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  1. Lady Rarity Pony

    BronyCon 2014 Meetup Plan Thread

    Will you actually meet up this year or are you and your girlfriend going to be hiding again?
  2. Lady Rarity Pony

    Wow I can't believe it...

    Nice post. The username gives you away, though.
  3. Had I not known it stood for International Women's Day, I might have thought it had something to do with lesbians.
  4. Lady Rarity Pony

    Two year forum anniversary O.o

    Hey I remember you! Happy 2 two years.
  5. Lady Rarity Pony

    A LGBT Section!

    I don't think there's a need for it when the forums are gay just the way they are.
  6. Lady Rarity Pony

    The Great Turkey Massacre of 2013


    Then the Turkeys will be good Turkeys and deny it ever took place.
  7. Lady Rarity Pony

    Why god doesn't exist

    Probably the best argument against the existence of God to be posted in a blog on these forums. Good job.
  8. Lady Rarity Pony

    Why you should NOT do cocaine (coming from a recovering addict)

    Evidently it makes you stupid, too.
  9. Lady Rarity Pony

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Lol, it's alright. I am the one who was confused. No offense, but I looked at your picture and thought you were a girl. That's why I thought it freaky that you'd be sitting there topless with your brother, with his arm across your chest. o_O
  10. Lady Rarity Pony

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Alright. Sure looks like you're wearing nothing at all up top, though. o.O Unless that's what you meant by you not wearing a shirt. ._.
  11. Lady Rarity Pony

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    You lay in bed naked with your little brother?
  12. Lady Rarity Pony

    Philosophy is stupid and so are we

    What worries me is that this blog post probably wasn't intended to be stupid.
  13. Lady Rarity Pony

    Favorite Book of the Bible

    In the Old Testament: I'd go with either 1 Maccabees or Sirach, if I were deciding on a single book as a whole; although there are notable stories all throughout the Old Testament. In the New Testament: Luke-Acts (both written by Luke) I like for it's impressive coverage of the life of Jesus/Apostolic history as far as historiography is concerned. The imagery and visions of Revelation are also great to read. The Letter of James - Martin Luther's least favorite book of the Bible - is also noteworthy.
  14. Lady Rarity Pony

    You are getting married to the above user's avatar

    Oh baby. She looks ready.