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  1. FortyShadows

    Hey, 'sup?

    Hello there. It's Scalee :3 Welcome to the forums. (Again, I believe.) I'm also a grammar freak, sometimes. (When it comes to chats, I'm quite the opposite.) Lastly, I don't find you boring at all, actually.
  2. FortyShadows

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

  3. FortyShadows

    Your Face When

    (Expected a Derpy reaction pic eh?) YFW No more seasons of MLP =O
  4. FortyShadows

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    banned cuz i got ninj'd
  5. Thanks for the detailed critique! ^w^

  6. I consider it melostep, when compared to Skrillex, who kind of made his own dubstep (I'm more of a classical person so melostep is what I consider it, not what others think) And more of my own creations.
  7. Sometimes, I actually end up listening to my own music. (XraYZ - Flying) But most of the time, I might just listen to this. (Vivaldi - La tempesta di Mare/Storm on the Sea) Another awesome piece, Klaypex - Rain: "Oh things change, no use holding on, because nothing stays the same" (Also, YouTube doesn't seem to be converting these links into previews...)
  8. I've gotten banned on club penguin because I was too bored and my past self (several years ago) thought swearing was cool. But since then, the only other place I've been banned on, and numerous times, was the Banned Game of MLPForums.
  9. FortyShadows

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for not spelling "Bananas" properly in the sentence "Bannes for not stating that in a Russian accent".
  10. Piano playing. It takes several years to master the piano just to be able to play some pieces, including physically demanding ones: http://youtu.be/SfN7xf6JymQ?t=2m5s Look at all that sweatin. (Calorie burnin) More seriously, I'm not a sports person.
  11. Why aren't all my tracks up there? I really don't like my older pieces (about one year old) that much and feel like they don't deserve to be on there. This includes Cupcakes (Fanmusic from Fanfiction), Album for a Dashing Rainbow, which I believe is completely left-panned, and also Twilight Fantasy for piano, which I just find boring now, though I might remake the first movement of TwiFantasy, cuz Twi, cmon it's TWI.
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