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  8. I'm glad to see Equestria.TV and Friday Movie Nights are still up and running. It's good to know that they were left in good hands for all these years. I have so much admiration and respect for everyone who kept it going. I am not an active member anymore and to be honest, I will probably never be as active as I once was, so I really have no place to provide any feedback but while browsing the Movie Request Thread I noticed something that I feel needs mentioning. The list of recently shown movies in the OP. It has each movie night date listed beside the movies shown but the last one was on June 30. I'm guessing that was last year or the year before. If they're not being updated anymore, that's fine but it could be confusing to anyone who doesn't know that because the year is not listed, only the month and day. My suggestions would be to either add the year if it's still being regularly updated, or if not, add a note stating that it's just an archive of old movie nights, or even remove the list altogether if it's no longer necessary. Again, I'm not an active member anymore so I probably shouldn't be providing feedback if I'm not going to be involved, but it's just something I noticed while passing through and I figured since no one else mentioned it, I would. Once again, I applaud everyone who has worked hard and kept Equestria.TV and Friday Movie Night going over the years. It's a tradition that predates MLP Forums itself and I'm so proud to see that it's still alive and well after over five years (maybe even six). Keep up the great work.
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  12. I've been away from the show and fandom for so long due to work and shifting interests. However, recently, I've been getting bored and decided to get back into it. I picked up where I left off, about half-way through season 5, and this episode... Wow! First of all, I love CMC episodes (despite a general disinterest I've noticed from a lot of people) and I also love episodes with songs, so even without all the character development I still would have loved this episode. To be honest, though, I wasn't sure what to think of it all at first. Silver Spoon turning on her best friend and Diamond Tiara redeeming herself. It didn't seem right. Even though I wanted it to happen, it seemed too sudden. Likewise, when the CMC got their cutie marks, it seemed like the wrong time and their cutie marks didn't make sense to me at first. By the end of the episode, though, it all came together nicely and made sense, for the most part. There were a couple of things I still didn't understand, though. If I remember correctly, their special talents are helping other ponies find their special talents. That can't be all though. For one thing, they're surely not going to do that for the rest of their lives. I mean, it's fine while they're still in school, but when they grow up, they're going to go out and get jobs. That leads me to the other thing I don't quite get. They each have different symbols in their cutie marks which, I assume, represents their secondary or true special talents. Sweetie Belle has a music note and we all know she's good at singing, so she'll probably be a singer, but I don't understand Apple Bloom and Scootaloo's symbols. Apple Bloom's is an apple, but I thought she was good at building or making stuff, so how does an apple represent that? Also, Scootaloo has a lightning bolt. I know she envies Rainbow Dash and wants to fly, which may imply she's going to be a Wonderbolt, but she's not good at it. She's just good at going fast on her scooter. Maybe she'll get better at flying later on. Maybe she'll even get good enough to join the Wonderbolts. That would make for interesting character development and an emotional episode if it ever happens, but it's all still a mystery at this point. Needless to say, I'm excited after watching this episode and can't wait to see what this all means for the future. I had lost interest for a while but after this, I think I'm hooked again.