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  1. Happy birthday Spock!

  2. Why are 80s songs such ear worms? Not that I mind...

  3. The pyro, hm.

    1. MrL0LZ


      Huddah Huddah Huddah! I'm still GLaMOS though.

  4. Cows, y u so full of fail?
  5. America, where we're rich enough to shoot rockets t nothing for pure enjoyment.

  6. Cows are useful only for meat, milk, and cheese.
  7. Cows, what illogical stupid beasts. They are 10x as delicous as most things though.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gizmo


      The secret cow level is no joke.

    3. VladmireV.S.(Crank)


      Mmm.... i'm eating a new york strip.

    4. AngryGamer432
  8. I'm sorry cows, I'm afraid I can't let you do this. Activating neurotoxin in 5 minutes.

    1. MrL0LZ


      Hey, that's my thing! >:(!

  9. Humans, Robots, Ponies, Dwarves, Elves, Mutants. ALL superior to cows. Even chickens and pigs are better. Even Rats!

    1. Filly Pinkie Pie

      Filly Pinkie Pie

      The cow army will grow, and you will be proved wrong.

    2. Spock


      I will NOT allow another species of organics to start an expensive war for their own selfish purposes.

      Go home now, and everything will be fine.

  10. I'm sorry Dash, I'm afraid I can't let you do that. Cows are one of the lowest animals in intelligence, you know. It is only fate that humans, ponies and robots are above them. Fact: Cows are thrice as stupid and 10 times as delicious as humans. And I must be right. Because I'm a computer.
  11. Cows, bah! What lowly animals!

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    2. AngryGamer432


      true because man is higher on the food pyramid but not sure on intelligence level

    3. Spock


      Obviously on intelligence. If it were not so they would be in charge. And yes they don't have hands, but they could figure an alternate way to gain technology if they were that smart.


    4. AngryGamer432


      well the scientists but there are some many dumbasses on the earth

  12. I am a computer, therefore I am right. And it is certain that North American countries are superior to eastern and southern american countries.
  13. Almost never is an interesting concept!

  14. Korean Scum! North America's so much better, I'll sick U.S., Canada, and Mexico on your ass!
  15. Spock

    The VS game

    Pinkie Pie Laucher VS Mah lazah
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