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  1. Was crying and shaking after it ended. Perfect ending to what started this journey for hundreds and thousands of us. I love it so much.

    1. Pinky_


      I'm going to miss the show.

  2. Today's the day. The memories and impact of the fandom will last forever, but to see the main source material this whole craze was sparked from finally end its run is extremely bittersweet. I'm sad but excited.

  3. Besides the premiere for this final season, I don't remember the last time I made a post in an episode thread. Though fitting, since this was the last episode ever before the finale, and the last morning premiere. Other than the episode itself, which I did enjoy a good bit, I can't stop thinking about this. The instant I saw this after the premiere (it was a background event that I missed so I had to first catch it when people were posting about it after), I about damn near cried. Way back in the beginning of my time obsessed with this show in 2012, Lyra- as well as Minuette and Berry Punch- were my favorite BG horses. Even had all 3 of them on a signature early on. 7 years later, after many years of being into pony, then out of pony, then sorta into pony again, this happens. Not only is a secondary proposal going on alongside the first one, one of the fandom's biggest ships from over the years was made canon, not to mention a gay couple is confirmed for the show (makes sense to including in a show like this, and it's perfectly subtle)! Quite a lot to take from this little scene, and for a little background event (that foreshadowed the ending of the episode, at that), it surely is huge. What an awesome thing to pull towards the end of the final regular episode of the show, all of the stuff I just mentioned really show how far the show has gotten over the decade. Background events are usually unimportant, and casual stuff going on amidst crazy stuff like the apple invasion are usually played for laughs, but this was both important and sweetly heartwarming, and really satisfying to see at the end of this show's incredible run. After all this time, one of the ponies that stole my heart when I was first watching the show back in 2012 ends up getting canonically, genuinely married. I never would have believed it if you told me that back then, but I wouldn't have believed a good number of incredible things that has happened in the show and fandom since then. This moment in particular fills my 2012 self with joy and tears, and I'll never stop being giddy that it's real. They're really pulling out all the stops towards the end in this and many other ways. The big journey ends this week, I can't believe it. But I'm going to enjoy every single last bit of it.
  4. Tonight's the final night to sleep early for a morning FiM episode... Feels unreal. This is the first time post BronyCon that it's really starting to hit me hard.

  5. Short guy on the front row loaded with badges and buttons and the green scarf and cap over here. Dang, is this ever a pleasantly unexpected allusion to the impromptu banner this place had during BC 2013; the MLP Forum peeps were taking a photo like this one, and just a few minutes after taking it did we realize M.A. Larson photobombed it, which inspired the sudden banner change! Good damn times. Much like the con itself, this picture, and the fact that it's being used as the banner, is a very satisfying bookend to many of our experiences dabbling in ponies. What a near perfect weekend it was.
  6. Ayyyy! Nice to see myself on the banner like old times. :squee:

  7. Oh, is it too late to still get one, even if we were there? ^^; EDIT: Somehow didn't notice until I literally made this post, whoops!
  8. This image made me tear up for like the 10th time that I have this weekend, very moving. Any chance you remember the name of the artist for that drawing? I'd love a print like that.
  9. Enjoying myself at BronyCon ^^ Gonna try to get an autograph from Lauren Faust.

  10. Nas

    Who is going?

    I'm happy to say that I'm going to be at my first BronyCon since 2015, for multiple reasons. My first BronyCon in 2013, and the show itself, have kickstarted my foray into online communities like nothing else had done before or ever since, acquiring numerous priceless things like friends and memories, delving into things like art and conventions that helped me feel more comfy and established in the communities I thrive in and enjoy now. My first BronyCon was my first convention ever, and my first of many times of seeing my online friends in person. It was last second, rough, and brief, but the feeling of seeing my online friends and interacting with them in the flesh changed my life, and that first time taught me a lot about how to improve my subsequent trips to conventions. I owe way too much of my friends and memorable moments these past seven years to the show, and I'd personally have been upset if I didn't go to the final one of these events, to personally make that final big memory during the show's run, other than the finale itself. This last time I will not be going with as many friends as in the past, but I do plan to make this trip one of reminiscence, to remember all the great times I had in the three Bronycons I'd gone to in the past, and to try to rekindle the indescribable joy I was introduced to with my first BronyCon. I don't know how many of my old friends are going, or people that I've known in this fandom but never saw at a con, but I'd love to see each and every one of them and make the most out of this final big meeting, and I wish everyone that strives to keep going to others around the country/world and keep making memories can do so with ease.
  11. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Nas


      Thank you!

  12. Apologies but, the profile picture you're using is a commission I bought from an artist a couple years ago, could you please switch it to something else? ^^

    1. Meemfestivefox


      Yea...sure! Btw- love it! 

    2. Nas


      Thank you, and thank you ^^

  13. I might have dreamed it, but isn't there a way to alter what content types you get notifications from for each different person you follow?

    1. Odyssey


      Yo, I can help you with that. :)

      On the top right corner of the forum, click the dropdown button and select Account Settings. Then on the right, click on Notification Settings. From there you can choose whatever notifications you would like to get.

    2. Nas


      Oh, I'd seen that, I just meant I thought you could turn notifications for different content types (posts, threads, statuses, etc.) on and off for each individual person you follow, I could've sworn I saw it recently but maybe it's just my imagination ^^;

  14. Firstly, I think this was one of the funniest episodes ever. (At least in terms of all S1-4, and bits of 5-8) Twilight and Spike at their funniest, and Twilight at her cutest. The montages were probably meant for padding out the length of the episode, and I felt they were kind of pointless. Was great to see a S1E1 flashback and Moondancer again but I'm a little confused as to why they said Dusty was forced out when she wasn't. Though perhaps it could've been just a rumor. The actual reason why she left makes for a great moral to this episode. Really feels like an early season ep with Twilight being cutely nervous over something that turns out to be a simple happy solution in the end. Really enjoyed this one!
  15. Excited about the big episode 200 today!!! Glad I could come back in time to witness this big moment in the fandom and show.