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  1. I'm actually amazed of how similar to me you are like we have the same first name and your interests are the same as me! Maybe John your some sort of universal port clone to me but your like an American variant of me. :) 

  2. Instant bad mood if you're looking at that.
  3. Interesting. I wish I could source this for discussions XD I often like to mention how Hebrew prophecy has also held up fairly well.
  4. You're trying to make it seem like you have an inductively strong argument for the existence of another universe, but everything you base this off of is just bad reasoning. Don't make appeals to ignorance. Just because we inhabit a universe at the moment doesn't mean there are more. Not being salty or saying I won but I thought this picture was funny XD
  5. Well there's this nice theory called "The Big Bang Theory" that I suggest you look into. All of our evidence (and it's very good evidence) at the moment points to the universe being finite. Another thing you should consider is that space itself is actually expanding, and (from what we can predict) the Universe will eventually cease to be able to support life. Not only does the "Big Freeze" look inevitable, but it is likely that eventually nucleons will decay and the very structure of matter as we know it will be forever destroyed. Aside from that, why are you making assumptions (using the hasty generalization fallacy) about there being "other universes?" As I've said before, "where there's one, there's more" isn't logically valid. >.>
  6. ^ Hasty generalization bro!! Also, saying "there's one, therefore there are many" is not logically valid..
  7. sorry! meant to quote the guy you quoted XD
  8. I can tell you're thinking this through fully, but your logic may not be as valid as you think >.>
  9. 1.) Because of the complexity of biological life on a molecular level. 2.) Because of some things which have happened to me in my lifetime which are so improbable that I would consider them to be miraculous. 3.) Because I've felt something incredible which is impossible to explain to others, but is worth devoting part of my life to. 4.) Because I believe "good" and "evil" to be objective things. 5.) Because Christianity is epic XD
  10. Druidism, Also, ZOROASTRIANISM!!! I love Zoroastrianism. Too bad they don't allow converts in the traditional sense; their population is dwindling... ... thanks to Muslim invaders killing them off :C
  11. I don't think it's right to label Abortion as a strictly religious issue.. I see it as a moral issue, and I've seen it as that even when I've been atheist. I could also care less about the LGBT stuff. I don't care what other people do with their lives; not my business. Kopaka!
  12. I sense a needlessly cynical tone, though you make a clear effort in trying to state that this isn't your intent. Definition of militant: "combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods." I'm talking about the atheists who actively seek to demean, judge and harass people of faith; the ones that seek to "kill religion" as a concept entirely, and are militant in their approach of doing so. To be honest, I see more people parading the internet in the spirit of militant atheism than I see people parading the internet for militant Christian purposes.