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  1. I mostly do symphonic metal. I'm very picky when it comes to mixing aswell. I'm always looking for people who can do lead guitars for my songs so if any of you wanna collab, feel free to hit me up.
  2. I need someone who knows how to work with Sony Vegas. Preferably has some stock overlay of falling snow (but its still okay if you dont have those). Its nothing fancy since you can practically mimic the thing that I have in mind in powerpoint. I would do it myself but I'm already occupied with alot of things. Its for The Crystal Empire Saga's teaser and the actual audio drama itself if you're wondering. Ofcourse, credit goes to where its due. If you think you can help me out, post here or contact me through: Email: Skype: rafaelarkane
  3. Thanks. Glad you liked it. I use pinch harmonica alot. I just love the sound they make.
  4. Anything by Jeff Dunham. Especially Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
  5. StarCraft 2's Galaxy Editor. y u gotta be so hard to use doe?
  6. Ah, holidays. Those joyous days when there's no work. I enjoy holidays, actually. Free food, cheap stuff, and a day of relaxing.
  7. Luna almost couldn't keep up when she was tasked to rule in Celestia's stead for a day. And that she had a previous issue with power. I can't completely trust her. Cadence is still young and already busy with affairs concerning her Empire. You wouldn't want Discord to rule because things can get bucked up. Twilight still has tons of homework to do. Being the overall co-ruler of equestria, you would expect her to have a crap load of things to do. You'd be lucky if she had sent someone over your way rather than just saying "I'm busy."
  8. Channel Views is more important than Subs. You can find yourself with 5k subs but only to see that only 300 people actually watch your content. It will remain stagnant. The higher your channel views, the higher the amount of people will watch your content regardless if you have less than 100 subs. Keep pumping out quality content but never do so with the "I have to" mentality. I monetize my songs and they provide me with weekly pocket money. The fact that converting a dollar to our currency is a big deal since I get a whole lot with just a dollar but that's another story. I don't upload on a weekly basis, I rarely do song requests. I upload when I want and what I want. BUT if you're the kind of person who likes to pamper the crowd, then that's up to you. As a musician, I follow the saying "If you want people to listen to your songs, give them your songs." Do the same in your context. I used to have a channel with over 600k subs way back. I decided to stop because of the pressure it put me into. I went incognito, left without warning and started a new channel, deleting the old one, that I now consider as a creative dump. Things changed though. Instead of having yes men surround me, or fans and whatnot, I actually got business opportunities. I got game companies asking me to make songs/sfx left and right, indie groups aswell. I'm so overwhelemed that I had to use an autoresponder just to keep up with all the incoming emails. In the end, though, I prefer to work for free.
  9. Nothing. I never go to bars. Too crowded and loud.