came from behind them, but how? The door was closed shut. "Did you hear that? It came from behind us.." Twilight noticed that was Rarity, she started trotting forwards, She kept on hearing screams moaning! The walls started to get closer, smaller. She frozed.. Infront of her she saw red dots. Twilight screamed everything went black. A weak voice came out of no where, in the pitch blackness. "Twilight! Twilight!" Twilight yelled after opening her eyes. "Twilight! I can't believe you fainted..." She looked around, seeing Pinkie pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity. Pinkie pie snorks and giggles, while the rest are laughing. As for Fluttershy she kept on saying sorry with her low voice. "You guys almost gave me an heart attack!" Rarity stopped laughing. "Oh c'mon dear.. We had this planed up all year long!" Rarirty canterd infront of Twilight. "S-Sorry if we went too far.." Fluttershy giggled a little. "Fine, you girls got me. Thought it was real.." Twilight kept on breathing harder and harder. Applejack saw Luna in the sky coming to Ponyville, she ranged her bell "C'mon everypony!" They all trotted off to see Luna... Scroll down! -------- > THE END< ------ This was my first Non-scripted format Fanfiction.. I hope you all like it! News: Sorry for not bringing out chapter 5 on My little amnesia. There's been an delay on it. Many problems has been coming up! So I made this for sorry. And for NIGHTMARE NIGHT! P.S: If you want me to make an chapter 2, just post comment it. Thank you picture An landscape i've been doing.. 80% done! An thank you for reading.