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  1. I love your avatar and profile background :)

  2. Discord!

    Mega Thread Last Poster Wins

    You think I'd never come back? Think again!
  3. Feld0, when will you ever come back to the Wii U Forums? :(

    1. ~Rogue~


      When he's done with Poniverse

  4. Discord!

    Brony Census

    That's reasonable... Thanks.
  5. I'll be trying to get 50 mice in one room at www.transformice.com! Hopefully, it'll work, but I need your help. Tell EVERYONE You know. I'll be posting it on every forum I find. Hope it'll work. Try and visit every day that's on the post, though you don't have to. Day: November 9th, November 12th, or November 13th Time: 3:00PM ET (Ends whenever you want ) Instructions: Go to the site. Once you're logged in and completed the tutorial, type in the chatbox: "/room love" And then start playing! Hopefully, it'll be the biggest party. And you have 3 days to go to it!
  6. Discord!

    Brony Census

    I wonder why this got moved...
  7. If I had to guess, I'll pick from 20-30
  8. I feel like I can't handle 2 forums at once. :'(

    1. Gummy


      I am on 3 haha.

    2. Finesthour


      I quit my old forums for this one. Lol.

  9. Uh.... how about both? Fair compromise?
  10. PONIES!!! Just kidding: I don't know why, but MASHED POTATOES!
  11. o_O Must... not.... become...... a...... POST WHORE!!!!
  12. Discord!

    Brony Census

    You're not the only one. XD
  13. Discord!

    Brony Census

    A third of the community has voted. Yay! Anyways, I always wonder why blue always wins. Anyone have an answer? Excuse me, anypony have an answer? Yes we can.
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