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  1. Nas

    Any oldies left? :/

    Been here since April 2012. Stopped frequenting this place a lot in late 2013, I've just simply lost interest in how much it's changed. But I still exist, so yeah. Happy to remember a lot of the older names, and it's good to hear that some of you guys are still active on here.
  2.'s been one hell of a time. And I've enjoyed every part of it. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. And, sadly, this is the end of my time as a member of Poniverse Staff. I hereby announce my resignation. My time on MLP Forums and Poniverse staff has been a wonderful adventure. I joined nearly after I became a part of this wonderful fandom. And since then, I have spent quite a lot of time here, making numerous posts daily. Lately, though, my interest in the show and fandom has decreased, and so has my activity here. I eventually became a part of the forum staff, now-Poniverse staff team- firstly as a member of Equestria.TV, then the newsletter, and then the Design Team- but unfortunately, I fell upon the same fate there as well. My activity began depleting in each of those fields. Eventually, it came upon me that I should leave before my lack of activity starts to hurt the progress of Poniverse. It was a heavy weight to let go, with all the wonderful memories and friends I've gained form the forums and staff team. BronyCon 2013 would not have been the life-changing experience it was had it not been for Poniverse's appearance. I got into forum roleplaying on here. I learned a lot, discussed about the show and fandom with a lot of great people, and made a lot of friends, for some I can consider some of my best. And the important thing is to always keep the good times in memory, to have something good to look back on in the future. But that is for then, this is now. Right now, I have to move on. I delayed this for quite a bit, but I wanted to do it before it was too late, and to leave on a high note for me, and for Poniverse. My motivation for working was not showing any signs of returning any time soon. I sincerely apologize to the people I worked with that were inconvenienced from my lack of participation. I give Poniverse my best wishes, hoping it progresses well in the future. As for here, the forums, I won't be around much, as I haven't really been so since early 2013. This place holds a lot of memories for me, though, and I will undoubtedly come back in the future. But now, though, not being a part of the Poniverse network anymore, my visits here will most likely be less. My interests have simply shifted, and that's the way things work, unfortunately. Again, I wish for the best for my Poniverse friends. I am sad to go, but I unfortunately couldn't have stayed much longer. I thank Feld0, the forums, and the amazing people who have made this a wonderful experience for me. Those who were with me from the start, those who are newer now and don't really recognize me or haven't gotten that much time to know me. I love you all. It was a blast. -Nas
  3. Nas

    ~Chaotic Discord~ gets a ponysona!

    D'awww, he's quite adorable. x3 He does match your appearance pretty well :3
  4. Nas

    Music The Pro-Eminem Thread

    Nas is best rapper. Hands down.
  5. Nas

    Ashley's Art

    *dies from the cuteness* ;w;
  6. It's been great having you here for so long, Shy. Sad to hear that you're leaving the team, but with great memories behind all of us. Thank you for your time here as a community staff member.
  7. Nas


    Congratulations, you two! Good luck with your new positions!
  8. Nas

    Let It Go

    Oh, damn... I haven't posted or visited here much at all lately, but I have to give my two cents here. Auriety, I've known you for nearly as long as I've been a member of this fandom. I remember a lot of my early memories of this place involving you, mostly from the ask Applejack and Rainbow Dash threads. I posted quite a lot in them, and I every much enjoyed your responses. As I see, you are apparently had recently made a post in one of them, which I'm glad to see. Maybe I'll post in there again for ol' times' sake one of these days, but I have pretty much departed from this place for the most part. I had tons of awesome and unforgettable memories, and you are one of the many people I want to thank for it. You always seemed like a great, cool, happy guy, and to me, that's what you'll always be, and a good friend. I don't think I regularly visited here much during the time of your moderation, but I am glad to see that you have been a part of our staff team for a little while. And as I have said, I, too, have almost grown out of ponies completely. My "phase" is actually pretty much around yours, it started and peaked in 2011, then sorta died off around late 2013, after BronyCon. I can not count the unbelievably amazing memories and experiences the fandom and show have given me, and I will never stop loving ponies. I just think, though, that I am simply just not that much into it anymore than I once was. I visited this place every day, followed countless threads, tuned in to the Friday movie nights and episode streams, started using Skype and gained many friends from it. All in all, pony has been one of the best times of my life, and I'll never forget it, or the wonderful people I shared these great times with like you. This place holds a lot of great memories for me, and I'll always be happy that I have them. I thank you both for being such a good friend and doing your part to help the forum community. A great big hug to you, Auriety, and I wish you well on your future adventures. *hugs*
  9. Nas

    Fill in the Blank

    The second poll is over, Marco wins with a caption "Who put this word bubble here?" This week's new drawing is currently pending, we might have to skip this week. Sorry!
  10. Nas

    Fill in the Blank

    Poll #2 is up! We're ready to receive your votes, guys! Pick the caption which you think is best!
  11. Nas

    Fill in the Blank

    And here is the previous picture with the winning caption by @@Chigens and Kay.
  12. Nas

    Fill in the Blank

    The winner of the first poll is @@Chigens and Kay with the caption "Butts."! The picture with the winning caption will be posted later today. For now, here is this weeks image. Caption away! Today's Image - Artist: Ashley/Art Streak
  13. Nas

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    This is an interesting thread. 34,546
  14. Nas

    Fill in the Blank

    Sorry I was a little late, but the first poll is up! Vote on your favorite caption and the winner will be selected Saturday night! EDIT: Well, this is embarrassing. ^^; I apparently put up the poll a day early. Sorry for those who couldn't get their caption in this week, you can always try again next week! Better to be early than late though, I guess.
  15. Nas

    Fill in the Blank

    Today's Image - Artist: Ashley/Art Streak How to play: Every Sunday, a new image to caption is put up. Between Sunday and Friday, users can post captions. On Friday morning, all the captions are put into a poll. No more captions may be put up. On Saturday evening, the winning caption is selected. The result is posted on Sunday along with the new image. Good luck! (Thanks to Ashley for the idea!)